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Andreas Pilot
Angela Fritsch Architekten BDA in Seeheim-Jugenheim
Henry Pilot
Student in Bangor


Paris @ Centre Georges Pompidou
Feb 11, 2010


Minsk @ National Art Museum
Jun 30, 2013


Sep 20, 2013


Goldendale @ Brooks Memorial State Park Environmental Learning Center
Jul 28, 2014


Dayton @ Hope Church
Feb 23, 2017


Portland OR @ Holocene
Apr 11, 2017


Austin @ Bealls
Feb 21, 2018


Christchurch @ Warren and Mahoney Office
Sep 17, 2018


Lexington @ Pivot Brewing
Sep 19, 2018


Coventry @ The Tin Music & Arts, Canal Basin Vaults
Feb 27, 2019

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Birds Eye View

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 25, 2017

The mysterious wildlife tales of Canada's Western Arctic as witnessed by commercially trained helicopter pilot and adventurer Paul Grech.

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Playboys, Donuts, and Enlightenment

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

From prokaryotes to people we’re all striving to survive. But eventually progress encounters a stack of old Playboy magazines. Jim Hassert examines the limits of one’s self awareness and the courage to act.

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My Groove Became A Rut

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Having invested her entire adulthood in the lives of youth as a mother and public school teacher, recently Katrina Yarnell has begun a new chapter of her life in volunteering and business.  Negotiating a new direction, finding completely new networks, and saying "yes" even though it means fighting fear of failure and the unknown has been the hallmark of her PIVOT.  Katrina's measure of success is serving others, loving well, and continuing to learn and grow.

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"They in a Man's World"

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Gender Neutral pronouns freak people out. The homogeneity of the ad and film industries freaks Stuart Getty out a whole lot more. 

A copywriter for 10 years, Stuart then decided to start making films. And started from the bottom all over again. Now they're here. Yep. They. Three years as a director and owner of, Stu is stoked to have a (queer) film showing at TEDx this year (and last) as well as an unofficial showing at Sundance this past January in "The Oregon Room." They enjoy dancing, kombucha, and hanging with Princess Magic Face, their feline child. 

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From Internal Chains to External Change

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Tommy Gibbons shares how social and economic adversity can be overcome through commitment and a determination for something greater.

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Capturing the Moment

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Marcus Swanson is an award-winning still and motion photographer based in Portland, OR. He captures the focused intention of the beautiful moments in life, sport, and culture. He looks for the moments that inspire our hearts and minds, the moments that find the athlete in all of us, and the moments that entice our imagination for more.

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Proven Peer Mentoring For Founders Is The Pivot That Changed The Game For Startups

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

John Freisse shares his insight on ways to build and maintain a successful business venture. 83-86% of startups fail in 8 years, only 14% raise capital and only 4% ever sell for investor returns.  Founders have a 1 in 24 chance of ever making their venture work...until the pivot of the Starve Ups Scalerator which leads to startups being 6 times more likely to stay in business, 4 times more likely to raise capital and more than 3.5 times to get their exit. 

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Dumb Luck / Big Hustle

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Crazy things happened to me because of dumb luck. This was one of them, and it damn well changed my life.

Michael Hyp is a creator of narratives and concepts for Nike, Inc. His work has influenced the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, NBA All-Star weekend, and the Nike Sportswear and ACG collections. He spends his off hours creating music that is not meant to be listened to, raising two kids and one 3-legged dog. Michael is mostly a Portland native, having spent a ton of time across the US and internationally, chasing the American dream of more money and less responsibility. 

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Life is Like a Weather Walked in

@ VOL 22 ON APR 11, 2017

Kris Regentin befriended an army veteran with a collection of nearly 3,000 Vietnam War photographs. Their lives have both dramatically changed since they both met. 


Kris is a creative hustler with a voracious appetite for productivity. He has a passion for old motorcycles, visual communication, dramatic imagery, and slower/hands-on processes in our world of instant gratification.

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Tenwek Hospital, Kenya: Story of a Journey

@ VOL 27 ON MAY 10, 2018

From flying airplanes in the Caribbean to nursing in Kenya, Cameron King tells the story of her journey to Tenwek Hospital. Tenwek is a full-service 300-bed hospital providing life-saving care in rural Kenya. Her experiences as a pilot and a nurse reveal hope for life and peace in the world.

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Power Pill

It's no secret that yours truly is personally excited about the upcoming iPhone game Power Pill from Canadian creators Polytron and Infinite Ammo -- forming the all-powerful Infinitron Polypharma -- and as we previewed last week, Polytron's Phil Fish was set to reveal the first details of the game at this week's PechaKucha Night in Montreal. The night has come and gone, and Power Pill's "viral" debut is now public, thanks to Phil posting all of the presentation's images online -- and here's a video of the presentation.

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When rules are made to be broken

By Sueli Brodin There are two expressions which still puzzle me in the Netherlands, because they are both very common and yet contradictory. The Dutch use them in all sorts of situations and to me they are typical of their unique double approach to life: “Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg”, or simply “Doe maar gewoon”: Just act normal, and you will act crazy enough, meaning “Blend in, don’t stick out from the crowd.” This second expression is actually characteristic of the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit, which thinks in terms of yet another very common saying: “Gewoon doen“, or “Just do it“. A quick check on Twitter shows that both #doemaargewoon, #moetkunnen and #gewoondoen are indeed very popular hashtags among Dutch Twitterers. Like many foreigners, my first encounter with a “Doe maar gewoon” moment was at my husband’s parents’ house when I understood that we were not meant to help ourselves to more than one biscuit from the biscuit box, because my mother in law closed the lid after serving everyone and put the box back into the kitchen cupboard. But then, my mother in law is also the first one to smilingly give in to her grandchildren’s craving for a second piece of her delicious homemade apple pie: “Het moet kunnen,” she thinks out loud. At the Euregio-Taalregio Language conference in earlier October, Huibert de Man, a professor at theMaastricht School of Management, illustrated the same ambivalent cultural feature of the Dutch with an experience he had in India. He had asked a mixed group of Dutch and Indian students to prepare an assignment following a set of guidelines. As it turned out, the Indian students faithfully stuck to his instructions, whereas several of the Dutch didn’t. And much to the Indian students’ protest, he had not penalised the insubordinate Dutch for disregarding the guidelines, and had even rewarded some of them high marks for the originality they had displayed in their work. The skill, especially for a foreigner, is to sense when the situation calls for conventional behaviour, or when it is possible and even welcome to bend the system. At PechaKucha Night however, one thing is obvious: the appeal of the fixed 20 x 20 presentation format (20 slides x 20 seconds per slide) seems to lie precisely in the fact that it provokes candidate speakers into devising creative ways to experiment and play with it. That’s how over the past editions, we’ve seen Liesbeth Schreuder perform her presentation about art for the blind entirely in the dark, Susan Schaefer integrate moving images and music into her poetry for change, two talks by Stijn Segers and Markus Bediako accompanied by a guitar and a djembe drum as well as a total improvisation on unknown images.  And: “Het moet kunnen”, or just “Moet kunnen”: This must be possible, in the sense of “I’m going to stick out by doing this, but what the heck.” New surprises were awaiting us again on our last PechaKucha Night, a special edition on Education and Creativity. While some speakers drew their strength from the mixture of rich content and powerful visuals, such as Wim van den Bergh with his eloquent talk on Middles, Means and Mind, others decided to “trick the organisation” as Paul Iske laughingly put it when he presented his Combinatoric Innovation theory. On two occasions, Iske resorted to slides consisting of four smaller built in images which filled the screen one by one every five seconds. Cyriel Kortleven also slightly deviated from the regular format by bringing a flip board along on which he made some drawings as part of his presentation, and by engaging the audience through questions and small exercises. As for Airan Berg, the former artistic director for the performing arts at last year’s European cultural capital Linz, he outdid every performer we’ve welcomed so far at PechaKucha Maastricht, for he didn’t bring any slides at all. Or rather, he did, but they were almost entirely black, merely bearing the numbers 1 to 20. Berg first showed us how to cross our fingers in a certain, quite unnatural way, and asked us to keep them like that until the end of his presentation. This slightly uncomfortable position, he explained later, was meant to help up stay alert and focused. Then he invited us to close our eyes and proceeded to describe a compelling educational pilot project he will be carrying out in 2011 in several schools across the Meuse-Rhine euroregion as part of Maastricht’s bid to become European capital culture in 2018. He started off all his sentences with the verb “Imagine” and so we imagined and visualised his dream, slide by slide, to the captivating rhythm of the 20 second sequence. It was a very straightforward PechaKucha experience, because Berg did abide by the requested the 20 x 20 format, but undoubtedly a very creative one, since he made each one of us see a different presentation by entirely creating it ourselves. It was also a demonstration of the point Wim van den Bergh had argued earlier in the evening, namely that creativity is generated, not by boundless freedom as often misconceived, but by rules and borders. Considering that Airan Berg will now be joining the Maastricht artistic team for 2018, it looks like we’d better tighten our seatbelts for more “#moetkunnen” sensations and magical rides into the future.  

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Pivotal Moments in Graphic Design

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Des Moines, Vol. 12), visual designer Rachel McClung traverses the history of graphic design. She goes back several thousand years to paint a mural-sized picture of design's evolution. She moves from ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphics, to the printing press and other turn of the century innovations, both in technology and creative thinking, and concludes with the most recent advances in the tech world today.

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Unfamous Pirates

Ever heard tell of a pirate named Bubblebeard? How about Captain Confetti? ...anyone?  Karla Davis and James Abercrombie have a daughter who loves books and pirates. So they did the only logical thing, they made a childrens book and filled with with poems about and pictures of pirates. In "Unfamous Pirates" from PKN Atlanta Vol. 20 they share the creative inspiration for the poetry (Shel Silverstein), as well as the illustration style they were going for, and detail the process of the book's creation. A few of the poems are shared here too, so pull up a seaweed-coated sofa, grab some mussel-munchies and give this one a listen. 

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Planes and Hard to Reach Places

Some of the most unique travel destinations can be reached by two flights or less. Seek them out! Cynthia Drescher, travel editor for Condé Nast's Jaunted and pilot in training talks about small planes, remote destinations, and speed limits. In “Planes and Hard to Reach Places” from PKN Brooklyn Vol. 1, Cynthia goes into depth on discovering the rarest places you likely haven’t heard of that are just a quick flight away.

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Top 5 for November 2014

We wouldn't leave you wanting with a fresh new batch of presentations to share, and so here is the top 5 most watched presentations on our global site for the month of November. As always, once you're done with that, continue your exploration in the WATCH section of our site.Still in need of more PechaKucha in your life? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or take in the amazing collection of posters that are produced for our PechaKucha Nights the world over. And look out for our newsletter next month with our big top 20 list for 2014! 3D printing is an awesome tool for designers. Rik Theunissen specializes in unique projects. In his PechaKucha talk he presents his design for big pieces of random crystals. They were shown at the well-known Amsterdam Fashion Week. Cynthia Drescher, travel editor for Condé Nast's Jaunted and pilot in training, talks about small planes, remote destinations, and speed limits. Going into depth and discovering the rarest places that only allow you to get there by one, or various, modes of transportation.  Tiffany Lentz believes in the power of yes, and thinks you should say yes too. Going into her own life changing story and experiences, Tiffany was able to learn new things about the world and life.  Local tattoo artist Sailor Cher tells us about some of the women who have inspired her through the years. The one who has inspired her most may surprise you. Lyn Langlais has to answer one of the most common questions a skydiver will ever be asked, "Why do you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" Lyn's answer to that is: simply to live life. She enjoys the thrill that skydiving gives her and the sense of accomplishment and life that fills her the second she jumps off the plane. 

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The Droids You're Looking For

"You would not expect a little R2-D2 to teach you so much about philanthropy, about people, about love, about paying it forward."In The Droids You're Looking For from PechaKucha Night Bangor Vol. 9, computer geek, robot builder, licensed private pilot, and huge sci-fi movie fan, Paul Bussiere shares his big heart and strong belief in "paying it forward". Paul has built two all-aluminum R2-D2s and spends his time spreading smiles by doing pediatric visits and numerous charity visits with everybody's favorite droid!


Announcing our presenters for #pkldnont vol. 1 - Jan. 25

Without further ado, we are excited to announce that PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 1 on January 25 will kick off with SEVEN presenters. Here they are:   Paul Grech - Birds Eye ViewThe mysterious wildlife tales of Canada's Western Arctic as witnessed by commercially trained helicopter pilot and adventurer Paul Grech. Sarah Ashfield - Building Hope: Why I Chose to Support the Case for At-Risk MothersA look at the life of Sarah Ashfield: raised in an adopted family and what led to her decision to spearhead The New Addition Campaign. Janic Gorayeb - Team Communication Guided by Organizational Values – The Ripple EffectValues serve as a compass for our actions and define how we conduct ourselves. The ripple metaphor symbolizes how our actions or non-actions echo throughout an organization both internally and externally. Kenny Khoo - Value of Water: Perspectives from IndiaIn order to enable sustainable access to water in rural India, creating economic value in water is critical.  Andrew Kaszowski - Living Your Life With Passion: How I Got Paid to Travel The WorldIn 2008, Andrew lived out his dream of traveling the world. He took his writing and design experience to sea, setting sail as Publications Editor aboard Crystal Cruises’ four-month World Cruise. He has been to 38 countries. Learn how Andrew did exactly what he dreamed of doing: and got paid to do it!   Join us at Innovation Works London at 6:20pm on January 25. Get your FREE ticket now - all we ask is a donation of $1 to the PechaKucha global fund and an item for the London Food Bank.