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Tokyo Design Week Channel

PechaKucha Nights at Tokyo Design Week are where audiences can catch presentations by some of the brightest and most interesting design talent in Japan (with a few welcome guests from abroad). Each year's event fills up the TDW venue where it is held, with upwards of 700 to 1000 in attendance.

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Global Cities Week Channel

Our 2012 global event had the goal of celebrating every PechaKucha Night city, worldwide. It was a weeklong celebration (February 20-26) that brought all PechaKucha organizers, presenters, and attendees together, with a focus on highlighting all of the amazing cities that make up the global PechaKucha community.

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Exhibition "Design Ah!" Channel

PechaKucha teamed up with 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT as part of the "Design Ah!" exhibition to produce two special events on March 23rd. One for kids, where they made and presented their 20x20s in an open workshop. The other for 'grown-ups' was part of Roppongi Art Night, and featured an inspiring lineup of design talent.

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New Cities Foundation: WhatWorks Channel

The New Cities Foundation's mission is to incubate, promote and scale urban innovations. WhatWorks is a speaker series curated by the Foundation aimed at finding the up-and-coming innovators working on solving the great urban challenges of our time, including energy, mobility, health, housing, and many more.

Maria Pop
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Simona Pop
Head of Partnerships & Global Communication, InstaSupply in London
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in New York

PAST Ubud 20x20 (Pop-Up)

Ubud @ Cafe Kendi
May 30, 2012


Podgorica @ Parkside Birstro
Feb 28, 2014

PAST Heineken Pop Up City Lounge

London @ Old Truman Brewery, Elys Yard
Sep 19, 2014


Gliwice @ Centrum Organizacji Kulturalnych GCOP
Mar 25, 2015


Penticton @ 557 Artist Block Art Gallery and Retail Space
Jul 02, 2015

PAST PechaKucha Night Special @ Autodesk Pop-Up

Tokyo @ Ba-Tsu Art Gallery
Nov 08, 2015


Orlando @ Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
Oct 21, 2016


Denver @ The ART HOTEL
Sep 13, 2016


London @ Proud East
Jun 12, 2017


Jihlava @ DIOD
Jan 11, 2019

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Pop-Up City

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 28, 2013

Today’s world cities deal with many problems related to rapidly increasing international societal, cultural, technologic and economic transformation processes. More variableness in economic, political and cultural patterns leads to new expectations and renewals of dynamic capacities of the city. The Pop-Up City is a blog that explores the latest designs, trends and ideas that shape the city of the future.

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Kerk voor niet-kerkelijken

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 16, 2014

Jan Wolsheimer vertelt over de pop-up kerk die hij in Woerden is gestart.

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Avant Furniture Design


INVENTORY is an ongoing design exhibition focused on showcasing limited edition/short run objects that coinsides with Art Basel Miami Beach.  Not to be missed...

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Pop your illustrations up!

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 23, 2017

Ирина Донская: Превращаю скучные excel-таблицы в pop-up книги. Знаю, что самые «вкусные» издания следует искать в отделе до 10 лет; и как создается подобный magic.

Pop your illustrations up! O pop-up книгах и иллюстрациях для них. О том, как такие вещи изготовляют. В чем их волшебство. О работе на грани иллюстрации и инженерии.

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Los caminos del papel

@ VOL 6 ON APR 06, 2017

Rodrigo Sepulveda es un diseñador chileno que radica en México desde hace un par de años. A tráves de los años Rodrigo se ha especialzado en la ingeniería de papel, esta pasión la comparte en talleres, exposciones y charlas. 

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CET Pop Up

@ VOL 32 ON JUL 11, 2017

Alan Denyer talks about how he unexpectedly took control of a huge derelict building and turned it into a pop-up arts venue.

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The Elephant

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In 'The Elephant' Alan Denyer will tell us about his latest plans to follow on from the huge success of running the CET popup venue.


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Non-invasive Techniques for Estimating Mountain Lion Populations


Pete Alexander is a research biologist with Craighead Beringia South. He recently completed his master's project on non-invasive monitoring for cougar populations in the Jackson Hole area and continues that work using novel techniques to attempt identification of individual cougars to help better estimate the population size. 

Pete Alexander is presenting on non-invasive techniques for estimating mountain lion populations.

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How public tv influence on the goat population

@ VOL 10 ON OCT 27, 2018

Не так давно побачила у френд-стрічці ФБ пост про те, що всі чоловіки - козли. Спочатку хотіла лайкнути, але потім у мені пробудився журналіст... Принципам журналістики, за якими працюють суспільні мовники всього світу: BBC у Британії, ARD у Німеччині, NHK у Японії (окрім ОРТ у Росії) допомагають боротися зі стереотипами та дозволяють побачити справжню картину світу. Знаючи їх, ви вже ніколи не погодитися із тим, що всі чоловіки - козли, а баби - стерви. Чому? Розкажу за 6 хвилин під час своєї презентації "Як Суспільне впливає на популяцію козлів"

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Life, Salons + Donuts

@ VOL 22 ON MAR 02, 2019

Jon's presentations is about a local that saw a chance to create a business that wasn’t there.  And, without experience, took the effort to make it happen.  Along the way it became clear that there was more than a missing food group, but rather a potential culture of new business pop-ups that is waiting to happen while creating community gatherings out of undesirable spaces, and parking lots.  


Keeping Up with the PechaKucha Site

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes on the website over the past week or so. We now have a social media menu bar at the top of the site (in black) where you can sign up for our new Facebook Fan page and our new Twitter feed (pechakucha). You can also register on the site, so that you can then log in and manage your global or city newsletters, comment on presentations, and more -- be a part of the creative PechaKucha network! We're hoping these features will be invaluable in allowing you to stay up to date with what is happening as we approach the February 20th "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti." Sign up, PechaKucha needs you! And to clear things up about the Twitter feed, since we now have two. The new Twitter feed -- simply "pechakucha" -- will become the vital news feed. Thanks go out to Brett Stilwell of PKN Boston for helping to sort that out. The old feed --''pechakuchanight'' -- will remain the auto-tweet for events only, tweeting automatically 8 hours before an event.

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Look Up, Way Up

We don't know at what PechaKucha Night this photo was taken -- the Flickr page we found it on says it was taken June 23, 2010, and according to the calendar there were PKNs in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Belfast that night -- but we sure love the lighting that overlooks the crowded venue. If you do know at what PKN this was taken, let us know in the comments. Update: Looks like the winner is Vancouver -- Vol. 12 -- held at the Queen E Theatre. Thanks, Jem!

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What's Up at SuperDeluxe

SuperDeluxe is the home of PechaKucha Night in Tokyo -- and where the entire PechaKucha phenomenon started -- and at each event we get a presentation that runs through recent events held at the space, and previews what's coming up. Here's the presentation from last month's PKN Tokyo Vol. 83, with a look at events that were held in June, and what's happening in July.

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20 Tips How to Large a Start-up

Valeriy Grabko, Promo-Republic CEO & Founder, presented a brilliant speech on PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Start-up Vol. 9 on the topic “20 Tips How to Large a Start-up”. Based on his own experience he is giving advices connected with "10,000-hour" rule, stop watching TV and Richard Branson.

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What's Up with the Bees?

"Without honey bees we lose 1 in 3 bites of food." Jonathan Otis is the owner of Lake Superior Honey amongst many other businesses. At PKN Duluth Vol. 1 he answers the popular question that everyone asks, "What's up With the Bees?" by discussing how they contribute to our society and how our lifestyle impacts their lives negatively. Ultimately Jon goes over some solutions to protect the honey bee's future and at the same time, ours. 

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Keeping Up with the Wind

Bet you've never seen a better visualisation of the earth's weather than this: After happening upon a website that displayed the United States' wind patterns visually one day, Cameron Beccario set out to do something even grander. In "Keeping Up with the Wind" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 116, months of research and tinkering later, and after finding numerous sources of up-to-date weather data, he had created Earth: an animated map of global wind and weather. 

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Growing Up Black in Britian vs. America

"My dad left when I was 15 months old and that's the first reason I'm glad I grew up in England."In Growing Up Black in Britian vs. America from Madison Vol. 13, a British-born, Chicago-based journalist, Gary Younge shares his insights of the complexities of race while growing up and living in two different countries. While facing the challenges of racial inequality in both American and Britian, Younge offers a unique persective on the merits and pitfalls and over all complex issues of race in both societies. Check out this facinating presentation!

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Thrilled to have Konishi Gaffney, designers of the Edinburgh Pop-up-Cities Expo pavillion speaking at v.34 on Friday


Volume 2.0 Presenter Line-Up!

Santa Fe is revving up for our reprise of PechaKucha nights! For the first event of the year, we have an outstanding group of presenters that will be bringing their creative energy to Rufina Taproom on Thursday, March 21. Here's the presenter line-up (check out their profiles on the event page) in no particular order: Lila Pickus | Artist & Spatial Designer Peter Brill | President & CEO of Sarcon Construction Corporation Matt Johnston | Community Trailbuilder, Photography Clementine Wood | Painter Rachel Preston-Prinz | Designer & Architectural Historian Michael Golino | Designer Patrick Lysaght | Photography & Gallery Design Amie Tullius | Writer, Gallery Director