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Nurturing Your Child's Creativity

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

"Creativity is a place you and your child should go." 

In Nurturing Your Child's Creativity from PechaKucha Night Chicago Vol. 32, Sharon Exley presents a top ten of how to nurture creativity, challenge, adventure and more in children, which shows why apples don't fall far from trees (via her own brave and artful explorer Emma).
This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 15th, 2017. 
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Go Big or Go Home

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Mr Potato Head, your underwear and Popular Science magazine inform Nate Kipnis as he evangelizes the PechaKucha audience in Chicago.

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Living in idk [I Don't Know]

@ VOL 35 ON SEP 01, 2015

“You're walking down a long corridor and at times it’s lit; you can see your steps and you know where you're going and everything makes sense. And then boom! The lights go off and you don’t know where you are or what you're doing. ”

In Living in idk [I Don't Know] from PechaKucha Night Chicago’s 35th Volume, Presenter  Lissette Martinez discusses living life in limbo. As an aspiring museum educator, Lissette is a grad student in the Master’s of Art Education program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is also a talented stick-figure artist.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, April 14th 2016. 

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And These are Condoms...

@ VOL 36 ON DEC 01, 2015

“After you retire from something you've been complaining about your whole life… you quit and then you go insane.”

In And These are Condoms… from PechaKucha Night Chicago’s 36th volume Speaker Nicole Hollander gives a humorous presentation on her life, her work, and her post retirement misadventures. An American cartoonist and writer, her daily comic strip Sylvia was syndicated to newspapers nationally by Tribune Media Services.  The Village Voice has called her "The toughest woman in America."

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Computers Suck At Go

@ VOL 46 ON JUN 05, 2018

Mark Rubenstein has been playing the game of Go for over 20 years. The purpose of his talk is to get you hooked on Go so he has more friends to play with.


A Go Primer

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 06, 2011

Bob Barber has been playing Go for 30 years. He has directed 65 quarterly tournaments in Chicago and was Director of the 18th U.S. Go Congress in 2002. He is an amateur 1 dan.


Mark Rubenstein has been playing Go for 15 years. Before that, he played what he thought was Go but was really just random nonsense. He is the president of the Evanston Go Club and Membership Services Coordinator for the American Go Association.

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Sustainable Containers

@ VOL 47 ON SEP 19, 2018

Builder Mark Wille is the go to guy for construction, green materials, sustainable consulting, net zero projects, passive house projects & a variety of types of off-site building technologies.  Here he talks about his passions for sustainabiity and shipping containers.


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Gorm Øster
Teacher, Sortedamskolen in Copenhagen
Keisha Go
Interior Design Student, Hilton Worldwide in Richmond
Alex Krosney (aka Lex Go)
WRDL Skater and Trainer in Winnipeg
go go
in sydney
aj go
the GOAT, myself in lawrenceville
Go Uragami
in Sydney
Hendri Go
producer and organiser in Cebu City


Melbourne @ Arts House Meat Market
Nov 23, 2012


Albany, CA @ The Ivy Room
Apr 25, 2014


Kathmandu @ Nepal Art Council
Feb 23, 2014


Alice Springs @ upstairs at Epilogue
Oct 22, 2014


Broome @ Diver's Tavern - Beach Bar
Mar 17, 2015


Broome @ BYFH - Drop In Centre
Sep 02, 2015


Aberdeen @ The Belmont Filmhouse
Apr 18, 2017


Nashville @ oneC1TY
May 11, 2017


Nitra @ Hidepark Nitra
Sep 02, 2017


Kalispell @ Kalispell Brewing Company
Nov 01, 2018

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Go! Figure!

@ VOL 92 ON MAY 30, 2012

Don Kratzer updates us on his five year mission that kicked off while attending the San Diego Comic Con back in 2007, and then lead to some terrific toy/figure collaborations with a host of creators.

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The Hidden Life of Go

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 03, 2012

To Jonathan Egnlander, Go isn't just a game, it's so much more, and he will use his presentation to convince you of this fact.

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"Go"dly Nerdism in the Game Go

@ VOL 3 ON MAY 30, 2015

What does the Go Father of Brunei have to say? Well, Go, obviously! To Ignatius Chin, playing the strategy board game Go is not just some pasttime activity but a highly addictive game that carries its ancient origins and unites people (especially nerds and other lifeforms) together. Listen as he opens your eyes to the magic that is Go.

This was "Presentation on the Day" on July 29th, 2015.

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Go Run

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 12, 2016

Paul Zara is an architect and heads up the Brighton branch of Conran and Partners in England.  However, he's not talking about running a highly successful architecture firm.  In fact this PechaKucha has no buildings in it all!  Paul talks running and community.  

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Go Beyond

@ VOL 20 ON AUG 02, 2016

The presentation covers Colin O'Brady's recent voyage to become the fastest person to climb the Seven Summits and complete expeditions to the North and South Pole, setting two mountaineering world records. Themes include: overcoming obstacles, goal setting, setting fear aside, and inspiring the next generation to dream big and live active, healthy lives.

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Touch & GO

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 19, 2017

Andrea Oleniczak talks about her role as the Fab Lab Manager in this PK titled Touch & GO.

Born & raised in Grand Rapids, MI, Andrea has a BFA in Glass from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. She is currently the Fab Lab Manager @ the LMC Fab Lab. She’s previously held all sorts of positions including Production Glassblower, Studio Technician, Design Consultant, Facilities Coordinator, Product Designer and Teacher. Her addictions? Coffee and podcasts. Her daydreams? To see local manufacturing that incorporates historical craft and reintroduces apprenticeship models.


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Go ________ Yourself

@ VOL 9 ON JUL 27, 2018

As the Founder & Creative Director of Louisiana's first queer arts & culture magazine, Charles Champagne shares his experimental and totally do-it-yourself brand-awareness campaign that is helping educate his local community about LEUR Magazine and its goals for a more queer Baton Rouge.

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A Girl and her Bicycle Go to PKN

Pictured above, Sarah Chan of Edmonton, on her bicycle and on her way to last week's PechaKucha Night in Edmonton Vol. 5. The photo is part of a post from her blog, Girls and Bicycles, "Advocating Beautiful Girls on Bicycles in a City Addicted to Cars."

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A Concept Store in Dubai and What's Going on at SuperDeluxe

Tima Ouzeden is a fashion designer and cultural producer based in Dubai. In her presentation (from PKN Dubai Vol. 11), Tima shares 20 facts about the hugely successful concept DXB Store, a not-for-profit space that Tima has been involved in since its inception. It's a concept that is very close to her heart. At each PKN in Tokyo, Kono-san goes over some of the recent events that were held at the SuperDeluxe event space -- where PKN was born -- and announces upcoming events. He also likes to start off with a few personal experiences he's had. This presentation, in Japanese, is from PKN Tokyo Vol. 94.

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A Performance and Learning Theater in Dallas, Life With Child, and a Plea to Go Greener

Presentations Ann Williams talks (at PKN Dallas Vol. 10) about the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, a performance and learning center, walking us through its various programs, and highlighting some of the shows it has hosted. Errold Brown has two major passions in life: health & fitness and child developmental delays. This is a personal presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 17) about how his life has changed drastically after his first child was born. Roman Sablin, eco-lifestyle trainer and social engineer, helps to promote and implement social projects that create a better future. Roman’s presentation (in Russian, from PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 20) helps people go greener, that is to work on sustainable consumption, turn on eco-thinking in our daily life and routine habits. He explains how to choose healthy and safe cosmetics, food, and surround yourself with the necessary minimum of high-quality things. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is in the form of the last two flyers/posters for the city of Leksand, Vol. 4 and 5 -- the latter is happening tonight, and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Photos Take a look at last week's PKN Columbus Vol. 23 through this photo gallery [Flickr]. Above, an attentive crowd, and an attendee shows up with a bike.  Calendar Tonight's (November 13) events: PKN Brighton Vol. 17, PKN Leksand Vol. 5, PKN Denver Vol. 15, and PKN San Diego Vol. 16. Tomorrow, we have the following five PKNs: PKN Birmingham Vol. 7, PKN Okayama Vol. 15, PKN Amsterdam Vol. 23, PKN Mikkeli Vol. 2, and PKN Santa Cruz Vol. 1.

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Go New West(minster)!

New Westminster's local newspaper, The Record, featured a brief recounting of PKN New Westminster's Vol. 1, and a short preview of their Vol. 2 -- here's a snippet: Volume 2's presenters will include earth-friendly bee locator Joe Wasp, environmental coordinator Patrick Johnstone, photographer Mario Bartel, Re-Up BBQ's Lindsay Frugson, West End resident Mary Wilson, urban farmer Julia Smith, and others. The evening aims to see a continued celebration of New Westminster's history and community spirit, alongside its burgeoning arts, business and culinary scene. Check out The Record's full write-up here.

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Where Games are Going (Or Not)

A head-worn device that allows players to feel 3D space through haptics, rich audio, and visuals -- this is the future of games: Artist, game designer, and UCLA Design|Media Arts professor Eddo Stern discusses a number of the projects he has worked on both personally, and in collaboration with his students. In "Where Games are Going (Or Not)" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 116, he shows off three projects in varying stages of development: a sensory deprivation game that uses haptic and audio feedback, a role-playing game that involves an audience of players using motion technology, and a hand-drawn game that incorporates elements of theater. 

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This is What Going Crazy Feels Like

After months of undiagnosed postpartum depression, Becky Castle Miller experienced an emotional breakdown. In “This is What Going Crazy Feels Like” from PKN Maastricht Vol. 24, we see that after 2 years of hard work battling depression, Becky came through with renewed sense of self, and now has launched an online magazine dedicated to combatting the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

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Going To My Happy Place: Libraries I Have Loved

"This is Google before the Internet."In Going To My Happy Place: Libraries I Have Loved from Williamsburg Vol. 12, book lover and teacher, Amy Anderson shares her love for libraries and all the activities that surround them. Instilled with a love for reading at a young age, armed with her first library card at age 4, she found herself spending much of her youth lost in the often forgotten magic in libraries. As "Temples of knowledge" she reminds us how rich an experience visiting a library can be. Check it out! 

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"Go"dly Nerdism in the Game Go

"God created Adam so he could have somebody with whom he could play the game Go."From "Go-dly Nerdism in the Game Go" from Bandar Seri Begawan, Vol. 3, founder of Brunei Darussalam Go Association Ignatius Chin shares his love and the deep history of the board game Go. He describes how Go is not just some past-time activity but a highly addictive game that carries its ancient origins and unites people (especially nerds) together. Listen as he opens your eyes to the magic that is Go.

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Keep The Heartbeat Going

“At the end, I want to stress… You, you can save someone’s life. You can save someone loved’s life ” In Resuscitation A Basic Skill For All from PechaKucha Night Maastricht’s 27th Volume Jules Olsthoorn Discusses Keep the Heartbeat Going, an organization dedicated to educating the public about CPR. The first six minutes after a heart attack is a crucial time, and it is imperative that one knows how to resuscitate a loved one should they ever be put in such a situation. A medical student in Maastricht, Jules spends most of his time at Taskforce QRS Maastricht, an organisation that promotes and facilitates resuscitation education in the Netherlands.  

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Monkeys Go Green

  "The world is abundant. If you’re willing to take leftovers, you can get nearly everything. Just ask for it." In Monkeys Go Green from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol. 30, Roos Derks shares on her urban gardening projects. Starting off on a polluted and neglected old rubber factory terrain, Derks brings us to the political and cultural center of the Mandril in Maastricht. Guided by insights from Social Permaculture, she shows why these type of projects are surprisingly doable, important, and a lot of fun.