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Message in a Bottle

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

George Boorujy was born and bred in New Providence New Jersey, and now lives in Brooklyn, along with almost everyone else. He is represented by P.P.O.W. gallery in New York, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. 

Check out George's project, New York Pelagic, here!

Read about the bottle that washed up on a beach in France here!


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Itz Bottle of Bae Itzyomam
Garbage Man, Joe Boe in Compton


Istanbul @ Hayal Kahvesi Bistro
Dec 17, 2009


Miami @ Legal Arts Residency
Jan 12, 2012


Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Sep 24, 2014


Westport, CT @ Westport Library
Oct 12, 2015


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House
Jun 10, 2016


Lincoln, UK @ St. Swithin's Church
Feb 16, 2017


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House
May 05, 2017


Lahore @ Gloria Jean's Coffees Z Block
Nov 11, 2017


Bozeman @ The Ellen Theatre
Apr 19, 2018

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Bottoms Up

@ VOL 19 ON MAY 11, 2013

Vincent Offermans is an entrepreneur in the video business that started out young and now aims to help youngsters that are starting off early like he did.

Here he shares about his program Proving Grounds, which aims to give young people the training and experience necessary to move forward. 

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Materials, Tradition, and Craft

@ 「ICSでNIGHT」 ON SEP 23, 2013

Yuki Tanaka's idea for a bottle holder is rejected due to it being too costly both time-wise and money-wise. She redesigns her holder to a less costly design that is remarkably elegant. She also shows us some of the other unique projects she has undertaken, including a spherical fruit basket and an expensive clock. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

"Presentation of the Day" on November 6, 2013.

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Warming the World One Heart at a Time

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 09, 2013

Gabby Smith makes Real Hotties, hot water warmers with personalities. She talks about how she comes up with ideas for new characters and then introduces some bachelors and bachelorettes.

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Message in a Bottle

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 12, 2015

Nina Lesiga’s passion is the use travel as a source of empowerment and self discovery. Her passion for beach combing has led her to collect all sorts of items washed up upon the shore near home and during her travels.  Each piece that Nina picked up “called” to her and she didn’t worry about what to do with it. Then one day during a solitary walk on the beach, she found a message in a bottle.  In an instant she knew what to do - she would pay the happiness forward and this decision began a chain of magical connections amongst strangers.

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Bottom-up video - the social tool

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 29, 2016

What is the goal of establishing a regional television network? How can this platform make contributions to the local community? What is the most effective and efficient way of realising this goal?

Timo Ekhart is the presenter of Children’s Television at the Maastricht hospital, video maker, camera journalist, radio producer, host and interviewer. He tells us how he connects people with each other and empowers them through the use of media such as internet video, radio and television.

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Double Jeopardy... or Double Indemnity... or Something...

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 26, 2016

Jonathan Eagle describes a memorable weekend... a journey... and the aftermath... all thanks to a bottle of whiskey.

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From Barrel to Bottle

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Will Drucker is a sustainability practitioner and whiskey lover. At PechaKucha Night NYC, Will takes us through the history and process of whiskey making - from the tree to the bottle!

Will is devoted to building businesses that support the circular economy. Will hails from the cities and farms of the Midwest. College took him to Vermont where he studied neuroscience and deepened his love for the natural world. Will can't resist music, birds, biking, good food and adventure.

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You Can Bottle Your Dreams!

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

Gaye Soykok had our audience with their eye peeled to the back of their heads trying to take in all of the amazing ideas Gaye was sharing with them.

Gaye told the audience about the House of Dadabit - a transdisciplinary collective who create and experience together the stories and dreams of now and the future.

By the end of this talk, you will believe that you can unlearn and consider bringing what plays back in your mind into your creative process!
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The Infinity Bottle

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Mike Renaud is the Founder the integrated creative studio Varyer, and was Vice President and Creative Director of Pitchfork for a decade. In his PechaKucha presentation Mike reflects on the bond between him and his father and the Infinity Bottle.

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PKN Prague Vol. 12

We always get very interesting reports from Prague, and the latest one, for PechaKucha Night Vol. 12, certainly follows that trend. That city's organizer Jana Kostelecka sent us the following, written by Adam Gebrian. April 16th 2009, PechaKucha Night in Prague, volume 12, overcrowded as usual -- I would have never believed you could regularly fit more than 370 people inside a cinema with a maximum capacity of 336 (don’t tell the authorities, especially the fire-brigade control). As usual, we have seen 14 presentations, every single one very funny -- a bit too much for my own taste, but that could have been influenced by the fact that I came to see PKNP directly from a funeral of a friend. But a few questions have been omnipresent: What is more important, content or form? Could you be boring but good? Should you try to be funny, especially when the others are, and the audience is having good time? How hard is it not to please the public? Should you try to react to your colleague’s presentations which precede you? (My personal advice: No!) A few days afterwards, I clearly remember 6 of the 14 presentations (a sign of certain quality). Here they are: Will You Buy our Catalogue? Pode Bal The famous artistic trio, which have single-handedly established political art in Czech Republic with their year 2000 exhibition ”Malík urvi” (first three slides), with 36 portraits of successful public figures and politicians -- accidentally, also important persons during the communist regime. Personally, I always prefer presentations from one single person (if you make a mistake, there is no one to help you out, and that takes a certain courage), but this trio was perfect. Well balanced sense of humour, with precise formulations, and a serious effort to sell their recently published catalogue. Outer Space Technology for a Village Restaurant Michal Kutálek (Next Level studio) Young architect, started by showing his visions for new livable complexes in outer space using advanced computer technologies (he has been awarded several prizes for his efforts), but it took just eight slides, and we have been inside of small interiors in his hometown (Staré Město) in South Moravia, a “city” of 8000 inhabitants. We are in a small regular room (still under construction) created in the traditional way (bricks and stones of different sizes and colours). Does it mean he has forgotten his vision and complex shapes? No, not by chance. On the other hand, he has been able to realize the first parametric design in Czech Republic. Interior of a bar with restaurant. Next nine slides are here to prove it. Slick white ceilings, strange wall colours, design chairs. And the biggest surprise is still yet to come. Picture no. 18. The exterior of the bar. You have hardly seen something more traditional than this. You suddenly realize the challenge of building this -- in here. It would have been difficult to do it in our capital, Prague, but in this village? Insane. Good luck with other projects. Mystification or even Better? kunstWerk The end of the first half is always important. If it’s not good, it can destroy all previous presentations. But this was clearly not the case for the duo kunstWerk. It’s hard to understand if we are attending clever mystification, or even more clever reality. The punch line is coming from Joseph Beuys -- “every man is an artist” -- and the next 19 slides are here to prove it. Showing the work of an unknown person. Weird common life objects, but all of them with certain beauty, poetics. Except one, perfectly commented: “Just one time in his life, he strived to be an artist, by creating this piece (picture no. 15) -- metal flower out of used beer bottle caps. It’s precisely the moment when he stopped being an artist.” The ending is well prepared: “Is it possible to be an artist and not know about it?” Of course. But here is a bigger question: “Is it possible to be an artist and not know about it?” That’s a tough one. Kill the Format Adéla Svobodová I don’t like attempts at destroying the 20x20 format (numbering pages, showing almost the same picture twice, animation gifs, etc.), but this time it worked out. Every next slide had been placed over the previous one, without covering it entirely. Very nice idea, and so was the work of Adéla Svobodová (film festival posters, book covers, art installations, drawings). The Surprise of the Night Jiří Příhoda The giant square in the sea, fallen tree struck by lightning, giant art installations, artificial ocean instead of gallery ceiling -- so you enter inside and find yourself underneath sea level (made by styrodur), part of the biggest war cannon ever made, “destroyed” gallery. “I have left just two spaces, one to get in, and the other one to get out. Hah, hah.” Some of the works are older than twenty years. Who the hell is this guy? The leader of monumental work studio at Art Academy in Prague? I loved it. The Best at Last The ending of the night is even more important than the ending of the first half. It can make the evening, or not. For the first time during my five visits, it didn’t end well. So I am not going to write about the real ending, but will pick up my own choice: David Černý The always young (45 years :))) provocative rebel without cause, the author of the art A-bomb of the year, "Entropa" -- fictitious collaboration of 27 young European artists (made just by himself), which still represents the presidency of Czech Republic over EU in Brussels. This time, he showed us a less known part of his personality. Perfectly prepared, precise, showing not only his beautiful unrealized projects, but also his brain-child, "Meet factory," a place for exhibitions, cultural projects, meetings, discussions, and presentations. It was the paramount of the evening, without a doubt. Within the context of the night, he seemed to be the most adult, conservative (this is meant positively!), and wise-cracking. The unrealized giant red skull inside the market hall (pictures 3 and 4) might prove me wrong, but I still mean it. 19 slides of his own work, and then the message to everybody in the audience: Fuck the Czech Communist Party! Big applause. The next PKNP will happen on the 18th of June, and I am going to be there.

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Designing a Water Bottle for the Future, Washing Books, and PK at the World Architecture Festival

Presentations Kaz Yoneda (of Takram Design Engineering) talks (at PKN Tokyo Vol. 95) about a recent project with a Korean company that saw him try and design the "water bottle of the future." Anja Kirkeby explains the topic of her presentation (in Danish, from PKN Aalborg Vol. 7):I use books as the material in my present work and process them in different ways. I have washed 70 books in my washing machine on different programmes in order to see how paper, binding, soap, spindry and other factors influence the sculptures. I took them out of the machine and dried them exactly the way they came out. Now I know a lot more about the effect of washing in a machine, about the difference between a sculpture and a lump of papier-maché and what soap and fabric softener does to the colour of the items. The proces emphasized discussions on: what is art (and what is not), is changing a book blasphemy or transformation from one artform to another, and is a book only a book when it is readable? By exhibiting my books I have experienced what happens when we meet the unexpected on our way through everyday life, and the necessity of being provoked to see and grasp the ordinary in surprising new ways. Posters Singapore had its Vol. 5 a month ago -- that's the poster pictured above (it was added to our Tumblr blog a while back), and we highlight it because this week saw another PK event in the city, part of the World Architecture Festival. PK cofounder Mark Dytham was on hand for the event -- he's participating in the conference as a judge and speaker -- and we'll share all of the presentations from the event on the PK site later this month. Below, a couple of photos from the PechaKucha + WAF event. Calendar It's another big Thursday (October 4): PKN Pittsburgh Vol. 13, PKN Moncton Vol. 7, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 6, PKN Doha Vol. 6, PKN Vaxjo Vol. 12,PKN Kolding Vol. 18, and PKN New Orleans Vol. 7. Tomorrow, Osijek has its first PKN, along with PKN Kosice Vol. 23 and PKN Tulsa Vol. 2.

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A New Design Museum in Tokyo, Delorean Love, and Remixing the Future of Heineken

Presentations Today's presentations were all part of our special Tokyo Designers Week 2012 edition of PKN Tokyo (Vol. 96), held at Meiji-Jingu Gaien this past Wednesday, inside the TDW Dome. Known for his award-winning art direction and branding projects, Taku Satoh is the founder of Taku Satoh Design Office, and has been wowing design lovers with his innovative and often mesmerizing visual sense. In his presentation (in Japanese), he also talks about the new "Design Museum Japan" initiative. Architect and designer Eero Koivisto is co-founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune in Stockholm, a studio that started in architecture, but quickly made its mark as a multi-disciplinary company. Here, he talks about a passon of his: the Delorean. Heineken's design director Mark van Iterson shares his vision for design, and invites everyone to help shape the future of Heineken's bottle design, as part of the company's "Remix Our Future" competition. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is the poster for PKN Bucharest Vol. 10 (pictured above), that was held last night -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.  Photos PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 27 was held this past Tuesday, and here's a great gallery of photos from the event, to give you a taste of the night that was. Above, a panoramic shot of the crowd and stage, and kicking off the event by showing the poster image.  Presentations The weekend starts tonight (November 2) with these four events: PKN New Plymouth Vol. 6, PKN Plzen Vol. 3, PKN Loviisa Vol. 6, and PKN Sarajevo Vol. 3. On Saturday there's PKN Springfield, MO Vol. 8, PKN Guimaraes Vol. 4, and PKN Sarajevo Vol. 4, and then on Sunday it's PKN Dunsborough Vol. 6 and PKN Perth Vol. 11.

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Heineken Future Bottle Design Challenge 2013

If you've watched our batch of presentations from the recent Tokyo Designers Week edition PechaKucha Night, then you'll recall a presentation by Heineken's Global Head of Design, Mark van Iterson (pictured below), about the company's new bottle remix competition ("Remix Our Future"). Following the success of last year's inaugural edition -- in which our very own PechaKucha co-founder, Mark Dytham, was a judge -- they're doing it again, this time incorporating the brand's 140 years history as part of the brief. And yes, the two Marks will be judging the competition again. You'll find more details on the competition in this post over at Cool Hunting, or you can go directly to the "Heineken Future Bottle Design Challenge 2013" site (Facebook page) to enter.

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Joshua Davis and the Heineken Future Bottle Remix Competition

There's only a month left to enter Heineken's Future Bottle Design Challenge -- which you'll recall PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham is judging -- and this weekend (on Saturday, 11am EST to be exact), graphic designer Joshua Davis (who is also judging) will be giving a live workshop, helping young designers come up with proper briefs for the competition. You can watch here live on Saturday.

Large wide heineken venue in milan design week 2013   the magazinni   entrance

PechaKucha at The Magazzini

We've posted previously about teaming up again with Heineken this year for another remix competition -- with PK co-founder Mark Dytham as a judge -- and we'll also be returning to Milan next month for a couple of PechaKucha events at Heineken's "The Magazzini" space, part of Milan Design Week (Milano Salone). We're very excited to be taking part in the design festivities again, and Mark will be on hand to MC each event. Stay tuned for more details on our lineup of presenters.

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Takram Design Engineering

Kaz Yoneda (speaking at PKN Tokyo Vol. 96), along with his colleagues at Takram Design Engineering, was approached by a Korean company with a rather bleak vision of the future. He was entrusted with a mission that (should he choose to accept it) could, perhaps, save humanity. His task: to design a water bottle for a future in which our major resources have been exhausted.  His team -- as is their custom -- took the concept to the Nth degree and developed a number of external and to-be-implanted biotics that would allow their users the ability to live off 165mL of water a day. 



PechaKucha Night – Adelaide Volume #8. ‘Hidden Heroes’ Friday September 20th #PKN8Global PechaKucha Night - 20X20 Format: speakers show 20 images, which show for 20 seconds each - Images advance automatically, giving a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds before the next presenter is up. It's fast, its fun and as some have said, PK Nights "combine business meeting and poetry slam to transform orporate cliche into surprisingly compelling beat-the-clock performance art: (Daniel H Pink, Wired). It's like clubbing for thinkers... …inspiration for the creative class… ...a business social that's more a night out...'ll get your heart skipping and your mind racing! Come and shoot the breeze with some of Adelaide's finest and emerging creative talent, for a relaxed, funny and always thought provoking feast of ideas! The Adelaide Pecha crew are designers, architects, artists, scientists, body artists, fashion designers, anthropologists, sociologists, glass blowers, magicians, photographers, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs from all industries and all walks of life! EVENT DETAILS TICKET NUMBERS: 120 Only - Please pre-purchase your tickets now and spread the word to save disappointment TICKETS: $8DOOR TICKETS: $10DATE: Friday, 20th September 2013TIME: Doors open 6:30 for a 7:00 startMC: Matthew Wright-Simon from EcocreativeCATERING: Beer, Wine, Soft + Nibblies (Best to eat prior if you're really hungry)AUCTIONS: Brother MFC J430W printer and God's Hill WinesSPECIAL EVENT: God's Hill Wine TastingAUCTION ITEMS#1. Thanks to RDS Site Management Group for their generous donation of a brand new, in box Brother MFC J430W printer  #2. Charlie Scalzi from God's Hill Wines, for his donation of a bottle of the Menzel Shiraz 2008 #3. A duo of God's Hill Wines that include;III Rows Unwooded Chardonnay 2011 A well rounded Chardonnay with dominant citrus characters on both the nose and palate. No oak treatment was given to this wine, allowing the dominant fruit flavours of the variety to shine through. A very full bodied Chardonnay with a lingering finish. Classic varietal wine! God's Hill Shiraz 2011 A wine with plenty of richness and concentration on the palate , with loads of fresh berry fruit, with chocolaty ripe tannins and lingering finish .Beautiful rich and elegant wine which will continue to grow.So, get your Auction blood pumping as we put these generous donations up at #PKN8Global on Friday night. #PKN8Global LINE-UP (In no particular order)Wayne Lewis // Rising Sun PicturesPeter Coombs // It Started With a PenTrudi Pavlovsky // Dreams Do Come TrueClare Andrew // Meatcuts, Mystery and the CinemaTravis Ranson // A Subculture of Hero TrainingKimberley Marshall // Shoe Boxes of LoveCharlie Scalzi // A Little Slice of Italy in the BarossaZoom Strange // Title: Rat or Survival: Zen and the Art of the Pig PechaKucha Nights are TOTALLY not-for profit local events held in more than 700+ cities across the world, forming a global network of like-minded designers and creatives from all disciplines. PechaKucha Night‘s are all about ‘uncovering the unexpected’, networking and having fun! For more about PechaKucha Night - Adelaide, head to the websites; ADELAIDE: GLOBAL: and sign up for the Adelaide newsletter to be notified of upcoming events. SPONSORS + VOLUNTEERSThanks to venue sponsor Hub Adelaide,  Steve Hall of and team from Dreamstreamstv, who Livestream and film our events. Thanks also to Event Photographer, Jason Vandepeer from SMI.nted Inc, regular techie volunteer Hing-Wah Kwok, MC Matthew Wright-Simon from Ecocreative and bar and door volunteers from AIESEC.We'd also like to thank RDS Site management Group for their generous donation of a brand new, in box Brother MFC J430W printer and Charlie Scalzi from God's Hill Wines, for donating a bottle of the Menzel Shiraz 2008 and a duo of God Hill Wines, which include III Rows Unwooded Chardonnay 2011 and God's Hill Shiraz 2011. Get your AUction blood pumping as we put generous donations up #PKN8Global on Friday night.Ticket sales cover the costs of equipment only – Raffle and auctions are held at the events to raise money for PechaKucha Global to cover costs associated with runnning PechaKucha Nights accross the world. Pecha is Non-profit in the old-school way - Volunteers and speakers are not permitted to receive payment for their time and work - Pecha events come together from the passion and generosity of volunteers and speakers who give their time to share their ideas. *Please note that it does not take a huge sum of money to put on a PK Events in Adelaide but it does take some (to date each event has cost around $800). No one makes a nickel; we are local volunteers that are passionate about providing a public platform for sharing creative ideas and processes.Stay connected on the Pecha Adelaide Facebook page or the groups on Facebook and Linkedin if you’d like to present and for details about collaborative projects that happen as a result of our networking and upcoming events!  

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Materials, Tradition, and Craft

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Materials, Tradition, and Craft" from a special PechaKucha Tokyo event entitled 「ICSでNight!」 at the ICS College of Arts, designer Yuki Tanaka speaks on her reverance for Japanese traditional craftsmanship. Her idea for a bottle holder is rejected due to it being too costly both time-wise and money-wise. She redesigns her holder to a less costly design that is remarkably elegant. She also shows us some of the other unique projects she has undertaken, including a spherical fruit basket and a cubic clock composed of three different variations of bronze.

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PechaKucha Night Iloilo Vol 3

  "One thing that separates goals and visions from reality is opportunity. We are always taught that when we have goals and dreams, we work on it and work hard for it. It's true and it's good. There's a better way to do it though and that is to create opportunities. By doing such we do not only make our own goals and visions a reality but we also pave the way for the achievement of other people's goals." That's an excerpt from my welcome message during our PechaKucha Night Iloilo Volume 3 last November 25, 2018 at Horn Pub. It was our first as organizers and we are honored to see the venue filled with enthusiastic crowd, savoring the gist of each presentation delivered by our great presenters, while ejoying their free bottle of beer or iced coffee that goes with the ticket they paid for only a hundred and eleven pesos (P111.00) I stayed in Dumaguete for work for over 4 years and when I decided to return to Iloilo 4 months ago, I listed down goals to accomplish before 2018 ends. I wanted to do more speaking engagements outside work, attend informative and fun seminars, socialize more with the community and lastly, do regular charitable activities. These are too many goals to achieve in less than 6 months but I was too determined to be defeated by my pessimistic thoughts. I was enjoying the seaside atmosphere in Siaton, Negros Oriental one morning when a light bulb moment occured. I found a way to achieve all these goals in the best way possible. While in Dumaguete, I was introduced to PechaKucha and I immediately loved the idea. I did a little research with the help of Abi and found out that the previous organizers of PechaKucha Night in Iloilo didn't renew their yearly agreement from the PKN headquarters in Tokyo after 2 volumes in 2015 and 2016. I got psyched at an instant to apply as organizer and after a week, I luckily received a handshake agreement to continue running PechaKucha Nights in my favorite city, Iloilo City. The next step was to build a team and it was an absolute breeze. Even during that crisp day at the beach of Siaton, I already have people in mind. They are the people who I believe share the same passion and who are willing to commit part of their precious time in making the visions become reality. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the PKN Iloilo organizers for all the hardwork and dedication during the preparation of our first event, PKN Iloilo Volume 3. Salamat guid Abigail Flores Ay-leen Lachica Danna Mercine, Nel Agustin Buensuceso, Drew Ramones, German Ray P. Gonzales Jr. Ronel Kirby Tingzon Sevee Eslabra and Christopher Raye Four months of preparation involved meetings on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, reaching out to possible presenters, sponsors and partners, creating our social media platforms and designing and posting our catchy pubs. It was 4 months of not only fun afternoon meetings and chitchats but endless learning opportunities for us, first timers in the field of organizing an event. I would like to personally thank our sponsors and partners for the support to our first event. Joseph Aloysius Montelibano of Aloysius Worldwide, you are simply amazing. Your support to the Ilonggo arts and culture is greatly appreciated. We look forward to have you as one of our presenters in the future to talk about your worldwide success. To Donna Mercine's family who runs JALD and Associates (and their interns too) and the owners of LoCo, thank you so much for taking part by furthering our event. We, from PKN Iloilo owe you big time. Our collaboration with Dwayne Muyuéla and the rest of the partners and staff of Horn Pub was smooth and we are definitely looking forward to more events with you as our event partner. Same appreciation goes to Project Iloilo our media partner and Willowdell Learning & Development Center, our partner for our post-event charity that will happen in December. Lastly, handpicking the presenters for our first event was one hell of a job. We painstakingly selected the speakers because they carry the biggest responsibility- to make or break the show. Dear presenters, we can't thank you enough for sharing your time, knowledge, skills and experience to the audience. Early Sol Gadong, Mowneeq Mabasa Muyargas, Dave Frozt, Hermz Gacho, Carm Novilla and Judah Ism (and Marge of Sons and Daughters for the awesome musical number) you are all amazing. You set the bar high enough and you encourage and inspire us to continue what we have started. Until next time, Ma'ams and Sirs. After the success of PKN Iloilo Vol 3, we have started to create an opportunity for great people to speak and inspire the audience with their knowledge and wit, skills and experience. We paved the way for people to have an opportunity to listen to great presentations and get inspired. We also created an avenue for the Ilonggos to socialize by meeting other people that may share the same interest as theirs. And lastly, this may not be part of the goals of the Pecha Kucha Night Global Organization but PKN Iloilo will make a difference by facilitating a post-event charity for kids in December to commemorate the spirit of Christmas. Proceeds of the PKN Iloilo Vol 3 will benefit selected children of Pediatric Ward at Western Visayas Medical Center. Thank you Fheb Mark Lapastora, RN for making arrangements with the Medical Center Chief to have our intent to help get approved. We might need additional volunteers so let us know if you want to join us. I am Alexander San Pedro, Chief City Organizer of PechaKucha Night Iloilo, thanking you all for an awesome PechaKucha Night. Here's to more opportunities and more PechaKucha Nights.