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Istanbul @ Yapı-Endüstri Merkezi A.Ş.
Oct 17, 2012


Solo (Surakarta) @ GRAHA SOLO RAYA
Oct 05, 2013


Orlando @ The Orange Studio
Jun 13, 2014

PAST Technology for Social Good

Table XI @ Table XI
Apr 25, 2014


Weimar @ Radio Lotte
Jun 28, 2014


Mikkeli @ Gastropub Eino
Sep 20, 2014


Aberdeen @ The Belmont Filmhouse
Nov 18, 2014

PAST MSM goes PechaKucha

Maastricht @ Maastricht School of Management
Mar 17, 2017


Gwalior @ Jiwaji Club
Jul 28, 2018

25 AUG


Atlanta @ Brother Moto

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JDS Architects

@ VOL 71 ON MAR 31, 2010

Julien de Smedt about his long chair for God...
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The Hidden Life of Go

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 03, 2012

To Jonathan Egnlander, Go isn't just a game, it's so much more, and he will use his presentation to convince you of this fact.

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Chipping Away at Mining Policy

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 13, 2013

Genevieve Hume and her husband Kevin run a goldsmithing and jewelry business in Vancouver which has her working with artisanal and small scale miners. Mine collapses, mercury poisoning, child labor, and militia violence are among the threats to this industry, and Genevieve tells us how she and her husband started an organization to certify, support and train these laborers.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 12, 2014.

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Seeking God through Instagram

@ VOL 4 ON FEB 22, 2015

Halik Azeez discusses events in his life that led to him being the person he is, doing the things he does, today.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 2, 2015.

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@ VOL 124 ON APR 22, 2015


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I Believe In You - Your Magic Is Real

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Devin Person believes in you - your magic is real!

Devin Person is a wizard. His first book, Mysteries of the Deep, is being released on March 13th as a Kickstarter spell to raise $420. Learn more here.

Blending mystical insights with irreverent wit, Person transforms occult techniques into accessible, modern ideas that his clients and readers can use to create powerful changes in their own subjective experiences.

When not writing bios, Devin Person enjoys worshipping a Gnome god of humor and fending off attacks from his cat, Loki

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Auf der Suche nach dem Schönen, Wahren und Guten

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 17, 2016

Martin Iten ist Grafiker. Er und ein südtiroler Freund, ebenfalls Grafiker, fanden die digitale Welt ein wenig "öd". Sie wollten gerne einmal wieder etwas richtig Analoges machen, mit Papier, Druck, Fühlen und Riechen... Das Ergebnis: "Melchior". Ein Magazin mit christlichem Hintergrund, das die großen existenziellen Fragen des Lebens behandelt und noch dazu wunderbar gestaltet und illustriert ist.

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Closer to Home


Sherri Ott's quest for finding the meaning of “home” has led her on a journey of discovery, purpose, joy, love, unimaginable challenges and reasons to live intentionally.  She thanks God for the blessings and the storms knowing that each incredible experience brings me closer to home.

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Tales of Ancient Deception

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 13, 2017

Rayan gives you a glimpse into the interplay between magic, science and religion orchestrated by the genius mind of heron of Alexandria.

If you believe in ancient gods - this might not be for you ;)

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Guld og Kaos

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 22, 2019

Mit oplæg handler om historien bag vores arkæologiske udstilling ”Guld og Kaos”. I år 536 e.Kr. indtraf en serie vulkanudbrud, der skabte en lille istid med en formørket sol, frost om sommeren – alt i alt voldsomme klimaforandringer som fik store konsekvenser for mennesker i jernalderen. Måske har de overlevende fortalt historien videre og måske kan trådene til Fimbulvinteren, optakten til Ragnarok – trækkes tilbage til lige netop denne tid !

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PKN Chicago goes 3D

On the 2nd of December Chicago's 7th PechaKucha Night went totally 3D. Everyone who attended were given special PechaKucha branded googles. We are not sure how good the effect was but it certainly generates great shots of the crowd!

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PKN Jaen Goes to the Dogs

Jaen is one of the latest cities to join the PechaKucha community, and its first event is happening tomorrow night (November 6) at the Museo de Jaen. The dog pictured in the flyer above is in fact a famous statue from the museum.

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PKN Honolulu Vol. 7 Goes to the Birds

The next PechaKucha Night in Honolulu (Vol. 7) is just around the corner, happening this Friday (December 11) at Linekona's Academy Art Center. The night's festivities will be accompanied by music from Kenneth Makuakane and DJ Eskae. This will also mark the last PKN Honolulu for Mark Hakoda as head organizer, so if you spot him, make sure to go and thank him for the amazing job he's done over the past seven volumes.

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Charles Landry goes PK

By Jean-Paul Toonen Het wordt spannend, nu de lijst van sprekers klaar is voor de tweede editie van de Pecha Kucha Night. We mogen bovendien een bijzondere gast verwachten, met internationale bekendheid. Vrijdag de 20e is het zover, dan zal om 20.20 uur de eerste spreker aantreden en de toehoorders trakteren op een sprankelend idee.  En deze aflevering verwachten we bezoek van de Brit Charles Landry: “Seen as an international authority on creativity and city futures he focuses especially on how the culture of a place can invigorate and revitalize the economy, enhancing the sense of self and confidence.” En dat op de tweede editie te Maastricht met een heel bonte verzameling deelnemers. Van een twintigjarige jongedame die de aanstekelijkheid van geluk heeft bestudeerd, tot een door de wol geverfde manager, die ervan overtuigd is dat kennis onbaatzuchtig gedeeld zou moeten worden. Een kunstenares is gefascineerd door haar eigen dakgoot, er komt fotografie aan bod, maar ook design en muziek. En al weten we zelf al organiserend en regelend niet echt hoe dat alles uitpakt, we hebben er wel veel vertrouwen in. Dat Charles Landry de avond in zijn eigen taal kan volgen is alleen maar prima. Hij zal zien dat we een bonte streek vertegenwoordigen van Hasselt tot Aken, van Luik tot Venlo boordevol creatieve ideeën. En met de behoefte die ideeën te delen met anderen. Zelf zal hij geen bijdrage leveren, maar dat is hem vergeven. Wie Landry aan het werk wil zien kan op You Tube flink vooruit.  Heel erg jammer dat onze Pierre Buijs (Veldhoen + Company) zijn bijdrage op de avond zelf niet kan waarmaken, want hij is opgeroepen voor een hernia-operatie. Op het moment dat onze sprekers aantreden, ligt hij wellicht op de recovery. We wensen Pierre dan ook een heel geslaagde ingreep en een spoedig herstel. Voor wie het in Ainsi allemaal live wil meemaken is het belangrijk tijdig te arriveren, want de capaciteit is nu eenmaal beperkt. De deuren gaan open om 19.30 uur… een tijdstip om even te onthouden. Kijk ook even op:

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Geeks for Good

Chad Leaman tells us (at PKN New Westminster Vol. 1) how modern conveniences, unconventional user interfaces, and unique innovations have been used in the past and present to help people with disabilities carry on with their lives. He looks to the future of these applications and discusses how they have, and will continue to, empower their users. Chad challenges us all to become 'Geeks for Good' by donating our knowledge, tech, or money to assist those in need. 

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Seeking God through Instagram

“We are bacteria. We’re building concrete fungi on this speck of dust — and that’s what we call civilization.” Halik Azeez traced who he is today back to a string of events that occurred 10 years ago. In “Seeking God Through Instagram” from PKN Colombo Vol. 4 he discusses the tsunami that took away everything he owned, whereby he found himself confronted with an existential crisis.

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"Go"dly Nerdism in the Game Go

"God created Adam so he could have somebody with whom he could play the game Go."From "Go-dly Nerdism in the Game Go" from Bandar Seri Begawan, Vol. 3, founder of Brunei Darussalam Go Association Ignatius Chin shares his love and the deep history of the board game Go. He describes how Go is not just some past-time activity but a highly addictive game that carries its ancient origins and unites people (especially nerds) together. Listen as he opens your eyes to the magic that is Go.

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The Gods Are Amongst Us!

"Many of our temples came down. You know what this means, right? The Gods are not in the temples. They are amongst us!" As PechaKucha Inspire Nepal initiative keeps much needed attention on the recovering Himalayan Kingdom, compelling presentations continue coming in from PKN Kathmandu. Learn how to easily share your story about Nepal in the PK 20x20 way by visiting our PechaKucha Inspire Nepal Channel!

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Realizing Good Ideas

"It's not enough to have a good idea. To realize that good idea is very difficult, and that's what I work hard to do". In Realizing Good Ideas from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 14, Chris Siano shares how he uses digital design and fabricatio to make things better, whether it is a public art installation, a student sculpture project, a building or a neighborhood. For the past twelve years he has served as an Instructional Support Technician in the University at Buffalo Department of Art. In 2005 he formed The Foundry Group Inc. - a company specializing in art and architectural fabrication. And in 2012, in partnership with his brother Matthew, he formed HES Properties - a real estate development company focusing on development of mixed-use properties on Buffalo's West Side. All of these endevours are conduits for great ideas in his community to come to fruition. 

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Got My Kiss Records Out...

  "Their plane was met by thousands...they thought the Beatles must have been on an adjoining runway but they were there to see Cheap Trick."  In "Got My Kiss Records Out..." from PechaKucha Night Chicago Vol. 38, Jay Graham talks about the exhibition he curated that focuses on Cheap Trick's guitarist, Rick Nielsen.