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Big Bang Memorial

@ VOL 9 ON DEC 02, 2014

Pechakucha was the opportunity for Gaëlle Le Guillou to speak about her deep project: it is an artistic and experimental project at long term in the cemetery of Bouteillerie in Nantes.
This project is supported by the association BIG BANG MEMORIAL. The idea of this association is to take a fresh look at the intimate and common that are cemeteries.

Ceramist Sculptrice, she chooses this material because she can imagine forms and volumes .
She experiments with coloured enamels, textures, by renewing regularly her themes of inspirations.
She draws her inspiration from her childhood, from fashionably, architecture, arts, and nature.
She creates her universe, fanciful and in movement, even if it is about the death.
That is characteristic in her work, and her life. {in french}

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Surprising Childhood Universe

@ VOL 9 ON DEC 02, 2014

"I am a draftswoman and work on the theme of the childhood. I create a dreamlike world populated with animals in reference to the imaging of the tales populated with anthropomorphic beings. As can be seen, I mix bodies, hybrid.
My images can seem soft and childish in the first reading but there is always a detail which can question or put ill-at-ease. It is the subject that I handle since my studies in School of Fine Arts: the question of the dead body and the obscenity, what cannot or must be shown in our western society.
I use the motive for the body of the child which is not still adolescent. In the border between the childhood and the grown-up world. A child who is not so innocent and who can be cruel. I like working around this theme for my various exhibitions.
The departure of my images are the natural history books which invade my work table. A fascination which follows me for a long time.
My workspace is blocked by books, objects which I collect in my strolls, attic sale and which are for me of the triggers of images.
We often propose me exhibitions where we give carte blanche to me I like inventing a graphic story. Tell stories by the images, so letting to the spectators the leisure invent also their own story.
My last project is a story which began in 2011 with a fanzine grouping images on the theme the childhood, animals and cruelty. This project became this year a book Yvonne, l’Enfant Château. Story of a girl, one summer, living alone with his father. A kind of Alice in Wonderland in more disturbing.
It is interesting to see how the public receives my images. My gesture is decided to shock the spectators by showing in a diverted way or by mentioning topics taboo. Certain people attracted at first by drawings are shocked and can have surprising reactions between the rejection and the advice to make me look by a specialist …
Some times ago, a person pushed me on another technique for an exhibition. The painting brings me a new approach and a method to my work. A liberation of the gesture. I always raise the same subjects. I keepin the final phase a report with the line". Delphine Vaute {in french}

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Naturellement, dessiner

@ VOL 12 ON JUL 12, 2016

Soazig ZZ Dréano, raised close to nature since her childhood, became « Reporter aux pinceaux » (BACKPACK PAINTING ARTIST) with the passion for drawing and her keen taste for encounters. Chinese brush and the travel book holder became her favorite tools.These tools keep a grafic trace which is the memory of these meetings.For the last 20 years, she had chosen to share her passion with mostly children.The mind opens to the surrounding world by observation, respect, and a stimulated artistic expression. This artistic approach especially induces reconnection to the five senses combined with the capacity of astonishment end the wonder at this Nature. The child can go to the heart of things and rediscover its potential.


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Dayton @ 798 Union Hall
Feb 21, 2013


Garrison @ The Garrison
Jun 06, 2013


Osaka @ Trois Dix organic restaurant
Jun 08, 2013


Davenport @ Figge Art Museum
Feb 27, 2014

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Hyatt Regency Vancouver
Apr 27, 2014


Roanoke @ 16 West Marketplace
Nov 19, 2014


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Aug 14, 2015


Coventry @ The Tin Music & Arts, Canal Basin Vaults
Dec 05, 2017


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Apr 12, 2018


Portland OR @ Holocene
Dec 11, 2018

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Responsible Fatherhood

@ VOL 9 ON SEP 18, 2012

Author and father of four Shawn Gardner works with 2NOT1, an organization focused on emphasizing the importance of fathers in the family unit. Through this organization he is trying to change the lives of children for the better by encouraging fathers to take responsibility for their kids' upbringing.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 7, 2013.

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Parenting & Social Media

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 27, 2013

Rose Bianchini highlights the dangers and consequences when it comes to involving your child in today's, brisk, unforgiving forms of social media. 

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Soft Interaction for Connectedness and Well-being

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 01, 2016

Jinsil (Hwaryoung) Seo presents some of her interactive art research using soft/organic materials for children with autism and older adults. Her research focuses on promoting social/intergenerational connectedness and wellbeing.

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"Girls Don't Ask for Seconds" and Other Lessons from a Third Culture Childhood

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 02, 2016

Nami Ishihara is often asked "Where are you from?“ and it is not easy for her to answer. In her presentation, she talks about her childhood experience as a Third Culture Kid, growing up between Japanese and American cultures. 

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What Does Success Mean to You?

@ VOL 6 ON JUN 14, 2016

Lauren Maples, founder and director of bijakids, talks about her own journey of defining what succes is and how the lessons she learned along the way informs her daycare practice. 

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Art of the Pencils

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

“Pencil is a small thing that can make a big difference in the lives of people who use them.”

In "Art of the Pencil" from PechaKucha Night New York Vol.16 , Caroline Weaver, amateur pencil collector but lifelong pencil lover, founded CW Pencil Enterprise in November 2014. With her pencil experts, Caroline digs up the stories and origins of these objects and make them accessible to those who appreciate them for their functionality, beauty and history. As simple as it may be, the pencil is something which despite advances in technology will never become obsolete.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016.

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A Centenarian Remembers

@ VOL 30 ON OCT 15, 2016

Graham Bathgate lyrically describes his conversations and discoveries with centenarian Thelma McLean as part of a book he presented Thelma for her 105th birthday: about poetry she learned at school and loved, and could still recite; images of when she was growing up; and a life of reflections.  Thelma has passed on.  This delightful warm presentation enshrines her life and memories.  E nga mate, haere, haere, haere atu ra! 

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Aquellos maravillosos años... escolares

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 21, 2017

Belén Hallado tiene un máster en física. Actualmente está trabajando como profesora de matemáticas y ciencias en IES Alisal, un Instituto en Santander.

Belén hablaba sobre "esos maravillosos años ... escolares". Ella nos llevó de vuelta al pasado (alrededor de los años 70) con su experiencia en la escuela a lo largo de los años hasta hoy, cuando ya no es estudiante pero Un Maestra.

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Aquellos primeros 7 años de vida

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 21, 2017

Estefanía Gabassa es una estudiante. Su pasión son los números, y está enamorada del Sol y del Mar.

Ella hablaba de cómo influyen esos primeros años de existencia en la creación de nuestra personalidad.
Cómo ser conscientes de desaprender lo aprendido y crear nuestra propia vida, nuestros propios pensamientos, la creación de los actos propios.
Cómo la influencia de mamá y papá está vigente hasta que la decisión de cambiar patrones encauza nuestro propio desarrollo y nuestra propia historia.

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Jet Rocket Socket

@ VOL 11 ON MAR 01, 2018

Kaytlan Bockenstedt demonstrates how to encourage an imaginative childhood by sharing examples of her own. Her experiences involve little people doors, story telling, the power of dirt, and the firm expectations of adventuring outdoors no matter the weather. 


Jeff Topham

Yes, PechaKucha Night in Vancouver Vol. 6 is indeed sold out, but here's a touching presentation from the previous volume, in which photojournalist Jeff Topham reflects -- through photography taken by his father -- about his childhood growing up in Liberia. He follows that up with a look at what he experienced when he returned to that country a few years ago.

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Ryo Bordini Chikushi

Today we highlight two more presentation from the Berlin "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti" event, starting off with PKN vet Ryo Bordini Chikushi -- you can see his previous presentation on the "Peace Sweater" project here -- talking about his "Liegewiese." Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi opened PKN Haiti in Berlin with a heartwarming presentation about the "Liegewiese," a very large lounger he re-designed and built himself in homage to the original custom made piece his Italian father invented during Ryotaro's childhood. A presentation about heritage. It was great to see how the guests fell in love with this piece of furniture (which they actually lounged on all together) after they heard the whole story about it.

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Childhood Drawings

Eric Chan (aka Eepmon) is a Canadian designer now based in New York, and in this presentation, he shares the childhood creations he produced as a kid, and shows how they link up to and influenced the work he creates these days. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 91.

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Tales Therapy and Dreams

Katerina Egorushkina (of PKN Kyiv Vol. 9) speaks -- in Ukrainian -- on the extent to which childhood fables shape our dreams. We learn about "tales therapy": through the impression of therapeutic tales and creative visualization one can convert their (not borrowed!) dreams to reality. Katerina shares her personal and professional experiences with tales therapy in this presentation.

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Several Tools to Organize Childhood Dreams

Protasov Olga shares (at PKN Kyiv Vol. 9, in Ukrainian) a few ideas on the education of her children, and hopes to inspire us to borrow from her experience. In her presentation, she points out that it's often the little things we fail to notice that end up shaping our children into the adults they become.

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Journey into Eldership

The communal lifestyle and ritual of the Cree aboriginal tribes played a key role in the lives of the two presenters of today's edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Edmonton Vol. 15). We hear from Elder Gilman Cardinal and Tashina Makokis, two members of the Cree tribe, separated by a generation. Gilman speaks of his childhood with the tribe, his adulthood outside of it, and his return through eldership. Tashina speaks on the importance of perpetuating the Cree's cultural memory. She discusses her role in bringing together the youth and elders of her community in an effort to preserve cultural traditions.

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Waving Goodbye

"I had a new clarity of how midwestern I was, and what the midwest looked like. I got really excited about something that had seemed very ordinary to me." In Waving Goodbye from United States Artists Assembly in Chicago, artist Deanna Dikeman guides us through her photography, billboard and poster projects. Her unassuming work, while humble is rife with intention and artful curiosity, relatable and resonating. Based in the Midwest, she explores the themes of family, childhood memories, dance, fashion, lost and found, life and death.

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The Creative Evolution of the Coloring Book Lady

"If anybody would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say 'I want to go to the Royal College of Art in Kensington Gore.' I had no idea where Kensington Gore was. I didn't care where it was, I just wanted to go there. I had a book about from the Royal College of Art and I loved the people in it, and I wanted to be one of those people." In The Creative Evolution of the Coloring Book Lady from PechaKucha Night Bexhill-on-Sea Vol. 1, Mel Elliott takes us on a journey from her childhood dream to attend The Royal College of Art, to an early project for an advertising agency, to self publishing a Kate Moss colouring books and beyond. She continues to grow her business "I Love Mel" and practice, developing a range of products including temporary tattoos, t-shirts and card games.

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PechaKucha People: Nami Ishihara

This week's PK People Spotlight lands on PKN Vientiane's organizer, Nami Ishihara, who has shared via the 20x20 format her experience growing up between Japanese and American cultures as a "Third Culture Kid". Now an organization change facilitator who loves to connect people, she believes that everyone has something original and interesting inside them, and PechaKucha is a great way to share that something special! Through organizing PechaKucha, she has found that Vientiane is a small city with a wealth of creative talent, often undiscovered. She is proud that PechaKucha Nights have invigorated the arts and social scene in Vientiane by providing a forum for people to share their ideas with each other and with the world.

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PKN Poster Spotlight: Guangzhou

This week's PechaKucha Poster Spotlight shines on the whimsical poster design for PechaKucha Night Guangzhou Vol. 35. The quirky drawing of a dinosaur pedaling on a prismatic bicycle incites us to recollect the bizarre things we concocted in our childhood imaginations. As we reach adulthood, we tend to appreciate more "mature" pieces but forget that playful designs like these can also be intrinsically pleasing. Play on and enjoy PKN Guangzhou's 35th event on this hallow's eve! See you there! For more great posters, take a look at our Instagram and Tumblr!