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The PechaKucha Daily Blog is where you'll find news on the latest PechaKucha happenings worldwide, reports on recent PechaKucha Nights, a look at some of our favorite PKN posters, and more.

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PechaKucha Daily Blog Channel

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Blue Mountains
Jul 12, 2012


Blue Mountains
Sep 20, 2012


Blue Mountains
Nov 15, 2012


Blue Mountains
Feb 21, 2013


Ústí nad Labem @ Galerie Emila Filly
Apr 09, 2013


Blue Mountains
Sep 20, 2013


Blue Mountains
Feb 28, 2014


Portsmouth NH @ Strawbery Banke Visitor Center
May 08, 2014


Blue Mountains @ The Carrington
Feb 06, 2015


Železný Brod @ KC Kino - Železný Brod
Mar 13, 2015

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Life as a Healthy Blogger

@ VOL 14 ON JUN 13, 2013

Alex Meyer has been blogging for awhile, but she began to realize few around her were integrating healthy-living practices into their work. This drove her to find the tools necessary to take her life in a healthy direction.

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La Carmina's Underworld Trips and Offbeat Travels

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

La Carmina is a travel TV host and blog writer, who travels the world seeking out the off-beat subculture of each city she visits. However, Tokyo is her favorite city because she finds something for everyone- from monkey taverns to Victorian dollhouse cafes, come and check out what La Carmina has discovered within Tokyo!

"Presentation of the Day" on September 26, 2014.

Thumb steven.007


@ VOL 9 ON FEB 25, 2014

From his shop at the train station Steven van Beek sees a whole bunch of people passing by everyday. From elderly to newborns from filthy rich to poor, from across the globe. One could say: the entire society. Often these people stop and buy something. Or they have discussions in front of the shop. Steven observes and translates these observations into a blog. This blog is not about him, but about the people and their amazing daily adventures.

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The Best Things in Life are Cheap!

@ VOL 125 ON MAY 28, 2015

"Our mission is to dispel this myth that Tokyo is this crazy expensive place." 

From humble beginnings, tech entrepreneur Chris Kirkland's website, Tokyo Cheapo, a travel and culture guide dedicated to life in Japan on a budget, has grown to a monthly readership over 150,000. From getting to and fro, to staying in rock-bottom-priced accommodation, even to finding love, Tokyo Cheapo covers it all on life in Tokyo on the cheap!

This was "Presentation of the Day" on June, 26th 2015. 

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The United Nations of Food

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Hear Charles Bibilos, writer of the United Nations of Food blog, talk about his quest to eat food from every country in the world (160 countries), without ever leaving New York City. Yum!

Help Charles finish his quest! Help him eat: East Timor, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Botswana, Burundi, Central African Republic, Djibouti, The Gambia, Kenya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Swaziland, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

If you can help, or want to go out to eat with Charles, email him at

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I Believe In You - Your Magic Is Real

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Devin Person believes in you - your magic is real!

Devin Person is a wizard. His first book, Mysteries of the Deep, is being released on March 13th as a Kickstarter spell to raise $420. Learn more here.

Blending mystical insights with irreverent wit, Person transforms occult techniques into accessible, modern ideas that his clients and readers can use to create powerful changes in their own subjective experiences.

When not writing bios, Devin Person enjoys worshipping a Gnome god of humor and fending off attacks from his cat, Loki

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Spatial Memory Mapping

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Lyla Catellier gives good directions! At PechaKucha Night Brooklyn Volume 8, Lyla put her 7 siblings to the test - a test of spatial memory mapping. With 5/7 siblings worth of maps of her hometown, Lyla explores the wonders of the hippocampus.

Lyla is a lady living in Chelsea NYC. She currently directs public programs and events at Columbia University GSAPP and was once called a swiss army knife. She is a logistics maverick, and has always wanted someone to refer to her as a maverick, and at PK Brooklyn Volume 8, we did!

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Keiki Club

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Aviva Rowley and friends founded Keiki Club - an open social community for friends and flora fanatics to come together and grow plants, share knowledge, and trade collections. Attend a Keiki Club meeting in NY or California - more info here.

Aviva is a ceramicist / artist / florist from Brooklyn, New York.  She graduated from Cooper Union in 2011 with a BFA.  She has been finding nature in Brooklyn her whole life and stubbornly refuses to leave NY - thus forcing her to create an indoor jungle.  

Thumb slide091

Border City Living

@ VOL 2 ON MAY 31, 2017

Deidre Ritsche is incredibly passionate about the Windsor Essex-County community and has created a blog to connect with all of her favourite local people, places and things.

She belives that in order to thrive, we need to cherish our neighbourhoods and nurture our local businesses. She encourages everyone to get out and explore!

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The Last Ingredient

@ VOL 40 ON NOV 29, 2016

Interior designer, Paige Adams is the author of Last Ingredient where she shares her latest culinary adventures and design inspiration. 


4000 at PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 11

We'll have a proper report on the event up on the blog this week, but in the meantime, here's a piece from the Jerusalem Post on the amazing PechaKucha Night that was held earlier this month in Tel Aviv (Vol. 11), which attracted an audience of 4000.

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IED Factory - Powered by PechaKucha

The IED Factory event is back in Rome -- with the theme of "creative cities" -- and it will feature two one-off PechaKucha events, on the 5th and 12th of March. You'll find more details on both events here.

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The Gardens of Blue Mountains and the Evolution of a Designer

Keris Macarthur is a writer and gardener. In this presentation (from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 1), she talks about her love of Blue Mountains gardens, including her own, and how she sees gardening as a creative outlet. For Keris, you can find pure happiness in piles of soil, with all of its untapped possibilities. Quentin Thiaucourt is a designer, and in this presentation (in French, from PKN Bordeaux Vol. 4) he takes us on a tour of the works that have marked his career so far, starting with work he produced as a young boy!

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PKN Posters: Knoxville Vol. 7

Artist Amos Oaks discusses his thoughts on the poster he cooked up for PKN Knoxville Vol. 7: "...The snake handlers of our region have a deep passion that takes them beyond what some may see as normal.  Their devotion moves them to take a scripture literally, face death, and come out unscathed.  In my opinion this gives them vision to take on another day. That's what anyone's vision does.  It propels them to live another day - to grab death by the neck and hang on for dear life." Check out the full explanation on PKN Knoxville's blog. Volume 7 will be held this coming Wednesday, April 24th at 6pm.  To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Sushi Blogging

"In 2013 the most expensive fish was sold for 1.8 million dollars..." Using food as a way to learn more about culture, while living in Aomori City, Japan for 5 years, Tesia Smith took on her own challenge, eating her favorite restuarant's entire menu. In "Sushi Blogging" from PKN Accident Vol. 2, we see that finding new favorite sushi and challenging unpleasant sushi, she created a blog her sushi journey. 

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City Focus: Blue Mountains

As the Northern Hemisphere heads into Autumn, we take this week's city focus down under to the Blue Mountains of Australia whose latest PechaKucha Night presentations come to welcome spring. Held at the historic Carrington Hotel, a host of delightful presenters shared a night of fun and imagination the PechaKucha way.  

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The Year-Long Adventures of the Blue Shoes

"I began looking at the world asking 'where could I put the blue shoes in this setting'?" In The Year-Long Adventures of the Blue Shoes from PechaKucha Night St. Joseph Vol. 2, interdisciplinary scholar Michael R. Hill shares the story of how during a creative exercise from a 2013 Teacher Workshop on Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity at School of the Art Institute Chicago, his blue Nike Hyper Enforcer shoes became the inspiration of a year long visual daily blog, full of creative adventure, and a bit of hilarity.  

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Speaker Alex Giuchard LinkedIn blog

Woo! Great exposure for Peacha Kucha Wanaka as one of our speakers, Alex Guichard, gave us a glowing write-up on his LinkedIn – follow the link at the bottom to check it out! In the meantime our volunteers are having a well-earned break following the success of the first Pecha Kucha night here in Wanaka. But fear not, ‘cause we’ve got more content coming for you soon, so stay tuned folks!    


Right in the Middle

A blog. Ok, why not write a blog to tell the world what we are doing here in Birstein/Germany? Here we go: We're right in the middle. Finally. It was about time. Our PKN Birstein #1 had to be postponed from May to June.  The marketing machine is about to start: To advertise our first event we scheduled a press meeting. "Call for Papers" is open and we get in touch with creative people in our region. Four more weeks and a day until PKN Birstein #1. -Frank  

Large wide pechakucha 14 20copy

What the heck is a PechaKucha? - blog post by Wes Lucus

This blog was written by Wes Lucus, who presented at PechaKucha #ldnont vol. 2 on April 25. Check out his presetnation: "What I Learned From My Mission To Mars" ************** I was warned. It wouldn’t be easy. But what I experienced in that space shuttle would teach me one of the most valuable life lessons.   PeCHA KuCHA: The sound of “chit chat” Originating in Japan, and taking place in cities all around the world, speakers share their stories with a slideshow of 20 photos, each showing for 20 seconds. In April I had the pleasure of participating in this unique event with my story entitled “What I learned from my mission to Mars.” I volunteered to speak because I saw it as an opportunity to stretch – to practice and grow in a few different ways: Speaking The most valuable skills, regardless of your job or environment, involve communication. The 2 most universally valuable are persuasion and public speaking. In order to continually improve, I’m always looking for opportunities to speak. When I’m at the front of the room, I’m usually leading a training or workshop, so PechaKucha allowed me to have a little more fun and flexibility, and to get out of my comfort zone a bit. I got to choose the topic and the message with only 2 restrictions: It had to match 20 slides at 20 seconds each (6min 40sec total), and it couldn’t be a sales pitch. Those of you who know me well know I’m an introvert who rarely shows much enthusiasm, so I purposefully chose a story that would not work unless I told it with enthusiasm – forcing me to stretch and get a little uncomfortable. Language Patterns One of my favorite things about NLP is the study of language patterns – using certain words and phrases, and structuring your message to communicate with the subconscious mind, as well as the conscious. While the average listener will say “Oh, it’s about roller coasters… but not really. It’s about a lot of things, I guess,” NLP nerds and students of my Influence & Impact course will be able to spot a some of those patterns in my story. I’m constantly playing with those language patterns, working them into my speech intentionally so that they start to come out automatically and effectively, and I thoroughly enjoyed planning this talk around them. Timing It’s a personal hangup I’ve had… Whether it’s a 2 minute talk, or a 2 day workshop, the only thing that gets me nervous around the idea of public speaking is the timing. I never know if I’m going to go over, or way under, and I haven’t yet figured out how to tell by the content I have planned. The only way I’ve had any certainty with this ahead of time was if I had every word scripted, and tested for timing… but every scripted or written word costs you connection with the audience, so I knew I would have to overcome my timing anxiety a different way. This event was a great opportunity to work with that – Not only did I have to finish right at 6:40, but ideally I also needed to keep pace with the changing slides every 20 seconds. I won’t say it was easy… I spent half a day trying to figure out whether to put the slideshow together first, or figure out what I was going to say first. I eventually settled on the slideshow, because it would be just enough structure for me to improvise the rest around. Once the 20 slides were set and submitted, I loosely outlined what I wanted to say. Then I memorized the order of the slides, and then just practiced telling my story in the order of the slides. Eventually, after I got the big pieces in place, I started practicing with the timing. I got an app on my phone called Tabata Timer which gave me audio cues every 20 seconds, and just told the story. Every time I heard a beep, I knew it was time to move on to the next slide, and that allowed me to practice without script or notes, allowed the story to change with each run-through, and gave me an unconscious sense of the timing. Making a mark in London I knew I would only be in London for a short while. Being around amazing people, being involved in the local community, I saw this as a way to leave something behind, to give some kind of positive message, and to be remembered. Maybe it comes down to some deep desire to satisfy my ego, some need for significance… but it’s also about connection, and being a part of the family – and I definitely felt all of that as a result of participating.   FYI – You can see past and upcoming Pecha Kucha events in London HERE.   ~Wes Lucus