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Gothenburg @ Park Lane
Aug 10, 2010


Melbourne @ MiFA
Nov 12, 2010


Miami @ Florida International University--College of Architecture + the Arts' Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS)
Nov 20, 2013


Brisbane @ Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
Mar 02, 2016

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Nov 29, 2016


Chengdu @ 言几又
Mar 26, 2017


Brisbane @ Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
Mar 22, 2017


Nagoya @ Nagoya TV TOWER
Aug 18, 2017

PAST Destination: World, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Belfer Case Study Room S020, Japan Friends of Harvard Concourse, 1730 Cambridge Street
Oct 22, 2018

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15 Years in Asia

@ VOL 98 ON DEC 19, 2012

Jean Snow is an Acadian (a French Canadian from the maritimes), and he has been in Asia for 15 years, in Japan for 14 years, and a blogger for 10 years. In this presentation, he shares what he's been up to all this time, leading to his current association with the PechaKucha organization (as its Executive Director). (in English)

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Tarantulas Taste Like Chicken

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 28, 2012

Amy Jennings spent one month traveling in an organized tour group of 12 in Southeast Asia. She shares her first-time experiences with photographs taken on the trip.

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9 Months, 16000 km, Countless Friends

@ VOL 104 ON JUN 26, 2013

Tenji Takakura travelled from the UK, across Asia, to Japan (a 16,000km journey in total!) all on the two wheels of his bicycle. His journey took a full 9 months, he met peoples of all sorts, and came away from the experience believing in the goodness of all human beings. (in Japanese)


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The Chinese Connection

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 13, 2013

Joanna Wong speaks of the deep connections present between China and Vancouver; known as 'the most Asian city outside of Asia.' She expounds upon her personal family history, the history of Vancouver's Chinese population, and how the digital networks between this Canadian city and China can serve as important links to the future.

"Presentation of the Day" on January 6, 2013.

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The United Nations of Food

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

Hear Charles Bibilos, writer of the United Nations of Food blog, talk about his quest to eat food from every country in the world (160 countries), without ever leaving New York City. Yum!

Help Charles finish his quest! Help him eat: East Timor, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Botswana, Burundi, Central African Republic, Djibouti, The Gambia, Kenya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Swaziland, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

If you can help, or want to go out to eat with Charles, email him at

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Van of Brothers

@ VOL 24 ON JAN 20, 2016

"The more you sacrifice comfort ... the more you want to continue to live that way."

In Van of Brothers from PechaKucha Night Beirut Vol. 24, Yann Traboulsi shares he took a trip from Australia to India in a 30 year-old van with three friends. Joining self-discovery and responsible tourism, they engage fully with their environments and make the best out of their experiences.

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A Special Journey

@ VOL 7 ON APR 21, 2016

Mark Bowyer is the founder of Rusty Compass - an independent online travel guide to Vietnam and Cambodia. He has been exploring Vietnam and Cambodia since 1990 and has spent upwards of ten years of his life in hotel rooms. He was featured in the New York Times in 2015. In this talk, Mark will share with us his ideas on what makes a special journey.

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Asians at Work

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 22, 2016

滋賀県大津市に住んでいるジョン・スピリ(John Spiri)さんは、 岐阜県内の大学で講師を務める一方、英字新聞 "The Japan Times" のライターもされており、 日本の生活文化、社会等に関する様々な記事を書いています。

そんなジョンさんが以前に発行したシリーズ本 “Asians at Work” に今回のペチャクチャナイトでは注目して、 ジョンさんがみたアジアの国々で暮らす人々の 働き方について、プレゼンします。 

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Немає причин не подорожувати соло

@ VOL 24 ON SEP 14, 2017

Анастасія Стеценко. Працює в HR, подорожувала Європою та Азією з друзями та поодинці. Вірить що одиночні подорожі є найбільш дієвим засобом пізнати себе та світ.

Немає причин не подорожувати соло. У мене був чіткий план: купити рюкзак, квиток в один кінець і приземлитись в Бангкоку. Куди далі і як довго це триватиме, в плані вказано не було. 111 азіатських днів я та мій рюкзак їздили по Таїланду, Малайзії та Сінгапуру. Ця подорож була дивовижною, лякаючою, радісною, болісною, надихаючою, — але вона була на 100 % моєю, бо я була в ній сама. І моя розповідь — про причини з яких, ви теж маєте поїхати кудись соло.

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Asia Europe Foundation


At EU JapanFest's annual presenter symposium at the Bellesalle Iidabashi ekimae in Tokyo, Ms. Anupama Sekhar director of the Cultural department shares about her the Asia Europe Foundation 


Asa Jungnelius

Today's presentation was recorded during the special edition "Swedish Style x PechaKucha Night" event held earlier this year during Tokyo Design Week, and features artist and designer Asa Jungnelius walking us through some of her projects. Åsa is a much talked about contemporary Swedish glass designer, interested in what is considered genuine or fake and how the value of an object is created. She often uses stereotypes as a language and challenge their conventional meaning.

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Cincinnati Asks: Do You PK?

It's been a few months since the last PechaKucha Night in Cincinnati -- hopefully a new volume is just around the corner -- but we just now found the terrific "Do you PK?" video that city's organizers put together, which includes a few rounds of one of our favorite games: the "PechaKucha" pronunciation game. The short also does a great job of explaining what the event is all about. So time to answer the question: Do you PK?

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Flyer for PKN Melbourne Vol. 15

The next PechaKucha Night in Melbourne, Vol. 14, will take place October 27 at Federation Square (BMW Edge) as part of National Architecture Week -- see the list of presenters on the official event page -- but there's already a Vol. 15 also scheduled. That event, set for November 12 at MiFA, will examine "the ties that pull Australia towards Asia and vice versa."

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Fresh from Tokyo

Today we have some fresh content coming from Tokyo, as we add the last two presentations from last week's PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 98 -- you can watch all of them on the event page, and also check out a gallery of photos taken by Michael Holmes. First up is graphic designer Shiho Yokoyama with her presentation about handwritten fonts, and then Jean Snow (that's me) talks about he's been up to since moving to Asia 15 years ago. Another Tokyo connection comes in the form of today's "Presentation of the Day," by Don Kratzer, talking about kaiju.

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Roshi Givechi

Presenting at tomorrow's Vol. 104 is IDEO's Roshi Givechi, who has been spending the past year in Asia on various projects. アジア各国でIDEOのプロジェクトに取り組んでいらっしゃるRoshi GivechiさんがPechaKucha Night 東京104に登場してくださいます。

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Found Object Translation

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Found Object Translation" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 97, Yota Kakuda (YOTA KAKUDA DESIGN) talks about how he takes second hand objects, which he finds at flea markets across Europe and Asia, and makes something new with them. Yota is often inspired by the vintage items he finds, and is motivated to construct something new and unique as a result. 

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Building M+

“The idea is to introduce the movement of peoples between Asia and the rest of the world.” Curator Aric Chen takes us on a tour of the under-construction M+ Museum of Visual Culture (to be completed late 2017) in Hong Kong, and the exhibition he has put together of numerous architectural works in the form of model and drawings. In “Building M+” from PKN Hong Kong Vol. 19 Aric demonstrates the way by which the exhibition conveys the processes of architectural design, places the M+ construction within history, and surveys unrealised and failed construction plans.

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Sana’a: From the Ashes

“In March 2015, the war started in Yemen and almost everything got destroyed. A lot of people got displaced… this is the beautiful – used to be the beautiful – old Sana’a city but now a big part of the city is destroyed. ” In Sana’a: From the Ashes from PechaKucha Night Tokyo’s 134th volume, speaker Ayman Amer discusses his home city of Sana’a. From it’s history to recent tragedy, the people of the city have been through a lot. In need of inspiration, Ayman discusses how despite the current conflict, Sana’a’s PechaKucha is still alive to give a voice to the people.

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"The money, the things, the titles, the dates - they are all limitations the try to separate us. But we are one people, with one heart, and we are walking together." In Kinship from PechaKucha Night Sunshine Coast Vol. 18, Jandamarra Cadd shared some of his paintings, which depict aspects of the human condition and his vision of using art to create harmony, empathy, respect and understanding for all people. is an Aboriginal Australian Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Warung descendent, and an inspirational man with many stories to tell. With his vibrant and expressive portraitures, Jandamarra’s art is a powerful medium to bridge the story telling divide between Aboriginal and mainstream Australia. After enduring a challenging childhood, painting has been a way of life that has enabled him to express his creativity. 

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PKN Poster Spotlight: Nikko

This adorable poster for PechaKucha Night Nikko Vol. 4 spotlights the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac, one of the most celebrated cultural traditions of predicting fortune in East Asia. People born in a specific year are believed to attain certain attributes of the zodiac animal. Perhaps, these party animals are predicting the next year's fortune as they huddle around the warm bonfire in the lively textile forest. As the year of dog is coming to an end, the year of boar awaits us! For more posters, please check out our Instagram and Tumblr!