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Huddersfield @ Cafe Ollo
Nov 29, 2012


Providence @ The MET (at Hope Artiste Village)
Dec 18, 2013


Blue Mountains @ Katoomba Brewing Company
Dec 12, 2015


Broome @ Diver's Tavern - Beach Bar
Sep 14, 2016


Christchurch @ Christchurch Civic Offices
Oct 24, 2016


Perth @ Feld & Co
Jul 26, 2018


Cambridge @ CUC Wine Bar
Jan 16, 2019


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Dec 07, 2018


Providence @ Sin
Feb 27, 2019


Nagoya @ Maccaroni Club Nayabashi
Aug 24, 2019

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Only in New Westminster

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

Professional Chef Todd Bright recounts some of his favorite experiences cooking in the lower mainland area. With sustainability initiatives, cooking competitions, and other community events, the area has become one of Bright's favorite places. 

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De Soepfabriek

@ VOL 7 ON OCT 01, 2013

Chef Ralph Geerts is on a mission to educate youngsters about fresh and healthy food. Organizing workshops in cooking home made soup is his way to go.

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No Boobs, No Problem!

@ VOL 11 ON MAR 07, 2015

This presentation is a continuum of some of Lulu De Panbehchi's previous PK talks. We have seen her journey through chemotherapy as interpreted through her photography, her outlooks on life and her work at the time, and now her perspective on life after breast cancer. One thing is obvious, Lulu is a positive spirit.

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The United Nations of Food

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Hear Charles Bibilos, writer of the United Nations of Food blog, talk about his quest to eat food from every country in the world (160 countries), without ever leaving New York City. Yum!

Help Charles finish his quest! Help him eat: East Timor, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Botswana, Burundi, Central African Republic, Djibouti, The Gambia, Kenya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Swaziland, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

If you can help, or want to go out to eat with Charles, email him at

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@ VOL 12 ON SEP 30, 2016

Claire Tansey is a chef, teacher and food expert. She has over 20 years experience in restaurants, education and media, notably as Food Director at Chatelaine and on Cityline. She thinks life is complicated; cooking shouldn't be. 

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En Venezuela somos Cacao

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

La chef venezolana, ganadora del Basque Culinary World Prize 2016, María Fernanda di Giacobbe, nos inspira con su mensaje de la cultura del chocolate en Venezuela. Cómo ha utilizado este medio para empoderar a cientos de mujeres venezolanas y así cambiar sus vidas. Nos cuenta sobre su experiencia como chocolatera y sus proyectos con Cacao de Origen y Kakao Chocolates.

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Natural Leavening

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

From Texas to New York to Brazil, professional pizza man Anthony Falco has been active in the food industry from a widely popular french fry stand to a famous Bushwick pizzeria, to perfecting delicious bread recipes with his kids. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he talks about the process and health benefits to naturally leavened dough!

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Cricket Shelter: A Modular Insect Farm


"Eating bugs is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the future!"

In "Cricket Shelter: A Modular Insect Farm" from PechaKucha Night New York Vol. 18, architect Maria Aiolova discusses her obsession with cricket farming. Her firm, Terreform ONE, built a sustainable insect shelter on site to conduct extensive research on crickets - studying their growth, social development, and reproductive habits...before harvesting the adults and turning them into tasty treats!

Maria is an architect, educator, designer, and community builder in New York City. She is an innovator in ecological design, smart cities, sustainable urban infrastructure, water, transportation, and waste. Maria is a leader in interdisciplinary education focused on future cities.

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Islamabad - The Beautiful

@ VOL 156 ON APR 13, 2018

PechaKucha Night Islamabad organizer Michelle Tania Butt helps you explore the young capital city of Pakistan. The first PechaKucha city from the country, Islamabad is a picturesque, serene, compact city that embodies the diversity of the country. A city rife with arts and culture and home to many of the country’s artists, artisans, creative thinkers, and performers.

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Because you cannot plan yesterday

@ VOL 29 ON NOV 29, 2018

We chart a course in life, but there are sure to be bumps and wildly unexpected detours along the way. Gustaf Anders Rooth, a true Renaissance man, navigates life's waters by utilizing the many creative and interpersonal skills he has developed along the way. A multilingual woodworker, welder, sculptor, painter, musician and chef, he has spent a lifetime reinventing himself in order to survive as an artist. Through the pursuit of his many different creative passions, Gustaf has not only figured out how to survive as an artist, but how to thrive within a new community. 

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Danny Choo

If you've lived in Tokyo long enough -- or spent time wading through the oceans of YouTube videos -- there's a good chance you've spotted Danny Choo roaming the streets. You may not recognize him by face though, and that's because when you have seen him he was in full Stormtrooper uniform. More than just a servant of the Empire, Danny has used the success gained from his costume outings -- resulting in not only YouTube fame, but international media coverage as well -- to help power his own web portal, which brings in over 2 million unique visitors a month, all eager to follow Danny's adventures in Japan, as well as his coverage of topics near and dear to the hearts of the otaku worldwide. Danny presented at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 60 -- and yes, he was in full costume.

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Gary Cheng

As we mentioned last week, one of the most exciting features of the new PechaKucha site is the "Presentations" section, where you can view a selection of presentations in beautiful full-screen, listening to the original audio recorded during the event. Over the coming weeks we'll be adding the ability to embed the player we created anywhere, which will make it easier to share your favorite presentations with everyone -- and we'll of course be highlighting plenty here at PechaKucha Daily. In the meantime, do take a look at what's there now. The latest addition is from this past Wednesday's Tokyo Design Week edition of PKN Tokyo, and is an amazing look at the evolution of Hong Kong-based architect Gary Cheng's apartment through the years. Gary has lived in this 32sqm apartment from the age of 14. 30 years later he is still living there in the heart of Hong Kong. This is an incredible story of how his home has transformed over the years -- and still continues to transform.


Best Reason to Chit-Chat

It's so nice to see PechaKucha Night chosen as a staff pick in the Salt Lake City's City Weekly -- certainly the "Best Reason to Chit-Chat." Big thanks to PKN Salt Lake City organizer Tristan Shepherd for sharing this with us.

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"MA D Chit Chat," Powered by PK

Here's a fun poster that was shared with us for an upcoming one-off PechaKucha event in Zurich ("Powered by PechaKucha"), for a Masters of Arts in Design program.

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PechaKucha Night Vol. 1 in Tegus

Greetings from Tegucigalpa, or we locals call it, Tegus! In 3 very short weeks we will be launching the first PechaKucha Night ever in our Central American country of Honduras. We have just revealed our amazing poster designed by the very talented designer Alicia Medina, a cool lady whose experience includes illustration, branding, and art direction among other things. The poster design is based on popular local handicrafts that are a symbol of Honduras - handpainted clay roosters in bright, happy colors.  During this first volume of PechaKucha Tegus we'll be sharing stories from chefs, yoginis, actors, film directors, artists, street artists and even beer brewers. It's bound to be a vibrant mix of ideas and interesting people on this warm summer night.  We'll keep you all posted on how our very first night goes. We're really excited and we think it'll be a total hit. Til next time!

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Chit Chat

Despite slightly suffering with the remnants of a horrible lurgy, I'm pressing on with assembling the slides for tonight's Pecha Kucha Coventry Volume 15. Running order has been a bit trickier than usual to sort - normally the order just kind of suggests itself and the order always works because of the random connections it unwittingly throws up. Let's hope I haven't thought about it too much this time... So here it is: Julia O'Connell - A Kiss from France Jon Plumley - The Charterhouse Steve Compton - What Far Gosford Street means to me Laura Elliott - Laura and Popple: celebrating 30 years <sake & chat break> Atma Singh - post-tsunami Nikki Pugh - 29 not-quite-random walks around Tokyo Matthew Macaulay - form/function Richard Tomlins - What Far Gosford Street means to me <sake & chat break> Then there's karaoke! All part of the Japanese Cultural Festival at The Tin Music & Arts. More here:


Let the chit chat begin! Pecha Kucha nights, Birmingham edition

Rocio Carvajal Cortés writes about her experience talking at the 12th Birmingham Pecha Kucha!  Taking part on a multicultural, interdisciplinary and international conversation, meeting new people, new ideas and be surprised by the infinite resources of human creativity is what PechaKucha is all about. As long-time fan, host and speaker I was excited to see the open invitation to participate in the 12th edition of PK nights in Birmingham, UK. It had been a long time since I last experienced one and it was in another continent, another latitude and I was involved in projects around urbanism and regeneration. Here you can see a sample of the works I presented years ago for a PK in Oaxaca, Mexico. After a friendly and quick exchange of emails with Ben Waddington and Pete Ashton I was signed up to share my new projects on gastronomic heritage and colonial bread from Mexico.  The impeccable organisation was only compared with the rather sophisticated venue, the brand new and dare I say already emblematic Curzon Building of Birmingham City University was a glamorous canvas for a night full of thought-provoking projects and interesting people. It was a great experience and I’m ever so thankful to the PK-Brum team for having us all on the 12th edition.  I invite you to believe in the power of open and limitless imagination; make things happen and share. Rocio Watch her talk: The Language of Food: Bread Stamping in Colonial Mexico.   

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Letterpress (or…Biting off more than you can chew)

"You forget all about the lines that you originally drew because they go on a journey and come back to you looking like this!"In Letterpress (or…Biting off more than you can chew) from PechaKucha Night Knoxville Vol. 2, we hear the story of Camp Nevernice, a budding letterpress design and illustration shop, owned and operated by Laura Baisden. Laura has ten years experience in the field, but in her first year as a sole proprietor- she’s learning many lessons…including the lesson of time-management.

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Chaos in Space

"Chaos always works within a framework, making it completely predictable so long as you understand stand the framework." In "Chaos in Space" from PechaKucha Night Christchurch Vol. 31, Jonny Knopp, whom accidentally wore slippers to his presentation, ponders architectural creation in accompaniment of his simple, yet quirky illustrations.  


Let's Chat!

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