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Creative Director / Designer, Architempo in Brussels


Brussels @ iMAL (interactive Media Art Lab)
Jan 20, 2008


Brussels @ Design September
Nov 20, 2007


Brussels @ iMAL (interactive Media Art Lab)
May 20, 2008


Brussels @ Halles Schaerbeek
Jan 25, 2011


Brussels @ Claridge
Nov 20, 2011


Brussels @ bip
Aug 30, 2013


Brussels @ Halles Schaerbeek
Nov 17, 2013


Brussels @ Ateliers des Tanneurs
Mar 29, 2014


Brussels @ Square
Aug 29, 2014


Brussels @ GE Brussels Garage
Jan 22, 2015

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JDS Architects

@ VOL 71 ON MAR 31, 2010

Julien de Smedt about his long chair for God...
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Brewing a Creative Community

@ VOL 142 ON DEC 14, 2016

"What we create is a 360 degree experience for the taster."

In Brewing a Creative Community from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 142, Beer Lover Maxime Pecsteen goes into depth on his craft beer project and the possibility to create an alternative brewery based on the principle of community and co-creativity. The Brussels Beer Project was founded in 2013 in a garage and now aims at shaking up the Tokyo craft beer scene!

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Trip to Belgium for Ukrainians happiness

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 26, 2017

Roman – man and “crocodile” tald about his business trip to The City of Brussels with became a trip by human’s relationships. How to win and be open-minded? How to do good works and be happy. 

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The secret to loving gin

@ VOL 13 ON APR 27, 2017

In this PechaKucha given at the Geffrye Museum in April 2017, gin lover Mikey Pendergast shares with the audience how to love gin - knocking out of the park those rumours that gin makes you emotional and explains that like most things, including a love of brussels sprout is all about making sure you have the best quality ingredients and that it is shared with friends.

I will have mine shaken not stirred please!

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Un magasin participatif et collaboratif

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 13, 2019

Rachel Delcour , 40, 2 children, marketing and communication manager. After a few trips and 10 years in Brussels I became Liégeoise in 2011.

The collaborative and participative Oufticoop superstore, which should come to life next spring in Liège. How did it start, why a participatory shop has its place in Liege and what would we like to do.

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PKN Brussels Vol. 8

Last week saw Brussels host its 8th edition of PechaKucha Night. PKN Paris co-organizer Benoït Drouillat was in attendance, and he provides a few photos from what appears to have been a beautiful venue.

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Flyer for PKN Brussels Vol. 10

The next PechaKucha Night in Brussels (Vol. 10) happens November 6, and will be held as part of the Post-Flux digital art conference (November 6-8).

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PechaKucha Brunch in Brussels

The next regular edition of PechaKucha Night in Brussels (Vol. 11) is happening this Thursday (January 28) at Kaaltheater, but yesterday saw a special "brunch edition," held entirely in French (as opposed to the more international and English focus of regular editions).


Video Looks at PKN Brussels

PechaKucha Night in Brussels organizer Alok Nandi has sent us a heads-up that they've uploaded video highlights of volumes 9 and 11 on Vimeo, events that were held about a year ago -- you'll find them both on this page, but we've also embedded both of them in this post. The next PKN in Brussels, Vol. 16, is set for January 25 at Halles Schaerbeek. Above, PKN Brussels Vol. 11, below, PKN Brussels Vol. 9.


Tweeting PKN Brussels Vol. 16

PechaKucha Night in Brussels Vol. 16 takes place tonight (January 25) at Halles Schaerbeek, and not only are they already looking at a packed house -- 400+ have registered for the event -- organizer Alok Nandi tells us that they'll be live tweeting throughout the night (and inviting others to do so) with the following hashtags: #pknbru and #pechakucha.

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A PechaKucha Event for Kids

Well this sounds like fun: the PechaKucha Brussels organizer, Alok Nandi, is organizing a special PechaKucha event (PKN Vol. 23) that will feature a full lineup of kids! There will be 10 presenters, and the event is set for May 6 at Claridge from 16:20 -- the regular PechaKucha Night Vol. 24 will take place that evening at the same venue.

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Turning Air Into Water, Surfboard/Scene Design, and the Carrot Pavillion

Presentations Richard Groden is one of the founders of Island Sky, and in his presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 15), he talks about its project to extract water from air and turn it into pure drinking water for areas where water is scarce or contaminated. Their goal is not just to produce drinkable water, but also to educate people on the important of sustainability in developing countries. Martín Várbaro is a plastic material artist who started his career by designing surfboards in Argentina, and later in more Latin American countries, including Peru and Brazil. As this presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Mar Del Plata Vol. 2) reveals, he also works as a scene decorator for theaters, museums, and public centers, and is now producing work in South America and Europe. Posters We have no new posters to share on the Tumblr blog today, but that gives us a chance to highlight the beach-friendly poster from last week's PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7. Photos and report We've got galleries for two firsts to share (in Castellon and Augsburg), but let us also point you to this blog post from Core77 about a recent PechaKucha event in London, part of the International Conference on Designing Food and Designing for Food. It was produced by PKN Brussels organizer Alok Nandi, and the photo above reveals the intriguing "Carrot Pavillion." PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 1 [Facebook]PKN Augsburg Vol. 1 [Facebook]Calendar We're kicking off the week with the re-start of the PKN series in Bangkok, with the city's Vol. 5 happening tonight (July 9). Tomorrow, there's one event on tap in the form of PKN Huancayo Vol. 10. 

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Swedish Design Shines in Tokyo

Presentations Today's presentations were all part of a "Sweden in Style" PechaKucha session held last week at the SuperDeluxe 10th anniversary party during Tokyo Designers Week 2012. SDLX is were the first PechaKucha Night was held, and the Tokyo series continues to be held there on a monthly basis. Anton Alvarez introduces us to the Tread Wrapping Machine. Katrin Greiling shares some of her wonderful works inspired by recent travels. Gustaf Kjellin (of Don't Feed the Swedes) shares fond memories of SuperDeluxe and of his Tokyo adventures. Tove Thambert gives a tour of her work. Powered by PechaKucha Today, instead of our regular Tumblr blog update, we highlight an upcoming "Powered by PechaKucha" event in Torino (on Friday), organized by PKN Brussels' Alok Nandi -- you'll find all of the details on the attached flyer.  Photos PKN Perth Vol. 11 happened just a few days ago, but here's a photo gallery [Flickr] for September's Vol. 10 -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.  Calendar Today, another charged up Thursday (November 8): PKN Augsburg Vol. 2, PKN Shanghai Vol. 19, PKN Columbus Vol. 23, PKN Taos Vol. 8, PKN Milwaukee Vol. 12, and PKN DaytonVol. 13. Tomorrow, we have PKN Shanghai Vol. 20, PKN Oulu Vol. 19, PKN Las Palmas Vol. 8, PKN San Luis Obispo Vol. 18, and PKN Honolulu Vol. 16. 


Brussels in September is Design

In a month will take place the 46th Volume of PechaKucha Night Brussels. At Recyclart, in connection with Design September. Hundred of activities will be design-centric in September in Brussels. And PechaKucha is one not to be missed. In its diversity, in its hybridity. See you at 20:00 sharp, as the evening begins at 20:20 !

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City Focus: Brussels

PechaKucha would like to direct some much needed City Focus to our friends in Brussels during their time of crisis. Our hearts go out to our organizer there, Alok and his fellow countymen. In these uncertain times, we remain steadfast with you in knowing that creativity and community can overcome all things. Hang in there Brussels. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.