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Springfield, MO @ Moxie Cinema
Feb 10, 2013


Abbotsford @ The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford
Oct 23, 2014


Silver Spring @ Pyramid Atlantic
Apr 10, 2015


La Conner
May 30, 2015


Sacramento @ Uptown Studios
Oct 20, 2016


Sunshine Coast @ The Imperial Hotel, Eumundi
Apr 05, 2017


Amman @ Zinc: Zain Innovation Campus
Nov 24, 2018


Orlando @ Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
Feb 23, 2019


Ankara @ L'avare
Jan 19, 2019


Aberdeen @ The Belmont Filmhouse
Mar 14, 2019

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Distinction Through Typology

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 07, 2013

Christian Webb has a unique way of making art. He takes pictures of similar things and then arranges them in a grid. Its the perfect mix of chaos and structure, and it produces striking results that lead to questions about typology, diversity, and change.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 7, 2014.

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Making a Difference and Looking Ahead

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 13, 2016

Listen to four short success stories from a program in Broome, MADALAH House, an organisation that supports young indigenous australians through training, skill building, and most importantly direct mentoring.  

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Simple as ABC, Art for Behavioural Change!

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 07, 2016

“Somehow as we grow up, art disappears out of our lives. This is the story of how art reentered mine.”

In "Simple as ABC, Art for Behavioural Change!", from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol. 31, Prof. Shyama Ramani addressed the major problems of Indian villages - open defecation and littering of public spaces. Policy makers are helplessly wondering how to bring about behavioural change. Shyama proposed that communal art forms can be used as an instrument of behavioural change. How? Listen to this talk to find out.

Prof. Shyama Ramani of UNU-MERIT has been voted one of the #100 Women Achievers of India in the category of ‘Hygiene and Sanitation’.

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The Power of Radio

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos Chirinos’ work explores innovation and creativity in emerging global music industries, looking at the role of music in public health, international development and social change. He has been a key consultant for radio and music projects in Europe, Africa and Japan - and most recently worked to develop Africa Stop Ebola, a global music campaign to raise awareness about Ebola in West Africa that was featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and CNN, for which he received an award from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Defense, and USAID.

Currently, Professor Chirinos collaborates with the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, curating music performances to engage the Latin community living in New York City. He is also involved in projects in the UK, Tanzania, Cuba and other countries, looking at the role of music industries in economic development, tourism and social entrepreneurship. He also runs New York University's Music and Social Change Lab

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Politics, Policy and Pollution Masks: Anecdotes from the Streets of New Delhi


In the winter of 2015, the condition of air pollution in Delhi was described as ‘severe’. PM 2.5 was 16 times the safe limit. The smog taking over the most polluted city in the world was hazardous to human health. The state and central governments, with contrasting policy narratives and intentions, were able to effectively engage its citizens to help mitigate the problem.  

So Praachi Kumar asks: How can policy nudge non-state actors to become mutually accountable for transformative change?

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Self Renovating Neighbourhoods


Independent community activist and entrepreneur Jess Steele played a key part in saving Hastings Pier from dereliction. She shares her convictions in collective DIY action to improve neighbourhoods with and for local people.

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Hope, Happiness and Stars

@ VOL 34 ON JAN 30, 2018

Nathalie Ummels is an education innovator, community-activist and world traveller with a passion for sustainability and dark chocolate. In her presentation, Nathalie talks about the unexpected life lessons from a family who hit the road and left everything behind.

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Champions for Change

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 14, 2018

"It takes a village."

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. We abandoned the rule book for this free-form, "20x20 ish" team presentation, Champions for Change, at PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 19Elizabeth Walsh, Professor at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, shared her mic with a team of members of the Champion for Change program. Champions for Change (an initiative of One Region Forward in Buffalo) is a community innovation laboratory that integrates university and community resources to ignite bright ideas and inspired leadership for a flourishing region. In this celebration of community change-makers, one presenter even broke out into song. We guarantee this will make you smile!

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Arc en ciel

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 13, 2018

Guy Velut , responsable de l'espace ESAT Arc en ciel, raconte avec sensibilité les portraits des musiciennes et musiciens de toutes les couleurs de l'arc en ciel dont l'expression musicale permet de relier tout le monde.

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No Fixed Edge

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 06, 2018

Mark French describes No Fixed Edge - a captivating collaborative project fusing film, music, and poetry.

"The films are basically about marginal machines, many of which are now obsolete, devoid of their original function or eking out an existence on the margins of our environment".


Change of Venue for PKN Lakeland Vol. 2

Lakeland is hosting its PechaKucha Night Vol. 2 tonight (January 21), and please note that the venue is the Dixieland Village (1037 S. Florida Ave. Suite 130), which is changed from the originally announced venue. Doors open at 19:20, with presentations starting at 20:20.

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Give Sharks a Chance

National Geographic diver Mark Addison has been swimming with sharks for nearly 20 years now, and runs a consulting company that assists in underwater science operations, filming, and photography.  In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Durban, Vol. 8), Mark insists that "no shark is a bad shark." He's out to change the conceptions of fear and misunderstanding surrounding these apex predators (the same classification that Humans belong to), and he's hoping his daughter, Ella -- along with her generation -- can work to minimize human impact on these animals. You can see a bit more of Mark and his crew on the National Geographic TV show "Shark Attack Experiment". 

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Chasing Aurora

Does the Aurora look the same to the naked eye as it does photographed? Photographer Judith Conning’s passion involved traveling to and indulging in an environment few of us can imagine. In “Chasing Aurora” from PKN Forster Vol. 3, see how she travels north of the Arctic Circle to capture one of the world’s most magical, beautiful natural phenomena: the Aurora Borealis.

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Community Development and the Power of Small Scale Change

"Small scale changes starts with a group of people who want to make a collective change for the greater good." In Community Development and the Power of Small Scale Change, from Markham, Vol. 7, Town Planner, Administrator, and dreamer Joanne Dang shares how much she loves cities and believes that they are living ecosystems. She discusses her journey in many places around the world and the power of small-scale, community-based changes that lead to vibrant cities. Here she poses the question, "what is your dream for your city?"    

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Changing Perspectives on Distracted Driving

"If I am half the Horton my dad was, then I'm definitely a badass."In Changing Perspectives on Distracted Driving from Atlanta Vol. 24, resident badass, Emmeline Renz shares a passionate and harrowing tale of her dad's life story and her worst moment when he was hit by a car by somebody driving distracted. She advocates for changing gears and social change in regards to distracted driving and it's death toll. Renz proves here how hard-hitting the conciseness of the PechaKucha platform can be in truly moving us and affecting our hearts and minds. The PechaKucha Community is behind you Emmeline!

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New date for the Pecha Kucha Harrisburg Event - The Urban Food Movement  

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Breathe For Change

“I took the opportunity to pursue my daydreams and last summer I joined 35 other educators here in madison. We studied yoga and anatomy and we learned strategies for mindfully regulating classrooms.” In Breath for Change from PechaKucha Night Madison Volume 16, Presenter Hanna Hermanson discusses Breathe For Change. B4C is on a mission to improve the health and well being of teachers, students, and school communities through wellness practices and community building. The leaders of this organization embody the type of change they wish to see in the world and have left behind traditional workspaces and structures to implement their vision. Each team member is supported in personal intention and goal setting to help live their fullest expression of their work. Their workspaces resemble co-working spaces, yoga studios, and classrooms across the country.

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Simple as ABC, Art for Behavioural Change!

“Somehow as we grow up, art disappears out of our lives. This is the story of how art reentered mine.” In "Simple as ABC, Art for Behavioural Change!", from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol. 31, Prof. Shyama Ramani addressed the major problems of Indian villages - open defecation and littering of public spaces. Policy makers are helplessly wondering how to bring about behavioural change. Shyama proposed that communal art forms can be used as an instrument of behavioural change. How? Listen to this talk to find out. Prof. Shyama Ramani of UNU-MERIT has been voted one of the #100 Women Achievers of India in the category of ‘Hygiene and Sanitation’.

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Everyone Is Lonely. We Can Change That.

"The irony is: we all live on top of each other and everyone is lonely."  In Everyone Is Lonely. We Can Change That. at PechaKucha Night Brighton Vol. 25, Ben Szobody shares his observations as a "lonely migrant" and asks: How does one battle loneliness? How can one form enduring relationships and build a community? Ben has constructed a plan and he's taking the initiative to make a change within his community and bring people together. 

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Change is coming...

Dearest followers of PechaKucha Lilongwe, As some of you may know, I've moved away from Lilongwe and will no longer be able to organize PechaKucha events for this excellent community. This means that a new person will soon fill the role of City Organizer and continue to bring exciting events to the capital city of the Warm Heart of Africa! Stay tuned for announcements about this move forward. I'll take this opportunity to share a wide and deep thank you to all of you who have supported our first three PechaKucha Lilongwe events -- presenters (of course) for their sharing, co-organizers for helping all of the behind-the-scenes magic to happen, event venue hosts for providing great spaces, and last but never least, all of you who participated as audience members and were an enormous part of the success of these community-building events. May you all enjoy many future PechaKucha Lilongwe evenings! All the best, Jessica