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The Little Journey of Momo

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 06, 2014

Phoebe Lo captures the eclectic adventure of a woman’s journey as a single mother, immigrant, and a community member in Markham, Ontario. Inspired by love and optimism, this presentation is intended to showcase various forms of creativity existent in the Markham community.

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Drugs & Discipline: How Artists Get it Done

@ VOL 14 ON FEB 24, 2017

Amy Arsenio has a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Information Studies. She has worked as a bookstore clerk, librarian (in five library systems!), and private investigator and is the mother of two little boys and lives in Toronto. Here she brings to us the strange and unusual habits which great artists used to drive their work.

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@ VOL 15 ON JUN 09, 2017

"There are forty-five symbols which are made... to combine four different ways of speaking into one. No matter which language you should be able to read them."

In "Loqui" from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 15, Artist and graphic designer, Raafia Jessa, talks about Loqui (pronounced Lowki), a fictitious language she created which was inspired by the phonetic qualities of language - the sounds we make when speaking aloud. 


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Thomas Tongue
Executive Director, Tech Valley Center of Gravity in Troy, NY


Jacksonville @ Sun-Ray Cinema
Nov 09, 2010


Jacksonville @ Sun-Ray Cinema
Mar 15, 2011


Jacksonville @ Sun-Ray Cinema
Jul 19, 2011


Jacksonville @ Intuition Ale Works
Nov 08, 2011


Jacksonville @ Intuition Ale Works
Jan 17, 2012


Cape Town @ The Assembly
Mar 06, 2012


Albuquerque @ ABQ UNM CityLab
Jul 19, 2013


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Nov 21, 2013


Osaka @ Knowledge Salon, GRAND FRONT OSAKA
Nov 28, 2015


Sapporo @ MEET Space
Sep 30, 2017

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Being a Mother

@ VOL 2 ON APR 23, 2013

Lacretia Dye talks about her experiences as a mother of three, and some of the questions and problems she has had to answer along the way. Between her three very different children, she has been faced with questions on everything from spirituality, to world travel. She shares some of the lessons she has learned in dealing with her children’s emotions, and gives advice on how to use these emotions to teach a child something new.

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The Mother of Wild Animals

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 02, 2013

Diane Porter takes us on an intimate tour of the nature surrounding her domicile. She has a particular fascination with birds, and goes into detail on the amazing photographs she's taken.

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The Mother Road

@ VOL 16 ON MAR 15, 2017

The actress, producer, writer, and generally entertaining Teresa Thome led us through a painful journey she took to discover another side of her mother and herself.  She followed the path her mother had to Los Angeles along Route 66 and discovered as much about herself as her mother!

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My Mother, My Camera & Me


Andres Markwart shares how rediscovering his love for photography, became a reintroducing to a mother he thought lost, and the bond they both shared in the art form. 

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Mother Ffffeminist

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 16, 2017

Kim Jorgensen Gane is a local producer and co-director of the national live storytelling show called Listen to Your Mother. Kim is a writer and a Realtor® and she recently ran for public office.

She and her husband Scott have raised a generation of girls to married adulthood, and they are now raising two high school-aged boys, one of whom is their nephew.

Mother Ffffeminist, she’s got a lot to say about motherhood, marriage, what feminism really means, and how the sexes can come together to heal the divides in our current hyper-sexualized political and social climate. You don’t have to agree, but you really should hear her answers to questions like, “why did women march on January 21st?” You might just discover that we’re really not as far apart as the “sides” want us to believe.


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The Many Roles of Being Human

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 16, 2018

Mother. Daughter. Sister. Philanthropist. Citizen of the planet earth. Human. Hilarious. Ginny Ann Blackson is a multifaceted human being.

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The Mother of All Horrors

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 15, 2019

Bird Box. Handmaid’s Tale. A Quiet Place. What do these recent hits have in common? The horror of motherhood. They are all just the next generation of a horror tale we’ve told for ages from Beowulf to Frankenstein to Aliens. Ginny Engholm shares why we can’t escape these stories and how they reveal our fears--and fascinations--with the "mother" of all horrors.

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Mother of Pizzas

@ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

Ricky Yuen, founder of Mother of Pizzas, shares the struggles he has gone through while setting up his business and introduces his ultimate method of achieving life goals.

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Cultural Identity as an Inupiaq Mother in Nome, Alaska

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2019

Marjorie Kunaq Tahbone shares her life in Nome, Alaska, that includes gathering food, being a tattoo artist, caring for the community and staying proud of cultural identity.  

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Flyer for PKN Bogota Vol. 5

This part of the flyer for the upcoming PechaKucha Night in Bogota Vol. 5 (December 1) is probably the best visual representation of what a tongue-twister "PechaKucha" can be in terms of pronouncing it (for some at least).

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Samuraidea: How to Use Identity for Collaboration

In this edtion of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo, Vol. 102) Akira Uchimura questions the importance of nationality to our individual identity. As a person born in Costa Rica to a Japanese father and a Chilean mother, Akira spent much of his youth attempting to pin-point his being, his place on this planet. To hear him go into detail on the concepts of blood and nation, give his presentation a listen.

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Sarmite Polakova

Presenting at tomorrow's PechaKucha Night Vol. 105 is Sarmite Polakova, a design student who will talk about her graduation project, "My Mother." Graduation project 'My mother' presents a different vision on imprints that fishing nets and fishing itself leaves to people who work with them on a daily basis. How to turn this cold, rough and heavy material into something that makes you want to cuddle in it? Lean in and imagine yourself in the shoes of fisherman and its creators. This is a personal story about my mother - fishing net master, imprints and a search for identity. 7月31日(水曜日)のPechaKucha Night 東京105で、デザインを学んでいらっしゃるSarmite Polakovaさんが卒業制作作品について発表して下さいます。

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PKN Sharjah in the News

The Gulf Today has a bit of coverage on the upcoming PechaKucha night in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. In ‘The Sentamentalist Series’, we will look at how layered images are used to create representation of amalgamation of the artist’s experience, while another artist will guide us through the journey that his passion for his mother tongue has taken him, from brushes and fine art to commercial design and business endeavours.   PKN Sharjah Vol. 3 will take place at the Maraya Art Centre on Saturday, September 28, and will feature 8 presenters speaking on topics ranging from graphic design to urban planning. Read the full article here.

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Skin of the Beast

Have you had one of those dreams where you’re at school wearing only your underwear? Naomie Hatherley speaks about how such mortifying dreams have inspired her work. In “Skin of the Beast” from PKN Broome Vol. 2 she tells us how she learned beauty could be hairy, and how she grew into a feminist after becoming a mother, and how she’s cultivated her artistic works.

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Mother of Hubble

“She had been studying the planets, the solar system, and the universe for quite  some time and she had decided that she… was going to recreate the pictures that hubble took. In my head i'm thinking ‘uh! my kid loves science. This is awesome… I've instilled in her the values and fortitude and the commitment to be one of those women they write about in the history books’” In the presentation Mother of Hubble from PechaKucha Night Dubuque’s 2nd Volume Speaker Erica Haugen shares how she supports and nurtures her daughters curiosity and talents within science, arts, and more through their Science Sundays.

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The Tourist, The Voyeur

“She is the mother of us, all of us, alive or dead.” In The Tourist, The Voyeur from Pechakucha Night Ellensburg’s 5th volume, presenter  Xavier Cavazos poetically introduces us, the voyeur, the tourist, to the people, the streets, the grandmothers of Havana.  In a mesmerizing rhythm, we are drawn into unknown territory.

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Poster for PKN Nantes Vol. 12

PechaKucha Night Nantes captures the tongue-twisting nature of our world famous moniker for their upcoming Vol. 12 Poster. As tricky as PechaKucha may be to pronounce, with presentations only 400 seconds long, Nantes need need not worry about getting their tongues tied. We'll blow them a kiss for good luck! (...a French kiss, of course!)

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PechaKucha Cape Town

"Cape Town is a place that attracts and gives birth to interesting people..." A resident of Cape Town for the past 10 years, Andrew Cole reveals what makes Africa's southern most city an exceptional place to work, live & visit. Consistently voted as one of the world's top travel destinations, the Mother City is also a "cauldron of creativity".

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PKN Poster Spotlight: Palma de Mallorca

PechaKucha Night Palma de Mallorca is cradling the award for this week's PechaKucha Poster Spotlight. This poster captures an absolutely beautiful piece of street art of a mother tenderly holding a baby. And just like a mother caring for her newborn child, PKN Palma de Mallocra is caring for a baby of its own as they are ready to host their very first PechaKucha event! We know that Palma de Mallocra is prepared for this brand new generation of creativity and we're so excited to see what kind of presentations will be birthed from this event! Poster Design by Joan Aguiló. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Instagram and Tumblr for more posters!