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Springfield, MO @ ideaXfactory
Sep 20, 2013


Albany, NY @ CAC Woodside
Jul 22, 2014


Bermuda @ Blue Water Anglers Club
Aug 24, 2017

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The Soul of the Nurse

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 12, 2015

The nurse is central to healthcare and has always been the most prominent figure in times of vulnerability throughout the life cycle. Elizabeth Ann Robinson, as mythologist and nurse, attempts to recover the complexity and wholeness of the nurse by tracing her origins as far back as Neolithic times. Ancient mythology, folklore, literature, art, and popular culture are explored to reveal the multifaceted characteristics of the nurse and specific images are expanded to deepen the understanding of the nurse archetype. The nurse image holds longing, ambivalence, fear, desire, and vulnerability. Mythology, metaphor, and symbol help to recover the soul of the nurse, revealing new insights, forgotten memories, and devalued capacities. Idealizing or demonizing the nurse is an attempt to break free of her power. The nurse is often portrayed as dangerous and mysterious because she is so close to the archetypal energies of death and eros. The nurse’s body cares for the bodies of others.
Nurses are drawn to work that is messy, peculiar, and unpredictable, thus the work of the nurse is soul work. The soul longs for complexity. The nurse craves intensity, merging, and collaboration. Like Baubo, she affirms life while maintaining an understanding of the brutal frankness and wonder of the life cycle. Her true body consciousness is Dionysian. Over time the image of the nurse has been split into one-dimensional disguises ranging from the angelic heroine to the sex object. Without moralizing or dividing the good from the bad, Elizabeth investigates the dynamic energy of the nurse archetype and uncovers some of what has been lost through splits, repressions, and distortions. Her research reveals why the nurse captivates culture and maintains the status as the most trusted professional in society, questioning what it would take to re-member her comprehensive wholeness.

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Hero's Journey; Practice what you Preach

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 09, 2016

Life was going great for Evelijn Forrest, having completed the Hero's Journey and helping others complete theirs, Evelijn was preaching pure positivity. But this was all thrown on hold after injuring the nerve in her cervix, suddenly Evelijn had to put into place everything she had learnt.

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The Evolution of a Mythological Creature

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 19, 2016

Tanaka Ngwara discusses the evolution of mystical creatures.

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Site-Based Performance: Development of a Process

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

“We devised a few rules: Start with the architecture. Consider its history. Draw from its mythology.”

In "Site-Based Performance: Development of a Process" from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 17, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Torn Space Theatre in Buffalo, NY, Dan Shanahan, reveals Torn Space's process of developing site-based performance. Drawing from over 10 years of experience and eight original pieces for non-traditional performance venues, Shanahan addresses the influences, aesthetics, and rules for Torn Space's site-based performances.

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My Double Life


Artist Jaye Ho explores a variety of themes including urban mythology, paradoxes and military structures, through her sculptures, installations and paintings. She will also talk about her ‘double life’ as a twin.

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Myths of America Directed by John Ford

@ VOL 7 ON MAY 20, 2016

John Ford is one of America's great film makers. Jay Elvove and Linda Keenan talk discuss Fordian mythology. John Ford defined American myths through his cinematic narratives and Jay and Linda will open your eyes to a great American artist.

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Mnemosyne & Sleep Temples of Ancient Greece


Writer and host of The Explorers Club - a small lecture salon in St. Leonards on Sea, Sarah Janes talks about her interests in dreaming, the occult and spiritual sciences. An intelligent and humorous look at Mnemosyne - the personification of memory in Greek mythology, and her influence.

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Return of The Gods - reinventing Filipino legends and myths

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 29, 2018

Reinventing Filipino mythology for the next generation through Comics.

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Encounters with the Goddess

@ VOL 5 ON AUG 16, 2018

Katie Hoffner is the niece of the late Lydia Ruyle, a world-renowned artist, scholar and author of the Divine Feminine. Katie and Lydia shared many a global adventure searching for the goddess story. Lydia created over 300 banners of Goddess icons from around the world. Since her passing, Katie continues to travel with the banners to sacred sites and tell their stories whenever she has the chance. This is a chance to meet and greet the Divine Feminine through a visual HERstory of Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess banners from around the world.

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The Hyperstitional Object

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

'Hyperstition is a neologism that combines the words 'hyper' (over normal) and superstition (irrational belief) to describe the action of successful ideas in the arena of culture'.

Grant Cieciura calls for xenofuturists to unite and consider how technology, inhumanism and the agency of noise might re-open the possibilities of a divergent now.

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Site-Based Performance: Development of a Process

“We devised a few rules: Start with the architecture. Consider its history. Draw from its mythology.” In "Site-Based Performance: Development of a Process" fromPechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 17, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Torn Space Theatre in Buffalo, NY, Dan Shanahan, reveals Torn Space's process of developing site-based performance. Drawing from over 10 years of experience and eight original pieces for non-traditional performance venues, Shanahan addresses the influences, aesthetics, and rules for Torn Space's site-based performances.

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PechaKucha Bermuda Volume 20

The 20th edition of PechaKucha Night Bermuda is scheduled for this Thursday, August 24th, with food available and doors opening at 7:00 PM, and presentations beginning at 8:00 PM outdoors on the dock at Blue Water Anglers Club on East Broadway in Hamilton. An eclectic line up of eight presenters have been organised to present a broad spectrum of unique topics. The format of PechaKucha is called “20×20” where 20 images are projected on a screen, each for 20 seconds, while a presenter talks along with the images.   The presentation is automated, so slides transition regardless of the presenter completing the slide or not. The format ensures that presentations are concise and people often describes them as TED talks on speed.   Presenters will include James Cooper, with "Bananas in Art," a shortened version of a show that he presented at the National Gallery of Jamaica. It's 'about' bananas, but also about the grey area between online art and art shown in real physical space. He intends to discuss the importance of art and artists exploring the irrational and the illogical in our reasoned corporate age.    For the first time, 14 year old Yassine Chentouf will present at PechaKucha on Thursday. He will discuss the ancient mythologies of Greek and Egyptian culture and their lasting effect on our Modern World.   Sara Westhead, a blogger, librarian, teacher, mother and a woman of many trades and experience, will be sharing her experience dealing with High Functioning Autism and what she has learned from it.     Cushi Ming will present what he has learned from his relationships, while Christian Chin-Gurret will speak about Reality vs Expectations of University,  and Nikki Fagan will present on "The Mother of Invention."   Christopher Faria will highlight his experience with the Grow Biointensive method of farming and gardening in Bermuda, and Crystal Clay will talk about building strength based communities.   PechaKucha Night Bermuda in Bermuda was started in 2012 by Nicky Gurret and Aideen Ratteray Pryse, and is now organised by volunteers Alba Fernandez, Kimberley Moore, Tiffany Paynter, Najib Chentouf, Stratton Hatfield and Hannah Collins.   PechaKucha Nights involve a variety of people presenting their out-of-the-box creative ideas on any topic of their choice for everyone to enjoy, think about, laugh at and, maybe, be inspired by. The event is free and open to the public while donations are accepted to give back to the hosting club and buy drinks for the presenters. There will be food for sale in addition to drinks from the bar. Attendees are asked to bring their own reusable cups to help reduce plastic waste.   Come one, come all, and be inspired by people thinking and doing different things in Bermuda. PechaKucha is hosted four times a year, every three months and if you are interested in presenting at the next event, please contact Alba Fernandez at     Topics and presenters for the 20th Edition are:   Christopher Faria - Grow Biointensive Bermuda Yassine Chentouf - Mythology and its Impact on our Modern World Christian Chin-Gurret - Reality vs Expectations of University Sara Westhead - What I've Learned About High Functioning Autism Nikki Fagan - The Mother of Invention Cushi Ming - Eighteen Meditations Crystal Clay - Building Strength Based Communities James Cooper - Bananas in Art   For more information visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @PechaKuchaBDA    

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City Focus: Kirishima

This week’s City Focus tunes in on the ravishing hot spring city of Kirishima. Japanese Mythology holds that the god Ninigi no Motoko descended from the heavens here to establish the Emporer's Lineage. Kirishima is also home to the Uenohara Jomon Archaeological site, one of the oldest dwelling sites in Japan. Perhaps this is where the legendary stories of Japan began. PechaKucha Night Kirishima Vol.8 will be hosted March 8th. Have a great night out there, and don’t forget to enjoy the hot springs afterwards!