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It's a Little Bit Weird

@ VOL 66 ON OCT 28, 2009

British designer Anthony Dickens gives us an insight into the weird things that inspire him.

In 1998 Anthony Dickens founded his London product and furniture design studio to design better relationships between people and objects, blending utility with simple narratives and re-imagining the everyday things that surround us. Initially designing and manufacturing his own range of lighting, Anthony’s work is diverse, often bridging the gap between product design and communications. Anthony has worked for Audi, Veuve Clicquot and Red Bull bringing the essence of brands to life. 

In 2006 he achieved notable success with the launch of the Origami Table, a range of dining, side and coffee tables. It won the Elle Decoration Best Table Award 2007 and is now produced by Innermost. The Anglepoise® Fifty, a light that encapsulated the Anglepoise® brand and story, was shortlisted for the Designs of the Year 2007 and is now part of the London Design Museum collection.

Other notable products include Tekiō, currently nominated for Designs of the Year 2013, the Around Clock and Kitchen Timer for Lexon and the Scoot pizza cutter for Joseph Joseph.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 19, 2013.

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From Skyscraper to Onigiri

@ VOL 136 ON JUN 02, 2016

建築家の新田知生さんは、 公共建築からオニギリパッケージまで、 様々な空間をデザインされています。 海外のデザインサイトも注目の、折り紙をコンセプトにオニギリをつくる「オリ・ニギリ」プロジェクト。 今年の本格的世界展開を視野に入れた、プロジェクトの全貌を披露します!

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The Magic of Origami

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

折紙好きな小学6年生の登場!折紙はハサミで切ったりしなくても、1枚で複雑な形を折ることができます。その不思議な魅力と、折紙を通じて体験したことを中村 日向さんに教えてもらいます。

The magic in ‘Origami’, the Japanese art of paper folding is that in the absence of scissors and cutting, complicated shapes can be created using a single piece of paper. This Wednesday, PechaKucha Tokyo will be building upon that magic through the perspective of origami child prodigy, Nakamura Hinata!


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Displayable, Not Disposable

@ VOL 157 ON MAY 30, 2018

Kumi Kobayashi presents PORIGAMI, a papercraft brand by Tereza (designer/architect) and herself (creative producer). Together, they create modern paper works with precise and sensitive laser cuttings with the notion that greeting cards can be elegant interior decoration while business cards can be reimagined as displayable artwork!

PORIGAMI はデザイナーであり建築家のテレザ・ハラディルコバと、クリエイティブプロデューサーである小林久実さんによるペーパークラフトブランドです。PORIGAMIのカードは "more than card" であり、インテリアになり得るエレガントさがあります。紙が大好きなので、捨てられる運命にある名刺の在り方に疑問を感じ「飾りたくなる名刺」を制作しています。


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San Juan, Argentina @ IOPPS
Feb 04, 2011


Marseille-Provence @ "Les Grandes Tables" Restaurant Friche de la Belle de Mai
Apr 16, 2011


Jun 03, 2011


San Juan, Argentina @ Teatro Municipal
May 31, 2014


Brighton @ Yellowave
Sep 03, 2015


Batavia @ Riverview Banquets Batavia
Oct 01, 2015


Manchester @ The International Anthony Burgess Foundation
Mar 01, 2018


Batavia @ Island View Banquets (at Batavia VFW)
Aug 30, 2018


Vejle @ Spinderihallerne
Sep 18, 2018

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@ VOL 3 ON OCT 31, 2013

Hemos creado un juguete en cartón basándonos en el pliegue como elemento que provee de mayor resistencia a una superficie plana. Esperamos que "el circo" sea el primero de una serie.

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Paper - Rainbow and Cities

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

" Everything is about Nature. Everything is about Human. The interactions between them. Bring the Nature inside the grey cities. Bring the hope in the hearth of the men. Tomorrow can be better if we want it. Love, Peace, Humanity, Solidarity and Protection of our earth. We belong to her, She doesn't belong to us." Mademoiselle Maurice {In French}
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From Origami to Folded-Plate Architecture

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 01, 2015

Architect Lane Allen has a life-long passion for art, origami, geometry, and structure. He explores the relationships—both real and imagined—among the geometries of origami, the geometries of structure, and works of architecture, both modern and historic.

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Giant Origami

@ VOL 21 ON SEP 03, 2015

"'Robo-Origami' is a giant robotic origami installation created with robust robotic technology installed within giant origami sculpture."

In Giant Origami from PechaKucha Night Brighton Vol. 21, the Japanese artist Coco Sato, now based in Brighton England, shares her inspirational story of travels, learning new skills and giant interactive origami!  

This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 24th, 2017. 

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Los caminos del papel

@ VOL 6 ON APR 06, 2017

Rodrigo Sepulveda es un diseñador chileno que radica en México desde hace un par de años. A tráves de los años Rodrigo se ha especialzado en la ingeniería de papel, esta pasión la comparte en talleres, exposciones y charlas. 

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How to Make a Paper Frog

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 01, 2018

Using none of the wisdom learned over ten years in the design industry, Ben Clark will teach you how to make a jumping paper frog in 20 ribbeting slides. 

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A Mathematical journey

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 18, 2018

Math has always played a part in how Lee has viewed and interacted with the world. There's been more than one incident where math has shaped her life and its been way more than finally understanding long division, or complex integrals.   


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Origami with Ute Conen

At PechaKucha Night Osnabrueck Vol. 1 -- held in November of last year -- architect Ute Conen invited the audience to join her on some origami making. Below, instructions shown as part of her presentation. PKN Osnabrueck Vol. 2 happens tonight (March 3) at Lagerhalle.

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Program for PKN Oslo Vol. 11

PechaKucha Night in Oslo Vol. 11 was held a few days ago, and organizer Arpna Gupta Stokke sends in a few photos of the terrific program they prepared for the event. It was produced by graphic design studio Your Friends, and as Arpna explains, tips its hat to the birthcountry of PKN, Japan. The programme has taken its inspiration from Japan, birth place of Pechkucha night. The format is based on standard Japanese paperformats JIS. The traditional Shiroku Ban is the size of the folded out program. The flyers, drink coupons and tickets are also based on the Shiroku Ban format. To get a proper folder for the speakers we've used a origami tecnique which makes it possible to have an 8-page folder without using any binding. It's cost-effective, good for the environment and makes for an intriguing piece of design.

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PKN Marseille-Provence + Inspire Japan

Marseille-Provence is taking part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16 with a very packed all-day event that will take place at the "Les Grandes Tables de la Friche Belle de Mai" restaurant, with the PechaKucha presentations starting from 20:20. We're including the press release (in French), and here's also the Facebook event page. MIDI/ MINUIT POUR LE JAPON Samedi 16 Avril 2011 - Grandes Tables de la Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille Entrée Libre Au programme des expositions de graphisme, de design, de photographie, de vidéo, d’haïku, démonstration d’origami, de calligraphie, dégustation de sushi, cérémonie du thé, danseurs du Ballet National, concerts et PechaKucha! Le tout au profit d’Architecture for Humanity pour la construction d’une école à Sendai. Sous le haut patronage de l’Ambassade du Japon en France, nous nous intégrons à la journée internationale « Inspire Japan » de toutes les PechaKucha dans le monde (près de 400 villes) pour la construction d’une école avec Architecture for Humanity. A Marseille nous avons voulu ouvrir au maximum cette journée aux organisateurs d’événements, porteurs de projets, galeries, boutiques, créateurs, artistes… DEMANDEZ LE PROGRAMME! Un samedi entier relayé sur la toile en lien avec le monde entier et Tokyo Mise en ligne d’un site et des installations web de manière à pouvoir communiquer avec le réseau international et envoyer des messages à Tokyo. Streaming avec le réseau international PechaKucha Night Videospread : Zorba Production Vidéo Yuki Kawamura Photographie : Jérôme Raffaelli et Mademoiselle Maurice Haïkus sélectionnés par Yves Gerbal Diffusion/ exposition de photographies Portraits avec SKYPE par Hikaru TAKAHASHI et Taku NISHIMURA Exposition vente de graphisme, produit par l’Atelier Tchikebe! Une trentaine d’oeuvres originales de graphistes, designers et artistes seront produites en 10 exemplaires sérigraphiés, numérotés, signés par : 5M - Aka Design, Tous des K - Saïd Azrombaz - Eric Bediez - Tansen Bel - LN Boul - François Caspar - Martin Carrese - EM Design - Christophe Guinet, Epiphyte - Nicolas Henriot, Baze Studio - Fred Lameche - Pascale Lefebvre - Mothi Limbu, Happy Mess - Pako Pimpall - Eric Pringels - Isabelle Mailhan, Izaberu Design - Cédric Malo, Tabas - Laure Mélone - Chris Millet, Studio Fatch - Bernard Moïse - Stephan Muntaner - Nicolas Ouvrier, Spazm - Eric Pringels - Fanny Sinelle - Cloë Saint-Jours - Armelle de Sainte-Marie - Zü... Certains travaux en quadrichromie de Eric Bediez, Loic Beillet, Vincent Biron, Nancy Ribard et d'étudiants seront imprimés au format carte postale par Quadrissimo. Ateliers découvertes du Japon avec des installations, des performances et des ventes d’oeuvres d’artistes : Galerie Le Dernier Cri, Exposition vente de sérigraphies japonaises Galerie Détour Design, Exposition vente de mobilier japonais Atelier de calligraphie par Noriko OGAWA Atelier de bijoux japonais par Harumi SUGIURA Atelier d' Origami et Atelier de marque page Atelier de Métro:)bidule par Matt Satsat Exposition de collages en tissus japonais Exposition de MANGA (vente des originaux) T-shirts et Magazine japonais DUMB en vente par KULTE 20h20 Pecha Kucha Spéciale Japon « Inspire Japan » Une dizaine de créateurs parlent de l’inspiration de la culture japonaise et parmi eux : Henri Gueydan, Ciel Rouge Création, architecte à Tokyo Bernard Moïse, designer entre Paris et Marseille So Food So Good pour une spéciale Japon Stéphane Bureaux, designer culinaire Yves Gerbal, auteur d'Haikus de Provence Reiko Fukui, créatrice de Massilia Bleue Nick the Geek, urban art Saïd Azrombaz, graphiste Zü, objets décos Projet Sérigraphie avec l'Atelier Tchikebe! ... Représentation exceptionnelle de "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, This is... Music KODO" Sur une Chorégraphie de Yasuyuki ENDO avec les Danseurs de Ballet National de Marseille : Katharina CHRISTL, Valentina PACE、Yoshiko KINOSHITA, Nonoka KATO, Malgorzata CZAJOWSKA, Noémie ETTLIN, Sandra SALIETTI AGUILERA, Valeria VELLEI, Angel MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ, Vito GIOTTA, Marcos MARCO, Gabor HALASZ, Nahimana VANDENBUSSHE, David CAHIER, David LE THAI, Christian NOVOPAVLOVSKI, Yasuyuki ENDO. Côté Musique... Pulse Code Modulation et Protofuse, DJ Set à l'apéro Sublime de Tokyo accompagnée d'Ahmad Compaoré concert live à 19h Paul du Label Virgo, Monsieur Clouseau, Eve & Tom, DJ Set en soirée Côté cuisine... Atelier de SUSHI DESIGN par Yoko MACHIDA Dégustation de thé avec des gâteaux par Reiko FUKUI Dégustation de SUSHI par KYO SUSHIS Esprit Gourmand et ses rice crackers de luxe! Les Grandes Tables se la jouent Nippon à partir de 18h … Pas de réservation, pas de places limitées! Grand Parking Gratuit! De Midi à Minuit, en solo, en duo, en famille, entre amis! L'association MINAMI DESIGN orchestre l'ensemble de l'événement et se fait le relais d'Architecture for Humanity à Marseille. 100% des dons seront reversés au Japon pour la construction d'une école à Sendai Evénement Facebook : Sarah CC Commissaire indépendante agrémentée par l'organisation internationale PechaKucha Tokyo … Avec le soutien de : Ambassade du Japon en France - Alliance Française des Designers - Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Marseille-Provence - Fédération des Commerçants du Centre Ville - Pecha Kucha Night - Massilia Bleue - Les Grandes Tables - Esprit Gourmand - Atelier Tchikebe! - Quadrissimo - Videospread - Le Club des Créatifs du Sud - La Galerie Détour Design - La Galerie du Dernier Cri - Watt 4 You - Love Spots - La Dame Noire - Label Virgo Music - Kulte - Bureau 76 Organisation : Sarah Carrière-Chardon, Reiko Fukui, Cédric Malo, Stéphan Muntaner, Dona Oksenberg, Philippe Français, Christophe Gouin, Olivier et Hugues Ménétrier, à la régie, appuyés par Techni Congrès et Aucop.


Next PKN in Brighton - 3rd September

PechaKucha in Brighton is back, this time with a 'Japan Brighton' theme and another stellar line-up, including Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell (who uses a Japanese brush in his illustrations), Manga artist Inko, origami furniture designer Coco Sato, fabulous print-maker (and one of Kirsty Allsop's upcycling experts) Lee Baker, and former PK Brighton organisers Branwen Lorigan and Julie Watson. Join Viva Brighton's Alex Leith and artist Zara Wood a.k.a Woody at Yellowave, Madeira Drive, on Thursday 3rd September. Doors open 6.30pm with the talks running, with a break, between 7pm - 9pm. Participants will be around afterwards for a chat.

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Taking Art to the Street

"Street art doesn't have to be graffiti and vandalism."In "Taking Art to the Street" from PechaKucha Nishinomiya Vol. 28, International Artist Daas shares the creative mojo that he pours into his vibrant and iconic works. Pulling inspiration from origami, his unique style takes on fresh, fun, and bold illustrative works, from powerful animals to people portraits, from street art murals to collaborative works with children and the public at large.