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Whangarei @ Forum North Exhibition Hall
Sep 18, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Seagull Room - Bondi Surf Pavilion
Mar 12, 2016


Yogyakarta @ yats colony
Mar 03, 2017


Galashiels @ Mac Arts
Sep 27, 2018

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A Better Contrast: 8 Cakes and 1 Candle

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 01, 2011

In this presentation we learn how to engage children in the process of cooking, and the presenter, Victoria Velichko, also shares some thoughts on why she chooses not to buy certain products at the store, but instead straight from the farm. (in Ukrainian)

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Candee Noir: Genesis of a Character, Journey of a Short Film

@ VOL 12 ON AUG 19, 2014

Kelly Shipe goes into depth on the journey of the production of the short film "Candee Noir", beginning with the creation of the film's main character and culminating with the premiere of the final edit in New York City.

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Curiosity and a Kid in a Candy Store


Tony Doody reminds us that while being right is well and good, what we're lacking in this day and age is the freedom to be curious. 

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Fun Family Photography

@ VOL 2 ON APR 01, 2016

Shen Yeo explores a less traditional way of family photography by allowing his subjects to freely roam around his studio to feel comfortable and then snap them at their most natural, joyful and/or candid moments.

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This is Phillip Luna.

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

Phillip Luna turns his presentation into performance art in an intimate, honest and candid talk on self and love. 

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Introducing PechaKucha Candidates Forum

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 22, 2016

Santa Cruz Downtown Association Executive Director Chip welcomes the audience with a PechaKucha-style intro. 

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Lady Cannibal (Or It's Not Too Late for Rock and Roll)

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 09, 2017

Rock bands are typically thought of as a young person's game. Megan Garza talks about what she learned after joining a band for the first time in her 30's.

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Robert Candra | kreativní producent

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 16, 2017

Robert Candra se narodil v roce 1978 ve Strakonicích. S týmem Kreativního HUBu prošlapává v Českém rozhlase dosud nevyzkoušené cesty pro výrobu a šíření obsahu, přemýšlí, jak aplikovat různé inovace, neobvyklá řešení a zajímavé trendy. Původně začínal jako redaktor a posléze vedoucí programu Radia Wave, kde se postupně kromě práce s rekordérem a stříhacím softwarem naučil vést rozhovory, připravovat a moderovat pořady, fungovat jako editor, řídit redakci, sestavovat každodenní vysílání i vyvíjet nové programové prvky a formáty. Předtím pracoval na různých pozicích v ČT24, studoval češtinu a angličtinu na PedF UK a mediální studia na FSV UK. Na druhé strakonické peče představí aktuální projekt, na kterém s Kreativním HUBem pracuje – podcastovou sérii o sexu a intimitě Zhasni! pro Radio Wave.

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Dan Mitchell: The Guy Who Accidentally Started a Candle Company & Then Quit His Corporate Career to Pursue Happiness (No, Seriously)

@ VOL 34 ON MAY 31, 2018

"Mitchell's don't quit."

Entrepreneur Dan Mitchell shares his personal story on how he went from living a dispassionate corporate life to serendipitously starting his independent and successful candle company, Farmer's Son Co. He also shares how his family (and their motto) has given him the strength and the courage to pursue happiness in the face of risk and ultimately escape the metaphorical beige office.

Find out more about Dan and Farmer's Son Co on his website at

Dan's talk was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 34, on May 31, 2018, at the Park Theatre. 

For more information on PKN Winnipeg, follow us on Twitter (@pkn_winnipeg), Instagram (@pkn_winnipeg), or Facebook ( PKN Winnipeg is presented by the Manitoba Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada.

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A World of Faces

@ VOL 5 ON AUG 16, 2018

In his talk, Kent Tompkins shares captivating candid portraits of the various people he encountered during his world travels. Not only did Kent photograph these individuals, he bonded with them to dive deeper into the inner workings of their culture and lives. He has specially selected photographs during his encounters with Native Americans, Egyptians, and Indians, all of which who have unique stories to share. This presentation makes one reminiscent of famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaed's quote, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” 


Stockholm Design Lab

We kick off this week's look at online presentations with a candid look at some of the iconic work of Stockholm Design Lab, as told by the studio's Björn Kusoffsky and Thomas Eriksson. The presentation is originally from last month's Tokyo Design Week edition of PechaKucha Night in Tokyo, with a bit of Swedish Style love thrown in for good measure.

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PKN Chattanooga Vol. 4

Last week saw Chattanooga's fourth PechaKucha Night, and organizer Matt Brown sends in this report. November 6 marked a special day for PKN Chattanooga as it was not only our 4th event, but also a 1 year anniversary of sorts. And the stars aligned. The turn out was great, the food was great and the presentations were amazing. We were pulled into the world of glass sculpture by Kerrick Johnson who described not only the intricacies of working molten glass, but also manipulating the optics of the final piece. We were challenged by painter Jessica Martin to consider the enormous impact we have on the world we all share. We were asked by Chef Rick Wright to consider the health impact of advertising by multibillion dollar companies, the ubiquity of fast food and the lack of access to fresh healthy food by millions. We were shown by architect Brandon Pace that even small difficult building projects treated with careful attention can be as successful as large museum and library projects. And to round out the evening, we were treated with a look into the underground culture of women’s roller derby by the newly formed Chattanooga Roller Girls. This was just a sampling from the event. Each presenter brought personality and a clear passion for what they do. And as with our last event, photographer Chloe Wright captured a candid look at the small interactions that occur when a hundred or so creative spirited personalities come together. Now… on to Volume 5! Below, a few more photos from PKN Chattanooga Vol. 4.


Candidates to Use the PechaKucha Format

Who says the 20x20 PechaKucha format can't work for politicians? PechaKucha Night in Aalen organizer Thomas Maile sends word of an interesting use of the format, read more below:In our part of Germany, Baden-Württemberg, we have in a few weeks an election for a new parliament. For our home region, we have five candidates who are vying to become a member of parliament. Through our local newspaper, we are organizing a PechaKucha Night for politics. All the candidates will give a PechaKucha presentation to talk about their views and their party. Following the presentations, we are planning a discussion session with visitors.The event happens this coming Monday (February 28) -- here's the event page, and here are more details in German, as published in the Schwabische Post. And take note that the next regular PKN in Aalen, Vol. 6, will happen on March 25 at Freudenschmaus -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.

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PKN Posters: Cadiz Vol. 2

Wouldn't it be great if all PechaKucha Nights could be held near a beautiful Spanish coastal vista? Well okay, that would be missing the point, but you know what we mean. No? Well, PKN Cádiz Volume 2 is coming up fast, this Friday, February 1 to be exact, and naturally we have a poster for your viewing pleasure.  To see more great posters from PechaKucha nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.


New candidates education: alternative way

Educational system is not effective to train professional IT specialists, companies are constantly hacking workers, candidates are looking for a job, nobody is satisfied. Sergey Shegeda, founder of LevelUp learning center, thinks that his learning center can solve this situation by educating candidates according to the companies' requests. 

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MSM students celebrate the New Year with PechaKucha presentations

MBA30 students inspire audience with PechaKucha presentations at New Year’s eventThis year, Maastricht School of Management decided to do something different to celebrate the New Year. Instead of hosting a traditional event with external keynote speakers, the school literally put its own students in the spotlight by giving them the floor and challenging them to present themselves in a creative and inspiring way to staff, friends and local partners and stakeholders.Teaming up with the organizers of PechaKucha Maastricht, MsM took up thePechaKucha concept as a unique communication tool to help its students share their personal experiences, dreams and ideas with the local community.PechaKucha was devised by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo in 2003 as a fast-paced presentation format to showcase new ideas. The concept is simple yet effective: each speaker shows 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. PechaKucha events are now happening in over 700 cities across the globe and have grown into valued platforms for inspiration and networking.During a preparatory session in early December 2013, two team members of PechaKucha Maastricht, Jean-Paul Toonen and Sueli Brodin, visited MsM to introduce the PechaKucha concept to the MBA students. Jean-Paul found the magical words to motivate them: “See this as your launching platform to the world.” The students’ reaction to the 20x20 presentation format was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, especially after they were given a chance to test their own creative skills by improvising a presentation on random slides.   It was a full audience of students, staff, partners in MsM’s mentorship program, members of the local business community and interested stakeholders who on 17 January came together to celebrate the New Year with a special and much anticipated PechaKucha session.MsM Dean Director Wim Naudé kicked off the afternoon with a warm word of welcome and an informative overview of MsM’s activities and ambitions for the New Year. Ellen Narinx, MsM Career Center Senior Officer and coordinator of the Mentorship Program, then shortly explained the PechaKucha concept to the audience before inviting three students to take the stage.     The students, Vijay Wakchaure from India, Subhi Najjar from Syria and Abdul Iddrisu from Ghana, spoke in turn and conquered the audience with their authentic and vivid personal stories. Vijay gave a candid and colorful comparison between his life in India and his experience in the Netherlands, stressing on the new and unexpected, at times even challenging things he had learned during his first three months at MsM. “I decided to face the audience from the bottom of my heart,” he said after the event. “My wife encouraged me and sent me a dress through courier. She told me to be dressed properly because dress code is also important when doing a public presentation. This experience also gave me a good opportunity to meet new people beyond my network.”Subhi talked about his childhood dreams and how being sensitive to the signs that came along his path had helped him to convert his dreams into reality.“Giving a presentation at such level has always been a dream and thanks to you this dream came true. Now, I feel much more confident that I can deliver an excellent presentation when I have chance,” he said. “I believe that as MBA30 we are very lucky because beside receiving world class knowledge of management, we have been provided with other tools that really count and make all the difference in the world of business today.”   Abdul talked about all the meaningful moments he had experienced so far and the inspiring people he had met since arriving in Maastricht, expressing a sincere trust that his year at MsM would have a profound impact in his life.“I personally feel that PechaKucha was an opportunity for us to realize our potential and open the gates for us to sell ourselves and to discover new opportunities.”The students’ inspiring presentations were followed by a moment of joyful entertainment and spontaneous laughter when four members of the audience were invited to do a collaborative PechaKucha improvisation on set of random slides.   With everyone in good spirits, the New Year event concluded with informal drinks and snacks in the MsM lounge and an announcement by Ellen that was met with a big round of applause: “Let’s make this first PechaKucha experience the start of a new tradition at MsM!”   By Sueli Brodin

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Facing Fears

  "When I was growing up, my biggest fear was my mum." In Facing Fears from PechaKucha Night St Neots Vol. 6, James McEvoy gives us a candid insight into his life long fears, and how, over the course of many years, he's learn't to overcome and face the things that scare and intimidate him.