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Mind-Body Connection in the Child-birth Continuum

@ VOL 27 ON MAY 26, 2016

Midwives Lorna Davies and KeiShana Coursey confront sterotypes of fears of pregnancy, by introducing a new mindfulness approach to pregnancy and child birth. They invite you to take your own mindfulness journey and paradigm shift of he way we look at pregnancy 


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Silver Spring @ Pyramid Atlantic
Feb 12, 2016

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Building a School for Young Women in Senegal

@ VOL 26 ON APR 09, 2015

Evelyne Kleikers and Michela Padovani are concerned about the lack of participation of girls in education in Senegal. Many girls, out of necessity, have to leave school before they have completed their education, aged just 12 or 13 years old. They have no possibilities to continue their (secondary) education. The most valid reasons being:-

•Their standard of Education is too low - many fail to pass the entrance examination or secondary school
•Lack of finance to pay school fees
•Need to  contribute to the family income

Therefore, many girls are being sent by their parents to the capital Dakar, to work as a housekeeper. These young girls are often exposed to the many dangers of big cities, frequently exposed to violence and often resulting in undesirable pregnancy.

Through the Diouma Senegal Foundation, Michela and Evelyne want to help in finding solutions:

Diouma Senegal Foundation has built an education centre in Thiadiaye, 100 km south-east  from Dakar. The centre has been built on a 400 m2 plot of land donated by the mayor of Thiadiaye.

This education centre gives children from 13 years onward, (especially girls) a chance to learn a profession to become dressmakers, cooks or hairdressers within 1-3 years, depending on the level of entry and the level the students wish to achieve.

In addition to subjects such as needlework and sewing, pattern cutting, cooking, serving, batik painting and hairstyling, other lessons are also included, such as mathematics, ICT and English. On top of this, the young women are also taught “life skills”, with topics such as self-awareness, empathy, relationship skills, sexual education and communication.

Every year around 40-45 girls can start the course (15 students per direction).

After finishing the education, the girls will obtain a school certificate or state diploma, depending on the entrance level of the students. This will open opportunities for employment and financial independence.

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The Connection between People and Community

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Cai-Yuan Wang
 Designer, shared her life history after her pregnancy as a starting point for the imagination of social housing. Child's birth has changed her perspective to see a different face of the community which she used to be familiar with. Only understanding the needs of the reality, following the context, the design can deep down to the life essence, return to the original temperature between people.

王采元 設計師 從懷孕後的生命歷程分享,作為她社會住宅想像的起點。孩子的出生改變了她的視角,看見過往熟悉社會的另一個面向。真實體察需求,貼緊脈絡的同理,設計才能深入到生活的底層,回歸人與人之間原有的溫度。

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Sex, PrEP and the Adolescent Brain

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 19, 2016

Definate Nhamo discusses the advances in treatment for sexually transmitted deseases including HIV 

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Born From Love

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 30, 2017

Melati Yusoff has always wanted to be a mom, making baby names for her imaginary babies, thinking how beautiful it would be until she finally did get pregnant. Melati describes what she felt after the birth of her baby and the exhaustion that comes with being a mom of a high-needs child. 

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Arvigo Support for Pregnancy & Beyond

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 06, 2018

Anja Farin is a licensed Midwife, practicing locally in a solo home birth practice as well as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant assisting breastfeeding families. Tonight she will speak on 'Arvigo® Support for Pregnancy and Beyond.'


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Marked by Grief:Staring Infertility and Pregnancy & Infant Loss in the Face

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 25, 2018

Jillian + Jeff Foster honors the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month and all the babies that were gone too soon. They will be sharing stories of families that experienced infertility, miscarriage, still birth, and infant loss. It may seem like these incidents are marked by grief. But, it is marked by SO much more!

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Never Climb Everest Without a Sherpa

@ VOL 28 ON AUG 16, 2018

While working as a nurse in East TN’s two freestanding birth center, Barb Steppe noticed a need for women to have a greater sense of community in their childbearing years. 1,100 births, thousands of families and 7 other amazing women joining energies, Barb has created Knoxville’s one-stop agency for all things pregnancy and parenting.
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Hermosillo begins!

Last May 3rd, Hermosillo (north México) launched its first PechaKucha Night with an attendance of around a hundred of art enthusiasts. We started off with an introductory video kindly provided by Astrid Klein in Tokyo and we all learned how to properly pronounce PechaKucha as "pe-chak-cha" rather than its spanish literal form. At 9pm sharp, our attendees and presenters took their seats and welcomed Citlali Haro, a local Graphic designer and Illustrator who has made art for famous mexican singer Lila Downs and as she affirmed, finds human body structures very interesting to draw.  Following Haro, Abel Corrales took the stage and told us how he found Aerial silk performances as his life motivation and a cool way of making a living. Corrales finished his spectacular presentation by suggesting we should ignore fear and make our way until finding our own passion. After Abel, Yana showed us around her wide variety of illustration styles and shared with us that she finds black and white illustrations easier to manage compared to colours as Yana believes it looses a bit of its authenticity. As Haro, she also finds human bodies quite interesting to illustrate and also loves to draw beards! Yana is currently under the "30 Days Drawing Challenge" and invited the audience to join her. (Find more about Yana here) Jessica Meor was next to present and gave us an insight on what she currently is working on: watercolour gifs. Meor said she also likes to use her own family pictures on her projects as it gives more meaning to the finished product. Jessica keeps pictures of regular people faces she finds interesting and later on she works with them and animate them by converting her art into gifs. (Find more about Jessica here) Later on, we were delighted by Mario Verdugo's work - he also likes to digitally illustrate human bodies, especially females. During his speech, Mario shared his experience during Art School and told us he was very much into drawing human bodies until his Uni Lecturer gave the class the assignment of drawing a naked old male model. After being very confused by the exercise, he decided he didn't like it that much really and went back to drawing cartoonesque people and designing. (Find more about Mario here) Bonsai Babies, a "terror-like music" band, joined after Mario and shared with us the 'behind-the-scenes' story about the members, the origin of the band's name and gave us a short performance in stage with the different tecniques they use for every EP. (Find more about Bonsai Babies here)  Mexican/American cinematographer Luis Horacio Pineda showed us around his journey of documentary filming he has done so far, the 'not-so-known' details, his experience as a cinematographer both in Mexico and the United States and the glory of working hand to hand with Lucy Liu. (Find more about Luis Horacio here) Eloy Aluri, a very passionate mexican Chef and entrepreneur shared to us his experience of becoming one of the best local and national Chefs, his work overseas and how he could reach success with the motivation of his late Grandfather. His presentation was filled with heart-to-heart lines and ended by presenting his latest business and the edible art he executes there. Definitely a memorable presentation. (Find more about Eloy here) Following Eloy, Paukaro Fotografía took us around her sharp gallery of Family photoshoots, how she decides on the location, props, lenses and concepts before meeting the client. She shared how funny it was to photograph certain couple first on their wedding, then a few months later on their pregnancy shoot and ending with a family portrait. (Find more about Paukaro here) Claudia Orduño took the stage next and showed us the process behind the structure of "Soy Sonora", a magazine that publishes articles about local art, architecture, cuisine and cultural events. She also invited the presenters to join her next edition. (Find more about "Soy Sonora" here) Next, Carolina Delatorre shared with us about "COAT: Comunidad Animalera Trabajando", a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to protect abandoned animals in Hermosillo, maintained by kind donations, bake sales and a team of 200+ volunteers who help her Organisation to rescue cats, dogs and other animals. She proudly announced a new Pro-Animal law approved by the State Congress earlier that week which punishes citizens who deliberately hurt animals and or limits their living space, bans bullfighting practices and prohibits using animals as an entertainment method, for example at a Circus. As a community, the venue stood up, clapped and cheered in happiness and solidarity. (Find more about COAT and how to help here) Closing the night, fashion designer Arturo Valdéz joined the stage and shared about his experience at Mercedes Benz: Fashion Week México, his haute couture, how he sometimes chooses random fabrics (such as curtains) and turns them into fabulous creations. He made a very clear point: our location shouldn't limit the capacity to execute any project and make it great and successful, especially with modern technology at hand. (Find more about Arturo here) Thanks to PechaKucha for supporting this event and we are very excited to be presenting the second Volume. Gracias!