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Hashtag Photography

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2015

"As my use of social media increased, so did my understanding of how it worked."

In "Hashtag Photography", from PechaKucha Night St. Neots Vol. 3Jo Mansfield talks about mobile photography and the use of the imaging platform, Instagram and how it has developed her skills and pushed her in new creative directions.


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Toronto @ Harbourfront Centre (York Quay Centre)
Sep 30, 2011


Delhi @ American Center
Nov 23, 2011

PAST PechaKucha at Stedelijk

Amsterdam @ Stedelijk Museum
Sep 13, 2012


New Orleans @ TRÈO
Apr 08, 2015


Prince George @ The Copper Pig BBQ House
Dec 01, 2015


Appleton @ Riverview Gardens
Mar 16, 2017


Fresno @ Bitwise South Stadium
May 31, 2017


Tangerang @ Kreatif Space (Unity Building Rooftop)
Jan 27, 2018


Accra @ Goethe Institut
Feb 16, 2018

PAST Leadership Perspective, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Hyatt Regency Orange County
Apr 30, 2019

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The Spirit of Magic

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Justin Sight is a unique magician known for performing on the streets and subways of NYC. He was diagnosed legally blind at age 10. Justin has been featured on television  and online news outlets such as The NY Post and Gothamist. He talks about Magic from a spiritual perspective drawn from his involvement with the worlds mystery schools and scientific research that point to the essence of what we Truly Are.

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Perspective on Architectural Aesthetics from an Engineering Standpoint

@ VOL 137 ON JUN 29, 2016

大島駿さんは、建築を学ぶ大学院生。 東京理科大学では工学的アプローチによって、 そして現在在籍する武蔵野美術大学大学院では美学の視点から建築を追求しています。 渋谷にあえて排他的な建築の提案を行い、近年の建築群への新鮮な批評も行います!

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Drawing Lab Guy

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 24, 2016

Mathew Reichertz is an artist who has always been interested in science. A while ago he was approached about collaborating with scientists to study stuff that he was already interested in from a lay person’s perspective. He jumped at the opportunity and has been really excited and humbly grateful for the opportunity ever since.

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What's Tana-Per?

@ VOL 140 ON OCT 26, 2016

建築家の田中智之さんは建築設計やまちづくりを行うと同時に、建築や都市の手描き表現を追究しています。 写真やCGではできない、 手描きだからこそできる表現を数々のドローイングにて試行。 近作の駅シリーズは、 東京ステーションギャラリー「東京駅100年の記憶」展や、 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT「土木展」にて展示され、 その緻密さと迫力で多くの人を魅了しています。「タナパー」として知られる、田中さんの圧倒的迫力のパースドローイング。 グローバルメディアでも大きく取り上げられている作品群のエピソードや、 建築家としてどのように空間をとらえているかなどを披露されている、 必見のプレゼンテーションです。

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El Periodismo nuestro de cada día

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 21, 2016

El periodista venezolano, Victor Amaya, nos habla de ser periodista en Venezuela hoy en día, donde existe muy poca libertad de expresión y ocurren cosas insólitas. Nos explica que es muy difiícil, pero que en Venezuela todavía hay oportunidades de emprender y de hacer proyectos que valen la pena.

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What my son taught me about peacekeeping

@ VOL 33 ON MAY 22, 2017

How do we experience the world around us? We see things the way we’re taught and we judge things in a way our environment has taught us. We live our life the way we are used to, but should we? What can change our perspective?

Thijs Cremers reflects on his time on a UN mission through the eyes of his children and explains how his son triggered his awareness about how to change our perspective.

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Nan and Pop's Retro Perspective

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 12, 2016

"I didn't know how it was going to work, but like most things I do, I did it full of enthusiasm."

In "Nan and Pop's Retro Perspective" from PechaKucha Night Cairns Vol. 19, Mark Cochrane shares his the story of how he began working as a photographer through a whimsical project called "Nan and Pop's" travel adventures.

Mark has photographed model dolls, a vintage model car and model retro caravan to depict Nan and Pop’s adventures driving across Australia.  Nan and Pop’s adventures soon went viral and a star was born. 

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Waitering Vs. Everybody

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 26, 2017

Using his wit and humor, Chris Asper will attempt to share the similarities and differences between working as a waiter in a restaurant versus the various corporate jobs he held for 11 years.  

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Le dessin et l'architecture

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 27, 2019

Thibault Marcilly dévoile ses magnifiques dessins d'architecte: projets pro, voyages, portraits, humour, rêves... 

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300 at PKN Aalen Vol. 10

We've already shared with you photos from the recent PechaKucha Night in Aalen Vol. 10, but we found this extra photo that shows the audience from a different angle, giving a nicer perspective on just how many people attended (over 300).

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Stockholm Design Lab

Where do you see an opening for change in your life? Why not take this opportunity to begin the leisurely hobby of racecar driving? In today's Presentation of the Day, "Stockholm Design Lab" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 66, designers Bjorn Kussoffky and Thomas Eriksson speak about their projects -- both personal and professional -- as well as the work of some of their colleagues; all centered around the theme "change". They discuss change in terms of climate, design, architecture, way of thought, time, and perspective.

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Classical versus Romantic

Would you describe yourself as a thinker, or a feeler? In today's Presentation of the Day, "Classical versus Romantic" from PKN Derby Vol. 3, James Rice examines the contrast in approaching an idea from a romantic perspective, versus a classical perspective. He uses a clock as one example of this concept; it could be described classically as functional and mechanical, or romantically as a work of art, a specific time may reference a feeling, and so forth. His presentation features beautiful illustrations by Catherine Sweetman. 

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Seeking Presenters for PechaKucha Night Vol. 6: Changing my Perspective

PechaKucha PG is pleased to announce our sixth installment of the our global story telling series, and we are searching for the a roster of amazing storytellers for PechaKucha Prince George Vol. 6: Changing my Perspective. Do you have a story to share about your changing perspectives? Was your world view flipped upside down or inside out? What new angles have you discovered to help solve life's mysteries? Do you have what it takes to make a great story in 20 images x 20 seconds? We want you for our Vol. 6 event on Tuesday December 1st, 2015 from 7pm - 10pm at a location to be determined. If you are interested in presenting,  please send an email to with your contact info and short description of of your presentation. Deadline for submitting proposals is November 20th, 2015, but presenters are often confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your proposal in early.   About PechaKucha PechaKucha is the art of concise presentations. The concept began in 2003, with a group of Japanese architects who wished to share their creative projects with one another without having to sit through long, rambling lectures. Each PechaKucha presentation is led by a storyteller who provides 20 visual images, shown for 20 seconds each, all together creating a six minute and forty second story.  A dozen storytellers are then gathered together around a central theme and showcased in one powerful evening through PechaKucha Nights. PechaKucha exists in over 800 host cities around the world, and Prince George is one of them. Our local group is organized by Andrew Kurjata, Steph St. Laurent, Kathel Angelski and Jillian Merrick. They combine their storytelling, story-recording, and community-building talents to produce the event, which is 100% volunteer driven with support from Community Futures Fraser Fort George. You may be unfamiliar with the PechaKucha format, but there are many resources available online to help you create a presentation. Browse the PechaKucha site to see examples of past presentations. Check out this detailed guide for hands-on instruction.  There are even PechaKucha presentations about making PechaKucha presentations. If you are struggling with the format, you can always contact our organizers directly for help. We have local volunteers willing to mentor and assist you in sharing your great story. The creative and ever-evolving nature of the local group has established a few of their own traditions for the event. Firstly, everyone has a story to tell, and anyone can be a storyteller, as long as they have the courage and commitment to share their story in PechaKucha style. Secondly, the events will always be as barrier-free as possible. Audience participation is absolutely free, all ages are welcome to participate, and the group is always seeking accessible stages and seating to open up participation to all members of the community. Lastly, the event is always changing. Each event will feature a new theme, a new venue, a new storyteller roster, and a new artist to design the event poster. PechaKucha Nights are a great way are a great way for the community to support and participate in the ancient tradition of storyteller in a modern, creative and barrier free format.

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Poster for PKN Aalen Vol. 26

Despite being a small community in the German countryside, PechaKucha Night Aalen, run by the towns favorite policeman, never ceases in giving us all a new perspective on things, reminding the PechaKucha Global Network that creativity can be be hidden in any corner of the globe, up, down, far, and wide. 

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A Global Perspective on PechaKucha Night

Did you know that PechaKucha Nights are held in over 900 cities worldwide? Xylia Buros was one of 45 PKN organizers from around the world who attended the Global PKN Conference in Tokyo in March 2016. In this presentation, she gives a glimpse into the diversity of the series, best practices learned, and the inspiring people she met, including PKN's founders, Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein. 

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Photography and Adventure in the Wilderness

  "In my experience, the beauty of the wilderness is the solitude and the simplicity." In Photography and Adventure in the Wilderness from PechaKucha Night Kalispell Vol.1, Photographer Mandy Mohler takes us on her solo journey through Montana's Bob Marshall wilderness on horseback. She shares how this trip and her experience in nature has impacted her artwork and perspective on the outdoors. 

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International Perspective

"How do you create the unknown?" In "International Perspective" from PechaKucha Night Detroit Vol. 29, George Petkoski shares his visionary approach to architecture based on his international experience from across the world.  George has more than 30 years of architectural practice in the creative process of designing buildings, master planning large and small communities, and urban design worldwide. He has had his own architectural firm in Detroit for 16 years, been the Director of Design of Architecture for Yamasaki Architects, Michigan and Summerstone international in Beijing, China.

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Nan and Pop's Retro Perspective

"I didn't know how it was going to work, but like most things I do, I did it full of enthusiasm." In "Nan and Pop's Retro Perspective" from PechaKucha Night Cairns Vol. 19, Mark Cochrane shares his the story of how he began working as a photographer through a whimsical project called "Nan and Pop's" travel adventures. Mark has photographed model dolls, a vintage model car and model retro caravan to depict Nan and Pop’s adventures driving across Australia.  Nan and Pop’s adventures soon went viral and a star was born. 

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In Pictures

"I like photos that have curious sort of perspective or make you pause and wonder what you are looking at..." In In Pictures from PechaKucha Night Huntsville Vol. 4, Stephen Locke shares his passion for photography and the world around him through a number of his favorite photos he has taken. His process is as opportunistic as his photographs are stunning.