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On Listening

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 31, 2015

What does it mean to listen -- physically, emotionally, spiritually? How does sound enrich our lives or distract us from it?

Multi-percussionist, composer and educator River Guerguerian took the audience at PechaKucha Night Asheville: "The Art of Science" on a sonic journey toward greater awareness of the significance of sound in our lives and of the power of listening.


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Sacramento @ Level Up Lounge - Outdoor Plaza
Nov 06, 2008


Nov 23, 2010


Bratislava @ Majestic Music Club / YMCA house
May 27, 2011


Hamilton @ The Atrium
Aug 17, 2011


Sacramento @ The Fuller Building
Dec 10, 2011


Tulsa @ Living ArtSpace
Oct 05, 2012


Austin @ Delta Lumber & Millworks
Nov 07, 2012


Hamilton @ The Atrium
Aug 14, 2013


Austin @ 800 Congress Ave
Oct 26, 2016


Durban @ DUT City Campus
Nov 10, 2017

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The Pictures in the Hall

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 26, 2011

"He was introducing the Ziggy Stardust persona. It was obvious to everybody that it was going to be absolutely massive. I remember being aware that I was witnessing something special, the emergence of a star."

In The Pictures in the Hallway, from PechaKucha Night Derby Vol. 3, Doug Smith shares an absolutely amazing PechaKucha about photos taken in London 40 years ago, of rock legends of a phenomenal era of music. Photos of Bowie, Eno, Dury, and others now gracing his hallway in Derby, an ultimately cool testament of Smith's love for music. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on November 2nd, 2013 and again on January 14th, 2015 following the passing of David Bowie.

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Inspirational Coincidences

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 16, 2014

Rachel Mason talks, sings, and strums about the place where art and life, or fiction and reality meet... While doing research for a musical performance and rock opera to get inside the mind of a child killer from the 1930's, she made contact with a man who killed and dismembered a boy in Borough Park. The experience profoundly effected her, and inspired her to write an opera incidentally about a coincidence - two men with the same name Hamilton Fish, died a day apart and their deaths were announced on a single front page. One man was a child-killing sadist, the other a politician from a distinguished political family.

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Heavy Metal Crossing Borders

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2015

Marwan Al-Samara'e, who grew up in war-torn Iraq, has survived death threats - all in the name of heavy metal! Featured in a documentary called Heavy Metal in Baghdad, his band Acrassicauda was forced to leave Iraq and became refugees. He now believes dreams can come true (even if that isn't very metal) and lives in New York - preaching the power of music to cross borders.  


"Presentation of the Day" on June 2, 2015.

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Architecture and Seeing People Part 3

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

長谷川匠さんが昨年パリで出会った数々の世界的著名人。 建築家、ファッションデザイナー、ミュージシャン、フォトグラファーなど、彼らとのセルフィーで綴る飽くなきシリーズ第三弾。 思わず笑ってしまう中にも、クリエイターとして必要な「攻め」とは何か、に気づくことができるかもしれません。

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The Architecture of Sound

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Stereotank, founded by Venezuelan NY-based architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, is dedicated to exploring the common territories between space and sound through the design and construction of sound instruments, urban artifacts, and public installations. At PK Night Brooklyn Volume 6, they share some of their sound recordings from installations around the world!

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The Power of Radio

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos Chirinos’ work explores innovation and creativity in emerging global music industries, looking at the role of music in public health, international development and social change. He has been a key consultant for radio and music projects in Europe, Africa and Japan - and most recently worked to develop Africa Stop Ebola, a global music campaign to raise awareness about Ebola in West Africa that was featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and CNN, for which he received an award from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Defense, and USAID.

Currently, Professor Chirinos collaborates with the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, curating music performances to engage the Latin community living in New York City. He is also involved in projects in the UK, Tanzania, Cuba and other countries, looking at the role of music industries in economic development, tourism and social entrepreneurship. He also runs New York University's Music and Social Change Lab

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Joropo Tuero, de lo tradicional a lo urbano

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

El cuatrista Edward Ramirez y el cantante Rafael Pino, ambos músicos venezolanos, nos cuentan sobre su proyecto El Tuyero Ilustrado. Con este proyecto buscan unificar lo tradicional del joropo venezolano con lo urbano y actual. 

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My Life in Music

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 09, 2017

Daniel Grabois has been a professional horn player since 1989. What is that all about?

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I know a Woman: The inspiring connections between the women who have shaped our world

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 08, 2018

Journalist and author Kate Hodges maps the associations between Patti Smith, Mae Jemison, Leonora Carrington, and many more amazing women in her beautiful new book.

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I'm Not A 15yr Old Boy

@ VOL 12 ON MAR 11, 2019

Marie White shares her experiences as a young musician, and teacher and mentor with The Eggtooth Project. Don't be confused by her appearance, she is not a 15yr old boy! Marie's talent, sense of humour and fearlessness have taken her from gung-ho wedding singer to major record label deal.

“I’m now proud to say, people are singing my lyrics back to me”

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PKN Lausanne Vol. 8

Here are a few photos from PechaKucha Night in Lausanne Vol. 8 -- you'll find all the presenters listed with links on the official event page -- which organizer Cyril Veillon describes thusly: "Our PechaKucha #8 in Lausanne was on the topic of the schizophrenia. Great subject in fact. We had a powerful presentation by a rap musician who was schizophrenic. Very intense. And 2 doctors, 1 TV presenter, 2 architects, 1 dancer." Please note that that PKN Lausanne Vol. 9 is happening tomorrow night (May 11) at Bellerive-Plage -- all presenters are listed on the event page.

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Photos by A Guy Called Gerald

The nomadic life of a musician is one of countless stories. The legendary English musician/DJ/producer presenting in this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Berlin) is none other than A Guy Called Gerald. He discusses 20 photographs that are particularly inspiring or reminiscent for him; these include hypnoitising images of fire, shots of sunrises and sunsets from all over the world, analogue sound machines, times of strife and times of dreams, as well as an old photo from the 1960s of his mother. Hear him tell a new story with each photo introduced -- in a stream of consciousness fashion. 

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Morgan's Organ - 100 and Out!

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 100), we look at "Morgan's Organ," a series of monthly solo keyboard improvisation concerts by British artist/musician Morgan Fisher, featuring his collection of rare and vintage instruments, his light paintings, and his collection of avant-garde and unusual videos. The series started at SuperDeluxe at the same time as PechaKucha Night and will reach #100 (and end) almost ten years later, on March 28, 2013.

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Music Moves Me

"It was me, those sweet six strings, and the memory of my father — music healed me." Musician Breanne Tepler shares her passion for making music — something she rediscovered while in a distressing state. In “Music Moves Me” from PKN Duluth Vol. 1, hear how she overcame tragedy twice, and how music has been her one constant strength.

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#Pechakuchagt Vol. 5 #CampusTec

Our event today: Our stroy and photos: Our stats:  we had 100,000 impressions and we reached over 3600 persons via our straming and social networks! Our presenters:

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Passionate on Thursday 25th

An evening of quickfire talks on passions.  A host of presenters will talk about things close to their hearts.  From design to breaking world records! Our 'Passionate' line up includes: Will Hudson, founder of design blog It's Nice That Holly Budge, a world record-holding adventurer + sustainable jewellery designer Beth Radish, from creative hub Artpothecary Philippa Stanton, contemporary synaesthetic artist and Instagram star Tora Colwill, Undertaker and Founder of The Modern Funeral Chris T-T, musician, radio-DJ and Creative Director of Lo-fi Arts Nina Emett, Director of FotoDocument JJ Waller, Photographer Let's PechaKucha Brighton!   

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Hardcore: Japan's Extreme Underground

“Japan is not just about video games, anime, sushi..but it is incredibly diverse, progressive and colourful.” In "Hardcore: Japan's Extreme Underground" from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol.139, Matt Ketchum speaks about his enthusiasm towards Japan's extreme underground life as a musician. Japan's well known for its robots, anime, sushi, and ninja, but that's nowhere near the whole of Japan's cultural identity. Unseen, unheard, and damn near unsearchable but nevertheless teeming with energy, there is a completely separate dimension of Japan's creative communities: the extreme music underground.

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PechaKucha People: Daryl Mitchell

This week's PechaKucha Person is an Okinawan hometown hero Daryl Mitchell! Not only is he a local musician, events producer, creative director of Cotonoha - the alternative space for performing and visual artists, he's also our All-Star PechaKucha City Organizer in the city of Ginowan!

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Why I Photograph Musicians

"When you're a photographer, you have this tremendous responsibility, to show this person the best way you can, in a way that's authentic."In Why I Photograph Musicians, from PechaKucha Night Coventry Vol. 27, Rob Bridge explains why he spend hours, days, weeks and years traipsing from one end of the United Kingdom to the other to photograph musicians that you’ve probably never heard of…


Anna van Riel - speaker

The seventh speaker we would like to announce is Anna Maria van Riel ( Anna is a musician. Lets learn more about Anna's journey on ways to tour your art when you don't fit in the average box.Make sure to get your tickets to hear Anna and all our other speakers before they're all gone!