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Imagine, to go Beyond

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

"In war, the hardest thing is to think about your future, present and past, to think about love, life, and dreams, but sometimes you need to Imagine to go beyoned your miserable reality, and turn it as you want to imagine." Hanna Karim, film maker


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Aleppo @ Art River
Dec 12, 2010


Aleppo @ Al-Shibani Building
Feb 27, 2011


Aleppo @ Al-Shibani Building
Apr 03, 2011


Aleppo @ Al-Shibani Building
Dec 17, 2011


Aleppo @ Nadwet al-Shahba
Mar 11, 2012


Aleppo @ College of the Maristes Freres
Jan 09, 2014

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Point of View

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 27, 2011

Samer shares his thoughts on how you can perceive things differently after you change your angle or you change your position. The whole picture changes, and it affects your understanding and perception. The presentation is about the importance of taking different points of view on things that we take for granted. (in Arabic)

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Poster for PKN Aleppo Vol. 1

Another first PechaKucha Night to announce, this time in the Syrian city of Aleppo. The Vol. 1 is happening December 12 at Art River, with the very PK-friendly start time of 20:20. And here a few words from the organizers (from the official event page) that we think set the tone quite nicely: Today, we are sharing a new idea in our city, a new type of event, which is about pitching innovative and creative ideas to our fellow citizens in a more open and social way.

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PKN Aleppo in the News

A nice preview piece in the Baladna daily newspaper for the upcoming PechaKucha Night in Aleppo Vol. 1, which happens this Sunday (December 12) -- you can read it online here. Here's wishing the city an amazing first PKN, and of course hoping for many, many more!

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PKN Aleppo Vol. 1

The Syrian city of Aleppo held its very first PechaKucha Night just a few weeks ago, and here are a few photos from that first event, courtesy of organizer Harout Ekmanian -- the list of presenters was posted on the official event page. PKN Aleppo Vol. 2 is also already being planned, and will be held on February 27 at the beautiful Al-Shibani building.

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PKN Aleppo in the News

Big thanks to PechaKucha Night in Aleppo organizer Harout Ekmanian for sending in some scans of recent coverage in the Syrian press, from Forward magazine and the Baladna newspaper respectively. Note that PKN Aleppo Vol. 2 will take place February 27 at the beautiful Shibani building -- the official event page includes more details, but presenters have yet to be listed.

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Poster for PKN Aleppo Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Aleppo Vol. 3 is set for April 3 at the Shibani building, in the Jalloum district of the Old City. You'll find the list of presenters on the official event page. Organizer Harout Hakmanian tells us that the final presentation of the evening is called "Tribute to Japan," in which a Syrian photographer who has taken photos in Osaka will present his works -- we also hope to record it and share it on our Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan site. Harout will also be accepting donations at the event.

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Poster for PKN Aleppo Vol. 2

Following our post with photos from PechaKucha Night in Aleppo Vol. 2, here's a look at the poster that was produced for the event. Organizer Harout Ekmanian also sent in a few interesting links, including video reports from local TV channel MASAYA for Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, and some promotional videos that were prepared for the events (Vol. 2 and Vol. 3). We'll also soon be sharing some photos from PKN Aleppo Vol. 3.

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PKN Aleppo Vol. 4

Aleppo in Syria recently celebrated its 4th PechaKucha Night, and it was quite an evening, with over 400 in attendance to watch, as organizer Harout Ekmanian tells us, "10 beautiful presentations." Here then are a few photos from the event, and you'll find all presenters listed on the event page.

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Poster for PKN Aleppo Vol. 5

Aleppo will have its PechaKucha Night Vol. 5 on March 11 -- a special date for us here in Japan as it marks the anniversary of last year's earthquake and tsunami, which led to our Inspire Japan efforts. The event will be held at Nadwet Al-Shahba, and you'll find more details here.

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PKN Aleppo Vol. 5

PechaKucha Night in Aleppo Vol. 5, held in early March, was a huge success, and as organizer Harout Ekmanian tells us, "we had ten wonderful presentations and there were nearly 400 people at the event, besides the Mayor of Aleppo, Mr Ayman Hallak, and city council members." We include in this post a few photos from the event, to give you a taste of what the night was like. You'll also find the full list of presenters on the event page.