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Baskets and Pots

@ VOL 6 ON APR 13, 2012

Richard Wilshusen is an archaeologist, and in this presentation he explains the material culture of baskets and pots. He explores the idea that the functionality behind the basket evolved in the design of ceramic pots. (in English)


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Basel @ Unternehmen Mitte
May 29, 2009


Basel @ Unternehmen Mitte
Nov 05, 2009


Basel @ Unternehmen Mitte
Mar 16, 2010


Basel @ Atrio Vulcanelli
Apr 25, 2010


Basel @ Unternehmen Mitte
Sep 23, 2010


Johannesburg @ Maboneng 2nd floor
May 31, 2013


Valencia @ Centre Cultural La Beneficència
Apr 06, 2018


Albany, NY @ Opalka Gallery/The Sage Colleges
Mar 01, 2019


Guatemala City @ #w3bcentre #designcenter #guatemala
Aug 14, 2019

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@ VOL 1 ON OCT 09, 2011

Brianna has a passion for baking, and a love for cakes. In this presentation, she talks about how she gifts them to her friends on special occasions, revealing that person's identity or personality in the process. (in English)

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Bankers Alley

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 23, 2016

Joe Mayes gives us a look at the potential of Bankers Alley in Downtown Nashville.

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Psicoballet Monterrey

@ VOL 10 ON AUG 28, 2015

Lucía Penella nos presenta su hermoso proyecto inclusivo, donde a través del ballet, niños con capacidades diferentes han encontrado una increíble expresión artística. 

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So, What's The Pointe?

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 05, 2016

Charlotte Lim always wanted to become a dancer ever since she saw the beauty in ballet. It wasn't until she grew older and was more experienced in the dance scene that she realized how it was so much the same as life. Through the sweat, the tears and blood, she shares her knowledge and the similarities between life and the art of dancing.

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Prairie Grass Ballet

@ VOL 3 ON DEC 08, 2016

Owen Fritts talks about the iterative process of developing a piece of public art for the Arts Center in Jamestown, North Dakota. The resulting sculpture is local in form and expresses meaning through movement, stewardship and material.



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Rescatando a los jóvenes a través del Básquet

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

El venezolano, Miguel Molina, también conocido como Miguelón, tuvo un pasado muy oscuro, pero que lo ha hecho darle la vuelta a su vida. Tras una experiencia muy fuerte, Miguelón deicidió alejar a los jóvenes de la violencia por medio del básquet. Nos cuenta su historia inspiradora, con un mensaje importante para todos.

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Dance is the BEST

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Eric Thurmond is often asked what it means to be a which he wonders if people understand what dance actually is. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he explains the four elements of dance, with some live demonstrations! 

Erik is a performer from Snellville, Georgia. He has danced all over the world and shown his work in Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Houston, Detroit and New York City. His work centers around ideas of obsession, control and desire.

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Basket and Bike Tours

@ VOL 17 ON MAY 01, 2017

With the recent completion of the Cap to Cap bike trail from Richmond to Williamsburg, new ventures of opportunity are springing up to support and enhance this regional amenity. Anne Poarch shares one of those.

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Baking In Goodness

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Janet Ginsburg is a silo-skipper. It took years to admit and even longer to realize this was a rare, good and useful thing to be. She admires those who seem to know exactly what they want to do with their lives, but is more than content to flit about with a glorious lack of discipline across an array of broad interests.

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PKN Basel Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night arrived in Basel with style and to a very attentive audience, as you'll see from the photos sent in by organizer Chris Faber. We also include a few slides from the presentations. PKN Basel Vol. 2 is already scheduled for October 22 at the same venue (Unternehmen Mitte). Kai Pulfer, Filme für die Erde: Sascha Roche, Young Designers Mall: Dr. Othmar Jaeggi, iconicarchive: Timm Suess (Photography): Angelo Gallina, Boxclub Basel:

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PKN Basel in the News

The launch of PechaKucha Night in Basel -- which we covered the other day -- gets some nice coverage (in German) in the Tages Anzeiger, one of Zürich's main newspaper dailies. Presentation popstars indeed!

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PechaKucha x Art Basel Miami Beach

This year's Art Basel Miami Beach is set to take place December 3-6, and we're very happy to note that a special edition PechaKucha will be held during the event. "PechaKucha: Contemporary Art & Social Media = Network & Networth" will be held on December 3 from 18:00, moderated by PKN Miami organizer Carl Hildebrand. Here's a link to a PDF with the full schedule.


Martin Barret

Continuing with our look at presentations from PechaKucha Night in London Vol. 2 -- you could say it's London week here on PechaKucha Daily -- here's one from artist and climber (how's that for a combination) Martin Barret. Artist and climber Martin Barret takes us on a high level tour of his inspirations -- and contemplates how it might be nice to die from a bespoke object!

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Art Basel Miami Beach + PechaKucha

Back in December of last year, PKN Miami organizer Carl Hildebrand produced a special edition PechaKucha event in collaboration with Art Basel Miami Beach, with the topic of social media and contemporary art. A video of the event has now been put online. Presenters include Dylan Fareed, Ben Davis, Lori Faye Fischler, Leyden Rodriguez, [dNASAb], and Jody Turner.

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Brianna Stuppy has a passion for baking, and a love for cakes. In this presentation, she talks about how she gifts them to her friends on special occasions, revealing that person's identity or personality in the process. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Dunsborough Vol. 1.

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Innsbruck's New Culture Center, Baskets and Pots, and Jumping in Tokyo

Presentations Konstantin Ronikier is the organizer of PKN Innsbruck and in this presentation (in German, from PKN Salzburg Vol. 12) he talks about a new cultural center in the center of Innsbruck. Konstantin was in charge of renovating the previous building into a space where people could meet, discuss, and produce events. Richard Wilshusen is an archeologist, and in this presentation (from PKN Longmont Vol. 6) he explains the material culture of baskets and pots. He explores the idea that the functionality behind the basket evolved in the design of ceramic pots. Posters and flyers Today's new poster addition to the Tumblr blog comes our way from Gisborne, with the city's Vol. 9 happening this coming Friday (June 22) -- the event will take place at the Dome Cinema. Here's a peek at the new flyer series that we're launching here in Tokyo for our PKN series -- with our next event, Vol. 93, happening on June 27. The photography is by Michael Holmes, the design by Luis Mendo, and we plan on producing more flyers that follow the same "jump" motif. Calendar There's one PKN happening tonight (June 18), and it's a Vol. 1, in the city of Launceston. Tomorrow, you can look forward to the following two events: PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 2 and PKN San Diego Vol. 15. 

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Time-Based Art

Who wins when chess pieces made of ice melt? Justin Charles Hoover is a Chinese-Russian-American working on time-based art. In “Time-Based Art” from PKN Santa Cruz, CA Vol. 8 he speaks about how he always wanted to be a stunt-double but settled for Kung Fu master. He shares a few of his fascinating projects and talks about why he loves performance art.

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PKN 3 in Vientiane!

Well, we smashed our attendance record at PechaKucha Night Vientiane Vol. 3 with over 160 people (and one very cute pooch!) joining us at O'Grady's Irish Pub and Restaurant last night! Thanks for the wicked turn-out Vientiane! The event brought together 10 of the Capital's creative, innovative and talented minds: Fanglao Dance Company director and dancer Ounla Pha Oudom (Kaka), artist Jihyun Lim, writer and co-creator of Ban Apinihan Mair Hyman, third-culture kid and PK organiser Nami Ishihara, filmmaker and ballet dancer Mattie Do, participant-observer Ruth Foster, Bill Pennington from the development sector, anthropological archaeologist and Lucha Libre enthusiast Flavio Silva, co-founder of Lanith: Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality and local rockstar Maeve O’Brien, and CSArchitectes' Somphonsack 'Toun' Phayouphorn, to share their ideas with the community. Presentations spanned childhood memories, art and architchture portfolios, the history behind Lucha Libre, elephant foot yam farming in Burma, ballet vs horror films, and a personal tour of the statues of Vientiane.  Special thank yous to O'Grady's for letting us take over their bar for the night, TOH LAO Coworking Space & Services, and our Vol. 3 poster designer Nilada Ratanavong of Maison Matilda Café & Living. Here's some snaps from last night, taken by PKNV co-organiser Kate Antonas. More photos on our Facebook.  Vol. 3 speakers Back L-R: Flavio Silva, co-organiser Sabine Scharfe, Bill Pennington, Maeve O'Brien. Front: Ji Hyun Lim, Nami Ishihara, Mattie Do, Ruth Foster, Mair Hyman. Missing: Ounla Pha Oudom and Somphonsack 'Toun' Phayouphorn 

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Site-Based Performance: Development of a Process

“We devised a few rules: Start with the architecture. Consider its history. Draw from its mythology.” In "Site-Based Performance: Development of a Process" fromPechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 17, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Torn Space Theatre in Buffalo, NY, Dan Shanahan, reveals Torn Space's process of developing site-based performance. Drawing from over 10 years of experience and eight original pieces for non-traditional performance venues, Shanahan addresses the influences, aesthetics, and rules for Torn Space's site-based performances.