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Sacramento @ Level Up Lounge - Outdoor Plaza
Nov 06, 2008


Santa Cruz, CA @ Motiv
Nov 14, 2012

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan
Oct 10, 2013


Dumaguete @ Byblos at Oriental Hall
Jul 23, 2015


Hamamatsu @ KAGIYAビル / KAGIYA Gallery
Mar 26, 2016


Hamamatsu @ KAGIYAビル / KAGIYA Gallery
Jun 11, 2016


Hamamatsu @ KAGIYAビル / KAGIYA Gallery
Oct 15, 2016


Vejle @ Spinderihallerne
Sep 18, 2018


Rugby @ Toolshed Cafe
Jul 11, 2019

03 SEP


Dunfermline @ Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries

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Bavarian Dialect

@ VOL 2 ON JAN 13, 2011

Time for a language lesson. In this presentation, Stephan Rockinger offers a very friendly introduction to the Bavarian dialect. (in German)

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An Introduction to Secular Buddhism

@ VOL 7 ON JAN 23, 2013

Ed Knuth talks about secular buddhism, and attempts to explain exactly what this belief system entails. He looks back to some of the early Buddhist teachings, and notes that the majority of these beliefs do not directly conflict with science, and as technology has progressed, may Buddhist teachers have pushed the faith forward with it. He argues that Buddhism can be seen as a science of the mind or spirit, not too different from psychology in some aspects.

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Introduction to Emergence Art Science

@ VOL 11 ON MAR 03, 2016

Shane Troubles has been involved in the arts in Townsville for over 10 years. He’s worked with Michelle Hall and many of the arts organisations to organise events, curate and install exhibitions. 

Emergence is the latest project Shane has worked on and is the third exhibition hosted by La Luna Youth Arts that promotes collaborations between artists and scientists.

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The Inpsirational Interiors of Ex-Council Homes in the UK

@ VOL 10 ON MAY 12, 2016

In this PechaKucha Sarah Thompson takes inside the unseen, unpublished and under promoted world of UK Council homes; and what a beautiful and delightful world it is!

Come on a journey with Sarah as she gives you a insight into how people manage to turn their 50 square metres of floorspace into beautiful / colourful / inspiring spaces that will make you want to run out and buy a pot of paint and some 70's curtains!

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Fun and Unique Outside Space

@ VOL 142 ON DEC 14, 2016

パブリックスペース特化型webマガジン『ソトノバ』は、 国内外のユニークなアイデアや事例、イベントレポートや書籍紹介など、編集長の泉山塁威さんを中心に日々情報発信を行っているウェブメディアです。 日本のパブリックスペースやソトを楽しくするために、専門家に役立ち、プレーヤーにソト使いのヒントを届けたいという思いを、“ソトを居場所に、イイバショに!”をキャッチに、様々な斬新なアイデアを発信してくださいます!

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A Short Introduction to the Principality of Wales

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 25, 2017

Patricia DeBruhl is a retired teacher and former resident of Wales who has lived in Warwick, New York for the last thirty seven years. The presentation gives a short introduction to various aspects of life in Wales, including some historical facts, cultural background and some of the beautiful scenery.
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An Introduction to Glass Bending


Sophie Pennetier realllly likes glass. Hot bent glass, cold bent glass, she loves it all! Listen to her PechaKucha presentation to learn about all types of glass production.

Sophie is a structural engineer at Arup in New York. She is involved in the design of non-conventional architectural projects and in research related to freeform geometry facades (Liquid Wall project, IAPP ARC project). Sophie is a member of ASCE and ASTM committees, associated to the development of structural glass standards in the US, and co-authored industry publications on cold bent glass.

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Una introducción a la gestión Cultural

@ VOL 1 ON DEC 21, 2017

Una previa introducción de la cultura actual en Trujillo. Gerardo Cailloma nos acerca a la realidad artística y cultural de Trujillo que ha tenido grandes cambios hasta el dìa de hoy. ¡Naveguemos esta historia en tiempo record!

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Introducing New Organisers

@ VOL 22 ON JUL 26, 2018

We are the new Pecha Kucha Perth Team!
Here is a presentation to introduce ourselves so you can get to know us:
(P.s sorry for lack of audio, we are new at this)
  1. My hair changes colours constantly
  2. I have a beautiful cat called Arya! Follow her on Instagram!
  3. I am always creating/ drawing/ making = Dutiful Flower
  4. I'm a FAIRY
  5. (Sometimes a West Coast Eagles fairy) and just casually talking to Nic Nat
  6. I work for DADAA - Providing access to arts and culture for people with disability or a lived experience of mental illness.
  1. I am from South Africa and here are some photos of when I went rooftop camping
  2. Currently completing my Masters at Curtin University
  3. My project explores the concept of Time and my focus is on installation and videography.
  4.  I am involved in running a group called Riverview Adventures. 
  5. One of the best Hikes I have ever done: Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii.
  6. This is my dog Odie, who thinks he is a human
  1. Currently completing my Masters at Curtin, focusing on Oil painting.
  2. My project explores the relationship between Childhood Memories and Place. 
  3. I have recently got involved in body painting. Skin is the new canvas
  4. I paint murals for schools
  5. I am also a FAIRY
  6. I Love creating cheese boards/grazing tables!!
  7. These are my pets: Captain Jack Sparrow the cat and Louie the dog! 



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Introduction to Devanagiri - Indian writing script

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 18, 2018

Fatema Barot Mota gives us a short introduction to how the structure of Indian written script Devnagiri is different from Latin scripts. She also explains how the Indian alphabets work together in the Abugida system.


Who's Driving this Thing?!

So really, who's driving this thing?!    Now that the first of our events in under our belts we want to reach out and tell you a little about why we are excited about PKN!   First at bat - Crystal Gale Phelps!   Hey - I'm Crystal - an artist and lady-boss here in Toledo. I jumped into organizing PKN as a volunteer in 2010 because I experienced PKN in other cities and thought Toledo could benefit from the experience. Toledo deserves an event format that is not stuffy and full of pressure - an event with the ability to share their ideas in a relaxed way. Nothing else here is quite like it, making it a great fit for Toledo.    Next up - the rookie - Maureen Brogan!   Hey! I'm Maureen - a facebook posting, event planning, dance party destroying geek in Toledo. I met Crystal through a friend named Kim - another lady-boss and former organizer of PKN Toledo. I showed up at their event hosted at Toledo Museum of Art and knew I wanted to be a part of the awesome feeling this event brings to my city. Born and raised in Toledo I grew up with the idea that there was nothing to do here. As I become an adult (let's be honest - it's an ongoing process for us all) I continue to meet amazing people making things happen. Forget that boring idea that there is nothing to do - make your own waves! I'm excited for the wave PKN has made and will continue to make here in Toledo! 

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Introduction of Vitek Kocandrle

Friday is here! And we have the pleasure to introduce our speaker: Vitek Kocandrle and one of his magnificent photos. Enjoy weekend! Pecha Kucha Wanaka crew


Introduction of Lynne Christie

Hi. Today we have the pleasure to introduce our speaker & sound artist Lynne Christie. Lynne is committed in her vision of NZ artists becoming a global economic force within the Creative Industries, and offering young people a productive, expressive outlet. Recognising the power of music not only in uniting people but introducing people to ‘their tribe, Lynne shares her passion of all things noisy. Check her website out to see more: Have a great Monday evening. PKN Wanaka crew

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Introduction of Paul Roy

Hello Wanaka! The speaker of day is producer, director, cinematographer and writer Paul Roy from Wanaka. Paul has been making documentaries and observational documentary series for major television networks for nearly 40 years in over 40 countries around the world. He has also photographed for and published in national magazines and newspapers. There is no doubt he will show us pretty amazing stuff! Check his websites at links below:http://www.paulroy41.com

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Introduction of Esther Dexter

Hi Pecha Kucha peeps! The speaker of day is Esther Dexter from Queensberry. Esther is a Central Otago artist with a love for the outdoors. Coming from an artistic family, her flair for design is evident in the simple lines and minimalistic colour usage that dominate much of her work. She has also revealed her presentation topics to us. It will be: “Communicating through art & encouraging people to understand the messages behind her artworks, to see beyond the obvious and tounderstand how to use art as a method of communication.” Check her websites at links below: Have a nice hump day eve ;) PKN crew

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Introduction of Jackson Wells

Before the sun sets, we have a pleasure to introduce you one more person who loves snow: Jackson Wells. Jackson is the youngest from the Wells brothers. He added a new trick, a switch quad 1620, into the trick lexicon this winter. In the age 18, he is the first on the world to do the quad cork - four spins - on skis. Skiing since the age of three, Jackson oozes pure enjoyment on snow and is easy to spot from the huge grin on his face. Jackson represented NZ in freeski at the 2014 and 2015 FIS Junior World Champs and at the 2016 Youth Olympic Winter Games. His disciplines are Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big Air.   Picture by Hannah Peters.

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Introduction of Gabriel Mazur

Hey Wanaka folks! Hope you had an adventurous weekend. Today we introduce a speaker Gabriel Mazur. He is an International Mountain Guide and he is going to talk about topic "Home is where my ... is." It is going to be very interesting to hear stories of traveling to the mountains and what the word HOME means to him.

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Introduction of Artist Robyn Bardas

Good evening, we have a pleasure to announce a painter Robyn Bardas. Artist Robyn Bardas came to Wanaka for a week-long ski holiday 20 years ago and stayed. She has explored emotive responses to land in several multimedia art works and a dissertation for her Otago Polytechnic Masters degree in Fine Arts.Robyn will be sharing with us "Ways to think about a horizon line, and the Central Otago landscape".

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Introduction of Alex Guichard

Here is our another speaker for Friday's night at Rippon Hall! Alex Guichard is a founder and CEO in the Revology. Revology ambition is to go as far as possible in the design and development of new products, using natural composite and bio-based materials that bring added benefits to the consumer. The inspiration for their design come from two spheres - the natural world and the design past. Alex will share with us the reinvention of the Bistrot Chair and the definition of New Luxury. revology.com PKN Wanaka crew

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Introduction of Luke Wilson

Hi Wanaka and whole Pecha Kucha audience! Here is another special PKN presenter! Luke Wilson will share his passion with us on coming Friday at Rippon Hall. Luke Wilson is super unique with his metal creations and things that he is creating out of recycled materials. Luke has taken out the overall prize at the Wanaka Arts Society Labour Weekend Exibition for his sculpture titled Cutlery Kea. This one will be just rad. Stoked?PKN crew