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@ VOL 92 ON MAY 30, 2012

Takashi Tsunoda (of Twelvetone) speaks on his wonderful paper toys, and how he creates them with the intention of inspiring children to customize and create their own figures. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

"Presentation of the Day" on August 21, 2013.

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20 Years in Japan

@ VOL 95 ON SEP 26, 2012

Don Kratzer has lived in Japan for 20 years, and following the PK 20x20 format, shares what he's been up to all this time using one image for each year.

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Micro Sofubi

@ VOL 99 ON JAN 23, 2013

What is Micro Sofubi? Let our resident vinyl toy expert Don Kratzer guide you through the ins and outs of this category of figures he has so much love for -- and he hopes you'll love them too.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 26, 2013.

PechaKucha Night公式ウェブサイトで26日に「今日のプレゼンテーション」に選ばれたDonさんのミクロソフビプレゼンテーションをご紹介します。



What Color is Godzilla?


Don Kratzer attempts to answer the controversial question, "What Color is Godzilla?" Plus, other über-toy-nerd trivia concerning the color green.

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The Japan Superhero Boom and the Pachimon Phenomenon 1971-1975

@ VOL 103 ON MAY 29, 2013

Don Kratzer adds to his collection of PechaKucha presentations dealing with the Japanese toy and figure scene with a new installment, this time looking at the explosion of Superheros on Japanese TV and popular culture In the early 1970s. Check out the cast of characters, the amazing vinyl toys, and the charming "pachimon" (bootleg) phenomenon of this bygone era.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 7, 2013.

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What is Sofubi?

@ VOL 110 ON JAN 22, 2014

The prolific international figure researcher Don "Datadub" Kratzer does it once again -- an in-depth discussion on the history and creation of sofubi or soft-vinyl toys. Perk up your ears as he offers sweet, colorful nuggets of information on the fascinating mid-20th century products. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 7, 2014.

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Custom Character Culture for Causes

@ VOL 117 ON SEP 24, 2014

Don Kratzer is mad about indie toys. He not only admires and collects them, but also puts together art shows for artist all over the world to get together to cusomize their own toy ideas, and share art. 

"Presentation of the Day" on October 24, 2014.

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What Music Can do for the World

@ VOL 125 ON MAY 28, 2015



Sofubi: Soft Vinyl


"When I say factory, it's often a 60 or 70-year old guy who has a shed out by the side of his house. He's pouring the the plastisol, and running it through the process, pulling out the pieces by hand, one by one."

In Sofubi: Soft Vinyl from PechaKucha Night Special @ Autodesk Pop-Up in TokyoDon Kratzer discusses soft vinyl as a medium, and particularly soft vinyl toys made in Japan. Versatile and vibrant, it has been used for generations as a medium for making toys and figurines that is proven to last. With advancements in digital technology, new opportunities are presented to those who design sofubi figures and collectibles.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, January 23rd, 2016. 

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#conlife: Toy Conventions around the World

@ VOL 143 ON JAN 25, 2017

"The toys are amazing but the best part is meeting all the people."

Don Kratzer has been involved in the Indie Toy Scene for over a decade and has spent the past year traveling to Toy Conventions all over the world. In #conlife: Toy Conventions around the World, from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 142, he shares his insights into the idiosyncrasies of each local scene and how they relate to the global Art Toy movement.


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BitSummit Channel

BitSummit is a new conference in Western Japan for indie developers to showcase ideas and meet with publishers. For this year's BitSummit MMXIV (March 7-9) the festival has expanded in size, length, and quality, with three days worth of guest speakers and musical guests, combined together in an event unlike anything ever seen.


Zagreb @ Jedinstvo/Močvara
Jul 01, 2010


Toronto @ The Garrison
Nov 03, 2011


Tulsa @ Living ArtSpace
Jul 14, 2012


Växjö @ Smålands museum / Kulturpark Småland
Apr 25, 2013


Makassar @ Kedai Buku Jenny
Apr 21, 2013


Springfield, MO
Jul 06, 2013

PAST Tokyo Game Show 2014

BitSummit @ Makuhari Messe
Sep 18, 2014


Bandung @ Lokasi
Apr 06, 2019


Shenzhen @ Upper Hills
Aug 28, 2019

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The Indie Game Revolution

@ VOL 29 ON MAR 04, 2014

Max Temkin talks about the revolutionary change in the computer gaming industry from publisher and distributor producted games to independent games that could be sold directly to the customer. Temkin gives an overview of independenly created games, like minecraft, fez, and spleunky, in order to show what great games (and great art forms) could be created outside publisher and distributor influences. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 2, 2014.

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Lupe Toys

@ VOL 41 ON APR 30, 2015

Diseña productos divertidos e innovadores para gente de todos los géneros, edades, idiomas y culturas que fortalecen la apreciación por la naturaleza y desarrollan habilidades esenciales para reforzar el aprendizaje intuitivo y estimular la creatividad.

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Doing what I do; Playing.

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 18, 2016

10 year-old, Issac Holliday, Accident's youngest presenter, discusses a wonderful business opportunity in his home of Grantsville, Maryland. All he wants is a toy store. Enjoy his dynamic presentation of what he enjoys, toys and how he hopes to get a toy store to his town. 

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The Mystery League

@ VOL 39 ON SEP 06, 2016

Sandy Weisz, founder of the Mystery League,  is a purveyor of puzzle hunts.

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Cerita Cemprut

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 28, 2017

Indie crafter Cerita Cemprut loves to make a dolls or plushies present to us a several concept of her masterpieces. Every dolls that she created have a their own story, each one of them.

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Big World- Little Toys


Diedra Petrina did not plan on motherhood, but her surprise path led her down another one, well designed, responsible toys.

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From using to making

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 31, 2019

PETER PANG from Ensign of Base, shares his journey from serving in the British Army to making military toys which preserve history and memory in a special form of craftsmanship. 

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Understanding Dubai, Twelvetone's Paper Toys, and PechaKuching in Koszalin

Presentations Although they joke that it's a city made up of "buildings and fountains," there is in fact a lot more to Dubai than just those two things, and in this presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 92) by Ahmed and Rashid Bin Shabib, you'll see an amazing city in rapid development. Ahmed and Rashid are also behind Brownbook magazine. We're big fans of Takashi Tsunoda (aka Twelvetone) and his wonderful paper toys, and "PLAY-DECO" (in Japanese, and also from PKN Tokyo Vol. 92) will go a long way in showing you why they are so great. Posters We have no new additions to our Tumblr blog today, so instead we share (above) a poster that we uploaded a few days ago, for the upcoming PKN Vancouver Vol. 22 -- tickets just went on sale, and apparently are already sold-out.  Photos and Report Today we have one photo gallery [Picassa] to share, from the recent PKN Koszalin Vol. 9, which as you'll see -- and like we mentioned a week or two ago -- was held in the city's largest venue. Here's a report from PKN Koszalin organizer Gall Podlaszewski on the challenges that using a venue of that size meant for him and his team.Our weirdest PechaKucha Night is over. Long before it happened, we sensed it wouldn't be easy to attack the biggest venue in town (and in this part of Poland) with our really simple means. During the event, for some security reasons, it turned out to be impossible to turn off the lights. This made it pretty hard for the scattered audience in the enormous open-air theatre to focus on the slides. We were, of course, not thinking that we would touch the record audiences that go to the Tel Aviv events. PKN Koszalin's family accounts for a good 150 people. As always, several presentations were really great, we got good media coverage, and the experience of conquering the amphitheatre was super positive. The next day, unlocking my bike left under the amphitheatre, I was relieved to think: how wonderful it is, this feeling of pechakuching the city...Calendar First, a reminder of the events happening tonight, this first day of June: PKN Bucharest Vol. 9, PKN Tallinn Vol. 4, PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 3, PKN Kumamoto Vol. 3, and PKN Bangor Vol. 5. It's a quiet weekend, with only one event on tap, but a first, since it's for PKN Kilkenny Vol. 1. And if you want to plan your Monday in advance, take note that Stockholm will be hosting its Vol. 34.

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Micro Sofubi

Wait, you didn't think that "Presentation of the Day" was just a weekday thing, did you? We want to make sure that even on a Saturday, you can start the day off with one of our favorites PechaKucha presentations. Today we highlight a presentation by Don Kratzer, from this past Wednesday's PKN Tokyo Vol. 99. What is Micro Sofubi? Let our resident vinyl toy expert guide you through the ins and outs of this category of figures he has so much love for -- and that he hopes you'll love too.

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Don Kratzer

Did you enjoy Don Kratzer's "What Color is Godzilla?" presentation from last week's special PK event? It ended with a "to be continued," which he will do at next week's Vol. 103. Watch Don's Godzilla presentation (with a nod to green heroes) here.Heineken Star LoungeのPechaKuchaにて、緑の怪獣プレゼンテーションで楽しませてくださったDon Kratzerさんが、5月29日のPechaKucha Night 東京にも引き続き登場です!

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Don Kratzer

Don Kratzer is a good friend to PechaKucha, and he will take part in this Friday's PechaKucha Night Vol. 106 -- our PechaKucha Global Night edition -- with a presentation that ties into the series he's done in the past, but also tying in to our "hidden heroes" theme. Watch Don's previous PK presentations.怪獣やフィギュアプレゼンテーションでおなじみのDon Kratzerさんが今回は「隠れたヒーロー」のテーマのための特別な発表を用意してくださいました(9月20日金曜日にて)。

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Hermosillo Night #2

Hermosillo, Sonora, México. October 10, 2013. With double the assistance and double the fun, Hermosillo presented its second PechaKucha Night at the mecca of indie/local music "Backroom". Mexican sculptor Enrique Aviléz was the first presenter on stage and took us around his life-long journey of working with stone, copper, several types of clay, glass, wood and any other material that will help in the execution of his multiple ideas influenced entirely by the local culture. Enrique shared with us an interesting point of view: he believes the name of the streets in a city shapes its identity, just like certain features define us as a human being. Find more about Enrique here. Graphic designer and photographer Alejo Gastélum invited us to witness his collection of Art Toys, inspired by a well-known toy brand. He showed a passion for geometric shapes and optical illusions and his experience and thoughts about working with logotypes and branding for local businesses. Find more about Alejo here. Following the format and taking advantage of it, Desierto Indie gave us a packed-full of ideas presentation. Their project consists of documenting local gigs and cultural events with videos and photographs but the core idea behind it is allowing the future generations consult this sort of "gig/event library" to let them know how cool Hermosillo's music scene "was" in 2013. Their motivation also consists on expanding the art variety in the city and creating a historic archive of the current art movement. Surf Desierto Indie's library here. Next to Desierto Indie, David Norzagaray captivated the crowd with such interesting project which consists on producing music to use as therapy for disabled people. All of this, fusioned with his passion for Mexico and most of all, the northern Mexico's chords of the Sonoran desert. David's most recent execution includes a music album for kids with lyrics completely inspired by universal literature. Find more about David's work here. Speaking of captivating, Daniel Ríos showed us the massive influence on todays creative processes and its results from a speedy technology development perspective. How different the art-creating life was back then where videos were literally 'cut' and 'glued' back together and how simple it is today by just tapping a few times on a super-clear display and upload it anywhere within minutes. Find more about Daniel here. Miguel Franco's presentation was as brilliant as his cinematography career. His experience has given him plenty of emotions and character including probably the most important: perseverance and stepping out of the comfort zone. Miguel told us how film has been his dream since he was a kid and all the trouble and happiness this has brought to him including a few career-threatening accidents. Find more about Miguel here. Mexican fashion designer Isa Valdéz shared with us her creative process inside the fashion/textile business and the different ways she chooses to come up with a method to execute an idea and the mysterious places she can get into, obtaining as a result always three ideas at once. She compares it to solving a puzzle. Her main goal is creating an emotion in her and the spectator at once. This way, Isa feels she connects with the world, being her little daughter a fundamental part of her motor. Find more about Isa here. Carlos Iván was one of those extra-interesting presenters. He photographs abandoned houses, cars, towns and all sort of situations that tell a story to his camera lens. Carlos perspective certainly showed us through his pictures the beauty of isolated objects, almost as if they were beautiful sculptures in the middle of nowhere narrating a charming tale. Find more about Carlos here. After a successful beer break, Miriam Salado was kind enough to explain from top to bottom, the meticulous process of building an art exhibition. Her paintings, part of "Muerte y Gloria (Death and Glory)" show the heavy influence of mexican-american cultures in clothing, habits and the new ways of living and gave Miriam a second place in the 8th Visual Art Biennale of Sonora. Find more about Miriam here. "Sin Llorar (No crying)" consists of a determined couple of local artists who came to revolutionize the custom tattoo industry in the community with their high-quality custom art. They shared with us the complexity of the process and the hard work it requires to usually compress a lot of feelings onto one little graphic on the customer's skin. Be brave and make an appointment here. Fernando Valles a local TV host, gave us an insight on rustic to modern video-making, the television life and the long ride he has experienced with "Video Track", a tv show aimed at young visual art enthusiasts. Find more about Fernando and Video Track here. Our next presenter was the shocking moment of the night. Mexican radio/voice-creative César Parra amazed us with his broad experience with radio, jingles and advertising. He has provided professional voice services for Pepsi and other famous brands. We all cheered and squeaked in happiness the very moment he started performing the voice of several Thundercats characters (cartoon) on stage as he worked in the project back then. We were so astonished by his presentation that none of us remembered to snap a pic. :( Find more about Cesar here. Our next presenter Keops took the stage and taught us about the importance of co-working and the amazing results it produces. His presentation included a well resumed list of benefits from working along with other creative people and how far and big a project can turn with just the right combination of people, all started with just a simple idea. Find more about Keops here. Sergio Durón was one of our last presenters but managed to keep our already tipsy heads with his clever work. His broad graphic design experience involves several local communities, being the most famous "Bikes & Beers" where the Hermosillo bike enthusiasts gather at a certain landmark, travel for a few kilometers and finish at a bar having a couple of beers and sharing the fandom. Find more about Sergio here. Our last presenter Javier Quiñonez gave us a tour around the geology of the city. Being the "Cerro de la Campana (Bell Hill)" one of the most important landmarks in the city, he taught us about the resonancy of the rocks surrounding said landmark, therefore the name of the famous hill that can be seen almost from every point in Hermosillo on a clear day. Find more of Javier here.  Thanks again to PechaKucha in Tokyo for letting us hold the event in Hermosillo and being part of the Global Night that we enjoyed so much. We would also like to thank Backroom for letting us host the event in this venue. -Elizabeth Torres         Photos by: Carolina Fierros and E. Torres.  

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PechaKucha at BitSummit

We're happy to be taking part in this coming weekend's BitSummit indie game festival in Kyoto (March 7-9), and we'll be doing something a bit different, recording presentations on-site with participating developers. The results will be published on the BitSummit Channel.

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The Indie Game Revolution

"Supporting independent games is the same thing as supporting art ... it's an artistic revolution happening right under your nose." Max Temkin talks about the revolutionary change in the computer gaming industry from publisher and distributor producted games to independent games that could be sold directly to the customer. In "The Indie Game Revolution" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, Temkin gives an overview of independenly created games, like Minecraft, Fez, and Spleunky, in order to show what great games (and great art forms) could be created outside publisher and distributor influences. 

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Don Kratzer

Don Kratzer is no stranger to the PechaKucha Night stage, and he returns for our Vol. 117 (Wednesday, September 24) to continue his series of presentations covering Japanese toys and figures.

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Duncan Walsh

Duncan Walsh is a member of The Watanabes, and at PechaKucha Night Vol. 117 (Wednesday, September 24) he'll share the experiences of being in an indie band.

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#conlife: Toy Conventions around the World

"The toys are amazing but the best part is meeting all the people." Don Kratzer has been involved in the Indie Toy Scene for over a decade and has spent the past year traveling to Toy Conventions all over the world. In #conlife: Toy Conventions around the World, from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 142, he shares his insights into the idiosyncrasies of each local scene and how they relate to the global Art Toy movement.