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Death by Architecture

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Architect Ananth Sampathkumar takes us through the world of architectural competitions - from historical examples of the Sydney Opera House and Pompidou Center to a cultural center in Sri Lanka. 

Ananth studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India before moving to New York. Here he co-founded NDNY Architecture and Design, completing projects in Srilanka, India, and the USA.

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The Architecture of Entitlement

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

In a whirlwind PechaKucha presentation, architect Emma Fuller discusses a history of language and the city plan - how entitlement has created a new architectural tool for the powerful to dismantle the collective and empower the singular. See examples from Mussolini to Trump in this 20x20 !

Emma Fuller is an associate with Diane Lewis Architect PC and teaches architectural history and theory at Pratt Institute. She received her degree from the Cooper Union. Her work addresses architecture as art and memory. This is expanded upon in published essays, exhibitions and architectural projects including the "Richmond as a Work of Art" series, the IPA fellowship, the Green Ward and Michelangelo-La Tourette papers, and the Nebo House.


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Ainslee Johnson
Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland
Philip Hardy
Artistic Director, Barnstorm Theatre Company in Kilkenny
Fred Johnson
AMC in Columbus
Will Johnson
Student in Delaware
Philip Johnson
High School Student in Darien


San Francisco @ 330 Ritch
Jun 21, 2006


San Francisco @ 330 Ritch
Feb 21, 2007


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Nov 11, 2010


Kosice @ Kasarne
Jun 28, 2011


Garrison @ The Garrison
Jun 05, 2014


Oct 09, 2013

PAST All about Agile

Kyiv @ President Hotel
Oct 04, 2013


New Plymouth @ Puke Ariki
Feb 12, 2014


Albany, NY @ Brown's Revolution Hall
Mar 30, 2016


Hamptons @ Parrish Art Museum
Sep 16, 2016

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Creating Community Glue

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 20, 2012

Town Councillor, Lee Ann Johnson, talks about innovation and imagination in Gibsons, BC. Creativity is the incredible glue that holds the community together.
This presentation is in English.

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The Road Back

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 09, 2012

Alan Comeau is joined on stage with the cast and crew of the film The Road Back: Alan Comeau, Acadia Hospital communications officer and producer of the film; Faith Bishop, Hermon High School student and screenwriter/director of the film; Natalie Johnson, Hermon High School student and “Allie” in the film; and Lucas Holmes, Hampden Academy student and musician/composer for the film. (in English)

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Arts and Crafts of the State Fair

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

From butter sculpting of local beauty princesses, impressionist quilting, to the home made cakes from scratch. 

Philip Berger discusses of the arts and crafts that he discovered at the Minnesota State fair. Learning that there is no clear definition of art and craft, along with the celebration of locally grown agriculture. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 15, 2015.

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@ VOL 27 ON JUN 09, 2016

Chuck Johnson's presentation from Pecha Kucha Dayton, Volume 27, recorded June 9th, 2016

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Att angöra ett bryggeri

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 14, 2017

Låter ko-i-norr och moose juice bekant? Om inte annat så kan Philip Nicholson berätta mer om det! Till vardags driver han tillsammans med Elisabeth bryggeriet Folkared15. På PechaKucha night kommer han ge oss en inblick i en bryggares värld och hur riktigt bra öl faktiskt görs

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About Chad

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 09, 2017

PechaKucha presentations can be about any topic, right?  So why not yourself! Chad Johnson presents on the person he knows best:  Chad Johnson!

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How YA Literature Changes Lives

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 15, 2017

Editor and writer Stephanie Johnson discusses how young adult literature can and has changed the lives of teenagers - including herself.

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Gochiso - Platform for Passive Giving

@ VOL 35 ON DEC 15, 2017

Philip Long's talk is about passive giving through food and how his company Gochiso is able to help restaurant owners optimize their hours and reduce food waste while providing a passive fundraising tool for nonprofits.

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A Look at PKN Cardiff Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night Vol. 1 in Cardiff was held just a few days ago, and already we get a nice round-up of the presentations that were part of the evening thanks to this post from designer Michael Johnson, who was also a presenter. Michael is truly a PKN veteran, having presented at three PKNs now, and attending at least four.

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Creating Community Glue

The last presentation of the week, "Creating Community Glue" by Lee Ann Johnson, comes to us from PechaKucha Night in Gibsons Vol. 1.Town Councillor, Lee Ann Johnson, talks about innovation and imagination in Gibsons, BC. Creativity is the incredible glue that holds the community together.

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PKN#19 in Dunedin Report

Awesome night last night. Our third Pecha Kucha event was held at the University of Otago as part of the University Student Association's annual Art Week. Thanks to everyone who came and to all our presenters. The presenters were: Jed McCammon and Clarke Hegan | Performance Artists | The Yellow Men Brian Miller | Writer, Publisher & Photographer | Dunedin artist Ralph Miller Katya Gunn | Bead Artist | Go to your studio and make stuff Sarah Flourish | Artist | Flourishing and other F words Aroha Novak | Visual artist | Fairy tale Remix 2013 Keir Russell | Circus, Fire, and Social Entrepreneurship | Fire and Fun Roel Wijland | Caretaker of the Brandbach | Why The University Brand Should Be An Artful Fragmentation Bomb Jacque Ruston | Visual artist | Wild and foraged art Henry Johnson | Ethnomusicology | Taiko: Drumming Japan and Beyond Catherine Cocker | Artist | For all the new arrivals Derek Morrison | Photographer | Dunedin Light  The photo is by Henry Johnson who is an ethnomusicologist at the University of Otago and Taiko drumming enthusiest. More photos of the event have been posted on our Facebook page. Our next event is on 14 November in partnership with the Historic Places Trust. Until then!

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Reproducing Spanish Royalty

See how Velazquez's portraits highlight the inbreeding rampant in Spanish royalty: Researcher Michelle Vaughn discusses copies, genetics, history, and portait paintings. She goes into depth on the portraits Diego Velazquez was commissioned to create of the family of Spanish King Philip IV -- a family notorious for in-breeding. In "Reproducing Spanish Royalty" from PKN Garrison Vol. 6, Michelle discusses the digital works of art she has created that tell stories about the nature of replication, incest, and Velazquez' painterly techniques.

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PechaKucha Bermuda Vol 8

PechaKucha Bermuda is hosting its 8th Edition on Thursday, August 21st starting at 6pm at the Devonshire Recreation Club, with speakers set to include Nathan Kowalski, Alan Gordon, Larry Burchall, Dr. Bente Lundh, Ayo Johnson, Elisha Huttick, Jason Rhind, Najib Chantouf, and David Kendell. PechaKucha Nights were started in Japan and are a simple, effective and entertaining way of telling your story or idea. Each speaker shows 20 images to accompany their presentation, each image the speaker can only speak for 20 seconds. Since there is no pausing or going back, speakers have no choice but to keep to their allotted time. Following each presentation is a 3 minute 20 second question and answer session where the audience has the opportunity to ask the presenter questions. This edition will feature 8 presenters on topics ranging from medical marijuana to kite surfing. Past PechaKucha Bermuda venues have been BMDS, Vasco Da Gamma Club, Blue Waters Angler Club, Chewstick, Sandy’s Boat Club and BSOA. This is the first time the event will be held at Devonshire Recreational Club. Devonshire Recreational Club will have dinner and refreshments available for purchase for the event. There is no cover charge but donations will be accepted to support the Devonshire Recreational Club facilities. For further details please see the PechaKucha Bermuda Facebook page. The 8th edition of PechaKucha Bermuda is going to be very interesting. It is advised that the public arrive early as there are no reservations and it is first come first served. story:

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Arts and Crafts of the State Fair

Butter-sculptures of local beauty princesses, impressionist quilting, homemade cakes from scratch.  Philip Berger discusses of the arts and crafts that he discovered at the Minnesota State fair. In "Arts and Crafts of the State Fair" from PKN Chicago Vol. 32 we learning that there is no clear definition of art and craft, and that the celebration of locally grown agriculture is truly a sight to see. 

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When Caricature is Considered Portraiture

"[Aspects of the painting] were modified by the artist to fit a romantic and idealized version of a much contested historical event."In When Caricature is Considered Portraiture from Honolulu Vol. 23, Assistant Curator of the Arts of Hawai‘i at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Healoha Johnson considers how caricatures often depict political events and high-profile figures, and then remain as visual historical records with the potential to circulate misconceptions as truth through what is, in fact, a badly distorted caricature of the actual event or figure. Here she dissects "Hawaii's Decisive Hour", a painting by Eugene Savage, which could be said skews history by celebrating an annexation treaty between the U.S. and Hawaii that never actually passed. 

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How to Fight Darkness

"Is reality this dark? I don't believe so. I believe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we think everything is bad, everything will be bad."In How to Fight Darkness from PechaKucha Night Stockholm Vol. 54, Philip Smith poses the question, "How will we fight the dark powers and the evil galactic empire together?" (the evil empire being the often sensationalizing and fear-mongering media.) His answer is simple - ART! ...and more specifically, Art made of Light! Here Philip gives us a very funny and uplifting PechaKucha on the challenges the the world faces in a continuous barrage of negativity, and reminds us to use the force (and make art!)

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A Glimpse of Armenian Culture

"When God was giving out the land to people, the Armenians were partying and got there late, and all that was left was the land of stones."In A Glimpse of Armenian Culture from PechaKucha night Townsville Vol. 10, Philippa Johnson shares her great love for international folk dancing, of which she is both a student and a teacher in Townsville. She tells some tales of her latest overseas dance workshop which took her to the strikingly beautiful South Caucasus region and heritage-rich nation of Armenia.

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The Story of Water in Hawaii

"The window of wonder into the world of water." In "The Story of Water in Hawaii" from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Eric Johnson led a journey through the process of creating an original theatrical production in collaboration with artists, activists and multiple community partners. Eric is Artistic Director of the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. His production - "H2O: The Story of Water in Hawaii" - performed for over 20,000 students, teachers and families on Oahu this Spring and will tour to five Neighbor Islands this fall.