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Who Am I

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 05, 2015

Jampa Dorje takes you through his beautifiul journey of opening a bookstore in rural Ellensburg, becoming a Buddhist monk and writing poetry. Through rhythm, repetition and an openness to life's gifts, Jampa has returned to a small town, becasue "why not."

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Uncompromising Creativity

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 05, 2015

Mende Smith believes that we should not sacrifice our creative impulses becoming adults and compromise our creative talent for making a living. She went from unconfident to committed following ten easy steps and now has published poetry and wrote a novel.

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The Tourist, The Voyeur

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 19, 2016

“She is the mother of us, all of us, alive or dead.”

In The Tourist, The Voyeur from Pechakucha Night Ellensburg’s 5th volume, presenter  Xavier Cavazos poetically introduces us, the voyeur, the tourist, to the people, the streets, the grandmothers of Havana.  In a mesmerizing rhythm, we are drawn into unknown territory.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016.

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Power of Poetry

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Connor Simons shares a story and poem about his community trip to Cuba and the cross-cultural exhange and poetry that came from this powerful experience. He reflects on the universal reach of poetry.

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Art through Collaboration

@ VOL 12 ON JAN 18, 2018

Katherine Whitcomb is a collaborative artist and writer who firmly embraces the idea that art is for everyone. She explores collaboration and art to connect to the past and other minds through shared imagination.


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Poetry Press Week
Poetry Press Week in Portland, Oregon
Poetry Jackson
Visual Artist, Self Employed in Norfolk VA


São Paulo
Jul 04, 2008


Halifax @ Seahorse Tavern
Feb 16, 2010


Maastricht @ AINSI
Feb 20, 2010


Erlangen @ E-Werk Erlangen, Kellerbühne
Feb 01, 2011


Gävle @ Maxim
Mar 22, 2012


Moscow @ M'ARS Center for Contemporary Arts
May 25, 2010


Seattle @ Seattle Central Library
Apr 24, 2014


Nov 07, 2014


Iloilo @ Brew Burgers
Jul 31, 2015


Islamabad @ PNCA Amphitheatre
Apr 29, 2018

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Don't Spy On Me • OK?

@ VOL 33 ON MAR 03, 2015

Mark Paternostro presents an optimistic poem with the opening line "Don't spy on me..." His poem explores the spying and monitoring of everyday people by the NSA.

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Living on the Less Dangerous Edge

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 14, 2015

Darus Zahm wants to live in a world where Phish is always playing in elevators.  When he’s not off communing with nature, you can find him trying to bring the cool back to rollerblading here in Brooklyn.

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The Heart's Territory

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

Sheniz Janmohamed is an artist educator, spoken word artist and the author of two collections of poetry: Bleeding Light and Firesmoke (Mawenzi House). When she's not facilitating writing workshops, she's drinking coffee and pretending to write. Her talk investigates where the borders of belonging begin and end? What is the inner landscape of one's heart? Is home a place or a journey? 

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You See, I Say: Transforming Pictures to Prose

@ VOL 10 ON JAN 22, 2016

Hyacinthe Miller feels strongly that words are magic. She is an omnivorous reader, a world traveller, blogger and content curator. She shares about how, as a writer with a vivid imagination, her perceptions, especially of
the visual, yield stories.  

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@ VOL 6 ON DEC 08, 2016

Petra Holler brought brutal honesty, beauty and humour in her poignant Pecha Kucha presentation surrounding her journey from art school drop out in Montreal to art activist in Penticton. Her raw and innovative performance used face paint, and images of her art and poetry to explain her manifesto and our shared struggle surrounding community building, health and creativity in modern society.

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A Centenarian Remembers

@ VOL 30 ON OCT 15, 2016

Graham Bathgate lyrically describes his conversations and discoveries with centenarian Thelma McLean as part of a book he presented Thelma for her 105th birthday: about poetry she learned at school and loved, and could still recite; images of when she was growing up; and a life of reflections.  Thelma has passed on.  This delightful warm presentation enshrines her life and memories.  E nga mate, haere, haere, haere atu ra! 

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Del Otro Lado: A Narrative

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 01, 2017

Angelica Mercado’s work is the ultimate fight for identity. In "Del Otro Lado: A Narrative...," Mercado tackles the tough issues in an attempt to embrace the divide in which she exists. Therefore, her work demonstrates the constant state of confusion in which she stumbles, falls, stands, fights and ultimately lives in, with themes of loss, trauma, longing, healing, and overall finding a sense of belonging in this space she calls home. In a time of escalated tension toward immigrants and their families, “Del Otro Lado,” shines a light on the status quo. For those who are on this side, you will find yourself thinking, questioning, and overall attempting to understand what it means, to live in the in-between; in-between two cultures, two countries, two identities.”

See more of her work:

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Soffici nuvole di parole

@ VOL 1 ON APR 15, 2018

The presentation "Soft clouds of words" contains slides that speak of writing, creativity, emotions that create narratives and poetry, talk about how art manages to grasp the sense of every essential element of relationships and life and focuses on value of words. Through photos that represent nature, human relationships, darkness and light, a message of strength emerges. Life is full of difficult moments but it is thanks to them that every individual finds a new glow, finds himself, finds the ability to create. "Walk, live, dance, watch, value relationships, recognize your sap, your daimon, there is the pollen of this hibiscus".

La presentazione “Soffici nuvole di parole” racchiude slide che parlano di scrittura, di creatività, di emozioni che creano narrazioni e poesia, parla di come l’arte riesce a cogliere il senso di ogni elemento essenziale delle relazioni e della vita e si sofferma sul valore delle parole. Attraverso foto che rappresentano la natura, i rapporti umani, il buio e la luce vuole emergere un messaggio di forza.  La vita è piena di attimi difficili ma è grazie ad essi che ogni individuo trova un bagliore nuovo, trova sé stesso, trova la capacità di creare. “Cammina, vivi, danza, osserva, dai valore alle relazioni, riconosci la tua linfa, il tuo daimon, lì è il polline di questo ibisco”.

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No Fixed Edge

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

Mark French describes No Fixed Edge - a captivating collaborative project fusing film, music, and poetry.

"The films are basically about marginal machines, many of which are now obsolete, devoid of their original function or eking out an existence on the margins of our environment".

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Thanks Be to the Sea

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

This is a declaration of interdependence. Through a group of 20 images and a single "poetic science" poem, Duncan Berry will reveal that whatever you do, wherever you live, each of us is deeply connected and dependent on the waters of the sea...With every breath we take, every thought we think and with every beat of our heart. Really. 


PechaKucha in the Chicago Tribune

A nice piece on PechaKucha was published in yesterday's Chicago Tribune, and can be read online here -- big thanks to PKN Chicago organizer Peter Exley for the heads-up. We sure love this way of describing the events: "a poetry slam of ideas."

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Poetic Photography, Developing Creative Thinking, and a Look at Varberg

Presentations David Herman performs a poetic presentation (from PKN Dallas Vol. 10), using a lovely collection of photographs as visual cues. Lina Bergstrøm is a sociologist, and she adds studying techno-anthropology to her skills. She made this presentation (in Danish, from PKN Aalborg Vol. 9) on how to develop creative thinking and processes, and how our creativity can leave footsteps in the world. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is for this Thursday's PKN Townsville Vol. 1 (in the form of a flyer), but the poster you see above is one that we added last week, but wanted to highlight here, for next month's PKN Las Palmas Vol. 8.  Photos and video Varberg just had its Vol. 3, but here's a photo gallery [Flickr] for the city's Vol. 2 -- with 2 examples above -- along with a short video to give you a taste of how things went.  httpv:// Calendar There are no events tonight, but tomorrow (October 16) we have the following five PKNs in the calendar: PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12, PKN Poitiers Vol. 3, PKN Hjorring Vol. 2, PKN Sacramento Vol. 19, and PKN Helsingborg Vol. 10. 

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Runs Within - A Motif Project

Karyna Wallace tells a story by way of poetry; it revolves around the prints she developed under the theme "Vampires," as assigned by her professor. In her presentation (at PKN Tokyo Vol. 97) she offers up new interpretations: instead of drawing bats and bloody black cats, she analyses a vampire's needs and wants, and compares them to our human desires. She notices that the needs and wants that run within us take us through several stages of emotions throughout our lives. It is through this process that we grow spiritually and physically. We all experience these sensations, but the real question is: Can we reach our ultimate goal?


4 days countdown

The PKN Wellington Performance Arcade session is being held at an auspicious time: Chinese New Year celebrations are in full swing, it's carnival time around the world and we've got a great lineup for Sunday night's session (8.30pm, Wellington Waterfront).   Featuring anything from  "A Concise History of New Zealand Race Relations in ...Abridged" to the Strike Percussion Music Director talking about the Batterie 100 schools project..."Passing on the Beat".   Special treats include our Surprise Presenters spot featuring 4 unsuspecting members of the audience stepping up to do a PKN presentation - plus a performance by Tim Whitta and some young people from Batterie 100 during the beer break.   Not to be missed - kia ora!


4 days countdown

The PKN Wellington Performance Arcade session is being held at an auspicious time: Chinese New Year celebrations are in full swing, it's carnival time around the world and we've got a great lineup for Sunday night's session (8.30pm, Wellington Waterfront).   Featuring anything from  "A Concise History of New Zealand Race Relations in ...Abridged" to the Strike Percussion Music Director talking about the Batterie 100 schools project..."Passing on the Beat".   Special treats include our Surprise Presenters spot featuring 4 unsuspecting members of the audience stepping up to do a PKN presentation - plus a performance by Tim Whitta and some young people from Batterie 100 during the beer break.   Not to be missed - kia ora!

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Crowdsourcing Poetry

Lulú De Panbehchi promotes the idea of crowdsourcing as the latest trend for launching campaigns, getting projects off the ground, funding new ventures, or to just be creative. In "Crowdsourcing Poetry" from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 5, she verbalizes her "Williamsburg Poems" created by crowdsourcing her friend's words. You'll learn how fun, creative, and comical this style of poetry can be!

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The Poetry of Marriage

Is love a journey? Is it work? Is it a battlefied? Or a force? Lauren Shapiro is an artist and academic whose primary interest is in how art effects individual, interpersonal, and social change. In "The Poetry of Marriage" from PKN Santa Cruz, CA Vol. 7, Lauren speaks on how she applies literary theory to the study of lifespan development, and explores how metaphors spoken between lovers predict the course of romantic relationships. 

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Despite the stormy weather yesterday, we had a great event for our 4th Pecha Kucha Night at the Museum of Northwest Art. Thanks to everyone for having joined to listen to and discuss stories ranging from everyday life, to poetry, politics, science and science fiction. Presentations will be uploaded soon.

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Learning to Speak: Poetry as Pursuit of Truth

"This poem is an ode to every hard working artist who knows the joy of struggle from which their art comes."In Learning to Speak: Poetry as Pursuit of Truth from PechaKucha Night San Antonio Vol. 20, poet laureate, Laurie Ann Guerrero looks back at her ancestors’ history of labor and struggle as art, a legacy of poets, musicians and painters whose artistry was a way to map and ultimately transcend the world. Art, she says, is a pursuit of truth. It was her ancestor’s many generations of that pursuit that ultimately gave her the privilege and position of being asked to make art: the maker, not the object. Through poetry, Guerrero invites us to share in that space of openness, vulnerability and ultimately grace.

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PechaKucha in VTE!

Vientiane's very first PechaKucha Night took place on February 11, 2016, and somehow we managed to squeeze 120 people into Naked Espresso Khamkong in downtown Vientiane! Ten super speakers, people standing on chairs to see, pop-up bar in a coffee shop, many Beerlao's consumed, live music, poetry... gosh, Vientiane, you really are great! For the event, we gathered 10 of the Capital's creative, innovative and talented minds, artist Olé Viravong Scovill, blogger and traveller Hannah McDonald-Moniz, environmental advocate Serge Doussantousse, graphic designer Kone Phachanthavong, cafe owner and art educator Hiroshi Yoshioka, designer Sali Sasaki, musician Chris Lister, social enterprise entrepeneur and florist Mali Chayamarit, and traveller and photographer Alison Saracena, gathered to share their ideas with the community. Presentations spanned ancient ruins, travel, art, street eats, coming to Laos and much more, with a live song and a poetry reading thrown in for good measure. A special thank you to our 10 fantastic speakers, Naked Espresso Khamkong and the Naked Espresso team for hosting us last night, birds follow spring for our fabulous poster, TOH LAO Coworking Space & Services for providing our technical equipment, and WIG Laos for our projector. A few pics, more can be found at our PechaKucha Vientiane Facebook page. Photos by Kate Antonas Most of our speakers (L-R): Vilakone, Hiroshi, Olé, Catherine, Sali, Mali, Hannah, Chris.  Most of our team (L-R): Nami, Sabine, Kate and Catherine.