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Delhi @ British Council
Mar 20, 2008


Amersfoort @ Poppodium De Kelder
Apr 01, 2010


Glasgow @ The Lighthouse
Sep 26, 2012

PAST Ubud 20x20 VOL 7

Ubud @ Betel Nut
Apr 23, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Business School at Fordham University
Sep 07, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Ljusgården, Building 3 Kräftriket
Mar 20, 2014


Richmond, BC @ Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond Campus
Mar 26, 2015


Richmond, BC @ Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond Campus
Mar 31, 2016

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ ITC Grand Central
Aug 31, 2017


Kaliningrad @ CityJazz Club
Dec 14, 2017

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Design Observations

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 03, 2012

Chris Byrne is a furniture designer and maker, and you could also describe him as whimsical, smart, witty and insightful. In this presentation, he discusses what it means to be a designer in today’s market. (in English)

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Entertainment as Marketing

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 18, 2012

Angelina Sahlgren Söder is a fantastic artist and entertainment consultant, and in her presentation she talks about entertainment as marketing, covering everything from a magnificent show on a truck for Volvo to her passion for dance, music and retro/vintage entertainment production.

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Leave My Heart in Vancouver

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 13, 2013

"I wanted to take a risk and try something new."

In Leave My Heart in Vancouver from PechaKucha Night Vancouver Vol. 28, After an experimental phase in her youth, Shawna Olsten longed for a marketing spot in the action sports industry. She only had one, tiny stipulation: she had to do so in the city of Vancouver. Here Shawna speaks of her trials, triumphs, but mostly her gratitude to the city that raised her. 

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From Barrel to Bottle

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Will Drucker is a sustainability practitioner and whiskey lover. At PechaKucha Night NYC, Will takes us through the history and process of whiskey making - from the tree to the bottle!

Will is devoted to building businesses that support the circular economy. Will hails from the cities and farms of the Midwest. College took him to Vermont where he studied neuroscience and deepened his love for the natural world. Will can't resist music, birds, biking, good food and adventure.

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My Roller-Coaster Ride On Social Media

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 05, 2017

Christelle Maignan shares her ups and downs on social media as she tried to promote her new coaching business, what she learnt from the experience and the unexpected outcome that changed her life. This talk is about dreaming, taking risks, staying strong and embracing new opportunities.

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A Fresh New Take on Understanding Customers

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

Paul Jenkins is a seasoned PechaKucha attendee and speaker and when he gave this talk at Vol. 17 of the London Series he challeged the audience to think differently about understanding people and how to really meet customer needs.

If you want to feel inspired to solve problems and get work done, then we have a tip for you - listen to Paul's PechaKucha and you will want to get out there and educate, create, refresh and fix. Let's do this!


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10 Steps to Branding Yourself Online

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 29, 2018

Alex Leonard's presentation is about 10 steps to success to market oneself both digitally and traditionally in today's mediascape. His career in journalism speaks for itself.  

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Gaming Community

@ VOL 35 ON NOV 08, 2018

Andrew Pappas discovers life, companionship, and work opportunities through the gaming community.

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Eat Me: A Brief Look at the Long History of Women and Chocolate

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 15, 2019

"Decadent. Seductive. Sinful." When it comes to chocolate, sex sells. And it specifically sells to women. Even though research shows that men and women consume roughly the same amount of chocolate, advertisements are mainly targeted at women, encouraging them to "indulge" their cravings and deepest desires.

While this may seem like a new phenomenon, the association between chocolate and female sexuality predates the modern ad campaign. In fact, some scholars trace it all the way back to the Mesoamerican civilizations that first cultivated Theobroma cacao. Liz Goad takes a quick jog through chocolate’s long, tawdry history to find out where this theme originated and how it has evolved over the centuries.

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Sine Socialis: A life without social media

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

Is it possible to be social without social media? As a marketer, Nina Byrd explores the impact on self and others without social media. Through a blend of personal narratives and scientific research, she explores the challenges of staying consistently connected yet balanced in a life without social media. 

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PKN Posters: Badajoz Vol. 1

The Spanish border town of Badajoz will be kicking off 2013 right with their inaugural PechaKucha Night, on January the 18th. The presentation topics range from veterinary medicine to photography, from performance to marketing, and beyond.  As is common with a PechaKucha night on the horizon, the organizers of PKN Badajoz have sent us this here poster for their evening, and we've added it to our Tumblr blog. 

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Pancake Love

Flap-jacks, johnny cakes, crepes, hotcakes, or whatever your region calls them, we all love them. Really, who doesn't enjoy a good pancake every once in awhile? In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Des Moines, Vol. 12) Brian Sauer tells us of the origins of this saucer-shaped, flour-based meal. He also goes into detail on the emergence of delectable pancake toppings, the companionship between syrup and hotcakes, and the influence of race on marketing pancake-related products in the past.  So warm up the frying pan, cook up a few griddlecakes, drizzle on some syrup and butter, and check this one out. 

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PKN Posters: Aalen Vol. 13

This is no ordinary poster. It's a pos[pos[pos[poster]ter]ter]ter for Aalen's upcoming Vol. 13 evening. PKN Aalen will be held this Friday, April 12. Among the 12 presenters will be marketing professionals, designers, business coaches, and more!  To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Salt Lake City vol. 9 reminder!

PechaKucha Night - Salt Lake City is THIS THURSDAY! Don't forget to get your tickets early, while you still can... Purchase your tickets online: The State Room One more reminder that PechaKucha Night is this Thursday, June 6th. Doors open at 6:00pm. Presenters will get going around 6:45-7:00. Get your tickets now before you miss out! If you're still wondering what PechaKucha Night is about, check out the Top 5 Presentations from the month of May on the site: We have another exciting cross-discipline line-up of presenters.  Michael Doyle - Landscape architect and Planner, epg Re Wikstrom - photographer, photo editor Michael Kern - creative director, craftsman, cafe racer builder, WeLikeSmall Brent Bowen - architectural illustrator, Bowen Studios Kirk Huffaker - Executive Director, Utah Heritage Foundation Eric Egenolf & Dwight Yee - architects, Process Studio Jaren Harbertson - furniture designer, craftsman, Modern Union Cale Montrone - creator, Revolv Magazine Traci O'Very Covey - visual artist Nathan Florence - artist See below for a highlight of just a few: Post Century Credenza Jaren Harbertson The founder of Modern Union, a local design/build outfit that specializes in modern cabinetry and furniture. A believer in the traditions and earned experience of craftsmanship, the marks of Jaren (and Modern Union's) work are his precision loving 'god is in the details' ethos, his belief that modernism at its best represents innovation and hard won simplicity, and the ability to juxtapose raw, patina-rich materials with sleek lines and finishes creating unique, timeless, character filled, and hopefully, heirloom quality results. Modern Union will happily take on any design project that elevates details to obsessiveness. Utah Heritage Foundation Kirk Huffaker As Executive Director of Utah Heritage Foundation, Kirk Huffaker is an advocate for vibrant neighborhoods and Main Streets, recognition of historic modernism, and excellence in planning and design. Since 1998, Kirk has provided assistance throughout Utah to build local preservation leadership, develop policy, and save historic buildings. He has served in the position of Executive Director of Utah Heritage Foundation since 2008. REVOLV issue No. 02 Cale Montrone A Utah Native. A sheet metal worker. Revolv magazine publisher and editor. A fan of really cool stuff. Nuff said. Poster design by: Tim Ross Lee

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Advantages of E-mail Marketing

Dmitry Alperovich, Product Manager «FEEDGEE», told the audience in his presentation about email marketing and about how effective can it be with the right approach. According to him, even with small investment, you can advertise your product to people who are really interested in it. In addition, the speaker shared his experience in areas such as market segmentation, analytics mailings, selection of Internet services, etc.

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Swedish Fashion Talents

  "At the Swedish Fashion Council, we work with different projects to promote, support, and develop Swedish Fashion. Our aim is to highlight new fashion brands...though our exhibitions and fashions."In Swedish Fashion Talents, from PechaKucha Night Stockholm, Vol. 53, Helena Bergström, Marketing Manager at Swedish Fashion Council, presents the nominees of Swedish Fashion Talents 2015, a 10-year running award for young fashion designers - this year won by Simon Ekrelius.

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#Pechakuchagt Vol. 5 #CampusTec

Our event today: Our stroy and photos: Our stats:  we had 100,000 impressions and we reached over 3600 persons via our straming and social networks! Our presenters:

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Being a Teenage Business Owner

"I think it’s a little silly to ask a 14 year old what they want to do with their life.” In "Being a Teenage Business Owner" from PechaKucha Night Santa Barbara Vol. 18, Mackenzie Fell recalls the challenges she faced launching a business, while being in the last semesters of high school. She started a marketing business with multimedia design after winning the Scheinfeld New Venture Challenge, a business plan competition through SBCC. Mackenzie addresses the pressures teenagers are faced with to decide what career path they want to take so early on in life. 


Right in the Middle

A blog. Ok, why not write a blog to tell the world what we are doing here in Birstein/Germany? Here we go: We're right in the middle. Finally. It was about time. Our PKN Birstein #1 had to be postponed from May to June.  The marketing machine is about to start: To advertise our first event we scheduled a press meeting. "Call for Papers" is open and we get in touch with creative people in our region. Four more weeks and a day until PKN Birstein #1. -Frank  

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Announcing our TITLE SPONSOR for PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 7: sagecomm

BEST FRIDAY EVER for #pkldnont! The fine folks at sagecomm are our *title sponsor* for PechaKucha Night ldnont vol. 7 on Sept. 20 at @innoworksldn! sagecomm is a London-based marketing and communications provider that helps brands "matter more." Thanks for believing in what we do: helping London share and hear concise stories that inspire!