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Apr 19, 2012


Maastricht @ Royal Theaters Heerlen
Feb 20, 2013


Oakland @ New Parkway Theatre
Oct 10, 2013


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Aug 14, 2015


Del Mar @ Fair Trade Décor
Oct 10, 2015


Bryan @ Grand Stafford Theater
Jun 07, 2016


Chico @ Museum of Northern California Art
Sep 01, 2017


Kosice @ Kino Usmev
Nov 21, 2015


Dundee @ Dundee Rep Theatre
Feb 25, 2019

24 OCT


Nashville @ Frist Art Museum

Thumb miyazaki.225

Painting Young Minds

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Painter Kensuke Miyazaki has been creating "peaceful, colorful" large and small scale work for nearly a decade now. He speaks of his live-painting, installations, and exhibits in Singapore and London, but focuses on his most recent travels to Kenya. Hear how he is working to inspire the youth of Nairobi through the power of art and imagination. 

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Mele Murals

@ VOL 24 ON AUG 14, 2015

Estria Miyashiro is an internationally recognized muralist and the co-founder and Creative Director of The Estria Foundation (TEF), a nonprofit organization using art in public to transform communities and bring attention to important local issues. TEF creates innovative public art projects and education programs using art in public as a catalyst for community engagement.

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Murals with POW! Murals that WOW!

@ VOL 129 ON OCT 28, 2015

For a muralist, a great white wall is but an opportunity, and this is no different for designer/artistic director Kamea Hadar. Get psyched to hear Kamea Hadar who came to PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 129, all in all the way from Hawaii to speak on his role as co-lead director of Pow! Wow! — a global artists gathering set in cities all over the world.

壁画家にとって真っ白な大きな壁は、創作意欲をかきたてられる絶好のキャンバスです。デザイナーで美術監督のKamea Hadarさんにとってももちろん同じ。壁を前にすると、体が勝手に動いて描き切ってしまいます。ハワイを拠点に行われているコンテンポラリーアートのソーシャルイベント・Pow! Wow!の創立者のひとりであるKamea Hadarさんが、 Pow! Wow!でのご自身の活動や役割について披露されています。グローバルなアーティストがこぞって参加するPow! Wow!は世界各地で勢力的に展開中で、日本でも開催されました。

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Experiment, Share, Create

@ VOL 2 ON APR 01, 2016

Daphne Siaw enjoys experimenting with different tools to create different styled art pieces. Through the simple joy of creating and trying new media, she was able to create more refined and larger-scaled pieces, turning a childhood hobby into an unexpected career.

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Nashville Wall Project

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 23, 2016

Brian Greif gives us a closer look at the art and artist of the Downtown Nashville murals

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A Voyage of Influences

@ VOL 40 ON NOV 29, 2016

Creating public murals and illustrations Molly Z's passions.  She takes us on a voyage of her influences at PechaKucha Night Chicago Volume 40.

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Try A Little Tenderness

@ VOL 26 ON APR 12, 2018

The “Try A Little Tenderness” mural is an homage to Otis Redding, designed by Cyla Costa and Jackson Alves, produced and documented by Henrique Nardi on 1146 Willy Street in 2016. Cyla and Jackson are members of Criatipos, an art and design collective from Curitiba, south of Brazil. Last December marked the 50th anniversary of Otis Redding’s fatal plane crash into Lake Monona. The mural aims to reconnect the city with Otis in an uplifting way while honoring his musical legacy. Funded by The Madison Arts Commission.

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Biking into St. Pete

@ VOL 19 ON MAY 25, 2018

The street mural scene in St. Pete, FL has exploded. A new cottage industry that has sprouted from that explosion is bike tours to (attempt to) see them all. There are a lot. Tyler Weiss' presentation mixes in a little quirky bike history, some biking culture, and lots and lots of street art.

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Embelleciendo mi Ciudad

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 31, 2018

Presenta: Tete Manriquez, Activa ambiuentalista a traves de la promocion y creacion de murales y esculturas en espacios urbanos de la ciudad de Ensenada, Baja California, Meéxico

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20 images (almost) 20 years

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

Chronicling 20 highlights and a vast amount of learning from a 19-year career, Deborah Bowness reflects on influences and inspirations. For ‘Paper Trail’ Deborah takes her hand printed, hand painted, trompe l’oeil wallpapers onto the streets to create staged sets, still lives, unexpected encounters and 'a game for the soul', infusing towns and cities with poetry and wonder.

Large wide budapest 16 presentation

Eszter Pasztor

As a follow-up to our previous post on Budapest's recent and upcoming PKNs, organizer Attila Bujdoso sends us the following on one of the stand-out presentations from that city's Vol. 16. It featured Eszter Pasztor talking about her "Bodvalenke - Fresco Village" project. This very special project focuses on one of Hungary's most deprived ghetto villages. Bódvalenke is a remote, small village in North-Eastern Hungary. The village -- which has high unemployment rate and is harmed by social segregation -- is inhabited by many gypsies. Led by a Miskolc painter, János Horváth, gypsy painters will decorate the walls of the houses of the village with murals. The murals will present the life, legends, dreams, sorrows and desires of the Gypsy. In the first phase they have already painted the walls of some 15-17 houses. Thus they create a communal art work and wish to open up this tiny remote village for tourists. Tourism and attention would hopefully help turn this village and could bring work opportunities and a better life circumstances to the villagers. You can see a few photos of Pasztor presenting here, and also learn more at this website for the project in question.

Large wide projectionmapping

Projecting Illuminated Art

It looks as though the Blade Runner methods of projection have come early. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Projecting Illuminated Art" from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 2, Cindi Drennan shows off some of her stunning work utilizing projection mapping technology to transform theaters, galleries, and even iconic buildings into giant, moving murals. She also goes into depth on the community of artists and businesses that she's worked to build over the course of her career.

Large wide full 9

Mata is Meta-Data: Mapping the Anthropolithic Age

"Its an ancient god, being awakened, being uploaded, being digitized...along with all the other worldly mythologies." In Mata is Meta-Data: Mapping the Anthropolithic Age from Honolulu Vol. 23 artist Solomon Enos, known for his "Epic Tales of Hi`iakaikapoliopele" interpreted as large scale murals and installations, passionately shares his most recent project, “Polyfantastica”, where evil corporations are personified as grotesque monsters in tales of battles of good over evil. The work is a continuation of his life-long project called “Mata” in which he hopes may unify all the global mythologies and theologies into the final human narrative, hosted as an international public game for children. This is some next level imagination! 

Large wide full nick 20west.015

Mural Mania

"One of the great things about murals is they fill your whole field of vision." In Mural Mania from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 129, Art writer Nick West takes us on a tour of large-scale public artworks around Tokyo - from a gigantic painting by Okamoto Taro in Shiibuya station to shop shutter murals in Shimokitazawa and everything in between.

Large wide full 18 daas pk

Taking Art to the Street

"Street art doesn't have to be graffiti and vandalism."In "Taking Art to the Street" from PechaKucha Nishinomiya Vol. 28, International Artist Daas shares the creative mojo that he pours into his vibrant and iconic works. Pulling inspiration from origami, his unique style takes on fresh, fun, and bold illustrative works, from powerful animals to people portraits, from street art murals to collaborative works with children and the public at large.

Large wide full przemek 20sobocki.020

10 Years Drawing

“I play a lot with different murals and different perspectives...everything is done with markers.” In 10 Years Drawing from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 138, Przemek Sobocki shares some of the amazing work that he's done with a marker. 10 years ago, Sobocki arrived to Tokyo as an Illustrator at the beginning of his career. And during this past decade he has grown up a little bit, his work has evolved becoming more complex yet more plain, sometimes more colourful, sometimes more sharp and graphical, elegant yet still with a pinch of mystery.

Large wide full lindsaychan02

Watch this space: christchurch street art

"The city landscape is constantly changing... it's impossible for one person to do it alone." In Watch this Space: Christchurch Street Art at PechaKucha Night Vol. 29, Lindsay Chan shares her discovery of numerous murals popping up around the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. In response to the recent natural disaster, many local artists have taken to the streets to create a lively atmosphere through adversity and art. Lindsay hopes that the creation of an app will bring her community together one mural at a time.  For more details, visit:  

Large wide full przemek 20sobocki.006

10 Years Drawing

  “I play a lot with different murals and different perspectives...everything is done with markers.” In 10 Years Drawing from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 138, Przemek Sobocki shares some of the amazing work that he's done with markers. 10 years ago, Sobocki arrived in Tokyo as an illustrator and during the past decade, his work has evolved, becoming more complex yet elegant.