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Atlanta Title Pawns in Atlanta
Amanda Plumb
nonprofit do-gooder type in Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Stoyle
Business Development Manager, Ashurst in Paddington
City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Sustainability
Office of Sustainability, Mayor Kasim Reed in Atlanta
Riley Perszyk
Graduate Student, Emory University in Atlanta
Kevin Middlebrooks
Engineering Consultant, Hazen and Sawyer in Atlanta
Sasha Friedman
Marketer, Mailchimp in Atlanta


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Feb 10, 2008


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Mar 09, 2008


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Nov 16, 2008


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Feb 15, 2009


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Mar 08, 2009


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Apr 19, 2009


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Nov 15, 2009


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Mar 21, 2010


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Apr 18, 2010


Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
Aug 27, 2017

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Civic Play: Skeletons, Gnomes, & The Atlanta Beltline Latern Parade

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Chantelle Rytter came back to ATL from New Orleans and found she saw a need for something here in ATL... Civic play! So she up and started and "krewe" and fabricated a few silly but large puppets and the first Latern Parade was begun. Listen as Rytter talks us through the start of this new annual staple of fun here in the ATL!

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Atlanta Has Something to Say: Refugees Welcome

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Bee Nguyen has something to say on behalf of Atlanta: Refugees are welcome here. But, what exactly does that mean? What is involved in welcoming a family who is immigrating to the United States? Bee's family knows firsthand what that means having immigrated from Vietnam. Now, Bee is growing her Syrian family right here in ATL and she wants to tell you all about her "ice cream boo"! 

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Criminal Justice -OR- Sustainability?

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Joshua Byrd has been on a criminal justice journey his whole life. Quite a bit of it was spent on one side of that journey: US Marines, Dept. of Defense, Georgia Sheriff Deputy, Superior Court of Fulton County (GA), North Carolina Dept. of Justice, United States EPA... The man knows what he talks about when he says there is a better way to approach crime in our country and in our cities. Listen in as Joshua talks "4-D" involvement and sustainability as a road to better criminal justice pratices. 

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Advocacy through Animation

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

"When you educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate a generation."

In Advocacy through Animation from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol. 29,  Neia Omer tells her story. Animation is a inclusive medium when one is trying to reach a large subset of individuals. What do you do and where do you start if you know absolutely ZERO things about animation? What is your subject matter? Neia Omer's story is a personal journey, a personal goal, a family legacy, and one of animation being the key to her brand of advocacy. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, June 13th, 2016. 

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Love... Framed in Black & White

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Paula Wright's story comes to us from over 200 years in the past and through a family's photo albums, handed down through the years. This true tale sees the HIGHLY unlikely and, at the time, illegal union of two individuals and where that union lead them... Join us as Paula relates this tale, true in every regard, and learn what happens when loved is framed in black and white. 

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I <3 Atlanta Parks & Rec


Amy Phuong is the Commissioner of Atlanta Parks & Recreation which means that she is a real-life Leslie Knope! Parks and Rec is about spaces and how those spaces are used, not just city parks. But how is that use determined? Listen as Amy describes life as ATL's Leslie Knope!

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The Importance of Diverse Narrative on Shaping Our City's Identity


Calinda Lee has something to say and she knew this even as a young girl as her great grandfather would always ask her, "Whatchu gonna be when you grow up, gal?!" She is now an Historian with The Atlanta History Center and is interested in utilizing technology to tell our history but ALL of our histories as a city. There is a multi-cultural story to be told and she is working to ensure that story is as multi-faceted as possible. 

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Rebuilding Local Trust in Government


Community is so much bigger than one's individual self and this is something that seems to have been forgotten here in the US of A. Rohit Malhotra's grandfather was a hero of his, a teacher in a remote village in India, who instilled this ideal of what community is, in him as a small child. The polar opposites of 'community' and of 'government' (at least after this election) are what Rohit grew up loving. Listen as he speaks about the importance of local government and trust has in our communities. 

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Atlanta Artivists Assemble


Terone Allen moved to Atlanta with a purpose but found a real purpose once he was here... To collaborate and communicate with other artsits to make differences in the communiites in which they live. Terone speaks about the different groups with works with to see positive change to Atlanta come from artists and other creatives. 

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Innocence & Incarceration: A Complicated Relationship


Estimates tell us there are 3,200 +/- wrongfully convicted and innocent individuals serving time in Georgia and Alabama today. The Georgia Innocence Project works for the exoneration and release of these individuals but state law can hamper those efforts, sometimes inadverdantly. Listen as Richard Latta speaks about law here in the State of Georgia that is hampering the efforts of the Georgia Innocence Project. 

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PKN Atlanta Vol. 9 This Sunday

Most Pecha Kucha Nights are weeknight affairs, but in Atlanta, Sunday -- and more specifically, this coming Sunday (February 15) -- is when Vol. 9 will hit the Octane Coffee Lounge. What can you expect? Here's a look at the presenters lined up: Louise E. Shaw - "AIDS in the Eighties" Decatur Dan Hall - "Cease and Desist" Andrew Ian Morrison &amp; Cristina Del Sesto Morrison - "13 Ways of Looking at an Onion" Fakhri Hagghani - "Coffee Shops in Tehran" Ellen Dunham-Jones - "Retrofitting Suburbia" Valencia Coar - "Aesthetic Housing Where it Matters" Jerry Goux - "Building for Other Architects" Alex West - "WonderRoot is Cool" William Boling &amp; Corinne Vionnet - "Complete Desire" Mark Cottle - "Seduced &amp; Abandoned" You can also listen to podcasts of previous editions (iTunes Store link). Pictured above, Vol. 3.

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PKN Atlanta Vol. 12

This past Sunday, Atlanta held its 12th edition of PechaKucha Night at the Octane Coffee Lounge, and also celebrated a special milestone: the first presenter of the evening was the city's 100th! Below, a few more photos from PKN Atlanta Vol. 12 -- we're digging the moodiness of the black and white. You can also visit PKN Atlanta's website to see an incredible collection of past presentations, hosted on Vimeo.

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Flyer for PKN Atlanta Vol. 13

It's lucky number 13 for PechaKucha Night in Atlanta, happening this Sunday (October 18) at the Octane Coffee Lounge.

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Flyer for PKN Atlanta Vol. 14

PechaKucha Night in Atlanta returns to its regular venue of the Octane Coffee Lounge tomorrow (Sunday, November 15) for its fourteenth edition. The festivities kick off at 19:00.

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PKN Atlanta Vol. 14

Atlanta just held its 14th PechaKucha Night this past Sunday, and here are a few nice black and white snaps from the evening, sent to us by one of the organizers, Alfredo Aponte. Those treats you see in the last photo were courtesy of Chef Julia (from the Bookhouse) -- she was also a presenter that night.

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PKN Atlanta Vol. 16

Atlanta had its 16th PechaKucha Night this past Sunday, and we've already found a Flickr photoset covering the event -- the low-resolution would indicate that the photos were taken with a mobile phone, but it still gives a nice glimpse at what a PKN in Atlanta looks like. The top page of the photoset also includes a list of all the presenters, with plenty of links.

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PechaKucha in Atlanta

Good to see that even in Atlanta, organizers and attendees are learning how to write "PechaKucha" in Japanese, as seen in this photo -- credit goes to Kai Curl for writing out PK in katakana.

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From Billboards to Changed Lives

How can we address other's needs and suffering by using our excess?  Many of the refugees fleeing from their countries to America have been sent to Clarksville, Georgia. Speaking no English, they have a difficult time finding work. In "From Billboards to Changed Lives" from PKN Atlanta Vol. 20, Jeff Shinabarger created jobs for them out of what other people thought of as just trash - old billboards. They turn these billboards into things like wallets, bags, and pillows.

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City Focus: Atlanta

This week's "City Focus" travels to Atlanta, Georgia, where a look at the city page reveals a growing archive of fantastic presentations, assuring that the city's creative scene is properly celebrated. Atlanta's PechaKucha Night Vol. 23 is set for August 24.

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Poster for PKN Atlanta Vol. 25

Hats off to Atlanta for this funky-fresh design for their PechaKucha Night Vol. 25 by Scott Fuller The Studio Temporary. Be sure to check our all the amazing designs that come in daily over at our Official PechaKucha Poster Tumblr! Be inspired to make a poster for your city's next PKN!