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Brent Jones
Professor, Konan University, Hirao School of Management in Nishinomiya
Elisabeth Fernandes
in Nishinomiya
Roger Palmer
Associate Professor, Konan University, Hirao School of Management in Nishinomiya


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Jul 03, 2009


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Nov 07, 2009


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
May 09, 2010


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Jul 18, 2010


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Dec 23, 2010


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Jul 02, 2011


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Oct 23, 2011


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Oct 20, 2012


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Jan 11, 2013


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Dec 19, 2014

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Betraying the God of Light

@ VOL 10 ON OCT 23, 2011

Author Jared Angel introduces his ebook, Betraying the God of Light, and explains his views on archetypal conflicts, and how he attempted to create a fantasy novel with a more complicated moral compass than simply good versus evil. He uses real world examples and popular fantasy stories to illustrate the problems with such a black and white worldview, and the lack of diversity that often accompanies it.

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The Power of Language

@ VOL 20 ON APR 18, 2014

Irina Holca, an english teacher, shares her love for languages and introduces some of Japan's historical attempts at language acculturation in neighboring countries.

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まちづくりにおける 「ビジネス」と「ボランティア」の関係について

@ VOL 23 ON DEC 19, 2014

Kyosuke Matsumoto shares his experiences with a new style of social business aimed at community building.

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Guchibank COO

@ VOL 23 ON DEC 19, 2014

Hironori Okada talks about a project where people volunteer time to listen to frustrations or stresses of other people.

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Education Projects in Africa

@ VOL 24 ON APR 17, 2015

Richard Miller introduces some of the recent projects he is involved with in Kenya and at the Management University of Africa.

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A Visit to Kamikatsu

@ VOL 24 ON APR 17, 2015

Marie Masutani introduces some of the unique projects underway on the island of Shikoku. Her trip to Kamikatsu was inspired by another PKN presentation at Nishinomiya.

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PKN in Nishinomiya

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

Nishinomiya, nearby the city of Kobe, is one of the oldest PechaKucha nights in Western Japan. Organizers Brent Jones and Roger Palmer here talk about how they started the event with Konan university as well as the unique charms of the  city. This was at the special PechaKucha Night Huddle held in Kyoto in October 2015. 

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Encaustic Expressions

@ VOL 28 ON APR 15, 2016

Matthew Fasone talks about bringing disregarded items back to life through encaustic art.

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Snare Drums and the 10,000 Hour Rule

@ VOL 28 ON APR 15, 2016

Yoshiharu Semachi introduced the 10,000 hour rule and his dedication to the snare drum.

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Sad Lonely Christmas Songs

@ VOL 35 ON DEC 15, 2017

Michael Furmanovsky implores us to cheer up with sad sad lonely Chrismas songs. See if any of your favorites are mentioned, and check how many tears it is awarded.


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PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 1

You may remember that the proud city to be the 200th to join the global PechaKucha Night community was Nishinomiya, and it was back in July that their first event was held. Organizer Brent Jones reports. PKN made its debut in the Kansai region of Japan on Thursday night, July 2nd. As you may have heard, earlier this summer, Nishinomiya became the 200th city to join the PKN family. This is a great honor and we wanted to mark the occasion with a successful first event at Konan CUBE, our new building in Nishinomiya that is home to the Hirao School of Management (Konan University). The line-up of presenters introduced an eclectic mix of creative ideas, design initiatives and other innovative pursuits. Approximately 120 people were in attendance, many traveling from Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and other parts of Kansai. When asked at the end of the night if they would like to see more PKN events here in Nishinomiya, the crowd responded with a boisterous affirmation that yes, there was a thirst for more PechaKucha! Below, a few more photos from PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 1 -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset.

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PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Nishinomiya Vol. 3 was held just last week, and here's a report from that city's organizer, Brent Jones. January 22 started out like any other cold winter evening in Nishinomiya, but things soon heated up at CUBE (our pet name for the Nishinomiya campus of Konan University), with a rambunctious crowd converging here for the Vol. 3 of PKN Nishinomiya. The evening’s lineup included a filmmaker, designers working in several different domains, and an educator. The highlight, however, turned out to be plant hunter Seijun Nishihata. His presentation just before the beer break included the unveiling of a collection of 3-4 meter sakura branches that had been manipulated to bloom just in time for this event. A collective gasp went up from the crowd and this led into an animated beer break. PKN Nishinomiya continues to attract an eclectic crowd from around Kansai and is building a reputation as not-to-be-missed event. We look forward to the next PKN here in late April or early May. Below, two more photos from PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 3, including a look at those sakura branches in bloom.

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PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 4

Here's a look at May's PechaKucha Night in Nishinomiya Vol. 4, with a selection of photos -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset -- as well as a report courtesy of organizer Brent Jones. Judging by the unprecedented crowd showing up for May 8th’s PKN in Nishinomiya, it vied for being the most successful yet. Perhaps this was down to it being the first to be held on a Saturday. Or possibly it was because this was (yet again) a phenomenally diverse and talented group of presenters, who captured the imagination of the audience. Highlights included the slick and witty articulation of illustrator Shouko Wada’s career in creative pursuits, the stimulating expression of artist Tiery Le’s ideas on the significance of art in our lives, Yasuko Morikawa’s impassioned plea on greening the land by bringing water (and life) to the thirsty villages of Cambodia...the list goes on. The magical sounds of renowned musician Robin Lloyd’s African kalimba led into and carried through the beer break, and it was highly appropriate -- with the World Cup just around the corner -- that we should welcome our first South African presenter, wine importer Jeff Joseph. To misquote our final presenter, Oliver Kinghorn performing a comedy skit on the theme of Spotty Muldoon, it was anything but boring! One thing’s for sure, word is really getting around that PKN Nishinomiya is right at the throbbing heart of Kansai and the place to be seen. Oh, and given the pleasant weather, we almost (but not quite) succeeded in drinking the bar dry...

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Architectural Tips in Catania, a Zen Approach to Life, and the Reason PechaKucha Is Great for You

We're trying something a bit different today, and instead of producing a few separate posts, we're creating a one-stop post with all of the day's news and interesting links. Do let us know what you think. Presentations First off, of course, comes the presentations. As we've been doing lately, we've added two new presentations: Hear Emanuele Fidone cover key aspects of architecture as he shares his works (in Italian, from PKN Catania Vol. 10), or let Peter Harris guide you through the inner workings of zen (from PKN Waterville Vol. 6). And if you've been wondering just how global our presentations are, this page should clue you in -- we have 63 cities represented, with of course new cities sending us presentations every day. Posters And you do remember about our fantastic PKN poster Tumblr, right? Every single poster we receive from our global organizers goes up there, and today's additions includes posters/flyers for PKN Coruna Vol. 6, PKN Rockford Vol. 1, PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 12, and PKN Sacramento Vol. 17. Links There's also been some great PechaKucha chatter around the net, and here are a few links that we'd like to share today (and we'll be sharing more links like this on a regular basis, so keep the coverage coming):"20 Reasons Why PechaKucha Is Great for You" [Marcin Retecki Photography]"PechaKucha Returns to Eartha Unlimited" [Columbus Underground] -- we sure love that venueSome great press for PKN Washington, first in the Huffington Post ("D.C.'s Search for the Next Steve Jobs & Other Artistic Pursuits") and in this piece by the Urban Times in LondonCalendar Here's wishing you a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to check the PechaKucha calendar to find out what PechaKucha Night you can attend over the next few days (hint: we're in Cleveland, Ferrol, Guatemala City, Lausanne, Manizales, and Bandung tonight, and in Springfield, MO and Helsinki tomorrow).

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More Magazine Library, a 3000-seat Venue for Koszalin, and a 'Raucous' Night in Nishinomiya

Let's take a look at what's happening in PechaKucha today. Presentations As we promised yesterday, we continue to share presentations from last Friday's special PechaKucha event at the Magazine Library exhibition. Today you can hear Antonin Gaultier talk about his new digital Tokyo fashion magazine, De Rigueur (available for Kindle), and Tokyo-based designer Ian Lynam shares some of the magazine titles that have had a big impact on him. Posters Two new posters today on our Tumblr blog, starting with the one (above) for the upcoming PKN Koszalin Vol. 9 (on May 25). You see a piece of the amazing venue where it will be held in it, and below, a better look. You'll also find the beautifully illustrated poster for PKN Barcelona Vol. 16. It's the Koszalin Amphitheatre, and it can hold 3000 spectators -- that's PKN Tel Aviv territory! Events We of course have a few new galleries of event photos to point out, and the photo above is an oldie but goodie, from PKN Beirut Vol. 8 (the most recent event in that city was last week's Vol. 14).PKN Ferrol Vol. 7 -- you'll also find a video of the entire evening A special event in the town of Skorping, organized by PKN Aalborg's Annette Scheibel (photos by Mathies Brinkmann) [Flickr]PKN Manizales Vol. 2 [Flickr]Here we have a report from PKN Nishinomiya organizer Brent Jones on the city's recent PKN Vol. 12:Friday, April 13 (that's right . . . Friday the 13th) was another raucous night of creativity and fun at CUBE in Nishinomiya. We continue to attract an eclectic mix of presenters, and this beautiful Spring night was no exception. We started the evening by showing Mark Dytham’s PechaKucha Global Events presentation from the PKN website. We explained to the audience that we are locked into our set events (because our venue is a school), but that we try to promote these events as much as we can. Our first live presenter was Teruko Ashida, who introduced her organic fruit farm in Amagasaki and the events she holds there. Peter Sterlacci followed up with a lively introduction to Personal Branding. Shuji Narita came next with a humorous look at common English mistakes made by Japanese, and he was followed by Carmen Tamas and Shawn White swapping musings about the charms of Japan and Romania. Our Beer Break was followed by a PKN formatted workshop on Old School Hip Hop by Warren Decker. Natsuko Shiraishi then introduced her work with groups of indigenous Mangyan on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. The audience was then treated to the trials and tribulations of learning how to scull by Richard Miller, and Wes Lang rounded out the night with a poetic look at Unkai, or the sea of clouds that can be viewed from various summits in Japan. We again enlisted the help of several students in introducing the presenters and keeping the evening full of unexpected twists and turns, and are already looking forward to PKN Nishinomiya Volume 13 on July 6th.Calendar As we mentioned yesterday, tonight (May 15) you can look forward to PKN Helsingborg Vol. 8, and then tomorrow night (May 16) Wagga Wagga will be hosting its PKN Vol. 6.

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Toilets of the Future, Now

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Toilets of the Future, Now" from PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 17, Kobe University professor Matthew Rook goes into detail on one of Japan's greatest technical advancements: the washlet toilet. Matthew surveys the history of the toilet in Japan, and discusses the process of its development.

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Top 5 Presentations in August

September has begun *cues up Earth, Wind & Fire* which means the beginning of the end of summer *cues up the theme to JAWS*, and a great set of presentations from the month of August! *back to Earth, Wind & Fire* 1. "The Fear of Sharks"  2. "Books in the Age of the iPad"  3. "Toilets of the Future, Now"  4. "Creating Legends" 5. "Old into New" 

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City Focus: Nishinomiya

Our "City Focus" this week goes to the Japanese city of Nishinomiya, with its PechaKucha Night Vol. 19 happening on December 20 -- just one more until the oh-so-special Vol. 20! You'll find more details as well as the full list of presenters on the official event page.

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City Focus: Nishinomiya

For our "City Focus" this week, we head to Nishinomiya, Japan, a city that celebrates its 20th PechaKucha Night on April 18. For more details on the event, as well as a look at the full list of presenters, please visit the official event page.

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City Focus: Nishinomiya

This week we put the "City Focus" on Nishinomiya for a second time, this time to highlight the city's growing presentation archive. The latest presentations are from last month's Vol. 24.