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Loving and Making in New Orleans

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 08, 2014

New Orleans born and raised artist Lionel Milton draws inspiration for his vibrant work from the local sights, sounds and flavors of his hometown. Lionel talks about kicking it New Orleans style, loving life, playing and working hard to produce a body of work in a style all his own. (first 40 seconds silent due to technical issues at the event)

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Strange Fruit; Split Seed

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 31, 2015

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak presents a series of drawing based on lynching photographs:

"I began my drawing series based on James Allen’s “Without Sanctuary: Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America” to reject the roles I found myself in when viewing the images; at first, vicariously the victim, then, a spectator guilty because of my ineffectual presence. In the act of just looking, I also became a witness to the exhibition of a human being's destruction, no different than any other spectator. Like the other participant's affirmation and justification of the inhuman act that had occurred, I also became accomplice to the crime.

I asked myself: How could I avoid the irreversible effects of the photograph? How could I conversely act upon the photograph?"

"Presentation of the Day" on May 20, 2015.

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Habitual Attention: Looking for Pleasure

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 30, 2015

Art professor Sara Pedigo tells us about how you can play a looking game every day and get more pleasure out of what you see.

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.GIFs: an Emotive Vocabulary

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Sha Hwang takes us through the history of .gifs, and their use in society, as an emotive vocabulary for current events, sports, and every day life.

Sha is an information designer and technologist based mostly in Brooklyn. A failed architect and an accidental entrepreneur, Sha has designed and built work for clients such as the New York Times, MTV, Flickr, and Adobe. Previously, Sha worked at Stamen Design and later cofounded the company Movity, which was acquired by Trulia. Sha spends his nights trawling Tumblr and printing gifs as Gifpop and his days working with Nava to improve and other parts of government.

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Do We Have What It Will Take?

@ VOL 15 ON FEB 12, 2015

Balancing what is good environmentally and economically is not always easy. Speaker Peter Hays discusses his family's multigenerational logging business. Touching on topics of reconciliation, regrowth, and the interdependence of the natural and the developed, he explains how change is necessary in order for survival to be possible.

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From Barrel to Bottle

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Will Drucker is a sustainability practitioner and whiskey lover. At PechaKucha Night NYC, Will takes us through the history and process of whiskey making - from the tree to the bottle!

Will is devoted to building businesses that support the circular economy. Will hails from the cities and farms of the Midwest. College took him to Vermont where he studied neuroscience and deepened his love for the natural world. Will can't resist music, birds, biking, good food and adventure.

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Seeing & Drawing

@ VOL 28 ON NOV 08, 2017

Draughtsman Jake Spicer shows us how to create a life drawing from start to beautiful finish.  He also invites us to take 20 seconds to really look at people around us. Inspirational notes on life and drawing!

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Antiquity Looting

@ VOL 6 ON FEB 08, 2018

Malcolm Massey educates us about the phenomenon of antiquity looting.

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Old Growth Film

@ VOL 46 ON OCT 18, 2018

Daniel Pierce takes us on a passionate and informative journey through the history of forestry and logging in British Columbia, Canada. His documentary "Heartwood" encapsulates his passionate and his will to share this history and inform us of the potential futures. 

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PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 4

As we posted earlier this week, the next PechaKucha Night in Champaign-Urbana (Vol. 5) is happening this Saturday (March 5), but today we take a look at last year's PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 4, courtesy of organizer Christina Tapp, with photos by Chris Perardi. The Champaign-Urbana Design Org partnered with Krannert Center for the Performing Arts for PKN C-U Vol. 4. Held in July 2010 at Krannert's outdoor Amphitheatre, DJ Mertz kicked off the show by spinning on the terrace to over 400 people, and the irresistible and scandalous Andy Warfel emceed once again! Jeff Mellander, Building Restoration With a passion for finding underused historic buildings and reviving them, Jeff talked about the redevelopment of old cottages in Saugatuck, Michigan, an historic logging community on Lake Michigan where artists have congregated for over 125 years. Laura Hayden, Trials and Tribulations of an Urbana Slumlord A self-described "plant nerd, web nerd, and slumlord," Laura came to Champaign-Urbana after completing degrees at SIU-C and U of I in environmental sciences. She came here to visit—and has no regrets about staying. Stewart Dickson, MakerSpace Urbana As a programmer of three-dimensional computer-generated imagery, animation and digital cinema, Steward discussed MakerSpace Urbana, an open community lab where people of diverse backgrounds can learn, teach, tinker, collaborate, share, innovate, socialize, and create a blend of arts, humanities, science, and technology. Hector Mandel, The Sky is the Studio Hector specializes in digital images captured while falling at 120 miles per hour under serious time contraints. With 1,152 skydives logged over the past 22 years, he has been simultaneously taking pictures for eight of them. Will Leinweber, Co-founder of, a local startup that lets musicians share their creative process with their fans, Will recently got a master's in bioengineering from U of I— and stuck around Champaign to get off the ground. He's working on becoming a coffee snob, but, he says, it's tough work. Deke Weaver, Elephant, a Performance An award-winning writer-performer-media artist, Deke was the senior animator for the Showtime Networks and is currently an assistant professor at the University of Illinois' School of Art and Design. Peter Exley, PKN Chicago Organizer and President of Architecture Is Fun Peter Exley is the co-host of PechaKucha Night Chicago. He has a new driver’s license which says he is 5’10” and 140lbs. Like most things issued by the State of Illinois, that’s a crock of sh*t. Matt Childress, Funstainable Transportation Matt says, "Just like the funny little mice of Pinky and the Brain, I work on a funny little computer, drive a funny little car and have accumulated quite a few funny friends—many of us with grand delusions of making over our world. It is happening." Rose Morefield, Making Wild, Wearable Thoughts a Reality Sewing since age 12, sculpting fabric for over 14 years, and collaborating with designers, performers, and artists, Rose is a costume technician with a flair for creating piece that redefine and extend the human form. David Monk, Preserving Prairie Where There Is None Known in the Champaign-Urbana community as the "Prairie Monk," David is dedicated to reserving, restoring, and interpreting the natural and cultural landscape of east central Illinois. Nan Goggin, What Inspires Design An artist, designer, professor, wife, and mom (whew!), Nan Goggin is the tireless director of the University of Illinois' School of Art and Design. She discussed the many elements around us that constantly serve to inspire, enliven, and guide our creativity. Joanne Manaster, My Little Black Book of Scientists I Love Joanne teaches upper-level science lab classes at the U of I. On her website, Joanne Loves, she presents science in whimsical and unexpected, yet meaningful, ways. For her presentation, she played a time-traveling beauty who can visit any scientist she desires, describing them in her "little black book." Michael Morgan, Designing Your Life Poised, graceful, elegant, and smooth. Michael is none of these. But he IS very passionate about music, design, family, friends and humor. He discussed integrating them together for a fulfilling life. Gimme 5! Join us for PKN C-U Vol. 5 this Saturday, March 5, at Canopy Club!