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The World Marathon Majors

@ VOL 12 ON APR 25, 2019

"My running career started in 2011 when I accidentally caught diabetes and so my first job was to buy a pair of running shoes and sign-up for a couch to 5k."

Stephen Ferguson talks to us about the challenge of running his first marathon and that this inspired him to continue running and be awarded the World Marathon Majors, a medal won by fewer people than have climbed Mount Everest. 


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Bowling Green
Sep 25, 2012


Bowling Green
Apr 23, 2013


New Plymouth @ Puke Ariki
Feb 13, 2013


Bowling Green @ Kentucky Museum
Sep 20, 2013


Bowling Green @ Kentucky Museum
Mar 20, 2014


Vancouver @ The Vogue Theatre
Sep 23, 2015


Bowling Green @ Kentucky Museum
Oct 20, 2015


Yerevan @ AGBU Armenia
Oct 27, 2017


Sep 07, 2018


Aug 30, 2019

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The San Francisco of Tomorrow

@ VOL 53 ON SEP 05, 2013

Craig Scott, an architect, proposes ideas for putting three of San Francisco's abandoned buildings to new and innovative new uses. Some old silos are transformed into a gigantic 3D printer, an old crane is turned into a digital technology innovation lab, and an old stadium is turned into a greenhouse.

"Presentation of the Day" on October 7, 2013.

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Go Big or Go Home

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Mr Potato Head, your underwear and Popular Science magazine inform Nate Kipnis as he evangelizes the PechaKucha audience in Chicago.

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My Life with Herbs


Hannah Sylvester, one of the 40 medical qualified herbalists in the country, tells us all about her life with herbs in a nourishing and organic presentation. She reflects on the importance of listening and observing nature to flourish with it. After all there's no better design than nature itself.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food." ― Hippocrates

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Walk a Mile in my Shoes

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 13, 2016

This incredible talk is about a man's path to enlightment and empathy via the shoes on his feet, and those purchased along the way.  A tale of fetish and frienships that ask us all to cosider how we treat others, a true reminder of what it is to be humane.

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The Future of Flooding

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Samuel Lang Budin is a social documentary photographer living in Brooklyn and working primarily in the depressive realist mode. He makes 35mm and medium format slide shows about climate change anxiety, aging and death, naked people in their own homes, the personal discomforts of travel, and the encroaching sea. Just you wait!

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Let's Build a City

@ VOL 6 ON SEP 13, 2016

Virgil Ierubino asks if you could build a city from the ground up, how would you do it? I don't just mean the buildings. By 'city' I mean the collection of humans and facilities and services and systems that collectively form a functioning society. Would you make different decisions than those which are made for us, all around us, every day? Or, realising that this question assumes you are in a position of considerable power, maybe you'd just go nuts?

This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 11th, 2017. 

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You are an Ultimate Woman

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 05, 2017

When faced by apparent failure, Nicky Peters challenges you to look beyond the instant reaction to give in and take strength and comfort from all that you are by looking through some old family photographs'



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Brian Weaver, Impact Hub Inverness

@ VOL 35 ON OCT 25, 2018

Brian Weaver’s previous paid employment includes drug sales, money lender, and cowboy. In his fifties he managed the Business Starts programme for Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and in his sixties he fronted HISEZ, which gives business advice to social enterprises, while managing to be a profitable, not-for-profit business in its own right. Impact Hub Inverness continues the work of HISEZ, but also provides a small co-working space with 100 partners world-wide. Brian didn’t predict the fax, the computer or the mobile phone, and doesn’t have a clue about what will come next.

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Danmark for Målene

@ VOL 40 ON MAY 22, 2019

Theresa Blegvad, at the time candidate for the European Parliament, and self-proclaimed "klimatosse" (climate-action madwoman) swings by to talk about the 17 sustainable development goals, developed by the UN.

She is part of the organization "Danmark for Målene" (Denmark For the Goals) that is all about spreading the word and how we can implement them.

(In a funny twist of fate, it turns out Theresa helped get Pecha Kucha to Aarhus, and actually was on stage at the very first event!)

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City Greetings: From Cleveland to Athens

Exchanging photographic or video greetings between PechaKucha Night cities is something we've been seeing for a while now, and here's an example of some good luck cheers between two cities -- Cleveland and Athens -- who recently celebrated their third and second volumes respectively. Pictured above, greetings from Cleveland. Below, the response from Athens. The two cities plan on continuing the exchanges at future events.


Greetings from PKN Providence

httpvh:// One fun component from the recent PechaKucha Night in Providence Vol. 7 -- see the event report -- was this video greeting. Organizer Stephanie Gerson adds: The best part of the night might not have been a presentation at all, but a greeting we filmed in response to one from the PK folks in Worcester, MA. Note that our mayor is the first “C”!


Greetings from PKN Worcester

httpvhd:// Last week we shared the special greeting video that was produced during PechaKucha Night in Providence Vol. 7, and now here's the greeting exchange from the other city, Worcester, created during last month's Vol. 2.

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Greening the City in Vancouver

Vancouver's last PechaKucha Night (Vol. 12) was another sell-out -- of course -- and doubled as a special edition with the theme "Walk the Talk, Green Your City," in collaboration with the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia. You'll find a few photos from the event on Flickr user miketippett's photostream.

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Greetings from PKN Cities

As part of this week's 10th anniversary celebrations, we asked PKN city organizers to send us a special greeting image that we will include in a special City Loop, to share at our PKN Tokyo Vol. 100 -- the City Loop is the slideshow that is shown at all PKNs before the the start and during the breaks, showing photos from PKN events around the world. We've received so many great ones, like the one you see pictured here, from the PKN Murcia organizers. We will also share this special City Loop with all city organizers, and so they may share it at a PKN near you.

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Greeting from 700

As we just posted, it was indeed a fantastic Tokyo Designers Week event, with close to 700 in attendance -- and here's a little greeting from that audience, beautifully captured by photographer Michael Holmes. We'll be sharing more photos sometime next week, as well as all of the presentations, and they'll be posted on the official event page.

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James Greer, Masaki Yamazaki

At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 121 (Wednesday, January 28), James Greer from London will present his interesting new take on classical music. Masaki Yamazaki will take us on his "Tour de Design."来週のペチャクチャVol. 121 (1/28(水))に ロンドンよりJames Greer が興味深い新しいクラシカルミュージックについてプレゼンしていただきます。また Masaki Yamazaki が "ツール・ド・デザイン"に連れて行ってくれます!

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Inside My Green Book

"...because I wanted to convey the joy of being in nature to people I see. And that's when I was introduced to photography."In Inside My Green Book from Chennai Vol. 8., an ambitious nature photographer and educator, K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar passionately shares a quest to connect us to the nature through photography. Hailing from rural India, and given a camera at a young age, he used photography as a means to better observe, understand, and appreciate his natural surroundings. Here he shares his experience of spending months at a time in the wilderness and how it informed his photography and appreciation of his home country. Lastly he touches on "backyard wildlife" a project he shares with school kids to keep them connected to nature.  

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City Focus: Bowling Green

We're putting this week's "City Focus" on Kentucky's Bowling Green, who's digging into a 6th instalment of PKN focused on the American Civil Rights past, present, and future. Check out their presentation archive and keep your eyes and ears peeling for their upcoming presentations!

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Monkeys Go Green

  "The world is abundant. If you’re willing to take leftovers, you can get nearly everything. Just ask for it." In Monkeys Go Green from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol. 30, Roos Derks shares on her urban gardening projects. Starting off on a polluted and neglected old rubber factory terrain, Derks brings us to the political and cultural center of the Mandril in Maastricht. Guided by insights from Social Permaculture, she shows why these type of projects are surprisingly doable, important, and a lot of fun.