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Coat Alix
in Montepellier


Vancouver @ Vogue Theatre
Feb 28, 2013

PAST VOL. 22 1/2 | ATL Cycling Fest & ATL PKN

Atlanta @ Atlanta Beltline Bicycle
Jun 08, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ De Vrije Wolf
Jun 19, 2015

Atlanta @ Atlanta Beltline Bicycle


Brighton @ The Nightingale Room
May 25, 2016


Auckland @ Hopetoun Alpha
Jul 05, 2016


Nov 08, 2016


Manchester @ Rapha
Sep 07, 2017


Tampere @ Bar 931
Oct 13, 2017


Edmonton @ Amiskwaciy Theatre, Royal Alberta Museum
Feb 08, 2019

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Cycling is the New Black

@ VOL 18 ON MAR 27, 2014

Richard Hayman describes his two passions: cycling and architecture. They may seem like two different ideas, but they have more similarities between them then people may think. Richard talks in more detail about the relationship between cycles and architecture and how both are a series of different parts that join together to make a beautiful whole. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 22, 2014.

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Wearable Technology for All

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

Jensin Wallace relates her trip to Slovenia to collaborate with a man suffering from tetraplegia to create custom smart clothing to assist him on a day to day basis - all controlled by his cell phone! Wow!

Jensin was trained as textile textile designer at the Rhode Island School of Design and experimented with how to make sound and emotions tangible. After getting some experience in the luxury fashion industry, she went back to school and received a Masters of Design focusing in fashion and technology. Currently she works as a sweater technical designer for a high end women's label in NYC.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, November 9th, 2015. 

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The Art of Cycling

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 25, 2016

"I had to do it for myself to grow within..."

In The Art of Cycling at PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 13, Veronica Abrenica shares her journey of cycling across the United States and how it has influenced her life for the better, one mile at a time. 

Veronica is a cycling enthusiast who believes in the power of cycling to bring clarity, balance and empowerment into one's life. She has cycled across the US with "Bike and Build" and all around Ireland with "Cycle Against Suicide". Her talk is a call to action to pursue something meaningful and challenging, to break routine and wake up your senses.

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How to create cycling infrastructure in Volgograd?

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 27, 2017

Mikhail Solomonov knows how to create a great environment for bike riders and will tell us about his worldwide bike traveling and project of creating new bike environment in the city.

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Cycling Up North

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 17, 2018

Travel for Moin Khan is not limited to the destination, but includes meeting the people along the journey and listening to their stories while pushing through the elements of nature to test himself physically and mentally. He believes in mind over matter and enjoys pushing his own boundaries to overcome the limits he thought he had.

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Cycling Without Age

@ VOL 19 ON MAY 25, 2018

Rick Nevins talks about the Cycling Without Age program that started in Denmark with one person's idea that an elderly person might just enjoy a ride with the wind in their face. It has grown into a global organization and Rick talks about how he and others are now bringing this program to Williamsburg.

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Laughing and Crying with the Fort Collins Cycling Club

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 08, 2018

Stephen's participation in the Fort Collins Cycling Club has earned him the nickname "Soft and Silky." Through the Club, there are amazing stories of resiliency and support for Club members. Stephen's own story is how the club helped him to deal with his 20 year old daughter having traumatic brain injury in 2010. Over the past few years, the club has become more diverse by emphasizing opportunities providing riding opportunities for folks new to group cycling. 

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@ VOL 28 ON DEC 11, 2018

Ever since arriving here on earth, I have wanted to get out there and see what is happening. In my life I learned that this is one kind of a cycle of challenges, thus it continues to reemerge. Getting out there is a challenge where we perform best when we reengage our child-like sense of wonder. 

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Cycling - the Secret Ingredient to a Happy Childhood

@ VOL 21 ON JUL 17, 2019

Dutch Children are consistently reported as being the happiest in the world, so Roxanne De Beaux joined 30 students from around the globe at the Planning the Cycling City course in Amsterdam to find out more about the connection between the happiness of the children and the cycling environment they grow up in.

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Cycling Without Age

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 07, 2019

Neil Pritchard lives in a vineyard on the fringe of town and learned about farming and wine late in life. After losing both parents within the care-home system, he discovered Cycling Without Age, a worldwide charity organization that provides cycling experiences for the elderly, and was inspired to bring this initiative to the beautiful lakeside city of Penticton. Talk about a breath of fresh air.

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Freedom Cycles

What do you associate freedom with? Antonio Melo has always connected his bicycle with an empowering sense of independence -- the ability to go anywhere and do anything at any time. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Freedom Cycles" from PKN Louisville Vol. 3, he discusses this liberty, and juxtaposes it with his experiences cycling about New York during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers.


Summer is a time for PK!

Hello Everyone!   This summer is going to be a hot one, we all know it will be and I am most likely not the only one who will quickly become sick of seeing social media state the obvious :)  This summer is also going to be a busy time for ATL's PechaKucha Night with three events crammed into this one season!   MAY 18th, VOL. 22 : We are coming back to our original home at Octane Coffee's Westside location.  Music, coffee, beer and delicious mixed drinks, and (naturally) compelling presentations!   June 8th, VOL. 22 1/2 : This is a special event for us, one that sees ATL PKN teaming up with the first Atlanta Cycling Festival!  Use your pedal-power to join us for this bicycle-themed PKN!  This one is BYOLC as seating is limited (bring your own lawn chair).  TBD, VOL. 23 : We have yet to select a date but we DO know it will be sometime in August.  Keep your eyes peeled :D Finally, we are looking for a few fine folks to help us organize future PKNs; to help contact potential presenters, assist day-of, provide photography services, etc.  If you have some spare time, enjoy the PK movement and would like to be a part of it, shoot us an email introduction- See you soon and thank you for your continued support in PechaKucha! { KW }

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Cycling is the New Black

Cycling isn't back in style -- it never left.  Richard Hayman describes his two passions: cycling and architecture. They may seem like two different ideas, but they have more similarities between them then people may think. In "Cycling is the New Black" from PKN Christchurch Vol. 18, Richard talks in more detail about the relationship between cycles and architecture and how both are a series of different parts that join together to make a beautiful whole. 

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Raccoon Problem? There's a Gun for That

Two tickets to the gun show. Take a tour?  Ben Nicholson, frustrated by his raccoon problem, decides on which gun to use in plans to skin it, eat it and make it into a hat to match his fur coat. In "Raccoon Problem? There's a Gun for That" from PKN Chicago Vol. 28 he humorously describes different types of guns in hopes to stop his raccoon friend from visiting his log cabin. 

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Cycling Through Life: A Unicorn in Motion

"As you all know, biking is a powerful tool -- a magical tool -- and we use it here within the Black community to create change." Zahra Alabanza describes herself as a magical being: a unicorn. In "Cycling Through Life: A Unicorn in Motion" from PKN Atlanta Vol. 22 1/2 She goes into depth on what exactly this means, how she has recruited her nephews into being unicorns, and how being a unicorn has helped to bring bicycling to her family, friends, and community.  

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Sotaro Fujio

Do you enjoy cycling? If not, maybe Sotaro Fujio's presentation at PechaKucha Night Vol. 117 (Wednesday, September 24) will inspire to give it a go.

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Adventures through Cycling

“You can’t plan an adventure, but you can live in a way that allows for adventure. Embrace the unknown, be ready to take a big risk, and when everything goes wrong remember there was a reason you started it — that’s your adventure.” Brothers James Nord and Dylan Nord grew up going on adventures, riding bikes, building forts, and playing pretend. A few decades later they were still riding bikes, racing them now, but had lost that sense of adventure and child-like delight of their youth. In “Adventures in Cycling” from PKN Brooklyn Vol. 1 we see their solution — deux north — was to get together with a bunch of friends, go on adventures again, embrace the unknown, and film it the whole way.

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Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch

On the 1892 Atlanta Cycle Club: "It's special to me because it was a group of all women cyclists that decided to get together to go on picnics, to go one day trips, and just be all around awesome in their knickerbockers." From Knickerbocker Cycling in Christchurch, from Christchurch Vol. 23,  Catarina Gutierrez shares her passion as an everyday cyclist as she explores a city steeped in bicycle culture and history. Prior to landing in Christchurch, she's lived and pedaled in popular bike cities such as Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. In addition to founding the social bicycles club "CycleCHCH", Gutierrez volunteers at RAD Bikes. These days you can find her cruising around Christchurch on a bubblegum pink Morrison step-through and in a bright, neon helmet covered in stickers.   

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Getting Around on Wednesday 25th May

Another exciting mix awaits us next month on the theme of Getting Around.  Expect quickfire talks architecture, coffee, cycling, pavement politics, street art and photography... We can't wait Brighton!  

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City Focus: Jihlava

This week's City Focus goes to Jihlava located in the beautiful Czech Republic. Jihlava has a very storied past, from being a mining town to once being the the center of the distinct culture reflecting centuries of local customs for the region. The towns German name Iglau, derives from the word hedgehog which is included on its flag and coat of arms. Such a culturally rich town is sure to make great PechaKucha nights, like on January 11. Good luck Jihlava and have a great year!