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Three Cups of Tea

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Emma Exley traces the history of Africa's last colony, the Western Sahara, located on the continent's northern coast. Through images of traditional Sahrawi architecture and culture, we learn about the challenges of desert living, and how something as small as a cup of tea has massive significance in the every day life of the Sahrawi people. 

Emma Exley is a creative designer, former art educator, and diving enthusiast. After first discovering PechaKucha Night in Chicago in 2007, it was only a matter of time before she founded the Brooklyn chapter in 2014.


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Message in a Bottle

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

George Boorujy was born and bred in New Providence New Jersey, and now lives in Brooklyn, along with almost everyone else. He is represented by P.P.O.W. gallery in New York, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. 

Check out George's project, New York Pelagic, here!

Read about the bottle that washed up on a beach in France here!


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Townsville @ Dancenorth
Oct 20, 2016


Zaporizhzhya @ Art-gallery Barannik
Aug 27, 2016


Jakarta @ EV Hive D.Lab
Oct 17, 2017

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Bob Dennis – Scootering Across the Continent, Part 1

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 20, 2013

Bob Dennis talks about his 1960s adventures with friends from Europe, riding motor scooters across the continent. Starting in Austria, they eventually making their way to Istanbul. After leaving Europe they passed through the middle east, and slowly made their way across Asia, headed back towards Darwin, Australia.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 17, 2013.

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What is online learning content?

@ VOL 7 ON NOV 29, 2014

Tomoki Tsujikawa explores the possibilities of online learning content, focusing on the networking and interactivity aspects.

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Wikipedia opens unexpected doors for volunteers

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 29, 2016

Medical Student Mike Nicolaije (28) is volunteer and global admin for Wikipedia and he contributes to this site as a hobby. His enthusiasm for adding content to this universal encyclopedia is contagious.

Wiki is also a domain where you meet people in a friendly, warm atmosphere and Mike would like to organise more local meetings where all Wiki-volunteers can help each other. In cooperation with Maastricht University and also the provincial government in North-Brabant doors opened to him that are usually closed for a general audience. Also Mike’s experiences with the National Library, the Rijksmuseum and the National Archives are remarkable. He recommends in particular students to join forces within Wikipedia, because being an admin expands your horizon and also your community of friends and acquaintances.

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Bob Dennis – Scootering Across the Continent, Part 2

@ VOL 13 ON OCT 20, 2016

Bob Dennis talks about his 1960s adventure with friends from Europe, riding motor scooters across the continent. Starting in Austria, they eventually made their way to Istanbul. After leaving Europe they passed through the middle east, and slowly made their way across Asia, heading back towards Darwin, Australia.

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Content To Be Determined

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 01, 2016

DAVE CARLOCK is a 31-year veteran of the entertainment business whose work as a recording engineer and record producer, touring musician, and songwriter first made him Googleable. His continuing work as an Independent Content Creator of Sound and Image has earned him a Grammy Award certificate, two Platinum Record Awards, and a Paragon Award in advertising. Currently, he works with national and international artists recording or mixing records and making music videos at his production studio in the Benton Harbor Arts District.

As a performer: you may have seen Dave on MTV with Snoop Dogg; on YouTube with Blink-182; on Jimmy Kimmel Live with punk-rockers The Transplants; or at various St. Joseph fundraisers, such as the 2014 & 2016 SJHS Encore with the Encore Orchestra and the 2014 & 2015 Women's Service League Charity Ball, with his multi-media show, 'Projection'. Next month, he'll be wrapping up his third year in residency as a solo at The Lakehouse and Tosi's restaurants.

As an educator: his semi-weekly Funkin' Rock School is now in its sixth year of helping junior high students and above discover the love of making popular music straight from their playlists.

As the "Voice of the Mendel Center", he's been talking to you during your commute or through your television without your knowing it for the last 5 seasons. Bet you didn't know that!

As a writer: you may have read Dave's work as a weekly print columnist; and he can regularly be found on Facebook, holding court on any topic he finds fascinating from politics to dating to popular culture, as SW Michigan's favorite Liberal.

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River is on Center of Stage in Wakayama


街の裏側の存在として必ずしも美しい存在ではなかった生活水路。 和歌山ではその水路や川が、今は街の「顔」として表舞台の超重要コンテンツとして活かされています。 水辺をステージにした街のリノベーションを、行政から民間へその活躍の舞台を移した武内淳さんがたっぷり語ります!

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Maps as a Tool for Perception

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

Gabriel Gianordoli discusses humanizing data through mapping - and how maps can be used as a tool to reflect data in different perspectives in this PechaKucha presentation for NYCxDesign.

Gabriel is a designer and developer from Brazil, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He has worked with both print and digital media, with experiences ranging from editorial to UX design. His work is focused on information design and interaction. He is currently a Creative Researcher at The Office for Creative Research, a hybrid research group working at the intersection of technology, culture, and education.

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What does Africa really want?

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

As a young African and as a researcher, Ibrahima Sory Kaba sees himself confronted with negative headlines and doomed perspectives about his continent almost on a daily basis.

He wants to engage conversations about helping debunk some of the long-lasting myths and cliches about Africa and sharing a truer and fairer picture of Africa that is neither naive nor apocalyptic. 

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Letters from Poland

From the Polish city of Koszalin, we heard tell of some changes in the wind. It began with a correspondence saying Gall Podlaszewski (PKN Koszalin founding organizer) would be taking himself and his new family back to Weimar, Germany -- upward and onward to new things. Gall went into detail, in this very heartfelt post, on the past, present, and future of PKN Koszalin (Weronika Teplicka will take the helm as PKN city organizer). We couldn't help but be moved by this tale from another continent. Best of luck to Gall and those of Koszalin!

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Pecha Kucha Night Maastricht: An absolute delight

By Clare Canning Monday evening in Maastricht saw the innovative AINSI play host to the dramatic return of the Pecha Kucha Night. Held in the city on six previous occasions, the global phenomenon aroused the interest of the Euroregion’s culture and media enthusiasts, who descended upon the factory-come-arts centre in spectacular fashion. Based on one simple premise, a series of presentations of 20 slides shown only for 20 seconds each, the approach allows entrepreneurs and creatives alike to exhibit their thoughts, passions and oddities in a way which both excites, shocks, and often, amuses. With ideas ranging from a quest to introduce pop music to the cultural venues of Maastricht, to the latest crop circle predictions, this occasion was indeed no exception. Participants were also all to present in English which for them, as stated by compère and co-organiser Martijn Kagenaar, made it ‘a little creepy’.Pecha Kucha (Japanese for ‘chit chat’) hails from Tokyo and is the brainchild of the architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. In 2003 they decided to introduce a quick-fire method of sharing new ideas in an informal and imaginative environment. It is a concept since adopted by an astounding 352 cities worldwide. The Pecha Kucha team here in Maastricht consists of Pierre Buijs (Creovate), Jean-Paul Toonen (T36 Media), Martijn Kagenaar (Zuiderlicht), Nathalie Dirks (UM) and Sueli Brodin (Crossroads Magazine). For them, such ‘new and dazzling sources of inspiration are crucial’ given the city’s bid for Capital of Culture 2018. The international character and informal charm with which Pecha Kucha thrives also makes the event accessible for all. Being the first eager visitor to arrive on the evening, I quickly saw the vast space of the old factory canteen teem with what appeared to be old friends meeting. Fuelled by wine and a backdrop of sultry jazz, people mingled around candle-topped coffee tables and armchairs. No finer a venue than AINSI, a recently renovated 1920s cement factory, could be imagined. Great high ceilings exposing air vents and industrial machinery remain, adding to the vibrant and creative atmosphere evident before the main event had even begun. And so to the speakers themselves. The event kicked off with Dan Potter, introduced by Martijn as a biologist by day and a ‘slightly deranged’ online cartoon writer by night. Creator of Walking the Lethe, an online comic dedicated to one man’s quest to try and get his wife back from heaven, Dan exclaimed ‘don’t be afraid of investing in creativity, don’t be afraid of investing in yourself’. A very fitting remark since the general vibe soon became one of the pursuit of various dreams you once thought you lacked the courage to make reality. In the first half Dan was also joined by Angelo Vermeulen, an artist, biologist, filmmaker and activist who collaborates with advisors from the European Space Agency. His rather innovative approach to design sees the combination of both nature and technology in one living, breathing ecosystem. A personal highlight came from Ig Nobel prize winner Bart Knols and his presentation titled ‘the mosquito and the Limburger cheese’. Based on research stating malarial mosquitoes follow human odour, he found an interesting and unlikely way to disrupt the flight path of the mosquito using the regional cheese, ultimately making human contact less likely. Findings published on the 1st of April, he laughed, also led to a general belief it was a joke, only to be followed by an 8.5 million dollar investment from Bill Gates! Equally as powerful was the presentation by Markus Bediako called ‘Africa = Eden’. Accompanied by friend and colleague Jodi Omankoy using a hand beaten drum, the pair invited us all to join and support them in their quest to return to the image of Eden. Something they view as a more reliable impression of the great continent than that which most of us are blinded by in today’s media. One final performance, or ‘bonus track’ as it was advertised, came before the break from Chris Rosendahl. Based on the philosophy that if you’re going to laugh about it later why not laugh about it now, each of his 20 slides simply displayed images of people laughing, whilst the audience were taught some ‘laughter yoga’ moves. We were all instructed to stand, face those around us and laugh, sufficiently breaking down any social barriers which may have existed before, and leading us very nicely onto our beer break. After our return, further presentations came from Manfred Leuth (radical innovation), Mahdi Abdulrazak (cyborgs without surgery), Sanjay Sharma (it’s all in attitude), Koen Beumer (scar pride) and Egid van Houtem (software thinking). Belgian born Youssef Joumani, the penultimate speaker, gave us an amusing and thought-provoking account of the various perceptions of himself conjured by others when hearing his Moroccan name. Upon finally embracing it after years of battling, he exclaimed some idiot decided to name a film ‘jumanji’, destroying his hard work! Finally it was the turn of the first and only female participant, artist Tanya Ritterbex and her presentation ‘save the holy goblin’. Documenting her passion and artistic ventures, the audience was treated to a backdrop of inspiring images created by herself, nicely rounding up the evenings events. Pecha Kucha night in Maastricht proved witty, provocative and often just plain weird. Moments of humour, delight and intrigue incited a relaxed yet engaging atmosphere which upon cycling back towards the city left me feeling satisfied. For those of you who missed the chance to attend on this occasion the Maastricht team upload performances onto their website. Also, do not fear, for Pecha Kucha Maastricht are organising another event in November. Participant applications are invited for those who dare! By Clare Canning Clare Canning has recently arrived in Maastricht as a Masters student, embarking on a course in Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education at the University of Maastricht. She is originally from Manchester in the UK and enjoying the move greatly! Videos and Photos: © Pecha Kucha website, ©Bert Janssen

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Scootering Across the Continent

Many talk of back-packing across Europe, but Bob Dennis did it in style: on a motor scooter.  In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Townsville, Vol. 2) Bob recounts his adventures in the 1960s from Austria, Istanbul, the Middle-East, and Australia. 

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Icy Heritage

"After 100 years they are still standing,...the original buildings on the Antarctic Continent."In Icy Heritage from Christchurch Vol. 23, Programme Manager-Conservator Lizzie Meek presents the Antarctic Heritage Trust which cares for a collection of simple, wooden expedition bases, filled with everyday objects. A life-changing experience for many of the people who visit them in Antarctica, they also strongly resonate with people who will never visit – because they are, despite the odds, still standing. Six minutes on the power of place, and the value of heritage in its original context.Bundle up!


Let the chit chat begin! Pecha Kucha nights, Birmingham edition

Rocio Carvajal Cortés writes about her experience talking at the 12th Birmingham Pecha Kucha!  Taking part on a multicultural, interdisciplinary and international conversation, meeting new people, new ideas and be surprised by the infinite resources of human creativity is what PechaKucha is all about. As long-time fan, host and speaker I was excited to see the open invitation to participate in the 12th edition of PK nights in Birmingham, UK. It had been a long time since I last experienced one and it was in another continent, another latitude and I was involved in projects around urbanism and regeneration. Here you can see a sample of the works I presented years ago for a PK in Oaxaca, Mexico. After a friendly and quick exchange of emails with Ben Waddington and Pete Ashton I was signed up to share my new projects on gastronomic heritage and colonial bread from Mexico.  The impeccable organisation was only compared with the rather sophisticated venue, the brand new and dare I say already emblematic Curzon Building of Birmingham City University was a glamorous canvas for a night full of thought-provoking projects and interesting people. It was a great experience and I’m ever so thankful to the PK-Brum team for having us all on the 12th edition.  I invite you to believe in the power of open and limitless imagination; make things happen and share. Rocio Watch her talk: The Language of Food: Bread Stamping in Colonial Mexico.   

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Every 60 seconds in Africa…

“Stereotypes harm dignity, but the truth of the matter is that stereotypes sell” What is your image of Africa? A poor, conflict-ridden, hot continent with beautiful sunsets and wild animals, or a hub for innovations and the second fastest growing economy? By day Faten Aggad works as Africa programme manager at the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM). By night she studies journalism and is a travel writer. In Every 60 seconds in Africa… from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Volume 29, she will challenge you to look at Western media headlines through a different lens.

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How Restraint will Fuel Your Creativity?

“Maybe eventually in the one route left, you will find new continent of possibility.” In How Restraint will Fuel Your Creativity? from Pechakucha Night Shanghai Vol.27, seemingly contradictionary, Pierrick Calvez makes the case that restraint can actually give you more freedom. He backs this up with relevant examples from various artists. Our conclusion: Think outside of the box, but putting yourself in a(nother) smaller box!


Presenter Bio: Tanya

Tanya is a make-things-happen kind of person. She has been living and working in Malawi for nine years and has established several projects/business, including the building of several primary schools with her UK charity, Expand, and the establishment of a 6,000 hectare essential oils plantation in the North of Malawi.  One of Tanya's many passions is industrial hemp.  She is the founder of Invegrow Ltd, a Malawian company promoting the trialling and cultivation of industrial hemp, the non-drug variety of cannabis. It is grown in 40 countries around the world and Invegrow are the leaders on the continent pioneering the investigation into and understanding of this important crop. Can't wait to hear about the New Beginnings of industrial hemp!