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Design by Six

@ VOL 112 ON MAR 26, 2014

B6 Studio member Takahiro Kuramoto speaks on the varied product designs his six-person team have worked on, from gift-ribbon rubber bands, to minimalist coffee cups, to invisible-winter-tree snowdomes. 


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Norwich, UK @ cinema city norwich
Feb 22, 2015


Dayton @ Roesch Library, University of Dayton
Aug 17, 2017

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What Tea to Buy When You're a Minimalist

@ AIA 2014 CONVENTION ON JUN 26, 2014

Architect Carl Sergio travels the world listening to U2, channeling George Carlin and carrying a small backpack. He suggests everyone should try the challenge of breaking all of your belongings down, and only keeping 100 things. He is very indecisive when it comes to what kind of tea to buy in the supermarket because there are just too many choices. 

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Re-cycling Minimalism

@ VOL 6 ON MAY 23, 2013

Ralf Verheul heeft een passie voor fietsen. Hij waarschuwt ons om niet te vergeten waar fietsen voor staat; met spierkracht op de pedalen. Dit verklaart zijn liefde voor het opknappen van oude racefietsen met een minimum aan onderdelen.

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Qu’est ce qui influence votre santé ? - What influences your health ?

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 20, 2014

Dans cette vidéo, je parlerai tout d’abord de mes recherches sur les facteurs génétiques jouant un rôle dans des maladies complexes telles que le cancer, l’asthme, le diabète et la maladie d’Alzheimer. On peut espérer que d’ici une dizaine d’années, le médecin pourra prédire sur base de vos gènes, quel traitement est le plus adapté dans votre cas. En attendant d’en arriver là, vous pouvez dès aujourd’hui faire quelque chose pour votre santé, notamment en faisant du sport régulièrement. Je montrerai comment la course à pied a changée ma vie et donnerai des conseils pour pratiquer ce sport correctement. En effet, beaucoup de gens abandonnent cette activité à cause de problèmes de genoux. Ceux-ci peuvent pourtant être évité en faisant principalement attention à trois choses : sa technique de course, porter des chaussures adaptées et écouter son corps (notamment, ne pas vouloir en faire trop du jour au lendemain).


In this video, I will first talk about my research activities, which focuses on genetic factors influencing complex diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer disease. We can expect that in about ten years, doctors will be able to predict, based on your genes, which treatment is best indicated in your case. Before we get there, you can already start today doing something for your health, for instance by doing sports regularly. I will show how running changed my life and give some advices on how to do it right. Indeed, many people give up this activity because of knee problems. However, these can be avoided, mainly by paying attention to three things: the running technique, wearing appropriate shoes and listening to your body (in particular, avoiding doing too much from one day to the other).

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The Myth of Perfection: Tolerance is a Matter of Plus or Minus, Choose Your Degree

@ VOL 15 ON FEB 04, 2016

"You know there's no such thing as perfection, right?...If you can collectively make the imperfections work, you have perfection."

In The Myth of Perfection (Tolerance is a Matter of Plus or Minus, Choose Your Degree) from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 15, Buffalo-based artist and engineer Alexandra P. Spaulding reflects on her artistic practice, her love of minimalism, and her eventual acceptance of inevitable imperfections. Examining the notions of tolerance and how exacting to the millionth decimal point does not equal perfection, Spaulding focuses both on the visual arts (Minimalism), her own practice (aurally immersive installation art), engineering and manufacturing, and how the conflux of these three schools of thought have made her more accepting of 'the happy accident' and a better artist.  

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Maximum Minimalism

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 21, 2016

Dan Sostrom shares about the time he listened to his favorite piece for 24 hours. Sostrom owns a record store, so to say he likes music is to put it lightly. He lets us in on the experience and the outcome of the experiment. 

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The Evolution of a Minimalist

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 03, 2017

Lori Pokela has been an educator for the past ten years. She has served in formal and informal settings in New Orleans, Minneapolis and now in Sioux Falls where she is currently the Education Coordinator for the Community Learning Center at the Washington Pavilion. She lives with her boyfriend and spend lots of time with her family being Auntie Lori. She is passionate about having excellent experiences in life rather than owning amazing things.

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@ VOL 32 ON AUG 17, 2017

Jason Harrison examines the opposite of clutter and how space and objects affect us. Jason’s perspective is influenced by an unconventional career teaching in public schools, writing analysis for the CIA, and personal training in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

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Winemaking 101, Minimalism in Poster Design, and the PechaKucha Milan Experience

Presentations As we've covered multiple times on the blog, PechaKucha was in Milan last month for the Milano Salone (Milan Design Week), with a series of four PechaKucha events held at Heineken's temporary club space, designed by up-and-coming creators who were selected through a series of PechaKucha events in four cities. In this presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 91), Jean Snow gives you a taste of what the events were like, and slips in a few design week-related slides as well. So you think you know about wine? Sommelier Fabien Jacob definitely knows a thing or two about the process of making wine, and in this presentation (from PKN San Antonio Vol. 5), he shows you what that process looks like. He also ends up explaining the types of grapes used, and famous winemaking regions. Posters Today we've added three beautiful posters from previous PKNs in Kosice (Vol. 15-17) to our Tumblr blog. We really love the minimalism of the Vol. 16 poster (above) -- certainly not what you tend to see from an event poster.  Photos We have a few more photo galleries from the archives to share today. Above, cheers from an attendee at PKN San Juan Vol. 5, and then a relaxed audience taking in the outdoor PKN Warsaw Vol. 8. PKN San Juan Vol. 5 [Flickr]PKN Kyiv Vol. 3 [Website Gallery]PKN Warsaw Vol. 8 [Flickr]PKN Kelowna Vol. 1 [Flickr]Calendar As you saw yesterday, it's a busy week for PKNs -- and it's been a great month, with well over 80 events on the calendar -- and we've got lots more coming tomorrow (May 24): PKN Lucerne Vol. 4, PKN Koszalin Vol. 9, PKN Coruna Vol. 6, PKN Barcelona Vol. 16, and PKN Curitiba Vol. 2. For the weekend, you can look forward to PKN Dubai Vol. 11 and PKN Cancun Vol. 3 on Saturday, and then PKN Coventry Vol. 9 and PKN Nagano Vol. 20 on Sunday.