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Just Don't Do It

@ VOL 83 ON JUN 29, 2011

David Pollard first presented in Tokyo a couple of years ago, and he now updates us on what he's been up to since, and teaches us the importance of developing our creative ideas, urging us to make them real.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 16, 2013.

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Samuraidea: How to Use Identity for Collaboration

@ VOL 102 ON APR 24, 2013

In this second PKN presentation by Akira Uchimura -- watch the first one here -- he explores the topic of collaboration. There are 1 billion "Japanese people" around the world, and here he looks at ways of combining that collective power.

"Presentation of the Day" on May 14, 2013.

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Pondering Identity

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Neena Mancuso discusses identity, and shows how our character seems to change according to circumstance. Using personal examples, she focuses on how people and language affects how we act and how we are perceived. She realizes that it isn't necessary to concretely define who we are -- it's more important to just be who we are.

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Logo Ideas for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Chris Arning from Creative Semiotics teaches us what's important in a logo. The logo for the olympics should contain something that represents the country and its heritage in a good light. He then gives us some ideas on what the logo for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 might look like.

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What Does Tokyo Mean to You?

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Maykol Medina and Hiroaki Iwaki, creators of the Tokyo BitoBito Project, ask the question "What does Tokyo mean to you?" to 100 people in Tokyo over 5 months. With varied reponses such as "organized", "fun", "boring", or "a disaster", they attempt to recollect how people view Tokyo. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 25, 2014.

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Shift the View Point

@ VOL 131 ON DEC 16, 2015

若手建築家の中でも活躍が目覚ましい元木大輔さんは、 建築を軸に多領域に渡ってボーダレスにクリエイションを展開されています。当たり前と思うことへの発想の転換。これまで手がけた、実用から生まれ思わず声をあげてしまうユニークなデザインを紹介します。

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@ VOL 138 ON JUL 27, 2016

くらし研究家の土谷貞雄さんはこれからの理想の暮らしについて、 アジア各地で地域に根付いて考え続けています。 その活動のひとつ、2010年から始まった HOUSE VISION プロジェクトは、日本を代表するグラフィックデザイナーの原研哉氏を代表とし、建築家をはじめとする多くのクリエイターや企業と素晴らしい未来の暮らしのあり方を提案してきました。今回のPKNでは、2016年7月末からお台場で開催の展覧会 HOUSE VISION 2016 から、選りすぐりの内容を紹介してくださいます。

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Healthcare Trials and Triumph


新しい健康産業の創出をめざす活動をされている島村実希さん。 介護現場の共創デザイン提案など、所属されるNPO法人ミラツクのプロジェクト事例を通じ、医療福祉業界での挑戦や、医療福祉の場と社会のこれからのあるべき関係性を紹介されています。

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The Conbini DJ


音楽家・著述家等、 多岐に渡る活動を包括する名称としてスタディスト (勉強家)を名乗る岸野雄一さん。 「自分の住んでいる町を面白くする」ために、 誰もが訪れる地元のコンビニや、形骸化してしまった町内会の盆踊りでDJイベントを行う試みを紹介されています。 地域住民と新規住民の間にある文化的な垣根を取り払うことによって、町はずっと住みやすくなる。 岸野さんのユーモアとパッション溢れるプレゼンテーションをお楽しみください!

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Fun and Unique Outside Space

@ VOL 142 ON DEC 14, 2016

パブリックスペース特化型webマガジン『ソトノバ』は、 国内外のユニークなアイデアや事例、イベントレポートや書籍紹介など、編集長の泉山塁威さんを中心に日々情報発信を行っているウェブメディアです。 日本のパブリックスペースやソトを楽しくするために、専門家に役立ち、プレーヤーにソト使いのヒントを届けたいという思いを、“ソトを居場所に、イイバショに!”をキャッチに、様々な斬新なアイデアを発信してくださいます!


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BitSummit Channel

BitSummit is a new conference in Western Japan for indie developers to showcase ideas and meet with publishers. For this year's BitSummit MMXIV (March 7-9) the festival has expanded in size, length, and quality, with three days worth of guest speakers and musical guests, combined together in an event unlike anything ever seen.

Jonny Douglas
Designer and Trainer, Jonny Douglas Ltd in Sheffield
Fernando Garcia
in Montreal
Jean Kropper
Paper Engineer, Direct Marketer, Designer, Paper and Pixel in Sydney


Fundão @ A MOAGEM
Feb 09, 2013


Yerevan @ Mirzoyan Library (Միրզոյան գրադարան)
Dec 13, 2014


Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Nov 13, 2015


Chihuahua @ Universidad la Salle Chihuahua. Sala L'etoile
May 18, 2017


Lattakia @ alghanoon resturant
May 22, 2017


Sep 27, 2017


Hanoi @ The Rotten Grapes Theater
Aug 26, 2017


Maracay @ Cámara de Industriales del Estado Aragua
Apr 14, 2018

PAST Big Ideas, Fast, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Wesfarmers Court Curtin University
Sep 06, 2018

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Creative Approach in IT

@ VOL 10 ON DEC 14, 2013

"If you are a creative person and are able to express yourself, you will always find interest in life directly and live for the moment".

Vitaliy Khit, Game Developer in KhitGames, in his presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Reality Vol.10 shares his life experience and advices in IT field.

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Concepts in Time and Motion

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 16, 2014

Jonathan Schipper captures a moment of time through sculpture - developing ideas of time, space, speed and motion by crashing two cars together incredibly slowly over the span of two months. 

"Presentation of the Day" on January 15, 2015.

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Challengers and Icons

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 18, 2015

Hamish Campbell introduces his independent design business, Pearlfisher. In this presentation, Hamish presents about design history's pioneers, heroes, innovators, explorers, challengers, and icons, focusing on the challengers and iconic principles of the design field.

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I Believe In You - Your Magic Is Real

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Devin Person believes in you - your magic is real!

Devin Person is a wizard. His first book, Mysteries of the Deep, is being released on March 13th as a Kickstarter spell to raise $420. Learn more here.

Blending mystical insights with irreverent wit, Person transforms occult techniques into accessible, modern ideas that his clients and readers can use to create powerful changes in their own subjective experiences.

When not writing bios, Devin Person enjoys worshipping a Gnome god of humor and fending off attacks from his cat, Loki

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Give Change a Hug

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 07, 2016

This new globalised and connected world means that not only ideas and people can move around but also business. The same way that a tourist needs to understand foreign cultures, business also needs to adapt. How can a foreign brand be revamped with local tastes?

Jing Jay Xie will show how passion, expertise and a positive approach are needed in the carry-on luggage of a globally-connected entrepreneur.

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Improvisation: If you could call Europe, what would you say?

@ VOL 32 ON FEB 06, 2017

In this improvisation on random slides, four volunteers from the audience got five slides each and skillfully improvised on the question: "If you could call Europe, what would you say?"

As none of them had seen the slides in advance, the sense of challenge and the high level of surprise greatly entertained the audience. 

A big thank you to Cristian Tala Sánchez, Osiris Hoepel, Cathy Kwanten and Fjære van der Stok for their participation!

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A Fresh New Take on Understanding Customers

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

Paul Jenkins is a seasoned PechaKucha attendee and speaker and when he gave this talk at Vol. 17 of the London Series he challeged the audience to think differently about understanding people and how to really meet customer needs.

If you want to feel inspired to solve problems and get work done, then we have a tip for you - listen to Paul's PechaKucha and you will want to get out there and educate, create, refresh and fix. Let's do this!


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Ideas for Christchurch

Also coming to us from Christchurch today (see our previous post about the event postponement), organizer Vanessa Coxhead fills us in on an intriguing new project called "Ideas for Christchurch," that looks to get young architecture students working together on ideas for rebuilding Christchurch. Below, the details of the project. This is a call for ideas. Christchurch's recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake has severely damaged much of the built fabric of the city, in particular historic buildings in the centre. Outlying suburbs have been hard hit and vast numbers of homes will need to be reconsidered. Currently teams are working to assess, and to salvage what is possible of the city's buildings. Within a few weeks large-scale rebuilding will begin. This call for ideas comes from a group of young architectural graduates with an interest in engaging members of the public in dialogue around building decisions that affect them. The events in Christchurch have given their concerns a direct and immediate weight: over the coming months, hugely significant, city-defining architectural and planning decisions are going to have to be made. We implore the public at large, as well as architecture students and practicing architects, to become involved in a positive and productive discussion over the nature of these decisions and the kinds of rebuilding they would like to see take place. We want to see your ideas providing a framework to give shape to what could, should, or might be. Choose your strategy, construct an argument, share a notion, indulge in joyful play, fight against or reach towards. Scale is open: form a strategic vision for the entire city; reconsider a hard hit suburb; preserve a local dairy. Salvage heritage and character, design temporary infills, sustainable developments, urban parks/reserves, inner-city living, a new typology of housing, a city of skyscrapers, a city of pickles… whatever you find interesting. We want ideas, ideas to stimulate interest and establish discussion to achieve the best for Christchurch. Design, plan, write, draw, paint, model, dream... just share what you value and deliver it in an A3 digital format to Submit as often as you want, as a group or as an individual; identify yourself or remain anonymous. We see this as urgent. Submissions are open from Wed 15th to Sat 25th September 5pm. Selected works will be uploaded to online discussion forums, presented to the media, and publicly exhibited. For submission requirements, further information, queries, and updates please email the above or visit:

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Ideal Toronto

What is Robert Wigington and Christopher Drew's ideal Toronto? Watch this presentation to find out. Both also work with artists to invade public spaces, and run a company called 66 Ideas Incorporated. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Toronto Vol. 12.

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Si eres una persona creativa o con alguna idea o proyecto entre manos, esta es la oportunidad que estabas esperando. PechaKucha Night llega por primera vez a León como un altavoz para la gente como TÚ, personas sencillas con grandes ideas. Estudiantes, profesionales, parados, empresarios… Sólo hace falta creatividad y ganas de contar al mundo algo nuevo y original.  PechaKucha Night es un evento basado en un formato dinámico, ágil, conciso y entretenido, que ofrece una gran diversidad en poco tiempo. 20 imágenes, por 20 segundos para cada una. Un total de seis minutos y cuarenta segundos en los que podrás contar tu historia, tu pasión. ​Anímate a participar y envíanos tu propuesta: - una pequeña presentación de quién eres :) - breve descripción de tu idea, proyecto o pasión (300 palabras máximo) - 3 imágenes ilustrativas de la misma (horizontales)  mail: dropbox:​  ​¡¡Estamos deseando conoceros!!

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What's the Big Idea?!

Where do good ideas come from? What does a bad idea looks like? How can you turn an idea into reality?  In today's Presentation of the Day, "What's the Big Idea?!" (from PKN Louisville Vol. 10) Will Russell goes into detail on his wacky, weird, and wonderful ideas (failures and successes) such as international Big Lebowski gathering Lebowski Fest, retail store and unoffical fanclub for the city WHY Louisville, Pee Wee Over Louisville, and his failed attempt to create a Kentucky Rushmore (Muhammad Ali, Colonel Sanders, Abraham Lincoln, and Triple Crown winning racehorse Secretariat were to be included).   

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Creative Appraoch in IT

"If you are a creative person and are able to express yourself, you will always find interest in life directly and live for the moment". Vitaliy Khit, Game Developer in KhitGames, in his presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Reality Vol.10 shares his life experience and advices in IT field.

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Ideal Corpus

Direct from Marseille, at tomorrow's PechaKucha Night Vol. 115 (Wednesday, June 25), we are very happy to welcome Fruity Free and Happy Kawaii of the electro group Ideal Corpus, who will be sharing the group's philosophy of radical enthusiasm and new idealism. マルセイユよりフルーティーフリーのエレクトログループIdeal CorpusがペチャクチャナイトVol.115(6月25日(水))にてグループ哲学である過激派熱狂と新理想主義についてシェアしてくれます。

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Realizing Good Ideas

"It's not enough to have a good idea. To realize that good idea is very difficult, and that's what I work hard to do". In Realizing Good Ideas from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 14, Chris Siano shares how he uses digital design and fabricatio to make things better, whether it is a public art installation, a student sculpture project, a building or a neighborhood. For the past twelve years he has served as an Instructional Support Technician in the University at Buffalo Department of Art. In 2005 he formed The Foundry Group Inc. - a company specializing in art and architectural fabrication. And in 2012, in partnership with his brother Matthew, he formed HES Properties - a real estate development company focusing on development of mixed-use properties on Buffalo's West Side. All of these endevours are conduits for great ideas in his community to come to fruition. 

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TomTod Ideas

"Middle schoolers are not just our future. They have the ability to investigate real change, starting now." In TomTod Ideas from PechaKucha Night Akron Vol.3, Joel Daniel Harris shares on TomTod Ideas which gives middle schoolers a serious avenue to explore creativity. Harris is the founder and Executive Dreamer of TomTod Ideas, an innovation incubator for middle school students, centered on launching students’ dreams for the common good. Rarely does anyone expect much of anything from a middle schooler. The fact is, though, that early adolescence, that liminal space in which middle schoolers reside, is a place of beauty, opportunity and imagination. Get ready to re-consider what we think "kids" are capable of.

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Estudiantes con ideas frescas

Allem Samlani e Ian Davis, estudiantes de Publicidad de Duoc UC Viña del Mar resultaron ganadores del concurso para el desarrollo de la imagen del Vol.2 de Pecha Kucha Night Quilpué. Los estudiantes participaron junto a otras más de 20 duplas creativas. La pieza ganadora bajo el concepto de "Fresh ideas" pone su acento en la relación del ser humano con una mente abierta, nueva, renovada, en que la frescura de esa actitud se refleja en una lechuga hidropónica. Es una propuesta disruptiva, que sin duda refleja el espíritu del próximo evento del 6 de julio. Felicitamos a estos estudiantes creativos, a todos quienes participaron, profesores de Publicidad y su Director de Carrera Sr. Marco Puchi por apoyar esta iniciativa y dar espacio a los estudiantes a sumarse a una iniciativa global por ciudades más innovadoras y encantadoras a sus habitantes.   


Building community... one PechaKucha Night at a time

In a rugged town where passersby only capture franchise offerings on the highway strip, a thoughtful community of thinkers, builders, makers, creators and dreamers reside. They come together every four months to share, listen, question and celebrate at PechaKucha Nights at the local performing arts theatre. Volunteers run the cash bar, complimentary snacks are provided, the lights are dimmed and a DJ sets the mood. We meet the inspirational, courageous, determined and soulful folks who open their hearts and minds. If this is connects with you, please join us for PechaKucha #3.