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Mhairi Wild
Designer/Maker, Mixed Media Artist in Dundee
Wild Rhombus
Software Developer, Freelancer in Toronto
Sanne de Wild
The Phoney Club
Madlen Wild
in Bangkok
Jean Lambert-wild
Directeur, Théâtre de l’Union – Centre dramatique national du Limousin in Limoges
Dena Wild
in Orlando
Chloe Wild
Student , WED2B in Nottingham
Anna Wild
in Worms


Dec 17, 2006


Omaha @ NOMAD Lounge
Feb 26, 2009


Columbus @ Wild Goose Creative
Nov 05, 2009


Gisborne @ Dome Cinema
Jan 23, 2015


Wolfville @ The Axe Lounge-R300L Student Union Building
Mar 08, 2017


Taos @ TCA - Taos Center for the Arts
Sep 24, 2017


Brighton @ The Nightingale Room
Aug 15, 2018


Rotterdam @ BlueCity
Feb 20, 2019


Leiden @ Gebr. de Nobel
Jul 03, 2019

PAST The Good Life Experience, Powered by PechaKucha

Powered by PechaKucha @ Hawarden Estate Farm Shop
Sep 12, 2019

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Wild About Art

@ VOL 2 ON JUL 12, 2012

Selena Seifert is a practicing artist as well as being a trained arts educationalist. She is currently the director of Wild Valley Art Park, based in Blue Mountains. (in English)

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Spying on the Wild

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Conservationist Phil Knight talks about using photography and camera traps to capture photos of elusive wildlife in nature, including bobcat, bear, elk moose. Using cameras in the wild as a type of 'Candid Camera for wildlife' also helps conservations learn by tracking animals at night, such as discovering a mule deer migration no one knew about before.

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Natural Swimming Pools

@ VOL 22 ON NOV 16, 2016

A look at how natural swimming pools can bring a positive sustainable enviornment to a public or private pool.

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Swimming Laos

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 02, 2017

Simon Vaslet’s touching presentation tells the story of a swimming program in Laos. He shares chocking numbers about drowning rate in the country and present the results of a very down to earth and efficient project where more than 500 children, in areas where it matters the most, learned to swim. And to keep us even more captivated, he managed to share beautiful pictures that transpire children’s pride as well as the essence and success of this swimming program.

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The Call of the Wild

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 31, 2017

From Ellensburg to China, Sofi Blue has followed the call of the wild, literally studying and following adorable monkeys in their natural habitats and the sounds they make to communicate.

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Wanton, Wild & Unimagined

@ VOL 16 ON NOV 10, 2017

Alison McDonald discusses Wanton, Wild & Unimagined is an intriguing exhibition of sculptured recycled plastic that "carefully weaves a strong sense of environmental conscience, attempting to influence and educate"  Ross Searle Curator

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Type in the Wild

@ VOL 26 ON JUN 18, 2018

Observations & storytelling as I stumble onto good, bad and ugly typography in the wild–and the discoveries that connect me to my every day design world.

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Wild Writer

@ VOL 31 ON AUG 15, 2018

Inspirational artist and writer Tanya Shadrick explains how her response to an act of vandalism set her on a journey of career change and creativity. Now a sought after artist-in-residence, with the famous David Nash as her mentor, Tanya is a true creative tour de force.

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Aquarium swimming in energy savings

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 20, 2018

Reef HQ Aquarium is swimming in energy savings having embarked on a range of

infrastructure upgrades. To present how the facility has reduced their grid energy use and greenhouse gas emissions is Sascha Thyer, Assistant Director and Head of Technical Operations.

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L'otarie club

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 14, 2019

Clément est membre de l'Otarie Club, regroupement plus ou moins informel de nageurs en eau froide. Présidé (à vie !) par 3 femmes, et doté d'un secrétaire général, le club se donne rendez-vous tous les dimanches des mois en brrr (septembrrre à décembrrre), dans une ambiance festive et relaxée.
Il nous raconte sa passion pour l'eau (froide ou non), et la vie du club.

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Samantha White

PechaKucha Night in Philadelphia is winding down the summer with its Vol. 3 later this month (September 26) with a themed night -- "Adult Swim" -- and a suitable presenter: Samantha White, an ex-competitive swimmer, lesson instructor, and swim coach will be your guide in exploring the sometimes shady underbelly of swimming pools. Dive into the details of various pools and their patrons across the United States (ok, mostly on the East coast) -- what lies beneath might just surprise you!

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PKN Columbus Vol. 11 at the Goose

PechaKucha Night in Columbus Vol. 11 is set for November 5, and will take place at Wild Goose Creative, as illustrated by the pictograph above.

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Wild About Art, Performance Art for Bookstore Awareness, and Photos from Toronto

Presentations Selena Seifert is a practicing artist as well as being a trained arts educationalist. As we find out in her presentation (from PKN Blue Mountains Vol. 2), she is currently the director of Wild Valley Art Park, based in Blue Mountains. Jian Guo Xiong Di is an independent curator, and in his presentation (in Chinese, from PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11) he covers the well-received “30 days of bookstore closings” project he produced last year. Why 30 days? Jian Guo explains that he would like to use this art performance to let people realize that these days so many bookstores are disappearing. Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is our flyer for tomorrow night's PKN Tokyo Vol. 95 -- it was designed by Luis Mendo, from a photo by Michael Holmes. You'll find the list of presenters on the official event page. Photos Today we share a photo gallery [Flickr] for Toronto's recent Vol. 17, and the PK site will soon be hosting plenty of presentations from that evening. Above, a look at the crowd, and the participants in that night's "PechaKucha Mix" improv presentation.  Calendar Here's what's on the schedule for tonight (September 25):  PKN Bowling Green Vol. 1, PKN Birmingham Vol. 6, PKN Huddersfield Vol. 6, PKN Lyon Vol. 4, and PKN Nantes Vol. 4. Tomorrow, on top of the aforementioned PKN Tokyo Vol. 95, you'll find the following events: PKN Glasgow Vol. 10, PKN Skovde Vol. 9, PKN Lille Vol. 1, PKN Coventry Vol. 10, and PKN Providence Vol. 42.

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Crowd Goes Wild

Our good friends at Chicago-based Table XI -- the amazing talent behind the site your are currently visiting -- have some nice things to say about PK, which makes us very happy. Congratulations to our friends and partners at PechaKucha, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary today! As the development team who launched their new site, we’re very proud to be part of this global movement. The founders of PechaKucha—Japanese for “chitchat”—revolutionized the PowerPoint presentation a decade ago, creating a new format in which speakers are limited to 20 slides or images that auto-advance every 20 seconds. Though it started as an informal gathering of architects in Tokyo, the concept quickly expanded: Now 600 cities around the world host their own “PechaKucha Nights” featuring talks from designers, engineers, artists, photographers, chefs, writers, and more. Read more about Table XI's work on the PK site in this case study.

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Give Sharks a Chance

National Geographic diver Mark Addison has been swimming with sharks for nearly 20 years now, and runs a consulting company that assists in underwater science operations, filming, and photography.  In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Durban, Vol. 8), Mark insists that "no shark is a bad shark." He's out to change the conceptions of fear and misunderstanding surrounding these apex predators (the same classification that Humans belong to), and he's hoping his daughter, Ella -- along with her generation -- can work to minimize human impact on these animals. You can see a bit more of Mark and his crew on the National Geographic TV show "Shark Attack Experiment". 

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The Fear of Sharks

We all have our fears; some rational, some not so rational.  In today's Presentation of the Day, "The Fear of Sharks" from PKN Louisville Vol. 3, in a rather comedic manner Paul Sirek confesses his irrational fear of being attacked by sharks ... while in the swimming pool. Paul goes beyond Spielberg's Jaws, reveals the true nature of sharks, and confronts his fear in the ocean.

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Feeding the Achieve

How far would you push yourself to realize your dreams? Samantha Nienow and Rebecca Layman feed their inner desires to achieve as they train for the Half Ironman, a gruelling marathon that combines swimming, biking, and running. In "Feeding the Achieve" from PKN Bemidji Vol. 19, they push each other through highs and lows and offer each other support as they strive for the same goal. 

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Harnessing Wild Horses

“My mom raised me and I quickly because an independent little person with a lot of personality.” In Harnessing Wild Horses from PechaKucha Night New Orleans Volume 18 Musa Alves is a DJ, photographer, international fun haver, cheeseburger enthusiast, Brazilian redneck. In this presentation Musa goes chronologically through her life because reckless youth has been a constant theme. She is the product of a Mississippi Delta Debutant and a Brazilian bassist.  In her life, she has fallen off the horse a few times, but has always managed to get back up. Whether reckless youth has led to ambition or ambition has led reckless youth, Musa has always carved her own path by harnessing the wild horses that drives you to do the things that scare you, and challenge you, and make you vulnerable.


Ignite Wild Idea about Research

When we are bogged down in our daily work of taking or teaching classes, in the weeds of doing research, writing, marking, sitting in meetings, reading emails….it is easy to lose sight about what excites us about learning and discovery. Do you have budding ideas for research, projects you would love to do, new, perhaps even wild, ideas you would like to ignite—suspending concerns of time and resources? As students and faculty together here at Acadia University, how often do we get a chance, or take the time, to tell other people about the things we are passionate about? We are carving out some time to do just that on campus February 15 at the Axe Lounge (6-7:30). Be a Pecha Kucha storyteller, and share your Wild Ideas About Research with your Acadia community, or just come out and listen, celebrate passion for learning, have some pizza brought to you by Research and Graduate Studies, and if you want, toast a beer. Interested in presenting or need more information about Pecha Kuckas as a storytelling format? Tips for presenting? The PK team is here to help.   Contact Lesley at or Kent at  


Presenter Bio: Andrea

If Andrea was an animal she would be a seal pup, swimming in the cool waters of the Atlantic, not too far from her home in Norway. She lives and works in Malawi and uses organizational tools to kid herself into believing she's got it all figured out. Andrea loves books and fonts and wishes that everyday was her birthday.   We're excited to hear what Andrea has to say about "New Beginnings" on Wednesday!