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From Skyscraper to Onigiri

@ VOL 136 ON JUN 02, 2016

建築家の新田知生さんは、 公共建築からオニギリパッケージまで、 様々な空間をデザインされています。 海外のデザインサイトも注目の、折り紙をコンセプトにオニギリをつくる「オリ・ニギリ」プロジェクト。 今年の本格的世界展開を視野に入れた、プロジェクトの全貌を披露します!


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PKN Toronto Vol. 22 Recap

  Unlike the winter, PK Volume 22 has come and gone and left us wanting more. A few of the thoughts shared included: The cultural significance of the Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball), fulfilling childhood dreams by becoming a World Explorer, the challenges privacy in developing Electronic Health Records, and finally how personal values and traditions can foster cultural change. Another contributor to the night’s events was a talk given by Len Senater of the Depanneur. Len shared his experiences that led him to endure “a constant stream of anxiety” as he has fought Toronto’s bylaws so that he could develop a unique incubator for young food businesses in the city. It is because of individuals like Len and many of the presenters that speak at PK TO that make this city a great place to live. So how can we show Len that the stream of anxiety worth it? You can attend and participate in the many drop-in dinners, workshops, supper clubs and weekend brunch services that this fine establishment hosts. All of which can be found on their website. And finally, for those who weren’t able to attend and missed our surprise guest performer, Tristan Freedom, you can check out his talents here. The soulful thirteen year old blew away the audience with his genuine, passionate spirit and his smooth vocals. Tristan is currently running an Indiegogo campaign so he can raise enough funds to produce his debut original EP and there are only 20 days left! Please support Tristan –and as Gonzalo stated it so superbly- so that Canada can have something else to be proud of besides Justin Bieber. Check out more photos on the event page.