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EU-Japan Fest Channel

EU-Japan Fest supports artists and communists in culture and the arts, arranging exchanges between Europe and Japan in this fields. Most of these activities revolve around the European Capital of Culture initiative. Funding is provided through members of the business community and EU member country ambassadors to Japan.

Zach None of your Business
Professional Hacker, McMurry Inovations in No
Goa Escorts Model
Entertainment in Goa
Model services
Model services in Bangalore
varanasi MODEL
modeling, Varanasi Dating Agency in VARANASI


Budapest @ Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle)
Nov 12, 2010


New York @ Duggal Greenhouse | Brooklyn Navy Yard
Oct 03, 2013


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Feb 18, 2016


Kaliningrad @ CityJazz Club
May 26, 2017


Sacramento @ Uptown Studios
Jan 18, 2018


Halifax @ Seahorse Tavern
May 27, 2018


Vologda @ Cultural centre "Red Corner"
Dec 01, 2018


Nottingham @ The Embankment
May 21, 2019

30 OCT


Edmonton @ TIMMS CENTRE for the ARTS

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The Importance of Business Models

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 26, 2014

We tend to talk about business models quite often lately. But what exactly does it imply? Does it need t be a long detailed report or can it be more empirical? Carlos Perez will demonstrate that business models are a part of everybody´s company, no matter how big or small or how consciously or unconsciously it was made.

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Making Space for Business


Nicola Rutt works for Hawkins Brown architecture, which is a company that helps re-model, refurbish and make old buildings more comfortable for employees and businesses. Here Nicola shows us how they took a building that was built for the 2012 Olympics — Here East — and transformed it into a place wherenew and big businesses can work in harmony.

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The New Business Mode of Social Housing

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Chia-Ming Chang
 , Real estate developer, shared his perspective from real estate business. From confirming the target object to solve the issues of housing needs and combining the power of the community and so on. Reverse the thinking of a manufacturer to the service provider, promoting the new business mode of social housing.

張家銘 地產開發商, 以不動產經營的角度分享,從確認社會住宅的目標對象、解決住宅需求者的問題,結合社群的力量等,從製造商的思維轉向服務商的思維,推動社會住宅的新商業模式。

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Rare Model

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 01, 2016

Speaker Adam Rothstein talks about the making of his science fiction film and everything that goes into the process.

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What Business Can Learn From Painting

@ VOL 45 ON MAR 06, 2018

Phil Gayter reflects on his work as a painter and aligning this with business practice.

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Bacteria and water voles: A model system to help us understand disease

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 13, 2018

Richard Hassall presents his work on water voles in the North East of Scotland.

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Living the Dream: Why I Couldn’t Avoid Starting My Business

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 03, 2018

There are many reasons why starting a business is a horrible idea. You just had a child, your business model isn't sustainable, people don't want to pay for you to help them make better decisions with their finances. Screw rationality. Those are the reasons why Lucas Casarez thought he had no other choice. He discusses why Family, Values, and Love of Possibilities has propelled him to living a life that he loves.

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On Selfies

@ VOL 47 ON SEP 19, 2018

Michelle Smyth's Dad has been taking selfies for 45 years.  It's contagious.

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Pursuing a Radically Transparent Company Culture

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

In 'Pursuing a Radically Transparent Company Culture', Nikolay Piriankov, speaks passionately and with clear articulation about how he has adopted a radical approach to building up his bespoke jewellery business.

We are sure that after you listen to Nikolay's PechaKucha you will wish that all companies around the world adopted the same approach to company culture as Nikolay does. Bring on the transparency!!!


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You Too Can Be A [Girl] Businessman

@ VOL 49 ON MAR 12, 2019

Here's a fantastic 101 on becoming successful in the business world. 

Liz Fischer is a native Chicagoan and a new mother. She is chief marketing officer at a growing technology company called CityBase. She is equal parts cyclist, train commuter, and Über enthusiast.

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Giant Model Building, the Love of Japanese Gardens, and Photos from Beirut

Presentations Yusuke Iguchi shares (in Japanese/English, from PKN Tokyo Vol. 97) his latest project, BABEL, the biggest model he has ever produced. He is also trying to raise money for his next project -- you'll find more info on his website. Jenny Schroder loves Japanese gardens, and she wants the world to know more about Japanese gardens. In her presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 97), she explains how Japanese gardens can teach the attentive observer a great deal about Japan and Japanese design, from design concepts and careful material selection to Japanese history, culture and religion. Learn more on Jenny's website. Posters We've added a poster for the upcoming PKN Manizales Vol. 3 to the Tumblr blog, but today's highlighted poster is for Sunday's first PKN in Riyadh -- you'll find the list of presenters on the event page.  Photos Today we have an event report to share for the recent PKN San Antonio Vol. 8 -- which includes a few photos as well -- and the two photo galleries you see listed below. The photos above are from PKN Beirut Vol. 15, held earlier this month.PKN Beirut Vol. 15 [Facebook]PKN Springfield, MO Vol. 8 [Flickr]Calendar Here's what you can expect from PKNs this weekend. Tonight (November 30), we start with PKN Bangor Vol. 6, PKN Ferrol Vol. 8, PKN Nagoya Vol. 13, and PKN Tampa Bay Vol. 12. On Saturday it's Miami's 20th, and then on Sunday you'll find PKN Ashland Vol. 3, PKN Riyadh Vol. 1, and PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 14.

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iPads and Innovations

One of the speakers at the last event was Alexander Ryzhkov — head of the «November» and the project «Vyhodnoj», which highlights the fresh and up to date information about events and places in Dnipropetrovsk. He talked about owners of different cafes or restaurants that face with problems connected with POS terminals, because they are quite expensive and inconvenient. Alexander and his team offer a great solution — POS terminal based on the iPad. Intuitive, user-friendly and with very affordable price, it simplifies the work of the waiters, which saves both their time and the time of visitors. 

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Business as a Force for Good

Is dumping supplies on the under-privileged really the best way to help them? After realizing what a force for good business could be through serving on humanitarian missions to New Orleans and Haiti, Evan Keller decided to start a non-profit (Entrust) which leverages business to fight poverty. He sends experienced businessmen to Honduras and Haiti to teach, mentor, and hold seminars. Their first year was extremely successful. In "Business as a Force for Good" from PKN Orlando Vol. 11, watch to see the amazing things they accomplished.

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What IT Companies Can Do Together?

Turn knowledge into action! Ian Chernov, IT project manager, market analyst and researcher, Yalantis, in his presentation from PKN Dnipropetrovsk IT::Reality Vol.10 invited all to join forces and to establish cooperation and co-working. He highlighted that unique feature how to gain this – the creation and development of IT-CxO community in Dnipropetrovsk.

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Ecology as a Model for Agriculture

Can the agriculture industry really be sustainable for generations to come? Francis Thicke explains what agriculture and ecology have in common. In "Ecology as a Model for Agriculture" from PKN Fairfield Vol. 1 we see that he believes that we can utilize ecology in order to create more sustainable agriculture.

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PechaKucha new year event now a tradition at Maastricht School of Management

Following the success of last year’s PechaKucha event to welcome the New Year at MSM, three groups from the MBA31 class once again bravely accepted the challenge to present their dreams, projects and visions to staff, friends, and MSM’s local partners and stakeholders by using the powerful PechaKucha format. Devised by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo in 2003 as a fast-paced presentation format to showcase new ideas, the PechaKucha concept is simple yet effective: each speaker shows 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. PechaKucha events are now happening in 800 cities across the globe and have grown into valued platforms for inspiration, creativity and networking. On Friday 16 January, four beautiful African business-minded women : Ms. Rebecca Freda Namagga (Uganda), Ms. Amina Mahamudu Serwenda (Tanzania), Ms. Oluwabunmi Folowosele and  Ms. Olanike Omobolanle Ojo (both from Nigeria) shared their entrepreneurial ambitions and shared their visions on women empowerment in Africa with great conviction. They were followed by Yosief Iyassu (Eritrea), Emmanuel Balele (Tanzania) and James Bamwete (Uganda) who described the deplorable health and environment effects caused by the use of inefficient traditional charcoal cooking stoves in Africa and showed how the situation could considerably improve by replacing them with energy saving clay-based cooking stoves. Presenting last, Eleftheria Sitara from Greece gave a very personal story of her journey into the MBA program at MSM and how studying with fellow students from 22 different nationalities has brought a new meaning to the word “beauty” for her. Eleftheria said she found it an unforgettable learning experience: “When I first heard about the PechaKucha concept, I thought of a double-edged sword. Based on the power of images – that sometimes may be equal to a thousand words – PechaKucha allows presenters to express themselves concisely but still in a rich and creative way. The greatest challenge though is picking up the appropriate structure and content for your presentation in order to deliver your message to the audience in the most efficient way. My idea was to present a topic regarding ‘beauty’ and the unexpected ways in which I discovered it through my experiences. The reason I selected it was because I wanted to present not only a brief description of my personal attitude towards life, but also because I wanted to express publicly my gratitude for all the precious moments I am currently sharing with my international classmates. Although in the beginning I was thinking that the PechaKucha challenge was far too fresh and uncomfortable for me to engage in, from the moment I entered the room I felt an immediate friendliness. During my presentation I saw people’s nods and smiles, showing that they were eager to listen to what I was saying. That sense of encouragement from the audience to whom you express your inner ideas is a remarkable feeling that can hardly be forgotten. Relying on the inspiring feedback I received from people telling me how much they were touched and surprised by the spirit created through the single means of a presentation, I would definitely recommend to everyone to try the PechaKucha experience even just for once in their lifetime.” Just like last year, the audience enthusiastically reacted to the students’ presentations. The event was followed by a friendly and relaxed network session in the Business Lounge with all participants.

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Being a Teenage Business Owner

"I think it’s a little silly to ask a 14 year old what they want to do with their life.” In "Being a Teenage Business Owner" from PechaKucha Night Santa Barbara Vol. 18, Mackenzie Fell recalls the challenges she faced launching a business, while being in the last semesters of high school. She started a marketing business with multimedia design after winning the Scheinfeld New Venture Challenge, a business plan competition through SBCC. Mackenzie addresses the pressures teenagers are faced with to decide what career path they want to take so early on in life. 

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Socktastic Adventures: Fashion in the Business World

"So they say the first part of coping with your addiction is truly acknowledging that you're dependent on substance. I guess it's only fitting that we're in a church this evening, so my name is Chris and I'm addicted to socks." In "Socktastic Adventures: Fashion in the Business World" from PechaKucha Night Bangor, ME Vol. 12, Christopher Winstead presented on a topic near and dear to his feet and sole. As he has spent the last 14 years of his professional career in the business world, Chris quickly learned that the corporate uniform of suits and ties didn’t lend themselves to a high level of creativity. Looking to add a bit of fashion into his wardrobe, Chris started looking at socks. They are both a venue for expression and an ability to add a pop or color to the board room. A huge thank you to Rebecca Krupke of Captured Moments Photography who provided her talents and skills to the images in the presentation.

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Eclectic Life

"I do all kinds of different things. I don't like sticking to one medium; I think it makes life more interesting that way." In "Eclectic Life" from PechaKucha Night Detroit Vol. 29, Madalyn Knebel is a Detroit-based freelance graphic designer, set stylist and model. At Build Institute, a local start-up organization that helps people turn business ideas into reality, she is the Brand Strategy Manager as well as a graduate from Build’s business plan course, which allowed for the pursuit of her entrepreneurship aspirations.

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I Lost Precious Time, But In the End, I Found My Calling

Jennifer Penner is an architect at Studio Southwest Architects in Albuquerque, NM. Her story starts as an intern architect responsible for logging her internship hours across 16 categories in the industry’s Intern Development Program. It should have only taken three years to complete. Five years passed, and she had not started simply because the form was intimidating. Someone took her hand, showed her the way, and she found her calling. Comfortable in team settings and solo adventures. Jennifer brings strong creative, technical, and research talents to her projects and easily adapts to her environment using her 'soft skills'. Her passion lies in helping others. This is her "Why". "By Finding a Better Way" is her "How".