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31 Days Under the Sea

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 14, 2014

In 31 Days Under the Sea from PechaKucha Night Brooklyn Vol. 1, Fabien Cousteau discusses how his family's background inspired his newest project, Mission 31. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the monumental legacy left by Fabien’s grandfather, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Mission 31 continues the dream of creating the first ocean floor habitats for humans and leading a team of ocean explorers on the first attempt to live and work underwater.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 30, 2014.

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Free Your Fitness, Free Yourself

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Does your lifestyle prevent you from qualifying for insurance discounts? Do you lack sufficient time for exercise or have limited access to sports facilities? Maybe you just want to keep your personal data private without having to pay higher insurance premiums for the privilege?

Unfit Bits provides solutions. At Unfit Bits, we are investigating DIY fitness spoofing techniques to allow you to create walking datasets without actually having to share your personal data. These techniques help produce personal data to qualify you for insurance rewards even if you can't afford a high exercise lifestyle. 

Our team of experts are undertaking an in-depth Fitbit Audit to better understand how the Fitbit and other trackers interpret data. With these simple techniques using everyday devices from your home, we show you how to spoof your walking data so that you too can qualify for the best discounts. Our new range of desktop fitness devices are also available on this site. 

Free your fitness. Free yourself. Earn Rewards.



Tega Brain is an artist and engineer. She makes eccentric engineering, reimagining everyday technologies to address their politics and envision alternatives. She is currently a resident at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, Brooklyn, has both studied and taught at the School for Poetic Computation, and is an Assistant Professor at SUNY Purchase. 

Surya Mattu is an artist and engineer based in Brooklyn. He is currently a fellow at Data&Society where he is investigating infrastructure with a focus on wireless as a way to better understand bias in technology. He is also a contributing researcher at ProPublica. Previously he has worked as an engineer at Bell Labs and is a graduate from the New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. He has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

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An Open Source Life

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Romke de Haan is a graduate of the program called homeboyz, a non-profit that takes kids in gangs and teaches them technology. Romke will walk you though his journey and his pursuit of happiness. 


Participate in Romke's life; he'd be happy to get coffee/lunch/cocktails with you. You can add his calendar by searching on iCal, Google Calendar, 

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Message in a Bottle

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

George Boorujy was born and bred in New Providence New Jersey, and now lives in Brooklyn, along with almost everyone else. He is represented by P.P.O.W. gallery in New York, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. 

Check out George's project, New York Pelagic, here!

Read about the bottle that washed up on a beach in France here!


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Exhibition "Design Ah!" Channel

PechaKucha teamed up with 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT as part of the "Design Ah!" exhibition to produce two special events on March 23rd. One for kids, where they made and presented their 20x20s in an open workshop. The other for 'grown-ups' was part of Roppongi Art Night, and featured an inspiring lineup of design talent.

INDEX Open Studio
Coworking in Tijuana
Ocean Investments
in North Myrtle Beach
Open Hand 2014
student, Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw
Hotel Park Ocean
Owner in Jaipur


Palmerston North @ Centrepoint Theatre
Feb 12, 2013


Palmerston North @ Centrepoint Theatre
Aug 06, 2013


Dresden @ Verzahnungsfabrik
Jul 23, 2015


Erlangen @ E-Werk Erlangen, Biergarten
Jul 31, 2015


Huddersfield @ Cafe Ollo
Sep 10, 2015


Nashville @ Emma Inc. Bistro
Aug 11, 2016


Liège @ Val Benoit -Salle Millau
Nov 24, 2016


Accra @ Goethe Institut
Jun 22, 2018


Bangkok @ Open House Central Embassy
Jul 17, 2018


Tromsø @ Framsenteret
Jan 23, 2019

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Open Gov in Chicago: Changing Government from the Outside In


Derek Eder has been building websites in Chicago since 2005. He is the owner of DataMade, LLC, an open government and open data web consulting company, co-founder of Open City, a collective that makes civic apps with open data, and organizer for OpenGov Chicago, a monthly Meetup group that promotes open data and open government in Chicago and Cook County.

"Presentation of the Day" on July 9, 2013.

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One World, One Ocean

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 25, 2013

Ocean for Life, created in reponse to the 9/11 attack, is an organization that promotes cross-cultural understanding in the context that we are all connected by one ocean. Claire Fackler talks about the areas and goals of the program and how students learn to have a greater appreciation and respect for the ocean as well as others who are culturally different. 

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Balinese ocean art

@ VOL 1 ON APR 16, 2014

Kadek Wijaya uses vibrant colours to capture his world of Balinese art that is inspired by the ocean and life around it. He uses different painting styles in order to bring variety in his art work. 

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Drawing Lines in the Ocean

@ VOL 4 ON AUG 27, 2015

Former US Department of State Geographer disccuses his work with international law and boundaries negotiations. Listen to this interesting presentations on off shore maritime boundaries and US water relations. 

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The Southern Ocean

@ VOL 28 ON AUG 25, 2016

The Southern Ocean is like the heart of the globe, it regulates how the earth breathes and its circulation, connecting all the oceans together from the bootom. It is also home to a diversity of wildlife, and a good indicator of the health of the planet, as Matt Vance points out.

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Open Streets Nashville

@ VOL 21 ON AUG 11, 2016

What would you do if you had a major street corridor with no cars on it to do what you would like with?

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Ocean of Art

@ VOL 21 ON MAY 18, 2017

"To me, my art now tells a story between nature and humanity, a push and pull, love and betrayal type of visual dialogue that exposes my emotional connections with the ocean."

In Ocean of Art from Pechakucha Night Sunshine Coast Vol. 21, we hear from Scott Denholm, a contemporary ocean artist. His art focuses on the ocean and explores the emotional relationships that we have with it. Through his life as a surfer and conservationist, he has sought to capture semi-abstract moments that resonate with people from all walks of life. His paintings are also created with environmentally friendly art materials. In his presentation, he wants to focus on these emotional relationships and explore them through his new series, "Elevation". 

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Local Government can be Open and Sustainable Government

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 16, 2018

Andreas Pavlou from Involve looks at how the local government could become more open to the public. 

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Ocean Acidification: Pteropods in Peril

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 13, 2018

Natalie Ward speaks about the impact of ocean acidification on pteropods.

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Open Air PKN in Honolulu

PechaKucha Night in Honolulu Vol. 4 was held a couple of weeks ago, and from the photos I'm seeing in this Flickr photoset, I'm getting really jealous of open air PKN events -- see photos from last month's edition of PKN San Francisco for more evidence. I now dream of a PKN Tokyo with a backdrop of pink sakura.

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Heineken Open Design Explorations (Powered by PechaKucha)

We're very happy to announce that PechaKucha has teamed up with Heineken in support of the Open Design Explorations competition, to help find a few designers from all disciplines that will get to participate in the creation and launch of a temporary club space at next year's edition of Milan Design Week (Milano Salone). The first phase of the project will see four special PechaKucha events held in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Milan, and New York, where those chosen to participate will get to present their ideas for the space using the 20 x 20 format. One designer from each city will be chosen and then sent to Milan to participate in the final phase, which is the creation of the space itself. This is first time we have teamed up with anyone for a project like this, but we feel it is a great way to give the PechaKucha community a chance to enter and hopefully be seen at the Milano Salone. If you would like to participate, please note that you need to be able to attend the PechaKucha events in one of the four cities mentioned, and your entry needs to be sent by August 14. You'll find all details on how to enter on the following page. Update: Please note that the deadline for the event in Tokyo has been extended to August 21.

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Heineken Open Design Explorations - The Designers

As we covered in recent months, the Heineken Open Design Explorations competition was held in four cities (Tokyo, New York, Milan, and Sao Paulo) to chose a team of designers through PechaKucha events, with the goal of producing a temporary club space at next year's Milano Salone. You'll find more details in this press release, but here are all of the designers who were chosen to participate. Congratulations to everyone, and here's looking forward to the resulting project! New York CityPhilip Sierzega (Motion design)Lee Gibson (Interior design)Michelle Wu (Fashion design)Sandra Garcia Pagola (Graphic design)Kirkland Summers (Graphic design)Adam Aleksander (Product design)TokyoAlistair Townsend (Interior design)Yukihiro Shoda (Motion design)Kazuhiko Hayakawa (Product design)Miku Sega (Interior design)MilanEmanuele Magini (Product design)Giuseppe Conca (Product design)Vicenzo Amendolagine (Interior design)Gianluca Macaluso (Motion design)Sao PauloFabricio Lima (Motion design)Daniela Colnaghi (Interior design)Patrick Kampff (Fashion design)André Coelho (Graphic design)Brunno Jahara (Product design)

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Open Studios Open Minds

Here's a heads-up for an upcoming one-off PechaKucha event in London, "Open Studios Open Minds," to be held on November 25 at the ASC Erlang House. Below, a few more details on the event, from organizer Sarah Roesink: We would like to thank ASC for their support in helping to make this event happen and also our printer TAB who kindly offered us a discount on the printing cost of the posters. The event is part of the open studio weekend of ASC, more info can be found here. Event details: Open Studios Open Minds A series of talks by artists of Erlang House Friday, 25.11. 2011 at 7pm Location: Erlang House 128 Blackfriars Road SE1 8EQ London Presenters: Laura Daly Jeremy Evans Peng-Chia Ponga Huang Jaeyoun Lee Andrew Liu Ellis Nadler Elena Poka Anthony Ruby Nick Turvey Daniela White

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Open Minds - Powered by PechaKucha

There's a "Powered by PechaKucha" event scheduled for Wednesday of next week (March 14) in London, at the ASC Erlang House. We include in this post more details on the "Open Minds at Erlang House" event, and you'll find the presenters listed on the flyer above. Artists Studio Company 128 Erlang House Blackfriars Rd Southwark London SE1 8EQ ASC OPEN MINDS The Artists Studio Company are giving some of its most promising artists an opportunity to present their work. The event takes place at the ASC gallery, Blackfriars Road, London on March 14th at 6.30pm. It will be a friendly and stimulating evening of short talks, aimed to promote meeting and discussion between artists and art lovers. An open invitation for entries was sent to artists occupying studios managed by the Artists Studio Company. Eight people have been chosen to create a diverse and interesting evening, showcasing a varied range of work from some of the best new and emerging artistic talent in London. The presentations will hosted under the global community of PechaKucha, whose events originated in Japan as a way for artists and designers to network and present their work in public. It uses a fast-paced format that has each speaker showing 20 images, and talking about each one for 20 seconds, so that each individual presentation lasts a punchy six and a half minutes. These presentations serve as a platform for creative practitioners to share their ideas and work with an audience during a relaxed evening out, and have now become popular in hundreds of cities worldwide. The Artists Studio Company (ASC) is a registered charity that provides affordable studios for over 700 artists across 11 sites in London, which also host several exhibition spaces. Through introducing PechaKucha events as part of our gallery program, we are extending our support for visual artists, and furthering our mission to widen public access to the arts. We invite anybody who is interested in the visual arts to attend the evening for an exclusive insight into the work of some of London's most exciting creative talent. Entry is £2, and there is a free bar.

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2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

Eight years ago today the "Boxing Day" Indian Ocean Tsunami hit the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. This great presentation looks at the process of rebuilding. For more stories on reconstruction efforts, you can visit the ArchiAid Channel and Inspire Japan Channel -- both include presentations covering work done following last year's Tohoku earthquake and tsunami -- and the Haiti Reconstruction Channel, covering rebuilding efforts in Haiti and elsewhere.

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Open Call for Presenters Until 02.09.13

The Prichard Art Gallery will be hosting PechaKucha Night Moscow vol. 4. Thursday, February 28th.  Proposal submissions for presenters (either solo, pairs, or groups) are now being excepted at  Proposals are due Saturday, Feb. 9th.   Information on the submission project can be found here.  

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Open Gov in Chicago: Changing the Government from the Outside In

Ever wanted to know when your city would fix that pot hole? Or when and where flu shots are available? Derek Eder utilizes open data -- government information readily available to the public -- to develop civic applications that not only reveal how the government works, but also allow local citizens to interact with, participate in, and use government services more effectively. In today's Presentation of the Day "Open Gov in Chicago: Changing Government from the Outside In" from Table XI's May Table Talks event, Derek demonstrates the advantages and enormous potential for open data; from food inspection to crime reporting to bus locations.  

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PangeaSeed: Save the Ocean

Between climate change, overfishing, and shark-finning, the activists at PangeaSeed have their work cut out for them. In today's Presentation of the Day, "PangeaSeed: Save the Ocean" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 74, Aaron Glasson, Tre Packard, and Mayumi Takeda focus on the abhorrent effects humans have had on the shark population over the past 50 years, and how they work to generate awareness to protect this apex predator via art, music, and film.  


open call PKN Genoa vol#11

"join the conversation" Sono aperte le iscrizioni per il prossimo PechaKucha Night di Genova che si terrà venerdì 20 Febbraio presso la Teatro La Claque in Agorà. In occasione del PechaKucha Global Night che vede coinvolte 800 città in tutto il mondo in un unica serata, Genova si unirà alla conversazione con Pechakucha Night Genova VOL1 °°° Queste le date da ricordare: DEADLINE presentazione progetti > sabato  31 gennaio 2015 Comunicazione selezionati > giovedì 5 febbraio 2015 Invio progetti selezionati > martedì 17 febbraio 2015