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High Mountains: Reflections on the Power of Place

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

In Lesya Nikolayeva's presentation, she would like to share her personal attitude toward the mountains and all the feelings she deals with when she's there. Apart from the ambition to reach the top – and all the dangerous situations that implies – Lesya finds that she faces a wide spectrum of emotions, from the dullness of basic routine to the deeply philosophical and exhilarating. Indeed, most of her thoughts on the mountains are philosophical.

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Back to My True Nature

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 09, 2019

How I overcame my fear of heights by pushing past my comfort zone in the mountains and, in the process, watched my self-made limits disappear. In addition, lessons nature taught me living out of a tent as a woman in remote parts of the world. 

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Tales of Change - Accounts of a changing climate in the Alps

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 09, 2019

Florian is a sustainability professional and outdoors enthusiast. A political scientist by training, he has worked in international affairs and corporate sustainability consulting since 2008. In 2018 he started, an outdoors sports and climate storytelling project.


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Xandro Lombardi
Graphic Designer, in Blue Mountains
Xandro Lombardi
Art Director, Digital Design Factory in Blue Mountains, NSW
Mim Lombardi
Hospitality, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Blue Mountains


Blue Mountains
May 03, 2012


Blue Mountains
Jul 12, 2012


Blue Mountains
Sep 20, 2012


Blue Mountains
Nov 15, 2012


Blue Mountains
Feb 21, 2013


Blue Mountains
Sep 20, 2013


Blue Mountains
Dec 06, 2013


Blue Mountains
Feb 28, 2014


Blue Mountains @ The Carrington
Feb 06, 2015


Blue Mountains @ Katoomba Brewing Company
Dec 10, 2016

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The Noodle Igloo

@ VOL 68 ON JAN 27, 2010

With Mt. Fuji as a dramatic back drop, Takeshi Hosaka's Hoto Fudo (a Japanese noodle restaurant), creates a striking roadside icon. Photography by Koji Fujii/Nacasa & Partners. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

"Presentation of the Day" on September 18, 2013.

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Summit 2 Sea: The Expedition

@ VOL 4 ON AUG 27, 2015

"On this southern side [of the mountain ridge] it drops down about 7000ft (2,133m) almost dead vertical into the abyss."

In "Summit 2 Sea: The Expedition" from PechaKucha Accident Vol. 4Jesse Shimrock shares his harrowing month long experience of being on the first expedition to summit North America's highest mountain, Alaska's Denali at 20,320ft (6,914m) and then descend all the way to sea level ending on a rafting expedition from river to ocean. His adventures in the wilderness inspire us to push our limitations and serve a testament of the audacity and fortitude of the human condition.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, November 5th, 2015.

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Podjizerský magazín

@ VOL 1 ON DEC 04, 2015

Jizerské Ticho - Petr Vondřich.
Blog o městech v Jizerských horách, kde chcípnul pes. Ale hlavně o lidech, kteří nepřestali věřit, že dokonce i tam je pod dlažbou pláž.

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Back to Baldy!

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 08, 2016

Baldy Mountain Resort, located just over an hour south of Penticton has been closed for years. A beautiful location, historically gorgeous snow and a vibrant mountain community once supported a tiny locally run resort. Joey O’Brien leverages his presentation to chart the difficult and adventurous journey from forgotten to revived, and how Baldy is proactively laying the foundation for a thriving community for years to come, including why they’ve offered $19 annual passes. 

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Proyecto Cumbre

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 21, 2016

El montañista venezolano, Marcus Tobía, nos cuenta sobre los dos proyectos que lleva a cabo; Proyecto CumbreNiños en la Cumbre. En ambos proyectos se dedica a llevar a niños de diferentes comunidades, hasta indígenas, a escalar montañas como el Everest. 

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Japan and the Temporal Craftsmen

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Nicholas Coffee takes us through history of temporal craftsmen with examples of temples and shrines across Japan. His study was made possible by the Georgia Trust Foundation.

Nicholas is a LEED AP Architectural Designer at FXFOWLE working on a range of projects in NYC from urban design to interior design. Previously he worked at Bjarke Ingels Group on a variety of projects including the Hot to Cold exhibition and publication. He holds a Masters of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder (his hometown.)

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Honey of a Thousand Flowers

@ VOL 24 ON MAR 30, 2018

Sarah is a destination wedding florist that creates flower arrangements inspired by the texture and changing of seasons in nature. Her flowers evoke the feeling of freshly gathered garden flowers, with all their natural variations and inconsistencies.  

She has traveled all over the world creating flowers for couples in many different environments. Her philosophy is that flowers should feel natural in the environment that they are going to be viewed in. S

he goes to great lengths to source the perfect flowers to complete a desired look, but also finds many of her materials in the immediate area that the event will be held. The final product truly is an extension of it’s surroundings, her interpretation of nature. She finds joy in collaborating with a couple to create flowers unique for their event; taking inspiration from them, the season, and the surroundings. Each arrangement is more than just a centerpiece or a bouquet, it has layers of beauty that are meant to be experienced, not just seen. Sarah works internationally , but resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she calls the base of the Rocky Mountains home.


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Una vida en Ascenso

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 22, 2018

La venezolana, Frida Ayala, nos cuenta la historia de cómo entró en el mundo del montañismo, y cómo ha logrado crear un espacio donde los venezolanos que practican deportes de aventura pueden compartir su pasión, hablar de lo que más les gustaba y concetar con gente, en el Festival ASCENSO.

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Fascinated by Snow Mountains

@ VOL 159 ON SEP 26, 2018

One snow mountain photo provided enough reason for Risa (@risacollage) to start hiking. She’ll present the true beauty of hiking and the appeal of snow mountains by impressing us with some amazing photos!



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The Gardens of Blue Mountains and the Evolution of a Designer

Keris Macarthur is a writer and gardener. In this presentation (from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 1), she talks about her love of Blue Mountains gardens, including her own, and how she sees gardening as a creative outlet. For Keris, you can find pure happiness in piles of soil, with all of its untapped possibilities. Quentin Thiaucourt is a designer, and in this presentation (in French, from PKN Bordeaux Vol. 4) he takes us on a tour of the works that have marked his career so far, starting with work he produced as a young boy!

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Up on the Mountains

John All climbs from valleys to peaks in the Peruvian Andes mountains to gather data on the environmental effects of fire, grazing, and erosion. In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA Vol. 1), John talks about the samples he took while climbing, the relationship between his expeditions and his scientific research, and the deterioration of the peaks due to global climate change.

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Projecting Illuminated Art

It looks as though the Blade Runner methods of projection have come early. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Projecting Illuminated Art" from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 2, Cindi Drennan shows off some of her stunning work utilizing projection mapping technology to transform theaters, galleries, and even iconic buildings into giant, moving murals. She also goes into depth on the community of artists and businesses that she's worked to build over the course of her career.

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Mountains of Support for Nepal

"The media has long since moved on from Nepal...but if I can get one thing across to everyone here today it would be that if do want to do something, you haven't missed the boat."In Mountains of Support for Nepal from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 127, International Disaster Relief Coordinator for NGO PeaceBoat, Robin Lewis, shares his passion of being a humanitarian aid worker, hoping to raise awareness through his experiences working in areas hit by disasters, most recently Nepal. Here is discusses the situation on the ground in Kathmandu and in the outlying rural areas, highlighting the various response initiatives he and his team have conducted, and the challenges still faced by the Nepalese people living there. To learn more about Peace Boat's efforts in Nepal, and to get involved yourself, visit their website.This presentation will be added to our PechaKucha Inspire Nepal Channel. Have a look and be inspired to share your story of Nepal!

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City Focus: Blue Mountains

As the Northern Hemisphere heads into Autumn, we take this week's city focus down under to the Blue Mountains of Australia whose latest PechaKucha Night presentations come to welcome spring. Held at the historic Carrington Hotel, a host of delightful presenters shared a night of fun and imagination the PechaKucha way.  

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Introduction of Gabriel Mazur

Hey Wanaka folks! Hope you had an adventurous weekend. Today we introduce a speaker Gabriel Mazur. He is an International Mountain Guide and he is going to talk about topic "Home is where my ... is." It is going to be very interesting to hear stories of traveling to the mountains and what the word HOME means to him.

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City Focus: Blue Mountains

In this week's City Focus, Blue Mountains is celebrating their 20th volume at PechaKucha Night Blue Mountains Vol. 20! With their mesmerizing scenery and picturesque location at the ever-charming Carrington Hotel, the wonderful folks of Blue Mountains are awaiting your presence at PechaKucha Night Blue Mountains Vol. 20!

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Cascade Artist Studio

"The work in the studio is very varied and I think that reflects the different artists." In Cascade Artist Studio from PechaKucha Night Blue Mountain Vol. 9, Artist Jacqueline Spedding introduces the warehouse she and a friend recently transformed into a working studio space in 2012. Cascade Studio in Blue Mountains hosts a range of talented artists- the most recent visiting artist came from South Korea. 

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Skyscanner CEO Gareth Willams will join us tomorrow night

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Invitation to Islamabad - Volume 2

This PechaKucha Islamabad Night, fasten your seat belts for an exciting ride across the mounts and vales that make Pakistan! Our speakers know that how you travel matters as much as where you travel: Guliafshan Tariq will speak of her journey across KP on a motorbike! Moin Khan decided to hop on a bike for his adventure while Ally Sher Khan is the jeep enthusiast! Wajahat Malik and Nazia Akram will take us on a journey across several regions of Pakistan through their breathtaking photography and narratives to match! Khalid Malik will scan the golden sands near Derawar Fort, Mubeen Ali & co presenter Mustafa Gauhar will take us on a walk through the palaces and forts in the same area; Faizan Ahmed will explore our better known and lesser known heritage sites. Mobeen Ansari, photographer par excellence, will focus on the diverse beauty of the land and its people. Sabeen Sadozai’s story is about how she gave back to the land through the cleanup drive at K2 Base Camp! Travel to the mountains is all about good preparation and our speaker Saad Munawar has written a book to help you do just that! Adil Riaz will take you through Pakistan's lakes and rivers with his presentation! Saad Munawar will open for us vistas of the more pristine parts of our north. We wish you a safe landing and hope you enjoy the sights and stories that we have put together for you! For details click here: