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Bingo Shop
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Weeknight Shop
Media in Tainan
Race Brake Shop
Business in Pfafftown
Ultimate Small Shop
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Music producer in hà nội
Vinyl Shop
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Detroit @ Hard Rock Cafe - Detroit
Feb 19, 2009


Queretaro @ La Fabrica
Feb 20, 2010


Arnhem @ Awearness Fair Guerrillastore
Jun 12, 2010


Auckland @ MoAD & Unitec NZ Art + Design Week
Nov 18, 2010


Oslo @ DogA
May 12, 2011


Oslo @ DogA
Dec 01, 2011


Nicosia @ RockTheDog&filoi Pop Up shop
Oct 26, 2013


Oct 15, 2014


Penticton @ 557 Artist Block Art Gallery and Retail Space
Jul 02, 2015


Dec 20, 2018

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On Retail Shop Design

@ VOL 11 ON JUL 29, 2012

Cheng Fengqi is a visual designer, and in his presentation he shows how to arrange retail shops in order to provide a joyful shopping environment for the customer. (in Chinese)

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Shop Houses

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 03, 2012

Urban planner Tay Pruecksamars attempts to summarize the research and work he has done in the past year. In particular he focuses on shop houses, which are generally despised by architects and urban designers, but which can serve multiple purposes, and use their space much more efficiently than many other types of buildings. In his book he proposes solutions to problems facing modern urban designers, and takes a closer look at the shop house problem.

"Presentation of the Day" on July 28, 2014.

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Energy is the New Money

@ VOL 22 ON JUN 04, 2014

Peggy Braeken devised a new shop concept in Maastricht, the Netherlands, aiming to provide a platform for creative entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their artistic creations. 

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Le Huit-Sept : galerie-shop-event

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 19, 2015

Le Huit-Sept (rue Jeanty-Sarre à Limoges) est un nouveau concept-store, dédié en priorité aux savoirs artistiques locaux en apportant originalité et fantaisie dans le centre-ville. Des artistes, créateurs et artisans sont invités chaque mois à exposer leurs créations, souvent des pièces uniques (peinture, photographie, dessin, sculpture, gravure, bijoux et autres accessoires atypiques) avec en prime un chineur qui fournit la galerie en mobilier singulier. Loin du stéréotype, chaque produit exposé se démarque par une identité personnelle, où des talents pas toujours connus sortent de l'ombre et sont mis en valeur. C'est avant tout un lieu convivial de partage et d'échange culturels où sont valorisés le collectif et l'entraide.

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@ VOL 2 ON FEB 20, 2015

For one and a half years no items were bought in to Linda's house unless it was a gift. She didn't shop for anything except food and cosmetics. Linda talks about how to manage in such a project, about failures, funny incidents, bad times and good times. 

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Things I Learned in a Barber Shop

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 29, 2016

Joe Foltos was a full-time barber and a part-time policeman in Batavia, Illinois. As his son, Craig Foltos, was growing up, the lessons learned in his father’s shop set the foundation for the man Craig is today. In his presentation, he describes some of the things he learned while operating Foltos’ Tonsorial Parlor for over 40 years.

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Bansal Electrical

@ VOL 13 ON APR 20, 2016

Dawinder Bansal grew up in her dad’s Black Country shop, Bansal Electrical, which rented VHS videos to the 1980s immigrant community. When he died the whole shop was put in storage and Dawinder is now exploring the stock, the cultural importance of these Asian video stores and revisiting the stories from that time.

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Cutting Edge Barber Shop

@ VOL 31 ON DEC 10, 2016

Cutting Edge Barber Shop英倫紳士髮廊 創辦人


Cutting Edge Barber Shop Founder

Daniel is from the United Kingdom, and has lived in Hualien for the past five years. He is a barber at Cutting Edge Barber Shop. Since childhood, Daniel learned the craft of being a gentleman from his father and grandfather. He believes that the first step to becoming a gentleman is to help others. Thus, Daniel helps people through barbering and hairstyling because good appearances make people feel good, and enables them to believe that they can become better people. While barbering one communicates with men of all ages. Daniel was also lucky to meet a group of partners that are committed to providing excellent services, while also cherishing tradition and harboring grand ambitions for the future.

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Challenge to the Progressive recycle shop

@ VOL 4 ON NOV 17, 2018

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Finding Balance With Art and Design

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

Working as an independendent textile designer, Noelle Sharp has learned how to navigatate the world of fashion, fabric and art with creativity and determination. Her unique designs have earned Noelle high praise from the fashion world of New York, to the hand crafted world of independent artists. Her journey has been an balancing act of design, art and navigating life to follow her bliss.

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PechaKucha II, Book Only

There's something about this makeshift sign for PechaKucha Night in Pontevedra Vol. 2 that we just plain like. The package originally contained a copy of the official PechaKucha Night book we sent to organizer Martino Villaverde Gestido.

Large wide pkn photo of book

PKN Book in Xalapa

Looks like someone was pretty happy to get a copy of the official PechaKucha Night book, as the photo above shows -- actually, we're pretty sure that's the organizer of PKN Xalapa. Do you have a copy of the book? If so, why not send a photo of it with an interesting background -- we'd love to start a post series here on the blog. And if you don't have a copy, what are you waiting for?

Large wide berlin inspire japan flyer

PKN Berlin + Inspire Japan

Our good friend Uleshka -- you may recognize her name if you own a copy of the original PechaKucha book -- is organizing a smaller event in Berlin. The "private" in the flyer above only implies that it's in a small and cosy basement bar (MeyerMillerSmith), so do join in on the presentations if you can.

Large wide cairns 01 poster

Poster for PKN Cairns Vol. 1

We already shared a few photos from the first PechaKucha Night in Cairns, held earlier this month, but here's also a look at the poster that was produced for the event. What you see in the middle is the official PechaKucha Night book, and you can still order it online here.

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Epiphany on 7th Avenue

Today's presentation -- recorded at PechaKucha Night in Derby Vol. 2 -- shows how one man’s life was changed after "popping into" a woodcraft shop on 7th Avenue in New York.

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Iowa Students and PechaKucha

The Iowan news site Spencer Daily Report has a small spot on PechaKucha and Spencer students: Students from Spencer High School's speech class and foreign exchange program gave small "PechaKucha" presentations at area coffee shops Friday afternoon. PechaKucha presentations include 20 slides that last 20 seconds each, creating a presentation no longer than six minutes 40 seconds long. Above, freshman Sara Bauermeister gives a presentation on runner Steve Prefontaine at Mae B coffee shop in Spencer. Check it out on The Spencer Daily Report.

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Shop Houses

Do we really want to live in cities full of skyrises? Urban planner Tay Pruecksamars attempts to summarize the research and work he has done in the past year. In particular he focuses on shop houses, which are generally despised by architects and urban designers, but which can serve multiple purposes, and use their space much more efficiently than many other types of buildings. In "Shop Houses" from PKN Bangkok Vol. 6, he proposes solutions to problems facing modern urban designers, and takes a closer look at the solutions shop houses can provide.

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Mural Mania

"One of the great things about murals is they fill your whole field of vision." In Mural Mania from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 129, Art writer Nick West takes us on a tour of large-scale public artworks around Tokyo - from a gigantic painting by Okamoto Taro in Shiibuya station to shop shutter murals in Shimokitazawa and everything in between.

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People Make Places

"We managed to dig out all the people's personalities. In doing the interviews we uncovered so many layers of Japanese culture which I didn't expect." In People Make Places at PechaKucha Night Tokyo. 142, Writer and entrepreneur Charlie Spreckley shares stories about the humble geniuses who make Tokyo endlessly explorable: the chef and his restaurant, the designer and her boutique, the barista and his coffee shop, or the art dealer and her gallery. His self-published book about these inspiring characters, 'People Make Places', came out this year

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Cycles of Revival

Alan Stulberg has always been a bit of a gearhead. But unlike many other motorcycle fanatics, he's interested in presenting his works of motorcycle craftsmanship in ways that one might not expect. Alan speaks of his life, his art, his shop (Revival Cycles) and his budding interest in industrial architecture.