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International Perspective

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2016

"How do you create the unknown?"

In "International Perspective" from PechaKucha Night Detroit Vol. 29George Petkoski shares his visionary approach to architecture based on his international experience from across the world. 

George has more than 30 years of architectural practice in the creative process of designing buildings, master planning large and small communities, and urban design worldwide. He has had his own architectural firm in Detroit for 16 years, been the Director of Design of Architecture for Yamasaki Architects, Michigan and Summerstone international in Beijing, China.


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User Network for Insect Biology in the Urban Garden (UNIBUG)
Urban Ecology Coordinator, Douglas College in New Westminster
greenart garden
Landscape Services In Maharashtra
Susana Michaelis
Store Owner, Self employed in Nanaimo
Garden Space
in Katowice


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Mar 13, 2009


Sunshine Coast @ The J
Aug 02, 2011


New Plymouth
Oct 30, 2011


Williamsburg @ Garden of Zen
Aug 16, 2014


Shenzhen @ Flower Center 绿地园林花卉中心
Aug 22, 2015

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Intercontinental Miami
Jun 07, 2016


Hawkes Bay @ Moroccan Tent
Mar 25, 2017


Hamilton @ Jade Dragon Theatre
Feb 08, 2018

PAST Art of Gardening, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Okotoks Art Gallery
May 11, 2019


London @ The Geffrye Museum
Aug 01, 2019

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Making Gardening Cool

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 09, 2013

In "Making Gardening Cool" From PechaKucha Christchurch Vol. 17Liv Worsnop shares the story of how the Plant Gang, a group that spends their time restoring abandoned urban spaces with local plant life, had made gardening in Christchurch cool again. 

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Parklets: Regaining Our Public Spaces

@ VOL 31 ON OCT 01, 2013

DAS, Investigation Area: Tania Guerrero and Julien Salabelle present their project Parklets, a project developed with the intention of regaining the street from the automobiles, and to expand the potential of public spaces with the help of sustainable mobile installations. (in Spanish)

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Parklets: Regaining Our Public Spaces

@ VOL 31 ON OCT 01, 2013

Tania Guerrero and Julien Salabelle of Área de Investigación DAS present their project Parklets: a project developed with the intention of regaining the street from the automobiles, and to expand the potential of public spaces with the help of sustainable mobile installations.

"Presentation of the Day" on June 19, 2014.

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Heaven is a Garden

@ VOL 7 ON AUG 28, 2014

In "Heaven is a Garden" From PechaKucha Night Garrison Vol. 7, Jan Johnsen tells us all about her love for beautiful gardens. She states that being in nature enhances our well-being, and encourages everyone to transform their yards into places of serenity. Jan emphasizes the importance of finding one’s niche within these delightful, natural spaces. 

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Reversal of Fortune

@ VOL 15 ON FEB 04, 2016

"In the project, Refersal of Fortune, a series of robotic living gardens, I use the plant to represent the complex relationship between human life and economic growth."

In Reversal of Fortune from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 15, interdisciplinary artist and educator Stephanie Rothenberg talks about her recent project "Reversal of Fortune," a series of robotic gardens that examine the intersection of social media, finance and philanthropy. In these gardens plants represent recipients of charitable acts and loan borrowers in economically challenged regions. Through this lens the complex relationship between human life and economic growth is made visible.

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Playing with Colour

@ VOL 15 ON FEB 04, 2016

"Colour often comes down to strategically finding the moments that change in a faster time scale." 

In Playing with Colour from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 15, the artist/designer team of Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster (known as BACKOFFICE) talk about their recent project, LINE GARDEN. In 2014 Jamrozik and Kempster used 500 wooden stakes to weave a mile of colourful plastic barrier tape into an occupiable, abstract field at the International Garden Festival at Reford Gardens/Les Jardins de Métis. They speak about the making of the installation, LINE GARDEN, and it’s adaptation for the 2015 edition of the festival, together with other related projects.

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Educating with Food in the Hudson Valley

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

"Teaching kids about food is a way to teach them about everything."

In Educating with Food in the Hudson Valley at PechaKucha Night New York Vol.16Lauren Maples walks us through the importance and strength of a sustainable, natural, and health-conscious education. While teaching yoga and dance in public schools, she developed the Bija approach - which strives to create a fulfilling and engaging educational experience. 

Lauren has danced with internationally acclaimed ballet companies including San Francisco Ballet and New York City Ballet, and holds a BA from New School. 

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Japan and the Temporal Craftsmen

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Nicholas Coffee takes us through history of temporal craftsmen with examples of temples and shrines across Japan. His study was made possible by the Georgia Trust Foundation.

Nicholas is a LEED AP Architectural Designer at FXFOWLE working on a range of projects in NYC from urban design to interior design. Previously he worked at Bjarke Ingels Group on a variety of projects including the Hot to Cold exhibition and publication. He holds a Masters of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder (his hometown.)

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Organic Lifescaping

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 17, 2017

Growing up, Tony Piazza always had an affinity for plants and the environment. He has since grown his affinity into a special ecosystem-based landscaping, which he calls "Organic Lifescaping". He has since provided environments that link his clients, their properties, and their ways of thinking to their natural surroundings, improving the local ecosystem and his clients lives in the process.

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From Sketch to Store: Designing a Dress

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

NIYATI KARWAT was on her way to medical school, but after studying abroad in Cypus, she decided to follow her true love. She enrolled at Parsons and now 8 years later is a designer at Tracy Reese. Hear how her travels and art inspire creating women's wear.

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Anne Gross and Guerrilla Gardening

At PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 63, Anne Gross gave a presentation on what she called "Guerrilla Gardening," a Landscape Architecture project she worked on at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, Germany. 40 students recovered 10 city sites of wasteland and turned them into gardens -- Guerrilla Gardening. We all together organized every single step, from designing to financial support and realization, up to a great opening event that included a symposium. Below, a few images from Anne's presentation.

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PechaKucha Gardenovation

Miami is putting together another special edition PechaKucha, this time in a collaboration with the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's Food and Garden Festival for "GARDENOVATION: Returning to Your Nature," happening April 25, from 13:00. See the flyer above for the list of presenters -- they are listed with links on the official event page as well.

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Garden Yabology

Tomonari Waku covers activities in "Yabology" in a presentation that also links up with David Pollard's "Just Don't Do It" presentation -- both were recorded at last month's PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 83.

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My Back Garden

In this fantastic kids presentation from PKN Derby Vol. 5, Jasmine talks about the beautiful nature surrounding her home. She tells us stories of hunting in the woods for ladybird beetles on warm spring days, and gives us a short history of the Derby locale.

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Real Japanese Gardens

Jenny Schröder had a comfortable life working for a global IT firm in London, but cast it all to the wind after a brief trip to Japan. In today's issue of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 97) Jenny tells us how she journeyed to Saitama (the prefecture along Tokyo's northern border) to study the art of garden design, and fell into a well of knowledge deeper than she had expected. Schröder came to understand the design elements -- the balance of moss, rock, sand; the way Japanese architecture served as a frame for the garden space. She discovered the cultural/historical elements as well: the practice of Sadō (ritual tea-making and imbibing) is often performed with a garden as foreground or background, and Kamakura/Muromachi Era garden designer and Rinzai Zen Monk Musō Soseki's environments can be experienced throughout Japan to this day.  She's compiled much of her knowledge on her website ( and continues to update regularly. If you've ever longed to breathe in the smell of greenery and tea whilst gazing upon the juxtaposition of nature, Schröder's database is a great place to begin. 

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7 Design Lessons from Japanese Gardens

After 3 years of working in and experiencing Japanese gardens, Jenny Feuerpeil of Real Japanese Gardens (at PKN Tokyo Vol. 103) goes over the design and life lessons she has taken in from these affecting natural spaces. Jenny gives several real-life examples of theories such as spacing, rhythm, and repetition at work in the creation of Japanese gardens. 

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Making Gardening Cool

Beautifying the local environment will never go out of style.  Liv Worsnop is the guardian of Plant Gang, a group that goes to abandoned lots and revitalizes them. In her presentation, "Making Gardening Cool" from PKN Christchurch Vol. 17, Liv speaks on how they clean the disheveled property, plant plants, and turn it into a beautiful zen garden. Plant Gang's popularity is growing and new business opportunities are flowering. Gardening has truly become cool in Christchurch.

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The Secret Gardens

Great Britain’s economy of trade allowed the growth of many distinctive gardens. Troy Marden takes us on a tour through England and its beautiful luscious green oases. In “The Secret Gardens” from PKN Nashville Vol. 13 he talks about the unique and sometimes odd gardens that can be found in the UK, and what inspired their creation.

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Heaven is a Garden

“We all know that being out in nature enhances our well-being. How many can afford to do so on a routine basis?” Jan Johnsen tells us all about her love for beautiful gardens. In “Heaven is a Garden” from PKN Garrison, Vol. 7 she states that being in nature enhances our well-being, and encourages everyone to transform their yards into places of serenity. Jan emphasises the importance of finding one’s niche within these delightful, natural spaces. 

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Gardens of Winter

“What caught my eye was the border between the man made landscape, and the natural landscape.” Printmaking MFA graduate Hannah Skoonberg speaks on her art work, which explores the concepts of memory and object. In “Gardens of Winter” from PKN Knoxville Vol. 5 she speaks about how her art — composed mostly of paper — is fragile, vulnerable, and though based on real-life useful objects is unusable due to the material used in its construction.