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New Town Art Gallery
in Williamsburg, Virginia
Barbara McKenna
in Santa Cruz
Four Point Gallery
Gallery Girls in Newcastle
Monica Miller
Director, Gallery One Visual Arts Center in Ellensburg
Local Girl Guam
Branding Company in Hagatna


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Aug 16, 2013


Weimar @ der Laden
Sep 20, 2013


Burlington, VT @ BCA / Contois Auditorium
Sep 18, 2014


Perth @ Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
Jun 19, 2015


Dec 27, 2015


Detroit @ Tangent Gallery
Jun 29, 2017


Volgograd @ Bar "Druzya"
Aug 03, 2018


Fresno @ Bitwise South Stadium
Nov 28, 2018


Salt Lake City @ Gateway Mall (in the Olympic Fountain Plaza)
Aug 10, 2018

PAST Women’s Empowerment, from Local to Global, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Steamworks/Women Deliver Canada Pavilion
Jun 04, 2019

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The Hepworth Wakefield gallery

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2010

Simon Wallis - the first director of The Hepworth Wakefield - talks about the new prestigious art gallery in Yorkshire.
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New Town Art Gallery

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 09, 2013

Anne Kushnik, the gallery manager for New Town Art Gallery, talks about the hisotry, mission and artists of the gallery as well as their contributions to the local commuinty. 


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Bee Local

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 22, 2015

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557 and Beyond!

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

From Edmonton to Australia and back again Vaelei Walkden-Brown speaks about starting the 557 gallery and her impetus for founding Pecha Kucha Penticton. In part catalyzed by her study in interior architecture, Vaelei explores the interconnection between community building and visual and physical spaces, featuring her past projects and current artistic endeavors, as well as some of the key community players that have helped her along the way.

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Art, loss and a gallery in a skip...

@ VOL 27 ON JUN 28, 2017

Catherine Borowski shares a personal and incredible moving tale of the cathartic power of art and explains why she turned a skip into a new London gallery.

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Red Arrow Gallery

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 21, 2017

Katie Shaw presents about the Red Arrow Gallery. 

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Little Long Matters

@ VOL 9 ON SEP 21, 2017

Jan Little and Jenny Long wax about how a little art can go a long way in a community. And wherever there's art, an impromptu dance party is never far away!



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ARS Longa, Vita, Brevis - “Art is long, life is short"

@ VOL 14 ON SEP 15, 2018

ARS Longa, Vita, Brevis - “Art is long, life is short” - Anna Russo Sieber, Founder and Executive Director of Anna Russo-Sieber Gallery / ARS Gallery Arts & Culture Center has passionately dedicated her career to arts education for over 30 years. Throughout her career as an artist and teacher, she has exhibited her work at fairs, galleries, and art centers.  She has also developed several art programs at various institutions and has had the opportunity to work in museums, art centers, and schools with a focus on cultural arts and youth development.


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Norwest Gallery

@ VOL 36 ON OCT 17, 2018

Asia Hamilton owns and operates the Norwest Gallery in Grandmont-Rosedale area of Detroit. Her experience and energy show the challenges of showcasing artistic voices in underserved communities.

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Paradox Art

@ VOL 19 ON JUN 28, 2018

Laura Turon is a mixed media Border artist from El Paso, Texas whose work presents ephemeral art installations through processes that combine different light interpretations, mark making, repetition, design, and large-scale compositions. Laura is the founder and creator of Paradox Traveling Art, a mobile art installation gallery within a converted school bus, which creates and presents mobile art installations and murals. With a special focus on delivering art to communities that have limited or no access to art, and creating opportunities for artists to encourage and promote the creative arts. 


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Tokyo Local Food

Jess Mantell, Chris Berthelsen, and Jared Braiterman are always on the hunt for green spaces in urban environments -- in this case, Tokyo. In this presentation, they reveal ways and offer tips on how you can get your hands on some natural local food in the megalopolis. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 89, as part of Global Cities Week.

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Tokyo Local Food

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Tokyo Local Food" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 89, researchers Jess Mantell, Chris Berthelsen, and Jared Braiterman describe their hunt for green spaces within the urban jungle that is Tokyo. They tag team topics such as gardens within the city, unique methods of food preparation, and the social gatherings surrounding the consumption of food.

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A Local Food Project

Do you know where the ingredients in your food come from?  Local chef Alex Davies uses produce foraged and sourced from only the Canterbury region. Since working with seasonal foods, his menu changes daily depending on what he has each day. In "A Local Food Project" from PKN Christchurch Vol. 18, we see that Alex develops relationships with his growers and can always tell you the story of where your food came from that day. He now operates an open kitchen at a local cafe and wine bar called Shop Eight.

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Local Words from Williamsburg's Latest

The latest and greatest from PechaKucha Night Williamsburg can be found here in the form of a great write-up of the Historic Triangle's Vol. 9 event, just held on August 16. Organiser Dale Weiss was quoted within saying:  The synergy between the audience and presenter makes for a much more enriching experience, he said, as well as ignites the spark of conversation and encourages guests to meet each other. Presentations, speaker info, and photos can be found on the PKN Williamsburg Vol. 9 event page, and their Vol. 10 is scheduled for the 20th of September!

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Beyond Eating Local: Using History as a Guide to a New Food Security

How can Hawaii become the model agricultural society for the world? Josh Lanthier-Welch gives a great crash-course on the agricultural history of the Hawaiian islands. The islands went from feeding being self-sufficient to entirely reliant on imports. In "Beyond Eating Local: Using History as a Guide to a New Food Security" from PKN Honolulu Vol. 18, Josh shows us how the Hawaiians can once again utilise their lush volcanic farmland to return themselves to a sustainable, self-sufficient agricultural society.

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The Local Artist

“We came up with this when we were ice fishing — the idea was to pull artists up from below the surface.” South Dakota natives Jeff Ballard, Mitch Torbert, and Hunter Murphy discuss their burgeoning zine project: The Local Artist. In “The Local Artist” from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 11, they speak on their efforts to expose local artists to the public, and cultivate the growth of the creative industry in their home state.

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Safecast: Real-time Hyper-local Information

"It's a little bit like Google Street View, it's the same idea ...with radiation." From PKN Tokyo’s recent "Powered by PechaKucha: Tohoku 2020: Building a sustainable Post-3/11 Future" Pieter Franken Presents Safecast: Real-time Hyper-local Information. In our technologically saturated age, it is hypothetically easy to share data instantaneously with others. After the Tohoku Earthquake, Pieter and what would eventually become the Team realized that information about the radiation levels couldn’t be spread as it didin’t exist. After connecting to minds, companies, and volunteers – both in Japan and abroad– an open-source system was developed that could quickly collect, record, and share radiation level information.

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A Local Food Project

"Understanding what grows under your nose is liberating, exciting, and educational."  In A Local Food Project from PechaKucha Night Christchurch Vol. 18, Local chef, Alex Davies shares how he uses produce foraged and sourced from only the Canterbury region. Since working with seasonal foods, his menu changes daily depending on what he has each day. He develops relationships with his growers and can always tell you the story of where your food came from that day. He now operates an open kitchen at a local cafe and wine bar called Shop Eight.

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A Fashion Vision - Bespoke, Local and Global

 "I just felt like there was something else in me that needed to be expressed and released to the world." In A Fashion Vision - Bespoke, Local and Global from PechaKucha Night Sunshine Coast Vol. 19, Alex Mearing talks about her vision for her work and how she has been building her brand and using social media to create and capture a market all over the world. Based on the Sunshine Coast but with a global vision, Alex is a fashion designer who handcrafts made to measure, individually designed gowns and one of a kind wedding dresses. She also has a swimwear label called Klams. While she produces these in Brisbane she sells them exclusively online through her website.