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Finding Home

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 23, 2017

"Our home wasn't the house we were leaving, and it wasn't the house we were moving to, it was the family we were. And now, as an adult, I've gotta redefine home."

In "Finding Home" from PechaKucha Night Portsmouth Vol. 28Nick Girard shares his inspiring journey which took him and his girlfriend across the world. Accompanied by the stunning photography of the beautiful sights he explored, Nick presents to us that home is not a stationary place but a state of mind.

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Being Seen

@ VOL 34 ON AUG 16, 2018

Jenna Dion has worked in the world of dementia care for eleven years now. Her Mimi (maternal grandmother) inspired her as she watched her journey with Alzheimer's disease.

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Petreflections Live

@ VOL 34 ON AUG 16, 2018

Kathy presents a Performance Art, "Petreflections Live," where the images come alive with mask, drum, story, and song. Her music journeys alongside these earth images as she is humbled by nature's beauty. She loves sharing this "Art in Nature," and encourage others to walk the earth and find the unexpected delights.

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The Big Picture


Enna Grazier is the owner and head chocolate maker for ENNA ChocolatesShe traces her passion from photography to chocolates. Follow her journey; you will go away hungry! 


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Journey Cordero
Student, Sunny Hills in La Mirada


Apr 05, 2011


Lausanne @ EPFL Polydome
Mar 28, 2012


Toledo, Ohio @ Seed Coworking
May 10, 2014


Newcastle, Australia @ Earp Bros
Aug 29, 2014


Cape Town @ The Assembly
Nov 11, 2014


Manchester @ Neo
Jun 22, 2017


Nanaimo @ Nanaimo Museum
Nov 19, 2018


Apr 05, 2019


Geelong @ Beav's Bar
Jun 27, 2019

19 SEP


Stirling @ Creative Stirling

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Lake Michigan in a Dugout Canoe

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 14, 2015

"That not how most people build boats these days but I figured I was new to woodworking, logs float no matter what, and I was committed."

In Lake Michigan in a Dugout Canoe from PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 1Mary Catterlin and and Amy Lukas share their story of how, in the summer of 2012, they circumnavigated Lake Michigan in their handmade dugout sailing canoe. After 93 days and 1200 miles, they returned home to the beach of Beverly Shores, Indiana. This adventure has led to the creation of a self-produced documentary and a published illustrated journal.

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Soften the Fuck Up

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 07, 2015

This heart wrenching story from Emmett brings us all a little closer to a sense of humanity amongst humans.  Join Emmett in his story of empowerment through learning to be softer not harder in life.

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The Language of Memory

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

Michael Hayes, explores the language of memory and suburbia.

Michael Hayes, editor of 2ha – a printed magazine, that looks to suburbia and architecture to fill its pages. The ninth issue has recently been published and is based on the theme of how our leisure activities shape our suburban landspace.

In each issue four essays are published. The essays are written by architects, academics and artists and are based on various themes. Past issues have covered the relationship between suburbia and photography, cinema, history, typology, language, modernism and public space.

Michael is an architect living and practising in Dublin who is seemingly obsessed with publications. As well as editing 2ha, he is an editorial board member of Architecture Ireland and Publications Officer for the Architectural Association of Ireland.

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Doug Ing Likes To Make Things

@ VOL 25 ON DEC 11, 2015

Doug Ing likes to make things, whether it is a Vine video, a short documentary, a cartoon or an artwork, he enjoys the act of creating. Often times, a random thought occurs during his daytime activities and that will find itself in an artwork. He finds inspiration from random phrases, Facebook, conversations and dreaming.

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Bringing a Big Boat Back to Life

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Liz McEnaney is an urban historian and preservatioist who has worked in exotic locales such as Maputo, New Delhi, and even New York City! She co-founded BldgBlok - an app that provides tourists with location-based historic content.

Liz's latest restoration project is a big one! The SS Columbia - America's oldest excursion steamship - is making its way back to the Hudson River - listen to her tale of bringing the ship back to life!

Learn more about the SS Columbia project here

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No Guts, No Glory

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 27, 2016

"I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone just did what they want to do."

In “No Guts, No Glory” from PechaKucha Night St. Neots Vol. 7Dr. Bert Rutten takes us on a journey into the world of personal development. Dr. Rutten shares how he developed from a forklift driver to a doctor in cardiovascular biology, and inspires us to do what really want – instead of what others think us to be capable of.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016.

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@ VOL 10 ON SEP 02, 2016

Alexandra Hefel präsentiert das Ausflugsbüro. Das Ausflugsbüro bringt Menschen, Geschichte(n) und Orte zusammen. Ein halbes Jahr nimmt sie sich Zeit für die Organisation ihrer "Überraschungsausflüge". Wichtig ist das Thema, der rote Faden für ihren Ausflug. Sie sucht eine Location, Erzähler, hört dabei auf ihr Bauchgefühl, was oft auch sehr viel Mut erfordert. Seid gespannt auf die Nummer 4.

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@ VOL 34 ON SEP 13, 2017

Jens De st. Cyer-Sørensen has travelled the world on many occasions. In this presentation, he shares the life of TABASAMU - a young man in Tanzania, who must take a test of manhood to climb Kilimanjaro and also cut a tuft of hair from the mane of a lion. The audience is told what TABASAMU left on the top of the mountain, and what the biggest source of optimism in the world is.

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Perfection is the enemy of good - a creative journey

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 15, 2018

Jules Funnel is a first time presenter and will be sharing with us her photographic journey and her photos

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Creating environmental awareness with a brush and a pen

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 20, 2018

Sofia is a scientist and an artist. Today, she will tell you about what inspires her work and her journey becoming a creative writer.

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Journey into Eldership

The communal lifestyle and ritual of the Cree aboriginal tribes played a key role in the lives of the two presenters of today's edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Edmonton Vol. 15). We hear from Elder Gilman Cardinal and Tashina Makokis, two members of the Cree tribe, separated by a generation. Gilman speaks of his childhood with the tribe, his adulthood outside of it, and his return through eldership. Tashina speaks on the importance of perpetuating the Cree's cultural memory. She discusses her role in bringing together the youth and elders of her community in an effort to preserve cultural traditions.

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Journey, Cultural Diversity, and Dreams

Go out there. Search for your colors. Put as many on your palette as you can, mix them, and make them your own.  Kairini Guay is a native of Western Sumatra who has lived in Bangor, Maine for ten years. Currently, Khairini is studying computer information systems and earning her MBA at Husson University. In "Journey, Cultural Diversity, and Dreams" from PKN Bangor, ME Vol. 12, she presents about the colors of her life and her journey through a multicultural world. She speaks about her home in Sumatra, it's matrilinear culture, and tells us some historical myths.     

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A Journey into the Virtual World

“I worked very hard to make no reference to the real world at all. It took me to some amazing places.” Architect and urban planner David Denton has been working in the Virtual World for seven years. In “A Journey into the Virtual World” from PKN Knoxville Vol. 12, he speaks about the folly of wanting to re-create the real world, and about the incredible tool that virtual reality is for creating entirely new worlds.

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A Zero-Waste Junkie's Journey to Pesto

“Three Rs! The waste hierarchy! It’s a hierarchy because reducing is more effective than reusing and reusing is more effective than recycling.” In A Zero-Waste Junkie's Journey to Pesto from PechaKucha Night Atlanta’s 28th volume Speaker Lisa Pellegrino discusses what she has learned while recovering from being a “zero-waste junky”. As part of her recovery she is ensuring that she is part of A (not THE) solution on a micro scale. Hear Lisa’s background in sustainability, where that background led her, and where she has followed that road to today… (Hint: pesto is part of it).

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A Creative Journey

"Why, today, are children handed a piece of paper with Math, English and Science and nothing about who they are and why they’re unique?" In A Creative Journey from PechaKucha Night St Neots Vol. 6, Artist and creative Tracey Mowatt shares about the emotive and deeply personal community art project called Vir2oso. Mowatt has been been working on Vir2oso for a year since feeling great frustration from the UK's uncompromising education system which did not provide ample space for creativity and exploration of self.

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My PechaKucha Journey

"What I learned form Karaoke is that it's not about singing perfect; it's about having FUN!" Thomas Maile is PechaKucha's charasmatic organiser in the charming city of Aalen in Germany. In My PechaKucha Journey from PKN Aalen Vol. 27, he shares about the his perspective on the Global Network of all his PechaKucha friends, and what makes PechaKucha Nights so special in Aalen. Though he admits he's not a perfect English speaker, he insists that life is more fun by trying hard, forgetting about expectations, breaking the rules, and having fun!


PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol.17 - 'Journey'

TICKET LINK: HERE PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 17 - 'Journey' Welcome to our second PechaKucha Night of 2017 and our first themed evening: 'Journey'. Join us on Thursday 22 June 2017 at Neo, Bruntwood's newest workspace, for another night of insight, inspiration and intrigue. Remember, each speaker only has 20 images, 20 seconds per image to speak, no stopping. For this themed PechaKucha, we have a mix of great speakers including campaigners, travellers, designers and entrepreneurs.  So here’s the line-up: Lauren Coulman - Founder of Free to be Okay with Me Chris Roberts and Rob Evans - With Love Project Dr Erinma Bell - Peace Activist and Co-Founder of CARISMA Sam Jones - Co-founder and Managing Director of Tunafish Media Christine Hitchins - Marketing and Digital Manager at the Manchester Craft and Design Fair Brendan Dawes - Artist and Designer  Chris Furber - National Performance Director for Para-Swimming Tash Willcocks - Programme Leader at Hyper Island    And as a final treat, G . F Smith will be in attendance running letterpress workshop on the terrace!   About Neo Neo is Bruntwood's latest workspace catering for developing businesses and entrepreneurs. It's located just around the corner from Piccadilly Gardens. Find out more about the space here.   About PechaKucha Night Manchester PechaKucha Night Manchester was relaunched in June 2016 by a new team after an eighteen month hiatus. This is our fourth PechaKucha following a string of successful events. We are indebted to the support of Manchester’s creative scene coming along as speakers and audience members as well as our previous hosts, SpacePortX, Ziferblat and The Wonder Inn. Most importantly, thank YOU for keeping us going! PechaKuchas will continue take place every three months at venues across Manchester. Our mission is to feature a high calibre of creatives, designers, artists and community projects from the city and the North.  If you want to know more: Subscribe to the Manchester page on the PechaKucha website here: Sign up to the mailing list: Mailing List Follow us on social media: Twitter Facebook Instagram Watch our previous talks: YouTube  

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My PechaKucha Journey

 "What I learned from Karaoke is that it's not about singing perfect; it's about having FUN!" Thomas Maile is PechaKucha's charismatic organiser in the charming city of Aalen in Germany. In My PechaKucha Journey from PKN Aalen Vol. 27, he shares about the his perspective on the Global Network of all his PechaKucha friends, and what makes PechaKucha Nights so special in Aalen. Though he admits he's not a perfect English speaker, he insists that life is more fun by trying hard, forgetting about expectations, breaking the rules, and having fun! 

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Whimsical Creative Journey

  "Y'know when you show up at a party and you're like 'Oh My God, everybody's dressed up one way!' So I thought that's my type of humor." In Whimsical Creative Journey from PechaKucha Night Sacramento Vol. 26, Susan Silvester walks us through her artistic career, highlighting places where it was unheard-of for women to work. She inspires us to follow our where our creativity takes us, regardless of society’s expectations.

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A Freelancer's Journey in Kyoto

"Being able to just close your eyes and listen to the wind and the leaves blow... it really changes it completely for me and made my life a lot better." In A Freelancer's Journey in Kyoto from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 152, Sagar Patel shares his captivating journey as a foreigner in Japan and how he overcame life's struggles to become a successful freelancer in Kyoto while traveling the world and exploring nature.