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Sep 16, 2010


Vancouver @ Vogue Theatre
Jun 23, 2011

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Desert Star
Feb 17, 2014


Fort Worth @ Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Apr 23, 2014


Bexhill-on-Sea @ De La Warr Pavilion
Mar 02, 2017


Yerevan @ TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
Apr 10, 2017

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Light is the Theme

@ AIA 2014 CONVENTION ON JUN 26, 2014

Chicago based artist Petra Bachmaier wows the audience at PechaKucha Night during the American Institute of Architects National Convention in Chicago. She shares her husband/wife collaboration Luftwerkwhich plays with projections on icons of modern architecture after the sun sets.

"Presentation of the Day" on July 10, 2014.

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Light, Structure & Space

@ AIA 2014 CONVENTION ON JUN 26, 2014

From cribs to cathedrals and sun shades to research facilities, Eric Keune AIA, architectural historian, author and Design Director of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill's Chicago office shares his vision from the perspective of student and practitioner of architecture's Modernist idiom.

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@ VOL 26 ON JUL 05, 2016

In this talk inspired by his City Arcadia micro-commission, Artist and Poet Adam Steiner considers how, as an artist, you can make an Arcadia of Coventry. He posits the theory that this might be your duty as an artist, but also perhaps as a citizen. Describing his process and project proposals, Adam offers us a way to look differently at the city.

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Newhaven: Modernism by the seaside


Artist Nick Bush has set up his studio by Newhaven’s west beach in the Old History Museum. He presents a selection of paintings inspired by the town.

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Sevan Writers Resort – a Creative and Public Space

@ VOL 23 ON APR 10, 2017

Sarhat discusses the project he’s doing currently on an extraordinary modernistic building of Sevan Writers Resort, located on Sevan peninsula.

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Space - open & closed

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 08, 2018

Artist and curator Sharon Haward sheds a light on the incredible life and work of Modernist architect Eileen Gray. 

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Thank you Nora Barnacle for Ulysses

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 08, 2018

Lucy Brennan Siel shares her passion for the modernist novel Ulysses, and her heartfelt appreciation of Joyce’s wife Nora Barnacle for her part in the making of the man and the seminal text.

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iPhone Drawings

@ VOL 20 ON AUG 18, 2018

While Lulu De Panbehchi was going through chemo for breast cancer she needed to occupy herself. Her outlet became her iPhone and some drawing apps that were available. Here she shares some of the several hundred that she has created, and continues to create. The week after this presentation she found out that 3 of her artworks were awarded first place in a gallery show.

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No Fixed Edge

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

Mark French describes No Fixed Edge - a captivating collaborative project fusing film, music, and poetry.

"The films are basically about marginal machines, many of which are now obsolete, devoid of their original function or eking out an existence on the margins of our environment".

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Introverts Guide to Flirting

@ VOL 36 ON OCT 17, 2018

Laura Khalil refers to herself as a "technology consultant turned comedian." Her podcast Sexistential Crisis touches on her personal intimate experiences and she interviews kickass experts on the topics of sex, dating and relationships - think Cosmo but way cooler and more in touch with the modern woman. Laura is also a community and woman's rights activist; just this past summer she spoke and mentored Operation HOPE, Inc.'s S.T.E.M. summer program for business minded girls.

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A Modernist Graphic Designer on Kawaii, Utopian Plans for Moscow, and Last Night in Tokyo

Presentations The cute -- kawaii -- culture that was perfected in Japan has now proliferated on a global scale. Why? This modernist graphic designer (aka Craig Yamashita) laments the reasons (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 92). Artyom Ukropov is an architect at Megabudka Bureau, and in this presentation (in Russian, from PKN Moscow Vol. 18) he shares his utopian plans -- all based on real data and statistics -- on how to solve all of the problems of modern Russia. His solution involves moving all of the population to the territory that surrounds the Moscow region. Posters Today's new crop of posters on our Tumblr blog includes PKN Tallinn Vol. 4 (which happens tomorrow night), PKN Bangor Vol. 5 (also happening tomorrow night), PKN Plzen Vol. 1 (happening tonight), and PKN Xalapa Vol. 10 (happening tonight, and pictured above).  Photos The photos we have to share today are all pictured above, and were taken last night at PKN Tokyo Vol. 92 by our resident photographer, Michael Holmes. These are traditional shots we always take and include (from top) the big group shot, the presenters group shot, and the "PechaKucha Mix" participants.  Calendar On the final day of May, you'll be able to attend the following events: PKN Plzen Vol. 1, PKN Seattle Vol. 36, PKN Ulladulla Vol. 3, and PKN Xalapa Vol. 10. Tomorrow (June 1), this is what your Friday night could include: PKN Bucharest Vol. 9, PKN Tallinn Vol. 4, PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 4, PKN Kumamoto Vol. 3, and PKN Bangor Vol. 5. 

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PKN Posters: Guimarães Vol. 5

Yet another Portuguese city will host their latest PechaKucha evening this weekend, namely Guimarães. Coming this Saturday evening, April 20, PKN Guimarães Vol. 5 will feature discussions at the crossroads of economics and graffiti, post-modernism and football, perception and landscape, as well as many more intriguing combinations.  To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Salt Lake City vol. 9 reminder!

PechaKucha Night - Salt Lake City is THIS THURSDAY! Don't forget to get your tickets early, while you still can... Purchase your tickets online: The State Room One more reminder that PechaKucha Night is this Thursday, June 6th. Doors open at 6:00pm. Presenters will get going around 6:45-7:00. Get your tickets now before you miss out! If you're still wondering what PechaKucha Night is about, check out the Top 5 Presentations from the month of May on the site: We have another exciting cross-discipline line-up of presenters.  Michael Doyle - Landscape architect and Planner, epg Re Wikstrom - photographer, photo editor Michael Kern - creative director, craftsman, cafe racer builder, WeLikeSmall Brent Bowen - architectural illustrator, Bowen Studios Kirk Huffaker - Executive Director, Utah Heritage Foundation Eric Egenolf & Dwight Yee - architects, Process Studio Jaren Harbertson - furniture designer, craftsman, Modern Union Cale Montrone - creator, Revolv Magazine Traci O'Very Covey - visual artist Nathan Florence - artist See below for a highlight of just a few: Post Century Credenza Jaren Harbertson The founder of Modern Union, a local design/build outfit that specializes in modern cabinetry and furniture. A believer in the traditions and earned experience of craftsmanship, the marks of Jaren (and Modern Union's) work are his precision loving 'god is in the details' ethos, his belief that modernism at its best represents innovation and hard won simplicity, and the ability to juxtapose raw, patina-rich materials with sleek lines and finishes creating unique, timeless, character filled, and hopefully, heirloom quality results. Modern Union will happily take on any design project that elevates details to obsessiveness. Utah Heritage Foundation Kirk Huffaker As Executive Director of Utah Heritage Foundation, Kirk Huffaker is an advocate for vibrant neighborhoods and Main Streets, recognition of historic modernism, and excellence in planning and design. Since 1998, Kirk has provided assistance throughout Utah to build local preservation leadership, develop policy, and save historic buildings. He has served in the position of Executive Director of Utah Heritage Foundation since 2008. REVOLV issue No. 02 Cale Montrone A Utah Native. A sheet metal worker. Revolv magazine publisher and editor. A fan of really cool stuff. Nuff said. Poster design by: Tim Ross Lee

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Modernism

"Is beauty definable?" Modern design can sometimes be difficult to understand, but  In How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Modernism at PechaKucha Night Dubuque Vol. 7,  Jason Neises challenges us to find the beauty and meaning in Modern architecture and think about how we can preserve our precious "Modern" heritage.