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New Town Art Gallery
in Williamsburg, Virginia
Barbara McKenna
in Santa Cruz
Four Point Gallery
Gallery Girls in Newcastle
Monica Miller
Director, Gallery One Visual Arts Center in Ellensburg


Dubai @ The Third Line
Dec 06, 2007


Washington DC @ The Corcoran Gallery of Art
Mar 18, 2009


Dunedin @ Dunedin Public Art Gallery
Mar 22, 2010


Vancouver @ The Vogue Theatre
Feb 24, 2011


Williamsburg @ 2007 Legacy Hall
Sep 04, 2012


Williamsburg @ New Town Art Gallery
Mar 09, 2013


Fairfield @ ICON Gallery
Aug 02, 2013


Perth @ Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
Jun 19, 2015


Detroit @ Tangent Gallery
Jun 29, 2017


Kosice @ Pokhoi
May 19, 2016

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HAY Pop-Up Gallery

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 13, 2014

Anna Gargarian shares her concept for all the steal about how we can create spaces that transform our mundane and usual surroundings and environment into something creative, useful and magical. 

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Le Huit-Sept : galerie-shop-event

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 19, 2015

Le Huit-Sept (rue Jeanty-Sarre à Limoges) est un nouveau concept-store, dédié en priorité aux savoirs artistiques locaux en apportant originalité et fantaisie dans le centre-ville. Des artistes, créateurs et artisans sont invités chaque mois à exposer leurs créations, souvent des pièces uniques (peinture, photographie, dessin, sculpture, gravure, bijoux et autres accessoires atypiques) avec en prime un chineur qui fournit la galerie en mobilier singulier. Loin du stéréotype, chaque produit exposé se démarque par une identité personnelle, où des talents pas toujours connus sortent de l'ombre et sont mis en valeur. C'est avant tout un lieu convivial de partage et d'échange culturels où sont valorisés le collectif et l'entraide.

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Making It Work in My New Orleans “New York Apartment”

@ VOL 16 ON APR 08, 2015

Artist and owner of Aquarium Gallery in New Orleans, Jacob "Reptile" Martin, shares with us the fun of his work which utilize all the skills, materials, and then some that he has acquired along the way.


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Not Just a Pretty Picture

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 05, 2015

Monica Miller discusses the challenges of running a community art center that looks like a fancy gallery. Beyond the white gallery walls lies a place to make messes, develop relationships and explore your creativity, but not without some cost.

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Art Barge: Trans Empire Canal Corporation

@ VOL 14 ON NOV 17, 2015

Erika Abbondanzieri, AIA
Watts Architecture & Engineering
Trans Empire Canal Corporation [aka TECCORP]

Erika Abbondanzieri is a member of the Trans Empire Canal Corporation [TECCORP] team, which, in partnership with the Burchfield Penney Art Center (Buffalo, New York), has launched the “art barge” project. TECCORP aims to purpose art as a resource to examine the complex ways the Erie Canal has shaped and continues to shape our political, cultural and economic realities.

To learn more about TECCORP, visit

To learn more about the Burchfield Penney Art Center, visit

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11 galleries in 12 hours with the help of a travelcard

@ VOL 31 ON APR 04, 2017

Alan Van Wijgerden takes us on a tour of 11 art galleries and installations in Coventry and the West Midlands, using only public transport.

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@ VOL 15 ON JUN 09, 2017

"There are forty-five symbols which are made... to combine four different ways of speaking into one. No matter which language you should be able to read them."

In "Loqui" from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 15, Artist and graphic designer, Raafia Jessa, talks about Loqui (pronounced Lowki), a fictitious language she created which was inspired by the phonetic qualities of language - the sounds we make when speaking aloud. 

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The Changing Role of the University Art Gallery

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 29, 2017

Indra Lacis, Curator + Art Historian : Contemporary Art and Community - The Changing Role of University Art Gallery

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How to Make a Maker

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2018

Ryan-Ashley Anderson recently made Knoxville her home, and even more recently opened gallery and event space in East Knoxville – Smart + Becker. Her mission is to catch people before they quit, helping artists realize their passion and potential to create a creative AND sustainable future for themselves. 

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The Art of Protest

@ VOL 19 ON JUL 31, 2019

International street art mural producer and gallery owner Jeff Clark talks about the street art migration, his explorations in personal photography, and how he developed his views on the world.

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Photos from PKN Sacramento Vol. 19

Today we have another gallery from the exciting PKN Sacramento Vol. 19 event. PKN Sacramento organizer extraordinaire Claire Obenson had this to say about the evening: As always, Pecha Kucha Night was fantastic, probably the best we have had in years. [It] took place during Sacramento's first ever Architecture Festival. The event was sponsored by the AIA and the theme for the evening was "Sacramento Residential Architecture". The outdoor event began with some techno/hip-hop tunes by our DJ, Will Rodriguez (who also happens to be Creative Director for Sacramento Fashion Week). Photographer Sonia Hidalgo, proved to be a natural when she brought the audience to life with her jokes as she introduced each of the presenters. There were 7 presenters, all of them architects. It began with Poet Shawn Pitard who eloquently presented for Joel Swift. Next, we had the fantastic Kiel Schmidt, Fresno's PK Night City Organizer. He was followed by the lovely husband and wife team of Pam Whitehead and Paul of Sage Architecture. Then Maria Ogrydziak (AIA Central Valley President) showed her sophisticated houses. Virtual Design Experts Laura and Justin Wood brought down the house with their astonishingly creative works and finally, Design Principal of Dreyfuss and Blackford Architects -- AIA Central Valley's 2013 Firm of the Year -- Jason Silva closed the show with a really cool residential project. The evening ended with a Meet and Greet held in the offices of The HLA Group, a Landscape Architecture Firm inside  the adjacent building. Overall, it was stupendous!

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Photos of PKN Osijek Vol. 1

The Croatian city of Osijek held their inaugural PechaKucha Night back on October 5 and had a great turnout! For a closer look at the ebb and flow of Osijek, check out their gallery and welcome them to the PechaKucha family.

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Video and Photos for PKN Ostrava's Upcoming Vol. 10

PKN Ostrava is really something special -- as organizer Jiri Vecherek puts it, the Czech Republic is "hungry for culture. 1200 free tickets for [PKN Ostrava Vol. 10] were gone in the matter of hours. This is how popular [PechaKucha Night] has become." He's put together a sort of teaser trailer for their Vol. 10 event. In the video you'll get to see how large PKN Ostrava has grown! If you prefer your pictures stationary, they've also posted a number of galleries of Ostrava's prior PechaKucha Nights.

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Photos and Videos from PKN Edmonton Vol. 14

Back in October, PKN Edmonton held their Vol. 14 event, and they have a great photo-set to show for it. This PechaKucha night consisted of 11 presenters ranging from CEOs to comic-book artists. For a detailed look at these presentations, the Edmonton Journal has compiled a post listing videos for each and every one.

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Photos of PKN Tenerife Vol. 8

The Spanish island of Tenerife held their PKN Vol. 8 in the middle of the Tenerife Design Festival back in October. Here's a small photo-set showing how that event went down.

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Photos from PKN Aalborg

The Danish university town where PKN Aalborg resides has hosted a number of events within the past 6 months -- most recently, their Vol. 10 on November 27. Here's a little album containing photos from their last couple PechaKucha evenings.

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Photos and Video from PKN Barcelona Vol. 17

PechaKucha Night Barcelona held their Vol.17 evening this past November 23rd. With comedians, artists, designers, architects, and biologists as presenters; it appears to have been an exciting night.  We've posted a small photo-set from this evening, and the organizers have made a neat video montage from that event as well. Check it out!

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Photos and Videos from PKN Bilbao Vol. 13

PKN Bilbao knows how to have fun -- back in October, they held their Vol.13 evening in their new Bilborock venue. The organizer, Jone Zubiaga, had this to say about the event: "10 new projects were presented ... One of the presenters talked about the lack of smiles [in our day to day routine]. And how did she put a smile on our faces? Well, she rapidly distributed hundreds of little red clown noses to the crowd, had them raise their hands up and shout, 'TA-DA!'" For a closer look at this PechaKucha night's presenters, take a look at PKN Bilbao's YouTube channel.

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Photos of PKN Gothenburg Vol. 33

PechaKucha Night Gothenburg Vol. 33 went down on December 4th with presentation topics ranging from beer to performance to humor, and more. Straight to you from Sweden, we have a gallery from this event for your viewing pleasure.

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Photos of PKN Ottawa Vol. 7

PKN Ottawa held their Vol. 7 event on December 4 and saw the likes of artists, stylists, software developers, film makers, entrepreneurs, rappers, and more discuss their passions. Photographer Ming Wu has a photo-set of the evening, and the organizers have posted a profile of each presenter here.