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Pepper Trail
Ornithologist, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Ashland, Oregon
Tilly aka Running For Crayons
illustrator in Brighton
GRS Ultra
New York in New York
GRS Ultra
New York in New York
GRS Ultra
in newyork
Anabolic Running
New York in New York
Anabolic Running
in New York
Gullah Heritage Trail Tours
in Hilton Head Island, SC


Lake Ridge @ The Electric Palm
Jan 26, 2013


Des Moines @ Windsor Heights Community Center
Jun 13, 2013


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Aug 15, 2013


Bemidji @ Rail River Folk School
Dec 01, 2015


Kuopio @ Restaurant Pannuhuone
Sep 02, 2015


Jakarta @ Es Teler77 Resto
Jun 01, 2016


Denver @ Youth On Record
Aug 06, 2016


Mar 10, 2018


Midcoast @ The Strand Theatre
Apr 13, 2018

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What's Ultra Cialthon?

@ VOL 136 ON JUN 02, 2016

走ることが大好きな山宮徳晃さんは、 これまで東北地域でなんとトータル 580km 以上の距離を走ってきました。 でもストイックに走るのではありません。 各地での出会いや美味しい食べ物、ともに走る仲間とのゆるく楽しいコミュニケーションを通じてこその気づきが生まれる、 ユニークなランニングプロジェクトのUltra Cialthon。 笑いたっぷり、 エネルギッシュにプレゼンテーションされています!

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Ultra Running: A Love | Hate Affair

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 01, 2016

An ultramarathon is a race that goes beyond the 42km distance. Jonathan Soon says he foolishly signed up and completed his first 100km race in October 2014. His presentation focuses on the human side (i.e emotional) of the ultramarathon journey. He shares on the toughness and the intensity of preparing and running for one, and most importantly, the values and rewards beyond Personal Bests (PBs) or the distance he has run. These lessons are not restricted in the realms of ultra-running. The things he has learned have assisted his growth in his other passions as well.  

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My Life in Running

@ VOL 9 ON SEP 02, 2015

Gregg Whelan, the Artistic Director of ANTI Festival tells about running and shows how it works for him in different contexts.

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Arizona Trail App

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 02, 2017

In the over 30 years of the Arizona Trail Association’s existence, there hasn’t a better one-stop navigational tool than the Arizona Trail App. Aaron Seifert, GIS Director for the Arizona Trail Association contributed greatly to the content of this new App with re-created and precise geography from the Arizona National Scenic Trail.  The Arizona Trail App uses your GPS to locate you on the trail plus contains the trail track, over 1100 waypoints of details, profiles, pictures, and more all within an App that one can use with an Android or a iOS mobile device.  

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Say Yes to Adventure

@ VOL 20 ON APR 19, 2017

Julie Sager hails from Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia.  In this presentation Julie shares her passion for endurance sport.  Julie's addiction to all things endurance has seen her compete in Iron Man, Triathlons, Ultra trail running competions, and world championships.  Julie gives us a humourous insight into the realities of endurance sport - the solitude, the scenery, the crunch of the gravel under your feet, the lack of sleep, the sore toes, and her undeniable urge to keep going.

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Cap Trail Bike Shuttle

@ VOL 17 ON MAY 01, 2017

With the recent completion of the Cap to Cap bike trail from Richmond to Williamsburg, Alison McGrail shares one of the new ventures of opportunity that are springing up to support and enhance this regional amenity. 

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Using Photography to Encourage an Active Lifestyle

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 29, 2018

Gregg Gelmis has had a love of photography since high school. Throughout college, he shot for the University of Houston yearbook and a local newspaper.  When he and Karen moved to Huntsville in 2009, he had an opportunity to combine two of his passions, photography and running, starting up the social running group, We Run Huntsville. As a part of this, he shoots road running, trail running and triathlon events, with 60 events shot last year.

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The Hairy Bison: Creating an Offbeat, Insanely Great Trail Running Community

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 12, 2018

Born in Bridgeport, CT and now the co-organizer of the Harbison Trail Runners in South Carolina, Dean Schuster shares the story of growing a crazy group of runners from a couple of people to a massive club. The free trail running event (The Hairy Bison) is part theater of the absurd, part race, and part community fair -- and now one of the largest trail-runs in the state. The T-shirts have become instrumental in creating a huge following!

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Wings And A Camera

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

If you're gonna go on an outdoor adventure with Kat Gebauer, you better be ready to put on wings. Kat is an outdoor enthusiast with a spirit that is hard to top and lucky for us, she brings her camera to document all of the fabulous places she finds. So sit back for a tour as Kat takes you across the globe and reveals her next big adventure.

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@ VOL 26 ON APR 03, 2019

An insiders take on ultra trail running, Julie Sager is addicted to running really long distance events, pushing herself physically and mentally to the edge. 

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Joseph Tame Runs the 20x20

Last night's PKN Tokyo Vol. 100 was a night to remember, and not only were we so happy to have Joseph Tame take to the stage for a second time (watch his first presentation here) to update us on his latest projects, he shared with everyone a special run he had done just for our anniversary, in the shape of our dear "20x20" format! Don't believe it's real? Here's the actual run as recored by RunKeeper. And we'll soon have Joseph's presentation on the site for everyone to watch.  

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The Art of Running

Most runners are powered by performance drinks and nutritional energy bars, but Joseph Tame is powered by laughter, smiles, and a smidgen of confusion. In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from our very special PKN Tokyo Vol. 100), Joseph shows us the art he has created through running. Using Nike's GPS run-tracking technology he runs routes on the map shaped like animals, shoes (as a promotion for Nike) and most recently spelled out "20x20" as a 10-year birthday gift to PechaKucha -- what a unique and wonderful surprise it was! It all started about 5 years ago when Joseph was accepted to run in the Tokyo Marathon (due to high demand about 1 in 8 applicants are selected) and, due to his fascination with technology, decided to live-stream his experience so that he may share it with those who couldn't participate. Later, with Japan's public television network NHK, Joseph ran the words "Ishinomaki (石巻)" in the city most seriously affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. He spoke to people living there, brought some smiles to their faces, and promoted awareness for the still-troubled region. After several additions to his outfit, a PKN Tokyo Vol. 72 presentation, thousands of kilometers, a multitude of smiles, and many drawings later he has become a sort of ambassador at the crossroads of running and tech. This Sunday the 24th at 8:30am JST, he'll be streaming his run through the Tokyo Marathon once again; you can show your support and check out more of his running-art on his website.

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Ultra Super New

This Wednesday's "Powered by PechaKucha" event is being held at the Heineken Star Lounge pop-up space in Harajuku (pictured, at the old B6 building, across the street from the Audi building on Meiji street), a collaboration between Klein Dytham architecture and Ultra Super New. USN will be in the lineup at the event to cover a mystery "green" topic -- join us to find out what! PechaKuchaの考案者でもあるクライン ダイサム アーキテクツとクリエイティブエージェンシーUltraSuperNewによって生まれた「Heineken Star Lounge」で今週水曜日(5月15日)にPechaKuchaイベントを行います。UltraSuperNewもプレゼンターとして登場します! 「Powered by PechaKucha」Heineken Star Loungeにて日時:2013年5月15日 20:20- 22:30(開場:17:00-)会場:Heineken Star Lounge (渋谷区神宮前6-28-6 / 地下鉄千代田線明治神宮前駅7番出口徒歩2分)入場無料

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PKN Posters: Copenhagen Vol. 24

We have had PKN Copenhagen's queen bee Maja Lund here in Tokyo, but in her hometown the show must go on! Copenhagen's latest evening, Vol. 24, is ... today, and this ultra-cool geometric poster was made by designer Louise Skafte.  To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

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Is education working for those who are focused in fields related to art and technology? In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN London Vol. 2) principal Richard Adams believes he has the answer to this question. He discusses the School of Communication Arts, a trail-blazing school for advertising in London, was shuttered for a decade. Richard talks us through the reasons for its rebirth, and its unique approach to learning through creativity. 

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Running the Tokyo Marathon for Home for All

PechaKucha and Klein Dytham architecture co-founder Mark Dytham is a man on a mission. He's been training for months to run in the 2014 Tokyo Marathon, and this Sunday he'll do just that, but he's also running for a cause: Home for All.  Home for All is a growing project developed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Toyo Ito to build community centres in the areas most greatly affected by the disasters of March 2011.  Your contributions will go toward the creation of a future community space in Tohoku and will assist in the maintenance of this vital organization -- support Mark and Home for All by checking out his Indiegogo campaign page!

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Running the Tokyo Marathon for Home for All

PechaKucha and Klein Dytham architecture co-founder Mark Dythamhas been training for over 8 months to run the 2014 Tokyo Marathon, but he's not running it just for his health. In "Running the Tokyo Marathon for Home for All" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 111 we see he's running an Indiegogo campaign to benefit the Home for All: an organization started by Pritzker Prize winning architect Toyo Ito set on building community centers in the disaster-ridden areas of Tohoku and Fukushima. All proceeds will go to the creation of a new community center, and the upkeep of the Home for All organization. 

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The Absurdities of Long-Distance Running

Wild dogs, extreme weather, high hurdles and devious competitors -- long distance running is more vicious a sport than most would think! In "The Absurdities of Long Distance Running" from Ho Chi Minh City Vol. 6, Mike Clancy details his illustrious 10-year career as a cross-country runner and some of the inane challenges that long-distance runners face. 

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Joseph Tame

Joseph Tame is a good friend of PechaKucha, and at next week's festive PechaKucha Night Vol. 120 (Tuesday, December 16) he promises to bring excitement and holiday joy to the PechaKucha stage. Watch Joseph's previous presentations. Joseph Tame はペチャクチャの良きお友達。来週のペチャクチャフェスティバル Vol. 120 (12月16日(火))にてエクサイトメントとホリデー ジョイをペチャクチャステージに届けます!

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Running Dog

  "Running is as much a stress reliever for dogs as it is for humans." In Running Dog from PechaKucha Night Akron Vol. 3, Beverly Dillon shares how the #RunningDog program has helped dogs become more adoptable, how the program is helping dogs cope with their surroundings, and how the program is enriching the lives of the volunteer runners.