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My Life with Herbs


Hannah Sylvester, one of the 40 medical qualified herbalists in the country, tells us all about her life with herbs in a nourishing and organic presentation. She reflects on the importance of listening and observing nature to flourish with it. After all there's no better design than nature itself.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food." ― Hippocrates


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Diana Del Bianco
in Columbus
Pure Natural Healing
Ear Specialist in 5 Conifer Drive Bellevue, WA 98007. USA


Philadelphia @ Studio 34: Yoga | Healing | Arts
Sep 26, 2009


Tulsa @ Living ArtSpace
Jan 11, 2014


May 05, 2014


Dumaguete @ Byblos at Oriental Hall
Jul 31, 2014


Davenport @ Figge Art Museum
Sep 25, 2014


Miami @ The Sacred Space Miami
Apr 26, 2016


Harare @ Sorella's Pizzeria and Cafe
May 19, 2016


Fresno @ Fulton 55
Sep 27, 2017


Bryan @ Grand Stafford Theater
Mar 06, 2018


Batavia @ Island View Banquets (at Batavia VFW)
Aug 30, 2018

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The Architecture of Sound

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Stereotank, founded by Venezuelan NY-based architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, is dedicated to exploring the common territories between space and sound through the design and construction of sound instruments, urban artifacts, and public installations. At PK Night Brooklyn Volume 6, they share some of their sound recordings from installations around the world!

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The United Nations of Food

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Hear Charles Bibilos, writer of the United Nations of Food blog, talk about his quest to eat food from every country in the world (160 countries), without ever leaving New York City. Yum!

Help Charles finish his quest! Help him eat: East Timor, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Botswana, Burundi, Central African Republic, Djibouti, The Gambia, Kenya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Swaziland, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

If you can help, or want to go out to eat with Charles, email him at

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Втзприятието на човешкият мозък

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 26, 2016

Кристина Рачева ще ни представи тема, свързана с визуализацията на човешкия мозък. Ще ни разкаже два експеримента свързани с тях и едно свое наблюдение за това как чувствата влияят отрицателно на трезвата мисъл.

Мозъкът е орган, който контролира функциите на организма.

Първият експеримент се нарича Гумена ръка и включва сетивата зрение и осезание и ни представя как човешкият мозък може да бъде заблуден чрез визуализацията.

Вторият експеримент доказва малко известният факт, че децата чуват по-добре от възрастните. Диапазонът на чуване на детското ухо е действително по-широк.

Последната част от темата, свързана с емоциите представя с други думи конфликтът между мозъкът и сърцето. Кристина Рачева ще разкаже своето виждане за това.

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How sexing baby chicks saved my life

@ VOL 10 ON JUN 20, 2017

Early impressions can shape our future, but in How sexing baby chicks shaped my life. Jim J Doyle shows how exotic skills from early life shaped his later transition from research manager to energy healer and how we can all choose to follow our inner drive.

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Mnemosyne & Sleep Temples of Ancient Greece


Writer and host of The Explorers Club - a small lecture salon in St. Leonards on Sea, Sarah Janes talks about her interests in dreaming, the occult and spiritual sciences. An intelligent and humorous look at Mnemosyne - the personification of memory in Greek mythology, and her influence.

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Healing Through Art

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2018

It has often been said that life imitates art. But art also has the power to impact lives. Kalispell's Lindsay Martin offers a poetic and beautiful glace at the world of art therepy. It's not just the artistic process that Lindsay teaches but the importance of using art to express emotions and senses in order to heal and grow. 

"Art can heal the broken heart, if we only give it time"

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From “Why am I here?” To Cupcakes and Unicorns: 10 Actions in Waking Up

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

Dr. Kate Flynn knows more than a little about what it’s like to be stuck in the muck and mire of WTF, while dreaming of the Land of Cupcakes and Unicorns. Through sheer desperation and the desire for a better way, she’s learned a thing or two about leaving the past behind and living from her heart. Dr.Kate doesn’t live there permanently yet, but she’s caught more than a glimpse of this magical place and offers a roadmap so that you too may find your way there.

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Dr. PowerPoint

@ VOL 38 ON SEP 04, 2018

Dr. Powerpoint, also known as Kaj Noskaj, is the first Pecha Kucha Aarhus-presenter to have his own entrance monologue. And also the first to have his own entrance music. And also the first Nobel Peace Prize-recipient, although that might not be entirely true...


Go on a trip with Dr Powerpoint into the problems of Pecha Kucha Aarhus. Why is it so difficult to make a presentation?!

With science that's almost real and graphs that nearly make sense, he comes close to answering some of the questions.

This is an absolute one-to-watch.


(Disclaimer: The presentation contained several animations and transitions that cannot be seen on this website. Sorry!)

(Disclaimer: Dr. Powerpoint's real name is Kaj Noskaj. And Kaj Noskaj's real name is Jack Jackson)

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Poems and Portraits: A Self-Examination of Transformation

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 12, 2019

A journey of personal transformation and healing through poetry, art and photography. 

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Scott Silvey

Tokyo-based artist Scott Silvey was at last month's edition of PechaKucha Night in Tokyo (Vol. 61), with a presentation focusing on the decaying urban landscapes seen in his latest series of works, "Civic Remedies." From the artist's site: Within a decaying urban landscape, vending machines, street lamps, electric poles and meters stand as sentinels among the dwellings where people once lived. Because of unabated consumption the skeletal remains of human production are all that linger in the half-light. The only remaining inhabitants are the fertile mounds of soil in which medicinal herbs have germinated. These healing plants have returned to restore health to an ailing world. The series was first shown last year at the gallery in All-Nippon Airlines' Signet Lounge (Haneda Airport), and will next be exhibited at the Whitespace gallery in Atlanta, from May 22 until July 3.

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Poster for PKN Philadelphia Vol. 4

One that unfortunately got lost in the shuffle as we were gearing up preparations for the "PechaKucha for Haiti" event, here's a look at the poster that was produced for PechaKucha Night in Philadelphia Vol. 4, held at the tail end of January -- and take note that Vol. 5 is just a short few weeks away, set to happen April 17 at Studio 34: Yoga | Healing | Arts. Also, a few comments from organizer Jonathan McEuen on the Vol. 4 festivities: PechaKucha Night Philadelphia Vol. 4 was a huge success. We heard from kids who started a company that developed into an east-coast enclave of wizards and warriors -- mostly children in urban areas with wild imaginations eager to be set free. We heard from professors studying the work of Kevin Bacon's father, from people building gardens on rooftops, constructing low-power, pirate radio networks, and making the best cupcakes I've ever personally had in my life. Attendance grew again to a new record despite the snow, and all had a wonderful time. It was a true gift to be able to organize and present these speakers to the city, as both presenter and audience shared a fantastic night.

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Dominik Saitl

At next week's Vol. 104, architecture student Dominik Saitl will talk about his "Anastomosis" project: Project [anastomosis] presents a different view on the functioning of contemporary city and solution of its problems. The city is understood as a closed structure with "frozen evolution." Its further developement can't be done by rebuilding the city but by its adaptation. To start this healing process it is necessary to activate small but important connections. 建築学生のDominik Saitlさんが取り組んでいらっしゃる建築プロジェクトについてPechaKucha Night 東京104(6月26日、水曜日)でお話ししてくださいます。


PechaKucha #17 August 7th

Thanks to everyone who came along last night to Bank St. Social Club for PechaKucha Whangarei edition 17. Another fantastic group of presenters from our diverse and vibrant community. And a lot of new faces in the audience. After costs we raised $95 for Food for Life Northland.   Thanks again to the following without who PK could not happen; Damian our MC who held the night together (again) Chris and Becs from Big Fish Creative who made the slideshows and drove the ship Harri our sign language interpreter - first time at PechaKucha...and first of many more we hope  Bank St. Social Club for setting everything up and giving us a new venue the Sound Cave crew for the awesome PA Maureen our promoter Our fanstastic presenters were; Rob Pollock – Spontaneous PechaKucha Laughton King – Dyslexia Dismantled Kate Lindberg - Whangarei Ranger Unit Miriam Ritchie – DOC Dog Handler Ranger Natalie Tate - Spontaneous Creativity After A Supernatural Encounter Cameron Tukapua - Opening Up - A Healing Conversation Streaming PK - Geeg Wiles - Ahab's Adventures Andrew Garratt – The 15 Minute Sceptic Piet Nieuwland - Kaleidoscope of Mirrors We also had a couple of impromptu presentations from; Hannie from SewGood the Whangarei community sewing collective Alistair McGinn (Northland Rugby Union) about the importance of excercise, nutritrion and community   If you'd like details of any of the presenters please get in touch with us at pkwhangarei at gmail dot com or find us on facebook.  

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Pecha Kucha Nights Hamburg zieht um in heilige Hallen

Pecha Kucha Nights Hamburg zieht um in heilige Hallen Am 2O. November um 2O:OO Uhr öffnen sich die Tore der St. Johannes Kirche Ecke Stresemannstraße/Max-Brauer-Allee und es geht in die dritte Runde inspirierender Vorträge in 2O Bildern x 2O Sekunden. Was ist da los, wenn in der Kirche statt einem Altar ein 5 Sterne deluxe-Bartresen steht? Wenn keinWeihwasser, sondern Pisco und Bier fließen? Wenn kein Pastor, sondern Kreative die Kanzel entern und von guten Ideen und mutigen Projekten predigen? Genau! Es ist wieder Zeit für Pecha Kucha in Hamburg. Pecha Kucha bietet Menschen eine Bühne, die Besonderes wagen. Designer, Magier, Künstler, Architekten, Fair-Trader, Sammler, Brauer, Lebenshelfer - Jeder von Ihnen hat exakt 2O Bilder x 2O Sekunden Zeit um seine Geschichte zu erzählen. Damit keiner mehr vor der Tür des ausverkauften Hauses stehen bleiben muss, wechselt PKN die Location. Vom Schulterblatt aus bequem zu Fuß zu erreichen, findet die nächste Veranstaltung in der Eventkirche St. Johannes an der Max-Brauer-Allee statt. Karten gibt es ab dem 5. November bei Lokaldesign am Schulterblatt, im Goldfischglas in der Susannenstraße und im Sofacafé der Hafencity Universität in der Hebebrandstraße. Neben den Vorträgen der Presenter warten ein Kleidertauschmarkt und der Pecha Kucha Weihnachtsbauchladen mit den Designgoods, Büchern und Produkten des vergangenen Jahres auf die Besucher. Besonderes Special ist die Original-Bar der Bühnenshow von 5 Sterne deluxe, an der Longdrinks und Prototyp Bier geordert werden können. Die Geschichten diesmal: He-Man I like Birds Bienenmädchen Prototyp Bier Bunkerliving Dämmwahnsinn Gast+Freund Dreitagewoche Magie mit Wittus Witt Kleidertausch 1zu1 Lünebohne und mehr   Pecha Kucha Nights Hamburg Neue Location: St. Johannes Kirche/Max-Brauer-Allee 199 20. November 2O13 Doors open: 19:3O Uhr Beginn: 2O:OO Uhr 4 EUR Studenten/6 EUR Regular Karten im VVK ab dem 5. November bei LokalDesign, im Goldfischglas und im Sofacafé der HCU Hamburg und an der Abendkasse Mail:  

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Forever in an Instant

"Anyone facing adversity can experience some form of healing or solace from something as seemingly insignificant as the gift of an instant photo." In Forever in an Instant from PechaKucha Night Singapore Vol. 13, photographer Frederick Chen shares his experience of working with Photohoku, a photo-giving volunteer initiative that was born in response to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Through the act of giving photos, rather than taking photos, Frederick explains how photography has the power to restore hope for people in need, giving them something often overlooked in other relief efforts. In a final call-to-action, Frederick challenges us to take up the cause, putting forward the notion that the ways that photo-giving can make a difference in people's lives is only limited by our imaginations.

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Bodies of Art

"Something really magical happened... at some point as she was painting me, I felt her story on her body, I felt her pain ... every time she put her ink on my body it was soothing my soul, it was healing... this mask of color was curing us both." In Bodies of Art from PechaKucha Night Tokyo, Vol. 131, filmmaker, artist, performer and sea serpent queen Vittoria Colonna takes us through her creative journey so far which brings her to Kyoto. Here in Japan Vittoria and fellow artist Miki Yokoyama collaborate using each other's bodies as canvases in a performance that blurs the lines between the Art and the Artists themselves.

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Weaving for the Soul

“I have shared my deepest essence, my creative energy, and so the world is dream into being” In Weaving for the Soul from PechaKucha Night Sunshine Coast Vol.18 , René Bahloo explains her special interest as an artist in the practice and philosophy of weaving, using natural plant fibres. She shares her knowledge locally through a number of weaving circles and facilitates transformational journeys to remote Indigenous Australian and African communities, for deep connection to land, culture, healing and traditional weaving. Her sculptural installation pieces have been present at a number of conferences and have also been discovered contemplating life, the universe and everything. In her presentation Rene shares her passion for connecting culture, womens' business, personal growth and environmental awareness into the weaving of her life, and into the lives of others.

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Art Healing Hearts

"Is amazing how the subconscious can be echoed through art." In Art Healing Hearts from PechaKucha Forster Vol.4, Tanayah Tooze shared her amazing journey of healing through art. She made artworks for cover band, mural, fundraising and how she helps the disadvantaged children of Vietnam with her talents and genuine heart.  

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Ancestral Chorus: Harmony of Voice and Crystal

Sound healer, Suzie Lee, grew up singing harmony with her mother. Fast forward through musical theater camps, jazz choir, and a cappella groups, Suzie developed her vocal gift with crystal singing bowls. She describes this as "the single most relaxing and soothing sensation I had ever experienced...The first thought I had was that my ancestors were singing along with me." Her presentation will focus on the theory of sound healing, the unique features of the crystal singing bowls, and a demonstration of her work in this field.