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Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Jul 20, 2013


Wanganui @ Sarjeant On the Quay
Mar 27, 2015


Richmond, BC @ Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond Campus
Mar 26, 2015


Silver Spring @ Silver Spring Civic Building
May 05, 2017


Aberdeen @ The Belmont Filmhouse
May 23, 2017

PAST EU Japan Fest ECoC 2018, Powered by PechaKucha

EU-Japan Fest @ Istituto di Cultura - Tokyo
Feb 08, 2018


Madison, WI
Aug 22, 2018

PAST EU Japan Fest ECoC 2019, Powered by PechaKucha

EU-Japan Fest @ Bellesalle Iidabashi Ekimae
Feb 21, 2019


Yogyakarta @ RWE BHINDA HQ
Oct 10, 2019

12 NOV


San Francisco @ PianoFight

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Overcoming Phobia


Salma Ishak talks about her struggle with facing her phobias and her fear that she could not control it. After facing many obstacles and difficulities, she explains how she was able to overcome her phobias. (in Arabic) 

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From fear to infinity, the evolution of a new economics

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 01, 2015

Motivated by personal and professional experiences as an economist and artist, Cliff Stevenson proposes a new economic model - informed not by scarity and fear, but by infinity.

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The United Nations of Food

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Hear Charles Bibilos, writer of the United Nations of Food blog, talk about his quest to eat food from every country in the world (160 countries), without ever leaving New York City. Yum!

Help Charles finish his quest! Help him eat: East Timor, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Botswana, Burundi, Central African Republic, Djibouti, The Gambia, Kenya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Swaziland, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

If you can help, or want to go out to eat with Charles, email him at

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Cartoons, Science, Paintings and Fear

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 02, 2016

Andy Davey tells us how not to make life choices and explores ways in which his career decisions and later calling as a cartoon artist has helped him follow his dreams.

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Facing Fears

@ VOL 6 ON JUN 28, 2016

"When I was growing up, my biggest fear was my mum."

In Facing Fears from PechaKucha Night St Neots Vol. 6James McEvoy gives us a candid insight into his life long fears, and how, over the course of many years, he's learn't to overcome and face the things that scare and intimidate him. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on August, 16th, 2016. 

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A Journey in Hats

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

New York based and originally from Papua New Guinea, Eleanor O'Connell has been working within the Theatre, Performance Art, Film, Fashion and Design industry as a Costumier, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Manager, Milliner and Artist from London to Melbourne and now New York. Listen to her journey here!

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Dance is the BEST

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Eric Thurmond is often asked what it means to be a which he wonders if people understand what dance actually is. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he explains the four elements of dance, with some live demonstrations! 

Erik is a performer from Snellville, Georgia. He has danced all over the world and shown his work in Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Houston, Detroit and New York City. His work centers around ideas of obsession, control and desire.

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Breaking the Cycle to Achieve a Happy Life


We have to overcome our own fear to have a happier and meaningful life -  today and in the future, says Bernas Syafri. For this, we have to break out from our comfort zone and conquer our fears, and also reflect on our past experience.

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You are an Ultimate Woman

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 05, 2017

When faced by apparent failure, Nicky Peters challenges you to look beyond the instant reaction to give in and take strength and comfort from all that you are by looking through some old family photographs'



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How I Conquered Glossophobia

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

Have you ever heard of glossophobia? Our team member Stella Thomassen used to suffer from glossophobia - until something made her take all actions to overcome this fear. In this presentation, Stella tells us how she conquered her fear of public speaking.

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PKN Gisborne Vol. 5 Door Fee to be Donated to Victims of the Earthquake

PechaKucha Night in Gisborne Vol. 5 is happening tomorrow night (Friday, February 25) at the Dome Cinema, and organizer Pene Walsh informs us that they'll be donating as much of the door fee as they can to the victims of the Christchurch earthquake -- see also the letter from PKN Christchurch organizer Vanessa Coxhead, and details on where you can send donations.

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Feelings from Event vol1

Empty venue Kulttuurikulma just minutes before doors opened ...   ... and show starts ...   City loop and the loose letters of Uusi Pori (New Pori)   Shows goes on and audience enjoys ...    More pictures to descibes the feeling:   Please feel free to join us on the next Event vol2 on wednesday 17.7.2013 in Bar Soma! Welcome!

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To Feel at Home

Most of us can say with certainty that our idea of home is tied to a specific location. Can you? Roshi Givechi spent much of her youth on the move -- even now, she travels about Asia for work; never truly settling on any one place -- and in "To Feel at Home", today's Presentation of the Day (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 104) she defines the elements, experiences, rituals that as a whole form her amoebic idea of this concept we hold so dear.

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The Fear of Sharks

We all have our fears; some rational, some not so rational.  In today's Presentation of the Day, "The Fear of Sharks" from PKN Louisville Vol. 3, in a rather comedic manner Paul Sirek confesses his irrational fear of being attacked by sharks ... while in the swimming pool. Paul goes beyond Spielberg's Jaws, reveals the true nature of sharks, and confronts his fear in the ocean.

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Feeding the Achieve

How far would you push yourself to realize your dreams? Samantha Nienow and Rebecca Layman feed their inner desires to achieve as they train for the Half Ironman, a gruelling marathon that combines swimming, biking, and running. In "Feeding the Achieve" from PKN Bemidji Vol. 19, they push each other through highs and lows and offer each other support as they strive for the same goal. 

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This is What Going Crazy Feels Like

After months of undiagnosed postpartum depression, Becky Castle Miller experienced an emotional breakdown. In “This is What Going Crazy Feels Like” from PKN Maastricht Vol. 24, we see that after 2 years of hard work battling depression, Becky came through with renewed sense of self, and now has launched an online magazine dedicated to combatting the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

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Facing Fears

  "When I was growing up, my biggest fear was my mum." In Facing Fears from PechaKucha Night St Neots Vol. 6, James McEvoy gives us a candid insight into his life long fears, and how, over the course of many years, he's learn't to overcome and face the things that scare and intimidate him.

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Music Feeds My Soul

“When words fail, music speaks.” In "Music Feeds My Soul" from PechaKucha Night Coventry Vol. 27, a Soulful Singer Letitia George shares her story and deep passion for music. Letitia rose to the spotlight after featuring on series 4 of BBC 1's The Voice UK, where she became a member of Team Ricky and soared her way through to the knockout rounds. 

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How to Think on your Feet

"Improv is like being slammed in the face by objects that you don't know what they are. You have no concept of what they are or what they are going to be and you get to use it. It's a gift!" In How to Think on your Feet from PechaKucha Night Kalamazoo Vol. 1, Dann Sytsma was just as surprised as the audience when his presentation, the improvisational slot intended only for the evening's entertainment and for which he had absolutely zero preparation, became not only a coherent speech but an artful and enigmatic PechaKucha masterpiece for the ages! Well Done, Dann! 

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Making people feel comfortable by John Monks

Taking inspiration from Barack Obama My first PechaKucha talk came about a few weeks ago when Ann Hawkins came into CambridgeSpace and are told me that somebody had nominated me to do a PechaKucha talk. As it turned out, I’d been thinking about doing one for a little while but I've always had a reason not to do it this time so this was the perfect nudge to get me going. Ann has an amazing network of people around Cambridge lots of them are my friends so I've always trusted everything that she does. It was a real joy to be asked. Once I’d got past the point of committing to do the PechaKucha, the challenge was to find the topic I wanted to talk about. I decided to talk about how to make people feel comfortable. I realised that a lot of my work over the years has been about getting people in a position where there are able to do things they wouldn't usually do; putting them at ease and creating a sense of psychological safety. The presentation was a combination of my own story, what I learnt from my family, from projects I’ve worked on and from people I work with. I added to that the reasons why it’s important to make people comfortable and finally I really wanted to give people some tips that they could use immediately to put people at ease. With the topic chosen it was now time to find some photos in many ways this was one of the hardest parts of the whole process. I was easily able to find some of them but one thing that struck me was how hard it is to find analogue photos!  With that done I sat down and created my narrative. I had decided to use the Story of Me, Story of Us, Story of Now format famously used by Barack Obama so that came easily to me. After that it was just a case of practising. Putting it together at the last minute The whole experience was brilliant - and it gave me a reminder of a part of my own character - procrastination: even though Ann must have asked me to do the PechaKucha three months ago it took me until almost the last minute to actually sit down and do lots of the work. Something had been holding me back. I have no idea what, but it's something that happens to me again and again. Nonetheless, in the end I was ready - just a couple of days late. On the night it was brilliant! Despite having presented hundreds of times I felt physically nervous; I could feel the adrenaline and cortisol in my bloodstream. I know happens and it's something I actually quite enjoy. Once I stand up those feelings go away and I'm really in my element. PechaKucha was a great experience from start to finish - everyone should have a go sometime! See John's presentation "Making People Feel Comfortable"