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horizon garagedoor
Garage doors Columbia Maryland in Columbia


Portsmouth NH @ The Portsmouth Gas Light Co - Third Floor Nightclub
Jul 24, 2013


Toronto @ NXNE Art Lounge
Jun 20, 2014

PAST Big Data: your life in the cloud (@ New Horizons Festival Rotterdam)

Rotterdam @ Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC
Sep 26, 2014


Johannesburg @ The Venue, Melrose Arch
Jan 27, 2016


Belo Horizonte
May 04, 2016


Belo Horizonte
Jun 30, 2016


Belo Horizonte
Sep 23, 2016


Belo Horizonte @ Museu das Minas e dos Metais
Oct 20, 2016


Belo Horizonte @ UNA Aimorés
Nov 10, 2016


Xiamen @ 三影堂厦门摄影艺术中心
Nov 25, 2016

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Demystifying climate change

@ VOL 23 ON APR 16, 2013

Frustrated and saddened by the lack of leadership by the Canadian government on climate change, Rob Shirkey founded Our Horizon, an organization working to actively place the responsibility of this problem in the palm of our own hands.

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Shedding Light on Paradise

@ VOL 20 ON APR 18, 2014

Alison Beste's photographs explore the boundaries between the built and natural world using light effects on the ocean horizon. Light from cities, vessels, and beacons become powerful metaphors for the ways in which we interact, manage, and attempt to control the environment. In Hawaii, where expectations of an organic paradise collide with an often-manufactured landscape, Allison's work scrutinizes the tension between nature and artifice. Alison uses light to examine how constructs of nature and the artificial are interrelated, ambiguous, and mediated by culture.

"Presentation of the Day" on October 28, 2014.

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New Horizons

@ VOL 9 ON FEB 25, 2014

Using a custom-built installation on the rooftop of hotel NH Atlantic in Kijkduin, Dutch artist Bruno van den Elshout captures photos of the North Sea horizon all throughout the year 2012. Once every hour - day and night - heading straight for open seas.

8.785 portraits of the very same stretch of infinity, where everything reunites: Heaven and earth, imagination and reality. Past, present and future. Somewhere you will never arrive, but the desire to reach out changes everything.

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New Material Opens the Door for Nano Technology

@ VOL 26 ON MAY 13, 2016

From India to Nagoya, Kalita Golap the for new horizon of future materials in nano technology

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Journaling: It's Not Just for Hormonal Teenage Girls!

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 29, 2016

"Did you know that each and every month in Canada, there are nearly one million Google searches looking for the meaning of life?"

Some of the most influential people in history kept one: a journal. Project SHINE's Monica Lewicki creates a convinciing case for applying this creative tactical tool and habit that will help you along that journey of life.

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A Different Way

@ VOL 20 ON AUG 02, 2016

Being debt adverse and with college looming on the horizon, Amanda Fabrycki knew she needed to find a different way to pay for her education. By channeling her love of cars into a business she was able to find her own best path through college. She discusses how passion turned into business and how that business allowed her to achieve a goal that would not have been possible otherwise--graduating college debt free.

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Horizon Line

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2016

Robyn Bardas - came to Wanaka for a week-long ski holiday 20 years ago and never left. She has explored emotive responses to land in several multimedia art works and a dissertation for her Otago Polytechnic Masters degree in Fine Arts.

Robyn shared with us "Ways to think about a horizon line, and the Central Otago landscape".

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Les hormones sens dessus dessous

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 15, 2017

Tout au long de leur vie, l’homme et la femme sécrètent des hormones distinctes et à une cadence qui leur est propre. Cette différence peut créer un fossé et une incompréhension au sein du couple. Françoise et Gilles vous expliqueront comment cette sécrétion hormonale influence la vie sexuelle et quelles sont les solutions qui peuvent rétablir une harmonie entre les deux sexes.

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Le cure palliative nel territorio: la SAMOT a Caltanissetta

@ VOL 2 ON JUL 19, 2018

The reference to the themes of humanization and the appropriateness of the treatments lead to palliative care as a concrete possibility for the treatment of the person who is in a terminal phase of illness. Palliative care underpins a carefree paradigm at all, entering the field when medicine seems to have to surrender to its limit and the finiteness of the human condition. Yet if the horizon of reference is not the pathology to be fought but rather a human being to be treated, this approach of medicine deploys its full potential.

L’accenno ai temi della umanizzazione e della appropriatezza dei trattamenti conducono alle cure palliative quale possibilità di concreta riposta alla cura della persona che si trova in una fase terminale di malattia. Le cure palliative sottendono un paradigma assistenziale affatto scontato, entrando in campo quando la medicina sembra dover arrendersi al proprio limite e alla finitezza della condizione umana. Eppure se l'orizzonte di riferimento non è la patologia da combattere ma piuttosto un essere umano da curare, questo approccio della medicina dispiega tutta la sua potenzialità.

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Climbing and Beer

@ VOL 4 ON AUG 08, 2019

During the 14 years that Joel Irby lived in Colorado, he spent hundreds of days climbing in the mountains. Every once in a while he would come across one of those great endless views, composed of layer upon layer of mountains, which eventually dissolved into the clouds on the horizon. These stone clouds gave him his company's name and continue to inspire its sense of adventure and quest for new beer experiences.

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Poster for PKN Funchal Vol. 2

Yet another outdoor PechaKucha Night on the horizon, this time Funchal's Vol. 2, set to happen August 20 at the open amphitheatre found in the middle of the municipal garden. The event will also be held as part of the city's 502nd anniversary.

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SuperDeluxe (November 2012)

Another SuperDeluxe presentation (in Japanese, from PKN Tokyo Vol. 97), in which Ryu Konno starts off by sharing a few personal photos, some of recent events at the venue (home of PKN Tokyo!), and discusses what's on the horizon. To see a full listing of this month's functions, check out the SuperDeluxe event calendar.

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PKN Posters: Badajoz Vol. 1

The Spanish border town of Badajoz will be kicking off 2013 right with their inaugural PechaKucha Night, on January the 18th. The presentation topics range from veterinary medicine to photography, from performance to marketing, and beyond.  As is common with a PechaKucha night on the horizon, the organizers of PKN Badajoz have sent us this here poster for their evening, and we've added it to our Tumblr blog. 

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PKN Posters: Ústí nad Labem Vol. 6

The first PechaKucha Night of the year has not yet hit, but with many on the horizon it would appear that it's raining posters here at HQ. This poster hails from the Czech Republic city Ústí nad Labem and is for their Volume 6 evening coming up on the 22nd of January.    Using these elegant old-timey binoculars, objects will not only appear closer than they are, but we'll also be able to see them in glorious anaglyph 3D!  To see more great posters from PechaKucha nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Shedding Light on Paradise

Alison Beste uses light to examine the relationship between artificial and natural constructs. Artist and photographer Alison Beste’s work explores the boundaries between the built and natural world through the use of light effects on the ocean horizon. In “Shedding Light on Paradise” from PKN Honolulu Vol. 20, Alison speaks about light from cities, vessels, and beacons as powerful metaphors for the ways we interact, manage, and attempt to control our environment.


PKN chegando à Belo Horizonte

É com enorme orgulho que informamos que o PechaKucha chegou, oficialmente, à Belo Horizonte. Em breve, vamos anunciar aqui as novidades e datas das primeiras 4 edições do PKN Belo Horizonte e gostaríamos de convidar a todos a participar conosco desta incrível aventura. Se você tem algum tema ou área que gostaria de ver primeiro em algumas das edições do PKN Belo Horizonte, por favor, entre em contato. Quer participar? Fale conosco!!

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Introduction of Artist Robyn Bardas

Good evening, we have a pleasure to announce a painter Robyn Bardas. Artist Robyn Bardas came to Wanaka for a week-long ski holiday 20 years ago and stayed. She has explored emotive responses to land in several multimedia art works and a dissertation for her Otago Polytechnic Masters degree in Fine Arts.Robyn will be sharing with us "Ways to think about a horizon line, and the Central Otago landscape".

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City Focus: Manchester

Hearts and thoughts from the entire PechaKucha Global Network go out to our friends in Manchester, UK whose city has been rattled by tragedy, but whose spirit refuses to succumb to fear. With their sold out  Vol. 17 on the horizon, the steadfast commitment to cultivating creativity keeps Manchester United!