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Hiking Trip to the Himalayas

@ VOL 4 ON NOV 12, 2010

HP Kuhnert went on a hiking trip to the Himalayas in Nepal, and in this richly illustrated presentation he shares his travel experiences and his impressions from a country that is so very different. The photos will make you want to experience these beautiful landscapes first-hand. (in German)

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Trekking In Nepal

@ VOL 15 ON DEC 06, 2012

Susan Olin recounts her time spent trekking in Nepal. In this adventurous presentation she describes how the scenery, the people, the monasteries, and the experiences impacted her life. 

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Inspired by Nepal, a Langtang Ago


Prior to establishing himself in Tokyo over a decade ago, Brian Scott Peterson made a trip half way around the world to, in his words "the mystifyingly scenic", country of Nepal. In a wonderlust quest for "adventure of most epic proportions", Peterson set off from age-old city Kathmandu, long-hauling across treacherous trail to the Himalayan kingdoms highest peaks, to the remote mountainous village of Langtang, a journey against all others after would be measured.  

Heartbroken to see the recent devastation and disastrous loss of the place that forever changed his life, he offers this emotional tale of his sojourn there, simply as a starting point.  

No stranger to disaster response, Peterson hopes to eventually repeat in Nepal his successful volunteer effort from Japan, the family photo rebuilding project Photohoku

Finally he asks, "How can the tried and true creativity in the greater PechaKucha community rally to share stories and support for Nepal?"

Check out his past presentations about Photohoku:


Photohoku 2.0

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PechaKucha Inspires Nepal

@ VOL 126 ON JUN 24, 2015

"Anybody who has a story to share about Nepal can make a presentation, record it, send it to us, and we can put it on our PechaKucha Inspire Channel."

At PechaKucha Tokyo's Vol. 126, co-founders Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein re-launched their disaster response initiative, "PechaKucha Inspire", this time for the heavily earthquake-hit Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. 

Building on their experiences with the ongoing PechaKucha Inspire JAPAN effort, where an ever-growing collection of Japan inspiring presentations made at PKN around the world, are being added to, shared, and viewed nearly 100,000 times through the PechaKucha website, PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL will be more nimble, allowing anyone to make a presentation and send it directly to us to upload on the Inspire NEPAL Channel.

PechaKucha's simple and accessible format combined with a tried and tested worldwide network of creativity proves again how we can rally together to truly make a difference in the world. Be inspired by this compelling presentation to share YOUR story and in turn inspire Nepal back to it's beautiful self! 

To share your story, send us a mail at

Thank you!

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 1st, 2015.

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Mountains of Support for Nepal

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

"The media has long since moved on from Nepal...but if I can get one thing across to everyone here today it would be that if do want to do something, you haven't missed the boat."

In Mountains of Support for Nepal from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 127, International Disaster Relief Coordinator for NGO PeaceBoat, Robin Lewis, shares his passion of being a humanitarian aide worker, hoping to raise awareness through his experiences working in areas hit by disasters, most recently Nepal. Here is discusses the situation on the ground in Kathmandu and in the outlying rural areas, highlighting the various response initiatives he and his team have conducted, and the challenges still faced by the Nepalese people living there.

To learn more about Peace Boat's efforts in Nepal, and to get involved yourself, visit their website.

This presentation will be added to our PechaKucha Inspire Nepal Channel. Have a look and be inspired to share your story of Nepal!

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Friday, August 7th, 2015.

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Quilts for Nepal

ON AUG 05, 2015

"This is not a slow intricate work of art. It's a quick way of making a warm cover for someone who has lost everything and needs the basics of existence."

Unsuspecting librarian by weekday, vigilante heroine seamstress by weekend, Scotswoman Karen McAulay takes the Inspire Nepal stage by sharing her story of a unique volunteer project that aims to provide disaster-struck Nepal with something we can all appreciate, the warmth of a hand-made quilt.

McAulay doesn't wait for her city's next PKN, rather putting her slides and audio together for a PechaKucha Night of one, in her own home in front of her computer. Listen to her presentation and be moved to share YOUR story of Nepal, inspiring the country back to it's vibrant self!

To learn how to contribute to the PechaKucha Inspire Nepal Channel, have a look at our recent newsletter or send us a mail at a with your story!

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Himalayan DIY'n

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 03, 2015

"It's an important and powerful time.  It's also an opportunity for us to re-write the book on how earthquakes go in developing nations."

In Himalayan DIY'n from PechaKucha Katmandu Vol. 13, and as part of our Inspire Nepal Initiative, Ben Ayers, a long term expatriate resident of Nepal tells a few stories about how locals organized themselves after the earthquake, and how the inherent resiliency of Nepalis will be the key to the reconstruction.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Monday, Aug 24th, 2015.

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Civic Hacking in Nepal

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 03, 2015

Mike Zuckerman offers up some personal insights and some inspirational ideas for the what could possibly be the silver lining in Nepal's rebuilding post-earthquake. Moved by a friend who tragically perished on Mt. Everest, he suggests the time is now or never, proposing a bold vision of making creative new cities in the aftermath of disaster that can be a better reflections of the wishes and dreams of its inhabitants.

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Rebuilding the Future of Nepal

ON SEP 29, 2015

"We cannot control nature. It does what it does. However we can control human nature and our ability to work together in the face of these odds."

In Rebuilding the Future of Nepal, from our Inspire Nepal Channel, Nevo Shinaar shares the story of his involvement in the Earthquake in Nepal in 2015. After committing for 10 month's work as a volunteer in Nepal, aimed to help rural communities become more resilient to globalisation and external changes, and to enhance their quality of life, Shinaar had such a meaningful experience that he decided to stay longer and facilitate a new group of volunteers. Within another 8 months, the ravaging earthquake sent the entire country into a state of disarray particularly the very communities with with whom he'd be working. In trying to address the needs of these communities in ways that were most relevant and effective he learned some life lessons, and shares them with us here.

This was "Presenation of the Day" on Friday October 2nd, 2015.

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@ VOL 43 ON AUG 27, 2015

El 25 de abril de 2015 la tierra se movió en Nepal, sacudiendo la vida de toda una nación y la del crew de documentalistas de –scopio. Lo que comenzó como un intento de compartir historias inspiradoras de individuos Nepalíes en situaciones adversas, resultó en la documentación de la perseverancia del espíritu de un país luchando por sobrevivir. A una colección de momentos que hacen doler el alma y de los que surge el más hondo instinto de hermandad humana.

Les compartimos nuestra experiencia, nuestro próximo documental y por qué es tan importante para nosotros que escuchen estas historias.


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Inspire Japan Channel

Just 4 weeks after the events of 3/11 in Japan, the worldwide PechaKucha community came together to "Inspire Japan." Over $85,000 was raised for Architecture for Humanity and ArchiAid during a non-stop 24-hour PechaKucha event that circled the globe. The process of re-growth is ongoing, and presentations will continue to be added as we continue to inspire.

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Inspire Nepal Channel

After the events of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire Nepal". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Nepal here. Get in touch with us via

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Inspire Christchurch Channel

After the events of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire New Zealand". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Christchurch here. Get in touch with us via

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In the wake of devastation wreaked by natural disasters globally, PechaKucha seeks to assist in the re-development of all affected regions via the INSPIRE initiative. The road to recovery is a long one, and YOU can help inspire regrowth by sharing your stories here. Get in touch with us via to begin.


Kosice @ Tabacka
Apr 16, 2011


Genève @ Club Alpin Suisse
Apr 16, 2011

PAST Inspire Japan

Tokyo @ Tokyo City View Roppongi Hills 52F
Apr 16, 2011


Nagano @ Gishodo - Suwako watch and clock museum
Apr 16, 2011


Rotherham @ Imperial Buildings
Jun 21, 2012


Apr 16, 2011


Cairo @ The District
Nov 23, 2013


Lagos @ TerraKulture
Apr 19, 2011


Iloilo @ Casa Real Gallery, Casa Real (Old Capitol Building)
Aug 13, 2016


May 04, 2017

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Unlocking Inspiration

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 28, 2015

Dani Barge explores the ways that creative people of varying disciplines find and cultivate inspiration.

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Passion For People And Stories

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 28, 2015

"Everything is changing and it's driving me mad but I have to accept it, and that's kind fun."

In "Passion For People And Stories" from PechaKucha Night York, Vol. 9Mike Cooper discusses his mantra of "everything has a story" and shares his thoughts on not getting caught up in the what of what you do, but instead being able to focus on the why.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday Nov. 10th, 2015.

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Airy Architecture

@ VOL 137 ON JUN 29, 2016

建築家の近藤哲雄さんは、 妹島和世建築設計事務所/SANAA を経てご自身の設計事務所を設立しました。家具、建築、インスタレーションなど様々なプロジェクトに従事し受賞暦も多く、今後の益々のご活躍が期待されます。 プレゼンテーションでは、国内外でこれまで手掛けた作品や、現在進行中のプロジェクトも披露してくださいます!

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My Inspirations

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 25, 2016

The Australian artist Tim Humphrey shares things that inspire him as an artist and a person.

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Let's Talk: Getting Real About The 'Isms'


We believe that in order to build the bridges and break down walls, we must be willing to tackle all the "isms".  We must be willing to not just acknowledge them, but actively seek to oppose them.  Our approach to conversations about race, class, and gender forcuses on discussion about undoing systems of privilege and oppression.  My presentation would discuss how we help people make real chang and have honest convesation during our workshops!

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The World Marathon Majors

@ VOL 12 ON APR 25, 2019

"My running career started in 2011 when I accidentally caught diabetes and so my first job was to buy a pair of running shoes and sign-up for a couch to 5k."

Stephen Ferguson talks to us about the challenge of running his first marathon and that this inspired him to continue running and be awarded the World Marathon Majors, a medal won by fewer people than have climbed Mount Everest. 


Inspire Christchurch

Although the focus of our upcoming Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan fundraiser, we have not forgotten our friends in Christchurch, and we are very happy to announce that PKN Christchurch organizer Vanessa Coxhead and her team will be kicking off the whole event. We include here a press release from Vanessa that details the Christchurch event. PKN_CHCH_10 SPECIAL EDITION “Inspire Christchurch” Kick-starting Global PechaKucha Day – Inspire Japan Saturday 16 April 2011 Doors open 7.30pm / start 8.20pm Addington Coffee Co-op 297 Lincoln Road Addington Entry by koha. All funds raised on the night will be distributed to Architecture for Humanity's current rebuilding effort in Christchurch and the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Limited capacity. Cash bar only. On 22 February, as Christchurch was preparing to rebuild after the 4 September Canterbury Earthquake, the earth shook and again we have found ourselves in recovery mode, mourning the loss of lives, livelihoods, beloved places and spaces, our much loved heritage and our homes. Then on 11 March, Japan suffered an earthquake and tsunami that destroyed 400km of coastline, killed over 10,000 people, left 400,000 people homeless, and triggered a nuclear situation that is still unfolding. Now both Christchurch and the effected parts of Japan find themselves facing the difficulties and opportunities of rebuilding after significant natural disasters. Please join us on 16 April for PechaKucha Night Christchurch 10 SPECIAL EDITION “Inspire Christchurch” and be a part of Global PechaKucha Day – Inspire Japan. Japan has inspired designers for many generations. It is where PechaKucha Night was born which has turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities around the world, inspiring creatives worldwide. Let's all come together and show Christchurch and Japan that the creative world is thinking of them, that all is not lost, and that it is possible to stand up and rebuild, even in the suburbs and towns which have been completely destroyed. With creativity and passion, anything is possible. THINK / PARTICIPATE / DONATE / INSPIRE On 16 April, many of the 400 PechaKucha cities around the world will come together and hold events, broadcasting out to the world over multiple Ustreams. Here in Christchurch we’ll be holding an event at Addington Coffee Co-op and kick-starting the global event via Ustream. The 20x20 presentations will be focused on 3 main themes INSPIRATION, ISSUES, RECOVERY. They could be simply about things that inspire us, or how Christchurch or Japan has inspired you. Great ideas or solutions that help deal with the issues at hand whether earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster. Or focusing on the road to recovery. On 16 April hundreds of 20x20 presentations will be made around the world and we hope that you’ll be one of them. If you, or someone you know, are interested in presenting please get in touch. You can email me at or contact me on 027 660 6437. Find a city near you and attend or watch on Ustream. Donate at the door or online.

Large wide xalapa inspire japan poster

PKN Xalapa + Inspire Japan

Xalapa will take part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16, and you'll find details for the event on the poster above. Organizer Ivan Mejia also tells us that he'll be streaming the event, so look to the Inspire Japan site on that day to find Xalapa and many other cities streaming their local events.

Large wide lagos inspire japan poster

PKN Lagos + Inspire Japan

Lagos will be participating in the Inspire Japan fundraiser with a PechaKucha Night set to happen April 19 at the TerraKulture Gallery, from 18:00. The poster was designed by Olusola Akinseye, who is also one of the presenters for the evening.

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PechaKucha Inspire Nepal Channel

In the wake of the terrible devastation from the earthquake in Nepal, we have decided to set up the PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL initiative. No matter where you are in the world, you can share your stories and experiences of Nepal in the PechaKucha 20x20 format to help inspire the country back to its vibrant and colourful self. PechaKucha Inspire Nepal will also act as a platform to share the good news about reconstruction in the country. Building on our experience with PechaKucha Inspire JAPAN where over 50 presentations — made at PechaKucha Nights around the world — were uploaded to the PechaKucha website and have been viewed nearly 100,000 times, PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL will be more nimble, allowing ANYONE to make a presentation and send it to us for upload to the Inspire NEPAL Channel. If you have a story to share about Nepal for our channel, start by sending us a mail here: inspire@pechakucha.orgHow can you take part? Option 1: Team up with your local PechaKucha Night and present! Simply click here to find if there is a PKN happening soon near you. Option 2: Simply create a PechaKucha Presentation in Keynote or Powerpoint with 20 images that auto advance every 20 seconds. Gather a few friends around a kitchen table or meeting room and record your presentions just like Brian did (see below), right here at PechaKucha HQ. Is there going to be a big global event similar to the one we held for Inspire JAPAN? We have decided that such events take up vast resources especially at PechaKucha HQ. And we want to allow future PechaKucha Inspire projects to be set up quickly. Are we going to be raising money? Other people do this much better than we can - so we are going to focus on inspiring and getting the good news there. BUT if we find people or companies that want to donate to the project they find on PechaKucha Inspire Nepal, we can help facilitate that. Send us a mail at All money will go to hands an organisation on the ground that we have personal contacts with. We have been in touch close with PechaKucha Kathmandu. Our City Organizer there, Sujan and his teams are safe and working on the relief efforts in their community, and will be holding a special PechaKucha Night there July 7th. All those presentations will of course be added to the Inspire NEPAL Channel. Check out the PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL Channel - This is just the beginning, but please help fill it with YOUR amazing stories of and from Nepal and together we can make some beneficial connections, and in turn, Inspire Nepal. Mail us with your story!

Large wide pk inspire nepal redcurves

PechaKucha Inspire Nepal

After the events of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire Nepal". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Nepal here. Get in touch with us via


So you've been chosen to present? Here's what you need to know.

SO YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN TO PRESENT You’ve gotten over the hard part of whether to take on the challenge to get up there in front of a large audience.  Congratulations!  Now here’s what you need to know. Invite your friends. Remember to invite your friends and family to attend! Visit our Facebook Page. You're on the List. Each of you will have received an invitation to create or update your speaker profile on the global Pecha Kucha website. Once you update your profile (or even if you don't), it'll be listed in the cities. Follow the Pecha Kucha Format. In the spirit of following the global Pecha Kucha format, we ask that you show a total of 20 slides (images - minimal text if any) and speak about each slide for 20 seconds during your presentation. This gives you a total of six minutes and 40 seconds to present.   No sales pitches. Our audiences can smell a sales pitch a mile away. Please, no overt selling. Create your presentation in PowerPoint. We prefer that you submit your presentation already in PowerPoint. If you don’t have PowerPoint let us know and we’ll work with you. You don’t need to include a title slide. Use your 20 slides for content and images; we’ll handle your introduction so you can focus on your story. Our emcee will introduce you by reading your bio, and our designers will create a transition slide with your name, organization, and topic listed. Tips for your PowerPoint Use the standard Page Setup (Slides sized for On-screen Show (4:3), Width: 10 Inches, Height: 7.5 Inches) Save images at 72 dpi to reduce the file size. In the “View” menu select “Slide Sorter” Hit Ctrl+a to select all slides. Select “Transitions” Uncheck “On Mouse Click” Check “After” and change the timing to 00:20.00 View your slideshow to test your presentation. Roadblocks happen.    So you thought you wanted to present about your business, company or your product but learned that it’s not a sales pitch.  You start doubting yourself and how you’re going to talk.  Don’t let yourself choke and default to what is comfortable.  Pecha Kucha is all about sharing your story, your passion, an idea, YOU.  If you need guidance, our volunteer organizers are here to support you.  Watch some presentations and get inspired.  It isn’t about a company.  It is about the person driving it.  We want to hear all about YOU.    For you aspiring presenters, apply to present by clicking on the link

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PechaKucha's Call to Inspire NEPAL!

PechaKucha's keeps the call loud and open for you submissions to our Inspire Nepal initiative! Learn how to easily share your story or project about Nepal in the PK 20x20 way by visiting our PechaKucha Inspire Nepal Channel and together lets inspire Nepal by to its vibrant and colorful self! 

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The PechaKucha Global Community sends out some much deserved love and inspiration to Netta, Erica, and our extended family in Christchurch New Zealand, who at this very moment on Mar 2nd 2016, are hosting there 26th Vol. of PKN! Five years ago this week, Christchurch suffered a massive earthquake that rattled their city but not their spirits. When Japan's massive quake occurred just a few short weeks later, Christchurch despite their own tragedy, were the first to PechaKucha shores with blinding support. A true testament of their community's good will.   Even though 5 year have passed, the road to reconstruction continues, reflected in the many PechaKucha presentations about Christchurch rebuilding. And as a very small, and very late but sincere token of our gratitude to their commitment to Japan in our time of need, we're launching INSPIRE CHRISTCHURCH in an effort to keep the spotlight shining on their city.   Share your story of Christchurch with us, and together let's INSPIRE CHRISTCHURCH to it's vibrant self.  

Large wide pechakucha night tokyo vol 135

A Night to Inspire

PKN Tokyo aims for a special night. We will be connecting LIVE with our PechaKucha teams from Kumamoto and Ecuador for two presentations. Both cities are struggling in the wake of powerful earthquakes and, technology permitting, each city will present LIVE about the current situation, and what we can do help. 

Large wide pechakucha vol21

PechaKucha Night Townsville VOL. 21

See you all tonight!